The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 12, 2001 on Y&R

Traci found a marijuana pipe in Colleen's room. Phyllis told Jack about her plans for in vitro fertilization. Evidence was found against Victor. Victoria found Tricia waiting for her in the bride's room of the church -- dressed in an identical wedding dress and veil.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 12, 2001 on Y&R
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Monday, November 12, 2001

Due to news coverage of the crash of American Airlines flight 587, The Young and the Restless was not shown. The episode aired in its entirety on Tuesday, November 13.

Tuesday, November 13, 2001

Traci confronted Colleen in school about the pipe she'd found, but Colleen convinced her that a former friend had dropped it and she had just been hiding it. Traci seemingly fell for her story and sent her back to class. Phyllis sought advice from Michael about in vitro fertilization and vowed to be pregnant by Christmas. Tricia stopped at Fenmore's bridal department and learned from a clerk about the details of Victoria's wedding.

As Nikki met with Victor, John Silva revealed that his fingerprints had finally "cleared," and a bail hearing was set for that afternoon. John promised that he'd be at his daughter's wedding. Victor then updated Nikki on Tricia reportedly leaving town. D.A. Chen rushed in with the lab report showing Victor's blood and semen were on Tricia's dress.

Sharon and Nick said goodbye to their daughter, and Sharon thanked Nick for keeping it private. She agreed to act as Victoria's matron of honor and left Nick behind to go to Victoria. Ryan explained to Victoria that Phillip wouldn't be at the wedding because he was ill and in the hospital. He then agreed to meet her at the church as Sharon arrived.

Lauren arranged for another dress to be shipped to the church, since Sharon was no longer pregnant. Agreeing to be the best man, Neil offered to pick up the rings for an anxious Ryan. Nick then took a moment to welcome Ryan back to the family.

Wednesday, November 14, 2001

In New York, Traci remembered finding Colleen's marijuana pipe. Traci thought to herself, saying, "How long has this been going on, Colleen? It seems like I don't know you anymore." John Abbott called Traci and invited her, Colleen, and Steve on a cruise. Traci told her father, "It's not a good time right now, and I have a ton of things to take care of before I can remotely think of going on a trip."

Traci went to New York and visited Colleen at her school. Traci asked Colleen, "What's this?" as she showed Colleen the marijuana pipe she'd found in Colleen's room. Traci was outraged Colleen was smoking drugs. Colleen told Traci a lie that it was one of her friend's. Traci bought Colleen's story for the moment.

Colleen was scared she was going to lose her friends because of her mother finding out. Traci believed in Colleen and told her, "You're smarter than this to be smoking marijuana. Aren't you concerned about your health? Your brain is still developing!"

Tricia was thinking about the next phase of her plan "to get rid of Miss Victoria." Tricia commented, "Ryan once loved me before, and I'm sure he can love me again." Ryan told Victoria, "This will end chapter one in our lives." Victoria replied, "And the beginning of our brand new life as husband and wife."

Phillip had mono and couldn't attend Ryan's wedding, but Victoria suggested that she and Ryan go visit Phillip after their wedding day. Victoria asked Sharon how she was doing. Victoria told Sharon, "My brother loves you so much and will do anything to help you get past this." Sharon got ready to try on her dress but remembered that the dress had been bought with the assumption that Sharon would still be pregnant.

Nikki hoped Victor's test would clear him for the time being. "Thank God for modern medicine," Nikki replied. Nikki left to get ready for Victoria's wedding and told Victor, "I have to get going, so I will see you at the church with you on your daughter's arm."

Ryan went to Newman Enterprises to ask Neil to be his best man. Neil was honored and accepted. Ryan suddenly remembered that he'd forgotten the wedding rings. "I was supposed to pick them up on my way to the airport to get Phillip," he gasped. Neil said that he'd help Ryan out. Nick was happy to be getting "a new brother-in-law."

At the police station, two tests were run: one with Victor's blood and the DNA sample from Victor's semen. The two were a "perfect match," which meant Victor couldn't attend his daughter's wedding. Tricia posed as an assistant to the society column's journalist and asked for details about the Newman wedding and who handled all the affairs.

Nikki visited Victor at the local jail. John Silva told Victor his bail hearing was that afternoon and his fingerprints had cleared. John hoped Victor's trial would go smoothly.

Jack had finally accepted that he couldn't have kids with Phyllis. Billy gave Jack some advice. "You have a beautiful fiancée that loves and adores you. You have a good job, tons of money, and you live in a wonderful house. Life can't get better than this," he stated.

Phyllis went to see Michael Baldwin and told him the good news. "I've looked into my heart, and I finally have the answer: I want to give my husband a baby," she exclaimed. Phyllis wanted to go ahead with in vitro fertilization. She said that she would not tell anyone about the procedure until she knew that it was successful.

Jack told Billy he would go house hunting to find a place for him and Phyllis before they got married. Phyllis asked Michael, "How can I get Jack to drop the subject about the wedding of the century without letting the cat out of the bag about my procedure?" Michael agreed that it wouldn't be easy.

Thursday, November 15, 2001

by Ruth

Victor was beginning to remember parts of what had happened the night that Tricia had accused him of raping her. He remembered the tea after Nick left and her entering his room in a negligee, telling him that it wouldn't be so bad. He told that to John Silva and Paul Williams, who immediately started brainstorming about ways to gather some evidence. Paul received word that Tricia had filled a prescription for sedatives that day, but Victor knew that there had to be another drug. He realized that the blood sample used for the DNA test could hold some answers. John started working on it immediately.

Tricia returned to the motel and found Matt Clark waiting for her. She related her successful visit to Fenmore's and admitted that she had been very scared when she'd visited the wrong side of town to "get the goods." Matt said that he would even be scared in that neighborhood, and he was dead. She fretted about her makeup and how she didn't have a chance to have her hair done for Ryan. He told her that it didn't matter, and they agreed -- once Victoria was out of the way, she would be able to make it clear to Ryan that they were meant for each other.

Alex paid Malcolm a visit at his studio. She had been shopping for their apartment, and they ended up on his couch, covered by nothing more than towels. She was in a wonderfully romantic mood, and they shared some beautiful moments together. She had to rush off, though, to get back to work. Before she left, she wondered what was on his mind -- he was still perplexed about the other woman that Olivia was sure had taken Neil away from her.

At the coffeehouse, J.T. and his new girlfriend cuddled on the patio. Brittany stopped by to rib him about exams and whether he was through pining over Rianna. He brushed her off and sent her away when his date returned to the table.

Raul was making enemies as usual with Mac, Rianna, and Billy at school. The girls mentioned doing something together, but Rianna could tell that he had no intention of spending time with them, so she told him not to do them any favors. Billy found him cramming for a test and was truly concerned. Raul repaid that concern with insolence. Brittany stopped by, and they told Billy about the concert. He was blown away.

Jack wanted to tell Phyllis about his new apartment idea when the doorbell rang. It was Maxine, the wedding planner. She was enraged by something that Phyllis had done with the flowers and threatened to terminate their agreement if she didn't give in to her. Jack couldn't choose Maxine over his fiancée, so she stalked out, basically firing herself.

Jack and Phyllis talked about it a little then Phyllis excused herself to get something out of her car. She found Maxine outside and paid her the full price of her services. She thanked her for cooperating and assured her that she would tell Jack about it soon. The idea was that they would elope sooner than later. Maxine had been surprised at the request but was glad to help out.

While Phyllis was outside, Jack made a phone call. She reentered and told him that they could always switch to Plan B -- elope the next month. He told her that it wasn't necessary -- Genoa City's best wedding planner was on her way to the house as they spoke.

Olivia dropped by Michael Baldwin's office with some malpractice insurance for him to review. She tried to dig up some information about Alex from him, but he refused to give her any dirt. As she was about to leave unsatisfied, Alex entered the office. Olivia followed her inside and told her that she had been asking Michael questions about the job and her reasons for taking it. Olivia was sure that Alex could give her the answers that she was demanding.

After J.T. and his girlfriend parted company, Rianna set in for the kill. She snuggled up to him and asked about a conversation they had had in the boutique. "You told me that you wouldn't kiss me again unless I asked. What if I asked you to kiss me right now?"

Tricia arrived with Matt at the church before anyone else. They commented on the beautiful decorations, and she became a little bleary-eyed when she looked up at the altar. He drew her back to earth and pointed toward her destination -- the Bride's Room. She entered with suitcase in tow.

Friday, November 16, 2001

Victor and Paul informed Nick that Victor couldn't leave court, since the DNA from the rape kit was a match for his. He believed that Tricia had drugged him, and they hoped the D.A. would allow for a test to see if Victor's blood showed signs of the drug. John filled in the D.A. about Tricia having a drug the day she claimed she'd been raped. She agreed but told Victor that drugs being present wouldn't automatically exonerate him. They were then told that the judge had had an emergency and couldn't make it. John scrambled to find another one.

Victor told Nick to make sure the wedding went on with or without him. A new judge was assigned but wouldn't be there for an hour. The drug test returned with proof that Victor had been drugged. The D.A. was disconcerted about the news. She had security waiting for Tricia's train so she could question her. Victor was impatient for the judge to arrive. Victor was worried about Tricia but was relieved she was out of town. The A.D.A.'s assistant returned with the news that Tricia had not been aboard the train to L.A.

At the Abbott house, Phyllis panicked at the news that Jack had hired another wedding coordinator because it ruined her plans for elopement. She finally blurted out that she wanted to elope. She agreed to compromise with a simple wedding in a few weeks. He smelled something fishy and wanted to know why she was rushing the wedding. She told him there was another reason but didn't want to say anything in case it didn't work out.

Jack was hurt because Phyllis was shutting him out, so she spilled her idea about in vitro fertilization. He couldn't believe she wanted to pursue it. He worried about the stress of it for her, but she was ready for it. That was why she wanted to move the wedding up, so she could be pregnant by the time they were married. He said it was a bad idea.

At Crimson Lights, J.T. couldn't believe Rianna wanted to kiss him. She understood why he was hesitant, since she'd blown him off the previous summer. He advised her to lay off dating all around for a while. She needed to sort out her feelings first. She decided to make her feelings clear by kissing him passionately. He agreed provided it was no strings for the moment. Brittany couldn't believe that Rianna had pursued J.T. She thought he'd better keep his eyes open. Raul walked in and saw Rianna and J.T. leave for their date.

At Walnut Grove, Brittany and Mac talked about midterms, and Brittany wondered if Mac had heard about a New Year's Glo campaign. She wouldn't be around, since she'd be in Aspen for New Year's Eve. Mac wondered why she wouldn't want to be a celebrity or at least spend time with Sean. Brittany was bored and hoped desperately that something interesting would happen.

Mac and Raul talked about his barely brushing by his classes. She invited him to party at her place on the weekend, but he passed. She was worried about and missed spending time with him. She asked for his help with an essay and offered to help with his. He told her that was not necessary. She understood if it was rough, since she'd written many drafts before hers had started to work. He hadn't even started yet.

Olivia found it interesting that Alex had turned down a big job at Newman Enterprises for an associate position at Baldwin/Williams. Alex made her case for BW, since it was young and dynamic. Olivia questioned her sincerity. Alex didn't like Olivia's inference that there was something going on between Neil and Alex. Alex flat-out denied that anything was or ever had been going on between her and Neil. Olivia still wasn't buying it.

Neil stopped by Malcolm's studio to pick up his brother for the wedding, but Malcolm was delayed with a shoot and hoped to be there on time. Neil informed him he'd been bumped up to best man. Malcolm mentioned his talk with Olivia about the recent breakup. Olivia thought Neil was involved with someone else. Malcolm didn't believe it. He suspected that Olivia was trying to drive a wedge between them and hoped that nothing would. Neil excused himself to go to the wedding. Malcolm insisted that he, Neil, and Alex should have dinner together soon -- in fact, very often.

Tricia wandered through the empty church with her mystery bag. She found the church beautiful. "Matt" told her to focus on the task at hand. If anyone saw her, she'd be finished. As she walked out, she bumped into the priest, who offered to take her to see the bride. She claimed to be there to audition for the choir. The priest went to get Victoria and returned to find Tricia missing.

Nikki told Victoria and Sharon that Victor's hearing should be soon and hopefully the DNA test would clear him completely. Victoria thanked her mother for all her help with the wedding. Nick arrived and informed them about the delay. Victoria wanted to postpone, but Nick relayed Victor's insistence that it go on. She reluctantly agreed but hated having to wonder about it, since it was her wedding day. It was all Tricia's fault, she exclaimed.

Nikki was very happy to see Victoria in her dress. Victoria asked for a few minutes alone to get ready. She turned around and saw another bride in a veil, wearing the same dress. The veil was removed. -- it was Tricia. She said she was not going anywhere -- Victoria was.

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