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Tricia shot Ryan at his wedding ceremony. Tricia had no memory of the events at the church. Phyllis began fertility treatments. Traci searched Colleen's room for drugs. Amanda discovered that her abusive ex-husband was searching for her.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 19, 2001 on Y&R
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Monday, November 19, 2001

The Courtroom

Victor and John Silva overhear the police officer tell the Asst. DA that Tricia was not on the train to LA. Once Victor hears that Tricia is on the loose, Victor is convinced that Tricia is nearby possibly at Victoria's wedding. As John goes to check on the whereabouts of the judge, Victor breaks a window with a chair and escapes.

The Coffeehouse

Brittany taunts Raul about Rianna and J.T. Raul tells her that it doesn't matter to him anymore.

Walnut Grove Academy

Billy and Mac are discussing recent events like J.T. with Rianna and Raul possible dating Brittany.

The Abbott House

Jack and Phyllis discuss the possibility of having a child of their own. At first, Jack wants no part of this subject. Then Phyllis pushes and Jack is more receptive to discussing it. Phyllis convinces Jack that she truly wants to try to have a baby of their own. The new wedding planner arrives and Phyllis gets rid of her. She tells them that they have an appointment with the fertility clinic in twenty minutes.

Michael's Office

Michael and Alex discuss Olivia's fishing expedition regarding Neil and the mysterious other woman. Alex lets Michael know that there were feelings but nothing happened between her and Neil.

The Wedding

The guests were arriving as Tricia had Victoria in a room. As Victoria tried to escape, Tricia hit her over the head with a candlestick. After knocking up, Tricia ties up Victoria. Tricia tells Victoria that she belongs with Ryan more than she does. She tells Victoria that she is there to get the man of her dreams back. Tricia can't stand hearing Victoria talk so she tapes her mouth shut and locks her in a closet. No one is aware that Tricia is the veiled as Ryan's song is played and the bride walks down the aisle. When the bride reaches the altar, Ryan removes the veil and Tricia is revealed as the bride to a horrified Ryan and guests. As Ryan questions Tricia on Victoria's whereabouts, she says don't worry about her then pulls a gun on him. Victor arrives and sees what is going on and gets his grandchildren away from the scene. Tricia tells Ryan that she didn't want it to have to be this way.

Tuesday, November 20, 2001

Abbott House:

Brad and Ashley return home and thank Mamie for babysitting Abby. It's the baby's first birthday. They plan a small celebration which Mamie has done an impressive job decorating for. Brad wants to give her more presents but Ash teases him to wait until the party at least. Brad is blown away by how much Abby has brought to their lives. He reasserts that he wants to always be a part of Abby's life. Now that they've weathered the storm they'll be together forever. Traci calls and asks what John was talking about when he mentioned a trip. Ash fills her in on John's plan. Traci likes the idea and tells Ashley to have John make the plans.

Connelly Apt:

Liselle and Ricky hang out at Colleen's. Traci is introduced to them and asks all about their lives and parents. Colleen asks her mom not to give them the third degree. Traci isn't impressed with them. She asks Colleen which of them brought the bong into their house. Colleen tells her it was an old friend, not one of them. She's grown apart from her old friends. They argue until Colleen says she has to go to dance.

Crimson Lights:

Raul and Brittany work on their college essays. He gives her some tips on what essays work best. She points out that his essay topic is gold: diabetes. He won't be using it as it's way too personal. She doesn't get why he won't use it to his advantage seeing as he was dealt a low blow and overcame such adversity. He might use it to his advantage if getting into school was important to him. She figures that he hasn't even written his essay yet. He changes the subject to her essay again. They brainstorm on what she could write about. She suggests going to the Boutique since she left her CD player there.


Sean works away on the site when Jill pops in. He gets frisky which amuses her. The mood is killed when she notices the poster of Brittany and is reminded of their problems. Sean thought they got past that. Britt is no longer up to any tricks. Later Britt and Raul show up and Jill wants to know what they're doing there. They explain they're picking up her CD player. Britt has nothing to say to Sean and tells Raul that they're going to her place now.


Ryan tries to calm down a gun totting Tricia. She insists on completing the vows. Sharon tries to prevent the kids from coming in but Tricia turns the gun on her and refuses to let anyone leave. All must witness Ryan's love for Tricia. Vic stands outside the doors, pondering his next move. He tells her to give him the gun but she warns him to back off. She'll use it if she has to even against him. Vic gets the kids to go out to the limo and sit with the driver. Victoria is still tied and gagged in the Bride's room closet. Neil tries to point out Tricia's illogic to her (loves Ryan but will kill him if she has to) but she tells him to shut up. Ryan is marrying her or no one! Neil tries to calm her down too which Vic sees as buying time for him. Ryan tells her he's willing to talk about it if she puts down the gun. She didn't want it to be this way. She hoped that when he saw her in the gown he'd realize what he lost and come around to her again. She sees that he doesn't though, all because of Victoria. He asks if she's okay. Tricia doesn't care, since Victoria hurt her by stealing Ryan away. He admits that they all made mistakes which surprises Tricia. He wants to help her now. She will talk things out with him, once they are married. Victor finds Victoria in the bride's room. He unties her and she tells him that Tricia is there and they need to call the police. He fills her in on the gun and tells her to go call the police next door. He'll take care of Tricia. Ryan tells the minister to go ahead with the ceremony. Victor sneaks in the back. Tricia wants to say something. She tells him how much she loves him and how they'll be together forever. She insists he make vows too. He just agrees with her statement. She cuts off the minister with her "I do" when she starts to get a headache. She screams at Ryan to stop lying to her. He doesn't love her and never has. She points the gun at him just as Victor barks out for her to stop. He tells her to let everyone else go and he'll stay. She points the gun down and the guests leave. Nikki begs him not to stay. He tells her that Victoria and the kids are safe and to go too. Ryan, Neil, the minister and Vic are the only ones left. Vic pleads for Ryan's safety. But she won't let him go. Outside Victoria is reunited with her family. They fill her in on what's going on inside. Victoria will meet them outside in a minute. Tricia demands that Neil leave too. She notices the minister's gone too and wants to know how they can get married without him. Ryan reassures her that he will always care about her. He tells her to forget about Victoria. She's conflicted. Her hearts says to trust him but him but her heart says not to. At that moment she sees Victoria and swears to her that she'll never come between her and Ryan again. Tricia pulls the trigger. Ryan screams out 'no!" and dives to stop her.

Wednesday, November 21, 2001

Ryan is brought into Genoa City Memorial Hospital. Gina, John Abbott and Katherine Chancellor are at the police station giving their statements. Nick comes into the police station and Neil asks who was shot. Nick replies "It was Ryan who was shot and it looks pretty bad" Miguel brings over some clothes for Victoria, Nikki and Victor. Nikki asks Victor "what made Tricia shoot?" Victoria replies "it was because of me" At the police station, Neil tells Nick Victoria came into the church and tried to stop Tricia from marrying Ryan. Tricia then tried to shoot Victoria but it was Ryan who jumped in front and tried to save her. Neil was about to attack Tricia when she was being delusional about where Ryan was and their supposed plans for their honeymoon. Neil is shocked Tricia doesn't remember what she did. John Silva comes to the police station. Nick tells John how Victor saved the lives of the wedding guests by talking Tricia into letting them go. John Silva tells Nick that Victor escaped the courthouse and is considered to be "a fugitive" Ms Chen walks into the police station and Nick asks her "you know what happened, right?" Tricia hums "the wedding march" while in her holding cell. Ryan is out of surgery and he's conscious. Olivia says "its a positive development"

Brad and Ashley are preparing for Abby's first birthday. Phyllis and Jack give Abby's birthday present. It's a beautiful winter outfit. Jack and Phyllis are thrilled to begin the first stages of the in vitro fertilization. Phyllis takes a pill and hopes it can help her in getting pregnant. Jack will try his best to keep things secret to prevent Ashley from finding out about their baby plans. Traci snoops through Colleen's room, looking for marijuana. Colleen goes to her friends place. Colleen's friends were surprised Traci kept pumping them for questions. Colleen tells them "she thinks I am at dance" Colleen smokes up with her friends. Jill and Sean continue to be romantic lovebirds in their camping gear. Colleen gets a kiss from Rechie, who says that he wants to hang out "just the two of them" sometime. Colleen's dance class teacher calls Traci to infirm her that Colleen hasn't been attending class.

Billy is so glad to have Mackenzie in his life. Billy tells Mackenzie "I don't care what your mom and stepfather put you through, you still turned to be one of the best people I know" Mackenzie is curious to find out how Colleen is doing. Billy tells Mackenzie things aren't that good. Mackenzie wonders if that "lady" is still in town. Mackenzie hopes "whatever she did before, I hope she can work her magic again" Amanda gets something from Ned at the Shelter. Amanda knows who's in the picture Ned shows her. It's Amanda's abusive husband and he's looking for her.

Thursday, November 22, 2001

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, The Young and the Restless will not be shown today. This preemption was scheduled, so there will be no lost episodes. On behalf of everyone at Soap Opera Central, we would like to give our thanks to you for visiting the Soap Central web site. We wish you a very happy, healthy and safe holiday.

Friday, November 23, 2001

Due to the extended Thanksgiving holiday, The Young and the Restless was not shown today. This preemption was expected and there will not be any lost or missed episodes. Programming will resume Monday where Wednesday's show ended.

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