The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 26, 2001 on Y&R

Ryan died. Tricia was transferred to the psychiatric unit of the jail. Isabella told Michael that she was carrying his child, and she demanded financial support. Mac asked Amanda to stay in town. Colleen admitted that she had smoked pot.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 26, 2001 on Y&R
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Monday, November 26, 2001

by Ruth

Ryan was out of surgery and his vital signs had stabilized. Olivia refused to comment on his prognosis, though. Nikki and Victor thanked him for saving their daughter. Neil joked around with him about Super Bowl tickets then promised to take care of Victoria for him if anything happened. The two close friends cried together while trying not to say goodbye. Neil left Ryan's room as Victoria entered. He ran into Olivia and told her that he had better not join the others because he would probably break down in front of them.

Steve and Traci confronted Colleen about skipping out of dance class and lying to them about it for so long. Colleen tried to turn things around and accuse Steve of lying worse than she had, then he noticed that her eyes were red and her pupils were dilated -- she must have been smoking pot! Colleen couldn't deny it for long after her mother threatened to have a urine test to find out for sure. She insisted that it was one time and she was all alone. Traci began her punishment by grounding her indefinitely.

Billy and Mac showed up at the shelter to help with Thanksgiving dinner. The helpers didn't have any work for them, so Mac wanted to ask Ned about the woman who helped Colleen. Amanda had just told him that she was leaving town the next day -- she could not risk her husband finding her in Genoa City. Ned told Mac that it was a complicated situation and wouldn't promise anything. They went back to see if they could help and started serving on the food line. In the meantime, Ned told Amanda what Mac was asking about. When Billy and Mac began serving dinner, Amanda was their first customer!

The D.A. asked Tricia to tell her version of the wedding incident. She said that it was a lovely ceremony. ""The church was beautiful -- isn't that what everyone said? If they didn't, it was because they weren't at the altar with Ryan and me. A bride has a right to be nervous and doesn't always remember every detail. They say I threatened them? Oh, that! I didn't want to use it, but it was the only way to get Ryan's attention. I made a mistake, but I didn't start it. The Newmans did! Yes, I framed Victor and drugged him -- it worked too! No, he didn't assault me, but I had to do something. Now I want to let bygones by bygones. Ryan and I are happily married. May husband wants that too."" With that, the D.A. arranged to have some men from the psychiatric ward take her away. John Silva and Paul Williams asked about her possible release anytime soon. They were assured that it would be a long time until she even had the chance to go free. When they told Tricia about the men, she was pleased, thinking that it was part of Ryan's surprise for their honeymoon. She took the man's arm and held her head high as she left the holding room still wearing her wedding dress. . . .

Tuesday, November 27, 2001


Ryan and Victoria talk about him recovering and look forward to living happily together. Olivia asks Victoria to leave so she can perform some tests. He confesses that he doesn't feel as good as he claims but asks Liv to keep it from Victoria. He then asks a favor of Olivia. John informs Victor and the others that that Tricia confessed. The DA has her in custody and is getting details which will eventually completely clear Vic. They wonder what pushed Tricia over the edge but Vic thinks it was his asking her to move out that did it. Cassie calls Sharon, worried about her parents. Nikki tells Nick and Sharon to go home. Neil and Nikki worry that Olivia is still in there with Ryan. She finally emerges asking if Neil has the wedding rings. Ryan is asking for them. In Ryan's room, Victoria holds vigil and is concerned with Ryan's pain. Olivia returns with the rings. He wants to marry Victoria in the hospital. She wants him to save his strength but he just goes on telling her he loves her. She doesn't get his implication that he won't make it. If they are to be married it has to be now he tells her. She puts the ring on his finger and vows to be his wife. She tearfully watches him slip away as he whispers "Forever..."


Lauren stops by on her way out to see Paul. She was there giving her statement about what happened at the church. She asks how Ryan was doing. He feels guilty over not being at the church. He might have been able to get the gun away from Tricia but Lauren pleads with him not blame himself. He bemoans his shattered personal life. The past year has been one of the most difficult. Lauren figured that his past with Isabella was inevitable. Why still be torn up over it. He regrets letting her go. Lauren invites him out to dinner.


Michael and Isabella enjoy dinner together. Isabella is feeling better since the car accident and isn't bothered to be in the restaurant where she and Paul had their last fling. Being at Gina's proves to her that she is slowly getting over Paul. She's having a great time and thanks Michael. He's enjoying their no-strings relationship. He worries that he's risking her moving on by keeping her in town, risking a run-in with Paul. She wonders if he's dumping her but he assures her that if she's okay with staying he is. She ponders leaving town and he is fully supportive, sure she can make it fine on her own. They then dance to Sinatra. Michael notices Paul and Lauren enter but stays mum.


Mac is shocked to see her mom Amanda there. She introduces her to Billy but doesn't want anything to do with her. Billy asks Mac to give her mom a chance to explain herself. Amanda explains that she had no money and needed to stay there. She knew Mac volunteered there and did her best to avoid her knowing Mac didn't want to see her. She didn't know Mac would be working today as she wasn't scheduled. Later Amanda talks with Ned about her run in with Mac. He wonders what the connection is. She didn't tell Mac about her connection to Colleen since it wouldn't have made a difference but Ned disagrees. She finally admits that she's Mac's mother.

Chancellor House:

Billy and Mac arrive home and see a trembling Esther. She fills in the kids about the wedding and Kay tries to calm her. Billy fills Kay in on Amanda's appearance and tells her that Amanda seemed remorseful. He tells Mac that her mother's leaving town tomorrow is the worst thing that could happen.

Wednesday, November 28, 2001

Victoria and the Newman family mourn the passing of Ryan McNeil. Neil has lost a best friend, and Victoria has lost a husband. Neil looks up at the sky and says "Ryan, I'm going to miss you, man" Neil wants to tell Nina and Phillip about the news but felt it would be inappropriate. Olivia assured Neil it would be alright to break the news to them. Nick and Sharon come into the Newman ranch and Victor tells them "Victoria and Nikki are with me." Sharon breaks into tears over the loss of Ryan.

At the Homeless Shelter, Amanda revealed to Ned she is Mackenzie's mother. Amanda felt so ashamed for not believing Mackenzie all those years ago and says, "If I live to be a hundred, I can never forgive myself" Amanda felt bad she didn't believe Mackenzie in the beginning and now that Amanda's husband is searching for her, things are going to get worse. At the Chancellor Estate, Billy and Mackenzie are talking about Amanda. Billy felt Amanda was sincere when she had said "I felt like I wanted to be closer to you, Mackenzie, which is why I never left the Shelter" Esther asks Mackenzie what's wrong. Mackenzie begins to wonder whether she did the right thing or not. Amanda tells Ned "A mother is supposed to protect her own child and I didn't even do that" Amanda almost regrets trying to make amends with Mackenzie. Amanda flees. Billy goes to see Ned and tells him about how "its eating away" at Mackenzie and the fact that she saw her mother again. Billy tells Ned "Amanda is at a homeless shelter. That should tell you something is going wrong here" Ned replies "I don't know if I should be telling you this but I think there is something you both should know about Amanda." Ned comes to the Chancellor Estate and tells Mackenzie "the Good Samaritan who helped save Colleen was your mother" Ned tells Mackenzie "Amanda stayed at the Shelter because she wanted to make amends with something that happened years ago. I felt you had to hear this information in order to make some important decisions" Amanda decides she wants to make amends with her mother. Amanda is at the train station, getting a train ticket out of town.

At the Mental Hospital, Tricia is escorted into a room, full of padding. Tricia continues to be delusional about Ryan and says, "Any moment now he's gonna walk through that door with champagne, first class tickets" Dr. Tondell comes into Tricia's holding cell and gives her a shot to calm her down. Tricia begins to feel somewhat relaxed but begins to cry and Matt Clarke appears in her thoughts again. Matt tells Tricia "I popped in to say goodbye" Tricia admitted to Matt she was glad he was her friend and encouraged her, and helped her and was always there in times of need. Tricia begins to hug Matt and Dr Tondell and the nurse watch Tricia from her room. Tricia sheds a few tears for Matt and he slowly disappears into thin air. At the Newman ranch, Victoria tells her family "Ryan wanted to marry me before he died."

Paul and Lauren are having dinner at the Lodge. Paul tells Lauren "this is where Isabella brought me the night I put a nail in her coffin. Isabella had booked a room upstairs and wanted a romantic night." Lauren is curious to find out what happened that night. Paul tells Lauren when Christine was in town, she ran into Victor and confided in him about trying to save her marriage" Paul went back to see Isabella and basically killed the moment because of his run in with Victor. Michael tells Isabella "I think I just saved us from a major encounter" Michael tells Isabella he saw Paul and Lauren at the Lodge. Isabella wonders if Michael is hiding something about their "fling" Isabella replies "there is some reason why you don't want Paul finding about us and I know damn well the reason why" Isabella flips out on Michael because he wanted to protect Isabella from going back to Paul ever again. Isabella kicks Michael out of their room and replies "don't worry, your secret is safe with me"

Thursday, November 29, 2001

All of the Newman clan gathered around Victoria to support at her time of sorrow. When Victor goes back to the penthouse, Diane Jenkins arrives at the door to extend her condolences over Ryan's death but Victor is not buying her act. Christine calls Nikki to let her know that she will be attending the funeral but Phillip and Nina will not because of Phillip's illness. Jack and Phyllis discuss moving and Phyllis finds blueprints that Diane did for him a while back. Jack then fills Phyllis in on his past history with Diane. Mac and Billy go looking to find Amanda and find her at the bus station. Michael and Isabella discuss her moving plans but Isabella says she can't leave because she is pregnant with Michael's baby.

Friday, November 30, 2001

Michael's Office:

Isabella tells Michael that she's pregnant with his baby. He wonders how it happened and she reminds him of their recent lovemaking sessions. He tells her that he won't insist on her keeping the baby. He surprised to learn that she plans to. He tells her he wants no part of this. She tells him she will learn to regret that decision. He will give her financial support but strong-arming him won't make him generous. She insists on having legal papers drawn up naming him the father and stipulating a payment plan. If he doesn't she'll tell everyone that he refuses to take responsibility for his child, including Christine. He asks for 24 hrs to decide.


Victoria goes over the funeral arrangements. She asks Nikki to send out the invites and asks if Nina and Philip were told. Nikki mentions that Christine called from LA and was with Nina when she heard. Philip hasn't been told yet.

Bus Station:

Mac and Billy bump into Amanda. She was just about to leave town. Billy leaves them to talk. Mac admits that she wasn't sure she's ready to have Amanda leave again. Amanda explains why she stayed in town, hoping that Mac would come around. Mac doesn't understand how words can change anything. But Amanda explains that she cleaned up her act to show Mac that she's sincere. She hopes that there's still a chance for them to be close. Amanda makes her peace and agrees to leave if that's what Mac wants. She asks not to shut the door and allow her to call Kay to check up on Mac. She misses her daughter very much. She'll be staying n Tampa with her cousin Dorothy. They aren't very close but she has no other options. Amanda asks Billy to take care of Mac. As she walks away, Mac asks her to stay for a few more days. Billy offers to let Amanda stay at the Abbott house but she wants to stay at the shelter.


Phyllis is leaving a note for Jack when Ashley walks in. Phyllis asks Ash to be her matron of honor. Ashley needs to think about it. Phyllis then asks about Diane. She mentions finding the blueprints in the attic and worries about the feeling she stirs up in Jack. Ash assures her that Diane is nothing but a big black mark in Jack's heart. She wonders if Phyllis mentioning Diane was strategic in order to make Ash realize how much better Phyllis is than Diane but accepts the offer to be her matron of honor.


Jack comes in looking for Gina but sees Robert Griffith from the Minnesota Vikings. He introduces himself and tells him to enjoy his stay in GC. He doesn't however spot Diane Jenkins sitting a few feet away. She goes over to his table and says 'hello'. He wonders what she's doing in town and she tells him that she's only there for a short time. She makes small talk to which he is very curt. She heard about Phyllis and him and is surprised. She's been thinking about him and what they shared. She was so happy with him. He points out that she destroyed it. She blames herself for letting Vic use her in his battle against Jack. He doesn't feel for her though. She admits she made a lot of mistakes, hurting him was the worst. He tells her that Victor did him a favor taking her off his hands and tells her to have a nice life.

Neil's Apt:

Neil is passed out from booze. He dreams of Tricia in the church with the gun and Ryan's shooting. Hung-over, he wakes up and finds Olivia on his doorstep. She was worried about him. She notices the liquor which he brushes off as a sleep aid. He can't stop thinking about Ryan's death. He blames himself. He should have stopped Tricia. She tells him that it wasn't his fault and tells him she's there for him before leaving for work. Later Victoria stops by. She asks him to read the eulogy and he accepts with honor. He struggles with the speech and pours himself another drink. He throws the glass in a rage.


Nikki and Victor console each other over Victoria's grief. She tells him how Victoria is insisting on handling everything herself. He sees it as a positive that she's not in denial. She worries how Victoria will handle the holidays without Ryan. He tells her that he got a visit from Diane. She doesn't buy Di's story that she came to express her condolences over Ryan. Nikki then asks about Christian but he never asked and Diane never mentioned it which Nikki finds odd. She still feels guilty over being responsible for Christian's birth. They hope she blows out of town again soon. Victoria stops by and fills them in on Neil's part of the funeral.


After sex, Malcolm asks Alex to stay the whole day with him. Olivia stops by with the news of Ryan's death. Both are devastated and ask about Victoria and Neil. She came by to ask Mal to check on his brother. She tells Alex that there's only so much support she could give Neil under the circumstances.

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