The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 3, 2001 on Y&R

Michael told Diane about his situation with Isabella. Michael agreed to support Isabella's child. Sean and Jill offered Isabella a modeling job at Jabot. Raul and Brittany made plans to spend more time together. Mac had a nightmare about her stepfather.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 3, 2001 on Y&R
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Monday, December 3, 2001

by Ruth

As Brittany watches, Rianna greets J.T. Brittany seeks advice from Rianna on her college essay. Brittany rubs in Raul's face the closeness between Rianna and J.T. She also admits that Rianna liked the essay that Raul helped her write. Raul later watches as Rianna chats with J.T. about his college plans. Ready to go to Ryan's wake, Victoria confronts the man who videotaped her wedding and discovers that the police confiscated the tape. She demands that he go to the station house and make a copy of it. Victor sends the man out and then asks his daughter why she wants to see what happened at the church. She asks for his penthouse surveillance tapes and claims that she needs to find out why Ryan was killed. Meanwhile, Jack advises Nikki that he ran into Diane. She reveals what happened to Ryan and takes comfort when Jack offers his sympathy. Finding Neil upset, Malcolm helps his despondent brother as Neil tries to figure out what to say in his eulogy for Ryan. He invites Neil to come stay with him and Alex for the next few days. Olivia announces to Alex that she saw her with Neil and she intends to tell Malcolm what she knows. Alex convinces her not to hurt Malcolm and assures her she won't harm Malcolm or Nate though Olivia vows to drop a dime if she finds her with Neil. Malcolm returns home with the news about inviting Neil to move in. Kay advises Paul that Christine is coming to the funeral for Nina and Phillip. Paul arrives at the funeral home and finds Christine kneeling at Ryan's casket.

Tuesday, December 4, 2001

Diane talks with Michael about her new life and the cold reception she received from Victor and Jack. When he mentions he might have impregnated a friend, Diane urges him to give her whatever she wants. Mary finds Isabella in town and urges her to believe Paul still has feelings for her. At the funeral home, Christine greets Paul with an explanation of why she's in town. Everyone arrives for the memorial service and Lauren becomes upset when she spots Paul with Christine. Victoria thanks Larry when he offers his condolences. When he worries that some people might not want him to stay, Victor offers his hand and thanks for watching out for him in jail. As the service for Ryan begins, Neil tosses out what he had written earlier and ad libs wonderful words describing the qualities of his best friend. After Victoria invites everyone to the ranch, Neil begs off because he's too tired. As the guests gab downstairs, a somber Victoria places her wedding ring in a drawer near her bed. Brittany stops Raul as he watches J.T. kissing Rianna. Raul asks Brittany to start spending more time with him. When she guesses he'll use her to get back at Rianna, he denies it and claims he just enjoys being with her.

Wednesday, December 5, 2001

After Ryan's funeral, the guests are still at the Newman ranch. Victoria is working like a busy body, trying to keep her mind off of Ryan. Sharon, Victor, Nikki and Nicholas all offer their support. Victoria replies, "I'm fine. Really I am" Nikki talks to Jack and tells him, "Victoria is carrying a tremendous amount of burden inside of her." Nikki thinks Victoria is being "calm, too calm" Nicholas tells Sharon about his talk before the wedding ceremony. Nick remembers telling Ryan the "be good to my sister speech" Ryan was so happy that day and Nick could tell Ryan had tremendous love for Victoria. After the guests have gone, Victoria goes to her room to go to bed. Victoria takes another look at her wedding ring from Ryan, the ring she never gave him. Victoria sleeps and is dreaming about Ryan. Ryan appears and they say their wedding vows. They are now husband and wife. Victoria wakes up from her dream and notices the wedding ring on her finger and tells Nikki "Ryan was here. Ryan was here" Victoria begin grieving about her "late husband"

At the Abbott Household, Brad and Ashley look at Abby sleeping. "The re-affirmation of life," Brad replies. Ashley apologizes to Phyllis and Jack for being insensitive about their situation with not having a child of their own. Phyllis announces to Jack, Ashley has agreed to become her Maid of Honor. Jack couldn't be more thrilled. Jack is "leaning" towards asking Billy to be his Best Man but nothing is confirmed yet.

At the Newman ranch, Kay asks where Christine is staying for the night before she goes back to Los Angeles to be with Nina. Christine said "some hotel, perhaps" Kay offers Christine a room for the night at the Chancellor Estate. Christine accepts and goes to the house. Paul is there as well, chatting among the other guests. Lauren Fenmore couldn't help but feel a bit selfish with Christine being in town. Lauren replies to Kay, "Despite what Lynne thinks of me, I am not here to cause trouble." Paul tells Christine, "Victor told me about your visit with him and wanting to try to salvage our marriage." Christine asks Paul how his relationship with Isabella is doing. Paul answers, "She left in September" and "It's over." Christine makes an offer to talk to Paul the following morning before her flight leaves. Paul agrees and thinks it's a good idea they try to sort some things out.

At Michael Baldwin's office, Isabella couldn't help but be curious of Diane and how she knows Michael. Diane replies, "I was a former client, and now I am an old friend." Isabella tells Diane "well at least we have some things in common" Isabella tells Diane, "I was Michael's former client but now I am an old friend too. We go way back." Diane tells Isabella she left Genoa City for the Milan. Isabella asked "why did you leave the Midwest for the Mediterranean?" Diane told Isabella she liked the change of scenery and the chance to have a new life. Isabella was thinking the same thing of leaving Genoa City until she decided to stay for a bit longer. Diane asks Isabella out of the blue if she is pregnant. Isabella was shocked Diane figured it out so soon. Diane gives advice to Isabella about pregnancy: "Don't let everyday stresses distract you, learn to live with the pregnancy and enjoy it more"

At the Boutique, J.T. and Rianna have a heart to heart. J.T. admits to Rianna he was sorry he was a "jerk" for the way things were before in their relationship. J.T. wants to get romantic again with Rianna but wants to know where her head is towards their budding "relationship." J.T. asked Rianna "was it good for [her] as it was for [him]." J.T. admitted he liked making love to Rianna and wouldn't mind doing it again but he doesn't want to pressure Rianna at all. J.T. has this evil look in his eyes when he hugs Rianna.

Thursday, December 6, 2001

by Ruth

Christine tried to get some information from Katherine about Isabella. The only thing she found out, however, was that Kay understood how much pain Paul had been in after their breakup. They discussed Christine's plans to catch a flight that afternoon, then Chris decided to make a phone call before any more time went by. . .

Lynne quizzed Paul down about his time with Chris and he told her to stop pushing. He admitted that it had hit him very hard, harder than he had expected. As they talked, Lauren stood just outside the door. Lynne turned around and gave her a disapproving look, then Lauren walked into the office. Lynne left and they talked about Christine and how vulnerable he was after losing a friend. He became suspicious of her conversation and insisted on knowing where she was going with this. Just then, the phone rang and he jumped at the chance to talk to Christine some more. They planned to meet at the coffeehouse. . .

Sean and Jill were talking about how worried she was about Phillip losing Ryan and about his work at Jabot choosing models for the new ad campaign. He suggested that they talk to a beautiful woman sitting alone at a table across the room. They approached her -- it was Isabella. She was thrilled at the prospect of modeling for them. As they prepared to leave the coffeehouse, Christine arrived. She asked Jill who the woman was at the table -- she confirmed that she was Isabella Brana. . .

Sharon awoke to find no one else at home. Soon Nicholas came in the door and told her that he took Cassie to school and Noah to the main house. He wanted to let her sleep because he knew that the week had been very hard on her, but he wanted to know what else he could do to get their relationship back to normal again. She cried tears of sadness over Victoria's loss and didn't know what to do about her feelings of emptiness. He held his wife and they kissed -- perhaps a new beginning. . .

Neil ignored his doorbell until Malcolm yelled at him enough to let them in. He and Alex had breakfast in hand and were surprised to see Neil unshaven and disheveled. Alex noticed the broken glass on the floor and questioned Malcolm about it. He didn't want her to make a big deal about it. Malcolm was called away to the studio, so Alex finished cleaning up. Neil told her that she didn't have to -- they talked about Olivia's promise to keep her suspicions from Malcolm. Olivia had said, however, that trouble would find them, so she didn't have to start it. Alex felt assured that the two of them could keep their feelings out of the picture -- they were adults after all. After she took off for work and he shut the door behind her, Neil said to himself, "At least YOU feel like you can do that." Then he picked up a bottle of whiskey and looked at it. . .

Diane paid Michael Baldwin a visit and they talked about how she met Isabella and how fascinating she found her. Before too long, she became very agitated when he mentioned her son and his unknown paternity. She threw a jab at him about "taking to fatherhood" then was gone.

Jack hugged Nikki and they talked about Victoria's feelings of guilt about Ryan's death. That lead to Nikki admitting that she felt guilty for the situation with Diane and switching the sperm samples instead of just stealing the one that Diane had. Jack offered to help her find the real father of Diane's baby -- he made a phone call to the lab. He knew that there had been excellent notes taken about everything that had happened with those samples, even though the man from the lab was now dead. They knew it was a long shot, but Jack would be there for her every step of the way. . . . .

Friday, December 7, 2001

After a nightmare about her stepfather, Mac tells Kay what he did to her and admits her nightmares started when Amanda came to town. Jack and Nikki meet with the wife of the now-dead detective who helped Nikki deal with Diane. Amelia offers them the chance to peruse all of her husband's files with the warning that they're in no particular order. Meanwhile, Ashley confronts Diane at Gina's and wishes her well in Milan in hopes that she'll stay there and never come back. Upset to see Isabella at the Crimson Lights, Christine guesses that Paul lied to her. After Isabella leaves, Paul arrives and finds his ex-wife upset. She accuses him of knowing that Isabella was there and though he denies it, she claims she can't trust him. Paul quickly ends their meeting and leaves. Mary arrives at Paul's office with the news that Isabella's back. Paul returns and fills everyone in on his disastrous meeting with Christine. Mary leaks the news about Isabella's return which clears things up for Paul who tells Lauren it would not have worked out with Christine. Isabella and Michael offer each other legal documents regarding her pregnancy but before they can debate which he'll sign, Christine arrives in the outer office. Michael kisses her goodbye before she leaves for the airport and then returns to his office to sign Isabella's document.

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