The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 24, 2001 on Y&R

Jack and Phyllis were married. Lauren threatened to tell Paul the truth about Isabella's pregnancy. Malcolm told Olivia that Neil was no longer welcome in his home. The paternity test proved that Nick had fathered Sharon's child.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 24, 2001 on Y&R
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Monday, December 24, 2001

Victor whisks his family off on an around the world Christmas vacation. Everyone seems to be having fun except Sharon who has the results of the paternity test on her mind. Raul and his brother, Diego have words about Raul's future and his current carefree attitude. Diego is surprised that Raul is friends with someone like Brittany who he feels is not Raul's type. Raul accepts Brittany's invitation to go to a movie. Paul goes to Christmas Eve mass and run into Isabella who Mary surmises is pregnant. Jack and Phyllis' wedding gets off to a rocky start with Phyllis being nervous. Ashley helps her by having her hair and makeup professionally done. The wedding begins with Phyllis looking beautiful as she walks down the aisle.

Tuesday, December 25, 2001

Due to the Christmas holiday, a special "classic" episode was broadcast today in place of a regular episode. Programming will resume on Wednesday the 26th where Monday's show concluded.

Wednesday, December 26, 2001

On Christmas Eve at the Abbott's Jack and Phyllis are married. After Billy offers his toast to his brother, Mac spots Colleen and assures the teen that she's there for her if she wants to talk about her troubles. Colleen resents that everyone knows about her problems. Nate invites Malcolm over to receive his Christmas present. Malcolm explains to Olivia that Neil is not welcome at his house. Olivia calls Neil to invite him for Christmas dinner but he tells her he's busy. He then dumps into the garbage the present he bought for Alex. Malcolm is stunned when Alex surprises him with a key to a new car. Victor's jet lands in American Samoa where Noah plays with a little boy from the region. As they take off for the next country, Nick and Victoria notice that Sharon seems distracted. Nick tries to get his wife to talk about what's bothering her but she claims now is not the time. Thanks to his mother's guess, Paul confronts Isabella and forces her to admit that she is pregnant. But she quickly adds that Michael is the father and will support her without interference from another woman. Lauren then pulls Paul into church.

Thursday, December 27, 2001

by Ruth

En route to Genoa City, Victor and Nick wanted to get the family together at home to celebrate with Nikki. Sharon declined, saying she had plans to meet Doris.

Kay tried to find out if Mac was ready to talk to her mother.

Malcolm confided to Mamie that he's curious why Alex gave him such an extravagant gift.

Lauren was shocked to learn from Paul that Isabella had told him that she's pregnant with Michael's child.

Amanda and Warton reflected on volunteering together at the shelter on Christmas. Amanda was disappointed she wasn't able to see Mac.

Sharon refused to open up to Doris, who urged her to work things out with Nick.

After a test drive, Malcolm thanked Alex for his new sports car and they passionately kiss, leading to lovemaking.

At the Ranch, Victoria thanked Victor for helping her get her mind off Ryan.

Sharon showed Nick the paternity test results revealing he was the father of the child she lost.

Michael was upset that Isabella told Paul she's pregnant with Michael's child. Isabella reminded Michael what she has on him, when Paul unexpectedly arrived.

Mac and Amanda met and had an awkward conversation.

Friday, December 28, 2001

Abbott House:

Jack and Phyllis enjoy their first morning as husband and wife. He tells her he's planned a big splashy New Years party for them and buys her a dress for the occasion.


Isabella meets with Michael and tells him she told Paul she's pregnant with Michael's baby. Michael thinks she's needlessly incurred his wrath. Paul shows up looking to pick a fight with Michael who tells Paul to mind his own business.

Isabella's Apt:

Isabella moves into her new place (Nina's old apartment) and is visited by Lauren. She's livid that Isabella claims Michael is the father of her baby. Isabella tells her that she was mistaken and that Michael is in fact the father. Lauren doesn't buy it for a second and threatens to tell Paul all about it. Isabella is sure Lauren will keep quiet in order to keep Paul for herself.


Ashley takes Billy out for brunch to catch up. He talks about Mac and her mom and his opinion of the Colleen situation. Ashley thinks he's too lenient with his cousin who needs to take responsibility for what she's done.

Crimson Lights:

Mac and Amanda meet to talk. It goes well but Amanda can't bring herself to give Mac her birthday present.


Sharon finally tells Nick why she's been so distant lately. She had the paternity test done on the baby and it showed that he is in fact the father as she always suspected. He feels horrible for insisting on the test and wonders why she went though with it after the baby died. She hoped it would give her the closure she needed but it hasn't. She doesn't know if she will ever be able to let it go.


Nikki calls Victor to tell him she's left Casey, but isn't coming back to Genoa City as planned. She has to make a quick trip first but doesn't explain where or why. Her plane lands in Milan.


Diane is working in her office on some sketches when she is surprised by a visit from Nikki. She claims she was in town on business and decided to stop by but Diane doesn't buy it. She thinks Nikki is there to attack her, nothing more. The women continue to argue until Diane orders Nikki to leave. Nikki insists on making amends.

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