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Sharon blamed Nick for the death of their baby daughter. Nikki decided not to tell Jack he was the father of Diane's baby. Phyllis experienced adverse reactions to the hormone therapy. Jill turned down Sean's marriage proposal.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 31, 2001 on Y&R
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Monday, December 31, 2001

Nick asks Sharon what she hopes to accomplish by bringing up the paternity test, and if she is trying to hurt him. Sharon reminds him that he didn't want the child if it were Matt's. Nick assures her that he accepted that the child was theirs, and she thinks the baby had to die first for him to come to that decision. Sharon explodes that he is to blame for their baby's death because he could not accept the baby as his own. Nick is too upset to respond and exits the room. Victor assumes that Nick and Sharon will get past this, and Victoria thinks that the only thing that matters now is how much they love each other. Diane is suspicious of Nikki's concern for her baby. Diane realizes Nikki thinks she is abusing or neglecting her son, and orders her to stay out of her life. After a visit to the fertility doctor, Jack treats Phyllis to a day of beauty. Brad wonders why Colleen would do drugs when she has a loving family. John speculates that Colleen feels abandoned by Steve, Brad, and John, and that's why she turned to drugs. Ashley notices how well Colleen has been taking care of Abby, and asks her if she will babysit on New Year's Eve. Colleen is surprised that Ashley still trusts her after she messed up. Billy gives Mac a new music box as her Christmas gift. Mac is touched since it brings back pleasant memories. Billy suggests Mac talk with Amanda again, and clear some things up. Amanda tells Mac she is upset because she wasn't invited to her birthday party. Mac explains that she celebrates it in February so it is separate from Christmas. Amanda is relieved, and gives Mac the present she planned to give her. Mac is speechless when she sees that it's her old music box.

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Wednesday, January 2, 2002

Phyllis and Jack are enjoying themselves on their honeymoon. They open their gifts, and get ready for their New Year's dinner. They are stumped when they open the champagne flutes, which have no card. Phyllis calls Fenmore's and discovers Michael purchased them. This strikes them as odd, since he has already sent a gift – with a card. Later, as Jack waits for Phyllis downstairs, Phyllis has a dizzy spell and catches herself from falling. Sean and Jill return from their trip from San Francisco, and get ready for an evening at the opera. They are both happy there is no more confusion about their relationship, and they make a toast to fate and destiny. Amanda is touched that Mac remembers the music box. Amanda thanks Warton for telling her to give the gift to Mac, and wants to celebrate. Diane wonders what Nikki was really after, and places a call to inquire about flights to Genoa City. While at Gina's, Brad expresses to Ashley that he isn't sure if leaving Colleen with Abby is a good idea. Ashley says that by letting Colleen babysit Abby, they are showing a little faith in her. They return home to find Colleen playing with Abby. Brad and Ashley are sad that they couldn't reach Colleen sooner before she leaves for boarding school. Nikki surprises Victor by showing up at the ranch. Nikki offers to make dinner, complimenting Victor for the wonderful time the family had on their trip around the world.

Thursday, January 3, 2002

by Ruth

Phyllis convinced Jack that she was feeling fine -- her normal bouncy self after almost falling asleep over her ginger ale New Year's Eve. He was concerned about her, but she insisted that she was fine. He had to leave for work, but they planned to meet at the fertility clinic so that he could be with her for the injection.

Ashley and Brad disagreed once again about how Colleen should be treated. Brad insisted that she couldn't be trusted too much too soon and Ashley wanted to take the first step by being positive instead of negative. John Abbott agreed with his daughter. Before he went into work, he and Colleen had agreed to a joint venture, putting family pictures into albums. Colleen had seemed more like herself than ever. When Traci arrived to take her daughter to boarding school, more discussion ensued about whether or not it was a good idea.

Malcolm was still dwelling on what his brother said to him about loving Alex and her loving him as well. She tried to get him to drop it and decided that there was only one way. After Malcolm and Nate left the apartment, she paid a visit to Newman Enterprises. . .

Meanwhile, Victor praised Neil for his work over the holidays, but was concerned about why he hadn't spent time with his family. Neil wouldn't budge with any confidences and Victor assured him that they could talk any time. After Victor left Neil's office, Alex appeared. Neil was insolent to her and she had come to ask him a favor. She wanted him to tell his brother that he had lied about them having feelings for each other. . .

Katherine was glad to get to see Nikki before she left for work that morning. She was dying to know about Victor's reaction to her extended trip and whether or not she had found Diane in Italy. Nikki reported that Victor was a little upset, but she weaved her magic and they had a wonderful New Year's Eve together. She also told about finding Diane, being abused in spite of her apologies and remorse, then happening upon her baby and the nanny. The nanny had given a good report, but Katherine still wondered whether or not Nikki planned to tell Jack about his son. She tried to convince her that Jack needed to know, then they parted ways.

Sean and Jill reminisced about how much fun they had been having and how young they made each other feel. She had been disappointed to find that he knew opera like the back of his hand and could sing along in Italian!! She wanted to show him something new like he was doing for her. She called him impulsive when they talked about the gift that he rushed out to buy for her before their trip to San Francisco. He told her that this one was a keeper. He presented a diamond ring to her and gave a romantic diatribe about how they were meant for each other and how he couldn't let her go. He bent to his knee and asked her to marry him. Her answer was, "No, Sweetie."

Nikki arrived at Jack's office "just to say Hi", but before she could scoot off unscathed, he cornered her about who the father of Diane's baby was. . . . .

Phyllis felt strong pains in her abdomen after Jack left the house. She called the doctor and told them that she was on her way. . . . .

Friday, January 4, 2002


Jack can't believe Nikki won't tell Christian's father that he has a son. She hypothesizes that if the father is stable and in a good relationship etc. then it would shatter his world. Jack still thinks she should. He offers to check out the dad. He tells her she doesn't have the right to play God. She knows that. He would want to know if it were him. Before she can say anything he tells her that he's been keeping a secret and swears her to silence. He and Phyllis have begun hormone treatments. She's ecstatic for him. She avoids talking about Christian. It's her problem; he should be focusing on him and Phyllis.


Phyllis visits her doctor and explains her symptoms. The doctor thinks it might be related to her hormone therapy. He suggests taking a break from the treatment until the next cycle or he could lower the dosage. She doesn't like either option and would prefer to toughen it out. When she mentions her New Years dizziness he strongly advises to cut the dosage. She doesn't want Jack to know.

Jabot boardroom:

John proposes another option for Colleen. He points out that Colleen has made a breakthrough (the babysitting New Year's Eve). Traci senses that Brad isn't so sure about it. He's worried about the message it sends to her. John and Ash think it's a step in the right direction. John also adds the photo album project. John thinks that exiling her will only make things worse. Traci insists on sticking with her decision. She asks to see Colleen. Later Brad and Ash talk about Colleen. They don't want to give up on her and Brad wants to bring in professional help. Ash is worried that shipping her off will create a setback. She notices the irony of the complete 180 they've each done on Colleen, her wanting C to stay, him wanting her to go.

Abbott House:

Colleen looks through the old family photos. Billy walks in and notices she's done packing. She's none too happy about being shipped off to boarding school. Billy tells her that if she opens up to her parents it might help. She snaps that he's not much older than her and to shut up. He's changed so much since his NY days. He calls her on her bad behavior with her running away and later drug use. She throws in his alcohol poisoning. He shows her that he's changed. She's changed too but he asks her how she can prove it. When he calls her a spoiled brat she slaps him which is seen by Traci and John. Billy explains that it wasn't all her fault. She tells her mom again that she doesn't want to go. She explains that visitors are not encouraged at first but eventually will be allowed when the school thinks it's right. She dismisses her mom and goes to get her bags. Traci's even more convinced that they are making the best decision but John presses again for giving GC another chance. Colleen says she's ready to go.


Jill tells Sean she's not ready to accept his proposal...yet. She loves everything about him but it's just too soon for her. She is completely taken with him but needs to take it slowly. He's never felt this way about anyone. This isn't a spontaneous move on his part. She's comfortable with how things are but he doesn't want it to be just comfortable. She ties to explain that he has nothing to worry about. Everything is so perfect now and begs him not to rush it. She has scars from quick relationships before and can't go there again. He has what she's saying but wants it be more than just fun between them. There's no one else she wants in her life. She wonders if this has changed his feelings for her. He can't answer that now and leaves.

Neil's Office:

Neil can't believe Alex wants him to take back what he said about her feelings for him. She asks him to tell Mal that he misread things but Neil is peeved at her attempt to cover her feelings for him and lie about it. He suggests telling Mal that they did talk about their feelings and even kissed. She doesn't like that idea at all. She wishes she'd seen this side of him before. It would have prevented the whole mess from happening. Yes there may have been a spark but it's natural since he's a warm, nice guy and they worked so closely together but it's nothing major.

Crimson Lights:

Malcolm brings Nate by to see Olivia. She congratulates him on his new car, knowing how much he's always wanted one. He suspects that she's not happy with the gift Alex got him but she's not at all, and wonders if he is, judging by his knee-jerk reaction. He apologizes and confesses that he was thrown by the car. She doesn't think they should be talking about Neil and Alex. He wants to confront Neil but she advises keeping their distance. He doesn't think there's a problem as there would have been signs. He then flashes back to when it seemed she was having trouble committing. He has a bad feeling. Neil walks in at that moment.

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