The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 21, 2002 on Y&R

Malcolm and Alex went to Africa for a photo shoot. J.T. broke up with Rianna. Diego got a job at Crimson Lights. Colleen tried to score some pot. Isabella admitted to Paul that he was the father of her baby.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 21, 2002 on Y&R
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Monday, January 21, 2002

The Ranch

Sharon refuses to take back what she said about Nick killing their child. Nick feels it's a lost cause if she blames him. Sharon asks Nick in order to save their marriage by starting where they are now and accepting that they each have feelings about what has happened. Cassie arrives and is happy to see her father.


Brad and John disagree again about John's leniency with Colleen having too much freedom. They both agree when Billy calls to ask permission for Colleen to stay after school.

Walnut Grove Academy

Mac tells Rianna that J.T. is not as much into the relationship as she is. Rianna storms out to get to the truth. Mac later confronts Brittany about what she said about J.T. and Rianna. Brittany tells Mac that the only reason J.T. is sticking with Rianna is because of J.T. doesn't want to look bad in Mac's eyes.

Colleen starts her first day at school. Billy asks Colleen to join him in working on the yearbook. Later, after Billy leaves, warns her about an unsavory kid then Colleen approaches the kid about getting some pot.

The Coffeehouse

J.T. is talking to another girl when Rianna arrives. Rianna confronts J.T. about his real feelings for her. She asks him if he wants to be with her. He tells her that he is just a high school guy and is not ready for anything serious and she leaves in tears.


Victor tells Ashley about what is going on with Sharon and Nick.

Isabella's Apartment

Lauren arrives and tells Isabella that Paul needs to be told about Isabella's pregnancy. Isabella tells Lauren that she does not want to tell Paul because as she told her before Paul only wants a child if he is in a committed relationship. Lauren tells Isabella to tell Paul the whole truth today or she will.

Tuesday, January 22, 2002

Nick & Sharon's:

Cassie tells Nick and Sharon how much she's missed him and how glad she is he's back. Nick tells her that there's something she should know. They tell her that Nick is moving out for the time being. She's angry at them for not staying together.


Victor is surprised Colleen is back in town and that Ashley is okay with it. That's water under the bridge for her. He's also surprised that Brad and Ash are back on track. Ash is happy Colleen seems to be. The mess with Colleen has drawn them together.

Walnut Grove:

Colleen ask the school bad boy for some weed. He's hesitant to sell. And refuses to when he finds out she's related to Billy. Mac notices them speaking and asks Colleen what was going on. Colleen says it was innocent. Later Mac asks C about her day. She's wondering about Raul and Rianna. Mac updates her on Rianna and J.T. Mac offers to be there for her anytime. Colleen later tracks down the boy and explains what happened at her old school.


Malcolm surprises Alex at work. He's there to start planning the wedding. They have trouble making the plans on short notice. Eventually they book a spot.

Williams Investigations:

Lauren meets Paul for lunch but is upset. She breaks down and decides to drag him somewhere.


Michael rushes over as per Isabella's request. He's surprised and sad to learn she wants to leave GC now. She wonders about the job in New Orleans. Hew as looking forward to having her and the baby around. Later Paul and Lauren show up but Isabella and her things are gone. Paul wonders why he should care she's gone. Lauren says he should but doesn't elaborate. He assures her that whatever it is he won't be angry at her. Before she can say anything, Isabella returns.

Victoria's Office:

The realtor who was selling Ryan and Victoria their house stops by wondering why they haven't signed the deal yet. She tearfully explains that Ryan died. She wants to think about letting the house go or keeping it. Later she confronts Neil about whatever is throwing his life into chaos.

Wednesday, January 23, 2002

by NAT

Lauren insists that Isabella stay and tell Paul. Paul guesses that she's carrying his baby and she confirms it with the revelation that she found out the day after her car accident. Agreeing that she never would have told him, Isabella asks Paul to leave. Meanwhile, Lauren runs to Kay and admits she made a big mistake with Paul and now guesses he'll never want to see her again. Larry offers to help Amanda find a job at Jabot. Ned tells her about a job in the lunchroom at Mac's school. Rianna cries to Mac about J.T. dumping her. Mac then gives Billy the news. When Mac confronts him, J.T. claims that Billy's upset because he's not having sex with Mac. Alex and Olivia give their good news to Olivia who learns they're flying to Hawaii in two weeks to make it official. Olivia privately learns from Alex that Neil doesn't know yet. Neil argues with Victoria and reminds her that Victor is his boss, not her. He mentions finding some projects on Ryan's computer and talks about a photo shoot in Kenya and a second honeymoon in Greece. She points out how difficult it will be with Malcolm as the photographer. Victoria calls Malcolm and tells him about the idea. Unaware that Neil is listening, Malcolm explains he can't do the shoot because of his wedding plans. Sean confirms for Jill that he'll move in with her. When Larry interrupts their happy moment, Jill becomes furious and returns to accuse him of talking to Larry about their relationship.

Thursday, January 24, 2002

by Ruth

At the penthouse, Nikki and Victor returned from dinner and shared their concerns about the kids. They recalled their good times and no matter how much they told themselves that they shouldn't let it happen, things ignited between them.

After talking with Diego, Billy recalled that it had been a long time since he and Mac discussed their feelings about sex.

At Jabot, Warton told Sean that he has a friend who needs a job. Sean promised to find something and give her a call. When Jill returned to the board room to chastise him, Sean gave her some perspective on people like Larry and won her over. This time they locked the door to the board room so that they could be alone.

Amanda advised Mac to take her time and be careful before rushing into sex. Mac told her mother that she and Billy agreed that they would wait and that everything was great between them.

No one can seem to find Raul at the coffeehouse or anywhere they look. Diego talked to Brittany about it and told her that he's staying in Genoa City for his brother's sake.

Alex suggested to Malcolm that they change their wedding plans so he doesn't miss the opportunity for the photo shoot in Kenya.

Victoria and Neil were ready to postpone the Kenya trip, when Malcolm called, saying that he can make it if Alex accompanies him. Victoria agreed and told Neil that she'll go in his place since Alex will be there.

Billy took Mac to the Abbotts to reopen their discussion about sex. Caught off guard, Mac said that she's happy with the status quo and thought that he was too. Billy insisted that he just wanted to talk about when it may be a possibility. Mac tried not to show her true feelings about how upset this was making her, then she abruptly got up and went home.

Friday, January 25, 2002

Crimson Lights:

Raul notices that Diego is now working there and grills his brother as to his reasons. Diego wants to know what's going on in Raul's life. Britt interrupts and she and Raul make plans to blow off class. Diego asks Cody about Brittany and what she might want with Raul. He thinks she might be the cause of Raul's problems. Later Cody updates Sharon on the new hire. She's surprised to see it is Diego. When Nick shows up she's irritated that he's checking up on the business. She wants to take over things at the coffee shop. She'd feel more comfortable if he weren't around. He won't just give her the coffee shop.

Mac and Billy talk about the fact that Mac's not ready for sex in their relationship. He won't push her. If she's not ready he'll accept that. There's still some obvious tension between them though.

Walnut Grove:

Raul and Britt skip out on class. Raul thinks Britt is interested in his brother but she's hurt that he thinks so little of her and also thinks that Raul's jealous. He just doesn't want his brother to stick around to try to reform him. She's so impressed with the new Raul. He invites her to tag along with an idea he has.

Abbott House:

Jack has made breakfast for Phyllis. She wants to talk about the baby situation. They knew there were risks before they tried but Jack isn't ready to risk it again. After he leaves for a meeting, Phyllis calls Ashley and asks her to come by to help her with something.


Victor and Nikki have breakfast together the morning after having sex. They are enjoying their relationship as it stands now and want to continue on without worrying about all the stuff that tears them apart. Later Victoria stops by and updates Vic on Nick's living arrangements. She's surprised Nikki's there but doesn't realize she spent the night. She wants to meet with Vic about business and doesn't see why they are trying to get rid of her.


Victoria learns that Nick is staying there now and doesn't think he and Sharon will be getting together anytime soon. Victoria is furious that Sharon is doing this to him. Sharon walks in with Cassie and Noah. They spend time with Nick. Cassie worries that her parents won't ever get back together but Nick tries to assure her that nothing is set.

Diane's Apt:

Ashley stops by to see Diane. She wants to know what Diane is doing in town. Diane realizes Brad didn't tell his wife what they spoke about. Ash just wants to be sure that Diane isn't here to hurt anyone she loves. She puts Diane on warning; mess with her family and the gloves will come off. Diane confesses to the nanny that she is anxious to leave town as soon as she completes an errand.

Robertson labs:

Diane shows up at the sperm bank. The doctor remembers her and isn't too happy to see her. She wants answers as to who did father her baby. That's not possible. It's confidential information. Both of them throw the other's mistake sin each other's faces. He admits that he doesn't even know whose sample was substituted for Victor's. Diane has an answer for that though.

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