The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 28, 2002 on Y&R

Phyllis made plans to continue the in vitro fertilization process without Jack's blessing. Nikki told Jack that he was the father of Diane's baby. Neil joined Alex and Malcolm in Africa. Sean moved into the Chancellor mansion with Jill.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 28, 2002 on Y&R
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Monday, January 28, 2002

Diane tries to get the technician at Robertson Labs to test the sperm in Victor's tube and he refuses. She goes to Michael and he warns her about trying legal action to get what she wants. Diane introduces Michael to her son, Kyle. Phyllis tries without success to get Ashley to help her convince Jack to continue the in vitro procedure. Phyllis comes up with another idea. Unable to get Alex to ask her mother to come to their wedding, he does let her know that he will have time for her in Kenya. Neil tells Olivia that he happy that Victoria is going to Kenya instead of him so he would not have to be with Alex and Malcolm. Nick and Sharon argue about who will run the coffeehouse and agree that she will work days and he will work nights. Victor tries to convince Victoria from going to Kenya for the photo shoot. Victoria tells Victor that this was Ryan's idea so he agrees. Later, Victoria gets sick to her stomach.

Tuesday, January 29, 2002


Nikki asks Ashley about Jack's whereabouts. She learns about Phyllis' hospitalization. Ash is surprised that Nikki is so informed about Jack and Phyllis' problems. Ashley tells Nikki about Jack's refusal to try to have a baby again for fear of what will happen to his wife.

Jack's Office:

Jack is surprised to see Diane in his office. He wants her gone but she insists on speaking to him. He changes his mind when he sees that she's brought Kyle with her. He recognizes that she named her son after her father. She tells him about Nikki's visit to Milan and Diane's suspicions that Nikki is up to something that involves Kyle. She begs Jack to find out what Nikki is keeping from her. He holds Kyle and is amazed on how sweet he is. Jack is touched by Diane's motherly concern for her son. He can't help her but tells her she has nothing to worry about with Nikki. That's not good enough for her. He was her last hope. She'll be heading back to Milan but asks Jack to tell his pal Nikki to stay away from her and Kyle.

Malcolm's Studio:

Malcolm and Alex make last minute plans for the Africa trip. He says his goodbyes to Nate as a touched Phyllis watches. Malcolm tells Phyllis about the Survivor campaign and that Alex is joining him. She's also surprised to learn about the wedding date being set. Phyllis relates the whole ordeal with the in-vitro to Malcolm and Jack's refusal to try again. If Jack won't come around she'll go about it on her own.

Walnut Grove:

J.T. confronts Britt over Rianna breaking up with him. He hasn't spoken to Mac since the breakup. Rianna and Brittany have a tense moment but Rianna is more upset that she didn't push him as far as she did. Britt can't believe that Rianna is blaming herself and considering going back with J.T. Rianna doesn't want to hear what Brittany has to say but Britt insists on telling the whole story. J.T.'s been wanting to breakup with her ever since they slept together again; He stayed with her to not look bad in Mac's eyes. Rianna won't hear it but Britt presses it further. J.T. worships Mackenzie and Riana should keep her eyes open.

Crimson Lights:

Sharon tells Cody about her arrangement with Nick. He'll be coming in at night and she'll be there during the day. Diego senses that she's not happy with him working there and offers to quit. She convinces him to stay. They talk about her problems with Nick and their history with the coffee shop. He convinces her to give the arrangement a chance.

Victoria's Office:

Victoria has come down with the flu. Nick updates her on the coffee house situation with Sharon. Nick won't give up without a fight. He mentions how the kids are taking it. Later, Neil stops by and sees that she's ill.


Neil and Olivia enjoy breakfast. He hopes they're on their way to becoming friends again. She's missed him. They agree not to dwell on the past. He tells her he wants to get back what they had. She tells him that she understands he's trying to get his life back but questions how he really feels. He realizes how foolish he was being about Alex and recognizes how destructive it was. He also talks about his therapy. He goes to check with Victoria on the Survivor shoot.

Wednesday, January 30, 2002

by NAT

Neil arranges for Olivia to examine Victoria and reports that she has a fever and shouldn't fly to Kenya. Victoria insists she'll be fine but then rushes out to vomit again. Malcolm urges Phyllis not to lie to Jack and go behind his back to become pregnant. Rianna confronts Mac about J.T.'s feelings for Mac. Mac explains the situation but Rianna is embarrassed with all that has happened. Mac confronts J.T. after catching Danielle inviting him to her parents' house to "play." He denies cheating on Rianna and reveals that it was Rianna who pressed him for sex, not the other way around. Jill surprises Sean by bringing movers to his place to take his things to the Chancellor estate. He counters her surprise with one of his own, offering to move in today and suggesting that they seal the deal by making love in his now-empty apartment. Meanwhile, Kay and Esther talk with realtor Richard about a new house, wired for the latest computer communications in hopes that Jill might want to buy it. Jill spots the flyer for the house and admires the place. However, when Sean arrives, she announces to Kay that he's moving in with her. Malcolm and Alex board the Newman jet followed by Neil who reveals that Victoria will not be traveling with them. Diane announces to Michael that she's leaving town tonight. Meanwhile, hearing he won't be having children with Phyllis, Nikki tells Jack that he is the father of Diane's baby.

Thursday, January 31, 2002

by Ruth

Jack stares in disbelief upon hearing Nikki's claim that he fathered Diane's baby. She reminds him about accessing the computer records at Robertson Labs and he confirms that he made a "deposit" after his cancer scare years ago. Jack asks if she did this on purpose and then complains that she didn't tell him sooner. Realizing Diane's leaving town, Jack asks for time alone to decide what to do. In Michael's office, Phyllis and Diane turn their argument into a physical fight until Chantal breaks them up. Diane's handed her baby and Chantal warns them both to control their tempers. After Phyllis leaves, Chantal leaks to Diane that Phyllis is married to Jack. Rianna explains to Raul and Mac that with all the credits she has, there's no need for her to go to school this semester and is now considering a trip instead. Mac advises Billy who later asks if they can have another talk. Kay's furious to hear Jill's news and warns her not to make any changes to the place without talking with her first. Sean asks Jill why she wants to live there and guesses it's because of Phillip. Hearing about Victoria, Malcolm insists that they cancel the trip to Kenya. Before he and Alex can leave, the flight attendant asks them to sit down for take off. Neil and Alex convince Malcolm they can make this work. Neil later sneaks another drink.

Friday, February 1, 2002

Jack's Office:

Nikki tells Jack to big news: he's the father of Diane's baby. He's floored. He asks how this happened and she reminds him about his sample from his cancer scare two years ago. He can't believe the odds of this happening and even wonders if Nikki did this on purpose. She assures him it was a freak accident. He now has to figure out how to deal with this.


After Raul apologized to Brittany for assuming she had evil intentions where Rianna and J.T. were concerned he offers to treat her to dinner and a movie. She opts to take him to a fancy restaurant that frequents and treats him. He's at first uncomfortable there but soon relaxes. He even surprises her by taking her to the dance floor and shows some classic dance training. He reminds her he learned with her in 7th grade. She doesn't even remember him being there. He's not surprised since she never noticed him until recently.

Chancellor House:

Billy and Mac discuss the Rianna/J.T. situation. Mac still believes that there is good in J.T. and points out to Billy that Ri pursued J.T. He was wrong to sleep with her when he had no feelings for her but he is not totally to blame. They start to kiss but Billy puts a stop to it, knowing how she's not ready for more. She's angered by his sudden stopping.


Nikki and Victor discuss flu-plagued Victoria as well as Nick and Sharon's problems. Sharon stops by to pick up Noah and quickly escapes Nikki and Victor's questions. She stops by to see Victoria who's been wanting to talk with her for a while.


After her fight with Phyllis, Chantal tells Diane to relax there while she waits for her delayed flight. Isabella stops by looking for Michael. The two bond over the love for their children and wish they got to know each other better before Diane had to leave town. Later Jack arrives. He's not there to hassle her or argue with her over the fight with Phyllis. He wants to help her with the Nikki problem.

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