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John Silva told Jack that Jack could probably get sole custody of Kyle. Isabella told Michael that Paul was the father of her baby. Paul told Isabella that he wanted a future with her. Victoria found Neil drinking in Kenya.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 4, 2002 on Y&R
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Monday, February 4, 2002

Jack lies to Diane that she must stay in Genoa City to protect her baby from whatever Nikki and Victor may be doing. Phyllis talks with Michael about her fight with Diane and leaks her frustration about wanting a baby. He urges her to have faith that she will have a baby one day. When Victoria demands that Sharon stop blaming Nick for their marital problems, Sharon claims it's a personal matter and orders her sister-in- law to back off. Victoria warns Sharon she's not going to let her get away with this. Victor finally interrupts with the warning that Noah can hear his mom yelling. As she leaves, Sharon announces that they won't have to talk about this anymore. At the Crimson Lights, Larry continues to advise Nick about Cassie's pain. Cassie greets Diego and learns he's working there now. When Diego seeks an advance from Cody to pay for rent, Larry offers a suggestion and shows him Matt's old place. Outside at the coffeehouse Mac questions Billy about the physical aspect of their relationship. He admits there have been many times when he's had to pull back from her. Rianna interrupts and relates what J.T. told her about falling in love too fast. Nick tries to talk with Sharon about their kids but she kicks him out of the house.

Tuesday, February 5, 2002

by Mar

Nick and Sharon's:

Cassie and Sharon talk about the separation. Cody calls in needing Sharon at the coffee house. Nick volunteers to help with the crisis but she doesn't need his help. She hates that they only argue and asks him what he wanted to ask her the night before. But Cassie interrupts. Nick and Cassie spend time together.


Victoria is feeling better. She and Nick talk about his impasse with his wife. Later Sharon shows up telling him about the crisis and asks him to watch the kids. They head back to their place. Later Vic comes downstairs and chats with a smiling Victoria. No word yet from Neil in Africa. They chat about Nick and Sharon's problems. He orders her to stay home and recover fully.

Crimson Lights:

Sharon solves the problem. Cody suggests to Diego that now would be a good time to ask for his advance. Sharon has no problem with it. They bond over their being overwhelmed by family members. He mentions meeting Cassie which makes Sharon almost cry as she's forced to think about how the mess with Nick is affecting her kids. She regrets putting Cassie in the middle of it earlier that morning.


Alex and Malcolm talk about the wonders they've seen already in Africa. They're finding the time difference difficult to adjust to bit look forward to seeing more. They meet the location manager but Neil isn't interested in meeting him. Malcolm eventually convinces him to come. He isn't interested in scouting the locations and suggestion that Malcolm do it. Malcolm argues with his brother about his unprofessional behavior but Neil is adamant. Alex is invited to tag along. Neil leaves in a huff.


Michael asks Chantal if Isabella has checked in from her new job in New Orleans. She hasn't. Chantal suggests calling his friend in NO to see how Isabella is doing. He calls and learns she never showed up.

Williams Investigations:

Katherine stops by looking for Paul's help with a charity bachelor auction. He sees through her attempts to see where he stands with Isabella. Paul tells Kay what Lauren has been keeping from him and asks if she thinks he's overreacting now. Kay is speechless. He hasn't spoken with Lauren as he's had other thing son his mind like whether the baby is really his. Kay points out that it was Lauren who forced the issue and got everything out in the open. She asks what he plans to do about the baby. He intends on doing the right thing.


Isabella remembers Paul's reaction to finding out about the baby. She wonders why she hasn't heard from him but is afraid the answer is clear. She's not too happy to see Lauren show up. She wants to know what's happening but is afraid to ask Paul. Isabella tells her that she hasn't heard form Paul in days. Lauren is sure she will soon. Later Michael shows up, surprised that she is still in town. She apologizes for not showing up for the job. He forgives her, realizing that something is going on. He offers his support in whatever it is. He wants her to stay in town, he likes having her there. Sadly it's too late she says. He asks her what's going on. She tells him that he is not her baby's father.

Wednesday, February 6, 2002

by NAT

Isabella confesses to Michael that the baby she is carrying isn't his. Isabella tells Michael "a part of me wishes you were the father." Michael asks Isabella if Paul is the father. Isabella nods affirmatively; there is no way Michael will accept Isabella's apology for her actions. "Even if you've lied to me over and over again." Michael replies. Mary Williams goes to visit Paul at his office. Katherine tells Lauren, "I went on a fishing expedition to see where Paul's feelings lie." Lauren is curious to know what happened. Katherine informs her that she knows all about the secret she's been keeping. Lauren wonders if she is "getting the silent treatment" from Paul. Lauren tells Katherine, "It sounds like he's opening up his heart but I wonder if its for the baby." Paul tells Mary that Isabella has been lying to everyone; first Michael Baldwin -- then me." Paul told Mary he's the father of Isabella's baby. Paul chirps, "Congratulations Mother. You're going to be a grandmother again." Paul calls Lauren and agrees to meet her at Katherine's to talk. Michael informs Isabella she committed fraud. Isabella is stunned Michael would press charges against her. Michael replies, "I'll let you ponder that one."

Nick meets with John Silva to discuss his rights concerning his children. Sharon felt bad that the Newmans weren't on her side of things. Diego tells Sharon, "Once family starts to take sides, that is where the problems arise." Sharon told Diego ."I was hoping for a little support, especially from Victoria, instead of getting my head chewed off." John advises Nick does have rights to Cassie, even if Nick adopted her. "You have to try," John says encouragingly. "Patience can work wonders. Don't lose your sight of how much you love that woman." John has been through many divorces and doesn't want Nick and Sharon to go down that road. John advises Nick to work out his problems before it leads to divorce. Sharon goes to see Nick at his office and asks why he is seeing a lawyer.

Brad gives Ashley a card for their so-called wedding anniversary. Brad feels bad for missing his first anniversary with Ashley, so he gives her some Japanese Origami with a little present hidden inside. It's a diamond pendant. Brad and Ashley wish each other happy anniversary -- even if it is belated.

Malcolm and Alex prepare to go on their camping trip to scout places for the shoot. Alex has some reservations about Neil and goes up to his room to talk to him. Alex reminds Malcolm that they are on their honeymoon. Isaac, the tour guide, wonders why Neil refused to go on the trip. Malcolm states that Neil backed out because of "personal problems." Victoria questions Olivia if she is medically able to on the trip to Kenya. Victoria tells Olivia that she is concerned about Neil. Olivia replied, "Neil prides himself of being in control, under the circumstances." Alex is concerned for Neil and tells Neil, "I want us to be friends, and that is all that we're ever going to be." "In the meantime," Alex says, "this could be destroying your career and perhaps your relationship with your brother." Neil has hurt feelings where Alex is concerned. Victoria calls Neil to see how his trip in Kenya is going.

Thursday, February 7, 2002

by Ruth

Colleen was having fun working on pictures for the yearbook when her buddy the drug dealer stopped her to see if she still wanted to score some pot. Billy interrupted them and warned her to stay away from him, then allowed her to stay at school later to finish with the yearbook work. He offered to take her place babysitting until she was done and could get a ride to Brad and Ashley's. On her way out, the boy stopped her again.

Brad and Ashley were enjoying their anniversary when Brad's worries about Colleen surfaced once again. Ashley reassured him that things were going pretty well and that he didn't have to worry. They planned a romantic evening out and neither one of them wanted to ruin it. When Billy arrived in Colleen's place, they had questions, but thought nothing of it.

Malcolm and Alex arrived at their tent after a long trek in the wilds in Kenya. Malcolm pretended to be very tired and that act worked to get rid of the guide in no time. They were happy to be alone and Alex showed him a new negligee that she purchased at the airport. Suddenly, a roar came from outside and Malcolm held her close, kissing her and trying to get her mind off of the dangers of Africa.

At the Chancellor Estate, Paul and Lauren talked about why Isabella would have told Lauren about the baby when she did. They explored Paul's last year and he realized that he had been second guessing himself for months now and couldn't seem to make any decisions that were in his own best interests. Lauren tried to comfort him and told him that it was good that he was dealing with it. He left without indicating exactly what was on his mind.

At Michael's office, Diane found out more juicy information about Isabella's situation and found that they were truly alike in many ways. Diane had no criticism for what Isabella had done -- it was perfectly understandable in her mind. She encouraged Isabella to be sure that the father of the baby became responsible for them financially, even though there wasn't much hope of a relationship. Isabella left for her apartment to wallow in self-pity.

At Newman Enterprises, Sharon and Nicholas fought about whose fault it was that Cassie was so upset lately. Victor walked in on them arguing and told them to take a time out. Nicholas left for the coffee house and Victor had a talk with Sharon. She insisted that he would only back up his own son, that she was no longer part of the family. Victor allowed her to vent her anger and insisted that he hear her side of the story. He repeated that they had so much to lose and held her in his arms to comfort her.

Nicholas ran into Larry Warton at the coffeehouse. Larry could tell that Nick's time with Sharon hadn't gone as well as planned. He offered a sympathetic ear to a friend in need.

As Katherine and Lauren reviewed the conversation with Paul, Kay was hopeful that there was a future for the two of them. At Isabella's apartment, Paul rang the doorbell. She let him in, but immediately started in on how unfair he was being by keeping her in the dark. He stopped her ranting and raving by stating in no uncertain terms that he had come to a decision about her and the baby. . . . .

Friday, February 8, 2002


Paul and Isabella argue about whether or not she can raise the baby on her own. He insists on being heard. He's changed so much over the last year. He realizes that he's been in limbo for so long but now that's over. He feels that he's finally free and able to move on...with her. He swears that to her. She can't go down that road again with him. He says it's different now. The baby makes a difference but he also wants to be with her. She hasn't stopped wanting him but is scared to be hurt again. He promises that he would never lie to her. She reminds him that it wasn't that long ago that he told her they had no future. He blames that on the lack of closure with Christine. He asks her to look in her and try to give them another chance. She's waited so long to hear those words. They embrace.


Phyllis is looking for Jack but finds Nikki instead. They chat about Diane being in town. Phyllis mentions the catfight at Michael's. Nikki is surprised by Phyllis claiming she's in the loop about everything. She then realizes that Phyllis isn't in the know after all. Phyllis offers to help stick it to Diane anyway she can but Nikki doesn't think it's necessary. Phyllis wonders what would have happened if Jack and Diane had gotten married. He could have been Kyle's dad. Nikki is called away to a meeting.


Gina is happy to see Diane still in town. She finds Brad and joins him but Ashley surprises her by showing up. The ladies exchange barbs much to Brad's chagrin. Diane explains that she's in town thanks to Jack but won't explain why. Brad and Ash wonder what could make Di think Jack wants her in town. Maybe Jack has an ulterior motive for making her think he wants her in town. She needs to check to see if that's true.

Jack's Office:

Jack meets with John Silva about his potential custody rights. He tells John about the situation but doesn't mention it's him. John tells him that no matter how the child was conceived the biological dad has rights. John deduces that they're talking about Jack. His marriage to Phyllis makes everything complicated along with the fact that the mom is someone he hates. Jack explains about the sperm switch but doesn't mention Diane's name. John thinks that under these circumstances he might get full custody. They need a paternity test to be 100% sure. Jack worries that asking for one will send her flying out of the country. There's no sure way to force her to stay though either. John gets paged and must leave. Later Diane show sup. She's been expecting a call. He doesn't have time right now but she insists. Obviously he's not making this a priority. Maybe she should just leave town tonight. He tells her he needs to be cautious or it won't work. He tells her he will do his best. She can't come by there anymore in case Nikki sees her. She is satisfied and is about to leave when Phyllis shows up.

Walnut Grove:

Colleen and Troy talk about her buying pot. He doesn't think she's the type to use but she disagrees. They're interrupted by John arriving to pick her up. Later Troy and his friend talk about Colleen, saying that she's hard to read. If she's messing with him, he says, he'll bring her down -- It might even be fun.


Malcolm and Alex enjoy the aftermath of sex in Africa. Their location scout, Isaac, has prepared a snack for them of local foods. They talk about Neil and Malcolm's hopes that everything will work out fine for the shoot.

In his room, Neil continues to drink his troubles away. He's woken by Victoria who's decided to join them in Africa after all. She made a quick recovery and decided to join them for the shoot. He mentions that Malcolm and Alex went to scout locations. She wonders why he didn't go but he left it to Mal. She notices the open wine bottle. He pours himself another shot as a nightcap to help him sleep. They discuss the importance of the shoo t(a tribute to Ryan). He tells her about Ryan's last request to him. That he look after her in his absence. He regrets not being able to honor that due to his own grief. He deduces that Ryan wanted to be there for Victoria in everyway. She tries to leave but he kisses her.

Carlton House:

John drops off Colleen to babysit. John wonders why C looked so uncomfortable when he saw her with Troy. She assures him it was nothing. Billy overhears them chatting. After John leaves Billy asks her about Troy. She tells him she can take care of herself. The guy is trouble which is exactly what she doesn't need. He's going to tell Troy to stay away from her. She appreciates that.

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