The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 11, 2002 on Y&R

Malcolm was involved in a serious accident. Jack told Diane about Kyle's paternity. Nikki suggested that Phyllis consider finding a surrogate mother. Billy wanted to take his relationship with Mac to the next level.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 11, 2002 on Y&R
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Monday, February 11, 2002

Jack whisks Phyllis away so she won't run into Diane in his office. Jack tells her he has a deadline to meet so he doesn't have a lot of time right now. Phyllis runs into Ashley who tells Phyllis that Jack's deadline in two weeks away. When Phyllis mentions Diane, Ashley assures her that Diane is nothing to worry about. Ashley tells Brad later that she may have said too much to Phyllis. Phyllis goes back to Jack's office and finds the scarf Diane accidentally left behind. Jack takes a swab of Kyle's saliva and takes a hair from Diane's comb to do a paternity test.

Mac runs into her mother as they discuss the problems that Mac and Billy are having over sex. Amanda tells her daughter that she shouldn't do anything she does not feel comfortable doing. Billy talks to Diego and tells him nothing has changed -- he has let Mac know he wants sex but she still is not ready to make that next step.

Victor and Nikki look for Victoria who has left for Kenya. Nikki offers to make dinner for them. She asks him about their relationship and is concerned about being hurt again. Victor decides not to stay for dinner and goes back to the office.

In Kenya, Victoria is uneasy as Neil attempts to become intimate with her saying that this is what Ryan asked him to do. Victoria tells him that Ryan meant for them to be supportive friends not lovers. Neil takes his bottle and leaves.

Tuesday, February 12, 2002

Jack's Office:

Nikki rails at Jack for using her in his cover story for Phyllis without letting her know. He tells her that he's keeping Diane in town long enough to find out his options. He's waiting on the DNA test. Once he knows then he'll know how to proceed. He's sure that if he can get custody Diane will embrace his child as her own.

Walnut Grove:

J.T. is surprised to learn from Rianna that she's graduating early and leaving soon. Mac is sad that her friend is leaving. Mac wonders if everything would have been okay had they not had sex. Rianna advises her to not do it if she's not ready. She realizes that J.T. was right about her. That she's in love with the idea of being in love. She assures Mac that Billy loves her and they will work things out. She promises to see Mac before she goes.


In Neil's room Victoria stops by. He apologizes for his behavior the night before and they make up. She promises to keep it a secret but asks him to return to Genoa City. She obviously has upset his recovery by sending him on the shoot.

Malcolm and Alex return from scouting locations. Mal is sure Neil will be fine to finish the shoot. Later Victoria and Neil meet the location scout. They work out some of the final details. Mal learns Neil will be taking over the shoot.


Diane spots Victor and invites him to join her. He wants to know what she's doing in town but she assures him it has nothing to do with his family. He doesn't believe her for one moment.

Crimson Lights:

Cody asks Larry about his Valentine plans. Larry hasn't spoken to Amanda in days... until Cody points her out in the coffee shop. He joins her. They catch up about their jobs and life in general. Later Sean stops in and Larry introduces Amanda and Sean. He tells them about his house situation and how he wants to diffuse the tense situation. He comes up with an idea. He invites Larry and Amanda over for dinner.


Phyllis storms in and vents to Michael about Diane still being in town. Both don't reveal what they know about Nikki's involvement with Diane. Phyllis shows him the scarf she found in Jack's office. She's hurt that he seems to be siding with Diane.

Chancellor House:

Sean and Jill enjoy the morning together. Both are surprised when Billy shows up. Jill explains that Sean has moved in. Turns out Kay invited him. Jill accuses Kay of setting her up. She claims she had no idea Jill and Sean would be there as she had personal business to discuss with Billy. She wants to go over the plans for Mac's birthday. She has noticed some problems with Mac and Billy and asks about them but Billy brushes her off and leaves.

Wednesday, February 13, 2002

by NAT

Phyllis confronted Jack about Diane and told him, "I know you feel guilty about Diane cause you've been seeing her." Jack told Phyllis that Diane came to see him because he is trying to get Diana on his side. Jack is helping Diane get information from Nikki as to what she's up to. Phyllis is acting like the jealous wife and Jack assures her that she is "the only woman [he] will ever love." He then asks, "What do I have to do to get you to believe that?" Phyllis advises Jack "whatever you do to Diane affects her son as well." Phyllis wants nothing more than to have Diane out of her and Jack's life and makes Jack promise to send Diane packing back to Milan.

Nikki goes to see Victor to apologize about her behavior of late. Victor was surprised when Nikki mentions Diane's name. Nikki told Victor at Christmas time she went to see Diane in Milan out of concern for her child. Nikki found out the child was happy and Diane was a good mother. Victor thinks Diane is up to no good, once again, and advises Nikki to get rid of her. Nikki tells Victor, "I don't think that's possible. I think I've opened Pandora's Box"

Brittany runs into Raul at Walnut Grove's computer lab. Raul is doing his school work. Brittany feels a bit jealous that Raul hasn't been spending as much time with her as he did in the past. Raul explains that he has an after school job and tells Brittany "half of the money I make goes to my family. You don't have a clue about my life" Brittany was a bit surprised and apologized to Raul and walked away. Rianna talks to Raul and tells him "I'm leaving." Rianna mentioned she has enough credits to graduate early and her parents are going to send her to live with a family in Spain for a few months. Rianna admits, despite the trouble she and Raul went through and the "mistakes" they made, she will always care for Raul.

Sean invites Larry and Amanda to his place for a dinner party to help smooth things over with "the old lady." John asks Jill how things with her and Sean are going. Jill says that she is happy now that Sean is staying with her. John wonders how Katherine took the news. John agrees to help Jill with Billy with her new living arrangement with Sean. John calls Sean "a young man" and Jill wonders if John still has an issue with their age difference. Sean revealed that he invited Larry Warton over for dinner, but Jill was not at all pleased with him bringing "an ex-con and a street walker" over to her house for dinner. But then again, Jill thinks it's the perfect distraction for Katherine so that she can "protect her jewelry." The dinner date is set then.

Victoria wants to get things up and running for the shoot. Malcolm doesn't want Alex to visit Neil, but Alex turns him down. "Neil still has feelings for you," Malcolm states. Alex assures Malcolm she will be fine staying at the hotel "because Neil is leaving tonight." Neil told Victoria and admits he feels he is losing control and "can't get a grip" on things. Neil said he talked with Alex and she denied ever having feelings for Neil "and thought the whole thing was all in my head." Neil goes over to see Alex and asks her one question, "Have you ever had any feelings for me?" Malcolm returns and hears the conversation through a partially open door.

Thursday, February 14, 2002

by Ruth

While Malcolm listened in the hall, Alex admitted to Neil that, at one time, she did have feelings for him. Stunned and disillusioned, Malcolm thought about walking in on them, but didn't. Victoria stopped by and offered to help him find Alex, but he passed up the offer. She left him to get something to help her sleep and he played different scenes over and over in his mind -- his doubts about the truth, his feelings of total happiness with Alex, Neil's hurtful words when he was drunk, Alex's lies about her true feelings. . .

Inside the room, Alex and Neil came to an understanding about her decision to marry Malcolm and talked rationally about the whole thing. They both felt better and she even dared to dream that someday they would all be friends again. They said their goodbyes, Neil left, and Alex was pensive about what had just happened. . .

In her office, Phyllis was adamant that Jack stop pretending to help Diane with whatever it was that Nikki was working on. He repeated his love and devotion to her but continued to defend his position. She stormed out of the room totally exasperated on her way to an important meeting.

John Silva rang Jack on his cell phone to ask about the status of the paternity test. The results would be in the next day and Jack wanted John to be on full alert to move fast once they had an answer. Jack was worried that Diane would take her baby back to Italy and his chances at custody would be nil.

Nikki and Ashley talked at Jabot about business, then the conversation turned to the problems that Diane was causing in Jack's life. Ashley could tell that Nikki knew something, especially when she mentioned the possibility of a surrogate mother and Nikki's interest peaked. Nikki refused to divulge anything, so Ashley left the room.

Diane and Michael talked some more about Jack's motives for offering to help her protect herself and her child from Nikki. Michael's logic eventually won out -- he helped her see that it didn't make sense that Jack was not on Nikki's side when they were such great friends. She realized that her personal feelings for Jack were clouding her judgment. Michael encouraged her to get out of town before it was too late.

At Walnut Grove, Rianna said her final goodbyes to Billy, Mac, and Raul. She and Raul were relieved to have been able to apologize and feel better about the past months, then wished each other well. Billy and Mac invited Raul to help out on the set of the school play with them. Raul considered it, then rushed off to check with Brittany. They joked about the possibility of Brittany joining the crew, then there was another tense moment when she said that even if Raul didn't join them, what counted was that they were doing it together. Backstage, the director put them to work straight away. Mac wondered why Billy was so quiet.

Raul found Brittany at the coffeehouse and asked her about the school play. She acted jealous about his reunion with Rianna and he had to set her straight that Rianna was leaving town that day, so it wasn't really a reunion at all. He was amused by her reaction -- something that could almost mean that she had feelings for him. . .

Malcolm found his brother alone getting ready to leave for the States. Neil tried to avoid him, but Malcolm was dead set on starting a fight. He didn't say what exactly was on his mind, but came dangerously close to punching his brother in the nose. He stopped himself, saying that he wasn't worth the effort.

Alex looked for Malcolm after Neil left and ran into Victoria who offered to help find her. Victoria said that she had seen him and they worried about the brothers running into each other and more trouble ensuing. On second thought, Victoria was sure that they couldn't have seen each other, because Neil left over an hour ago to check on some models before he left town. Alex knew better. . . .

Phyllis showed up at Nikki's office and wanted to have "some choice words" with her. Jack showed up at Diane's door and was horrified to see her bags packed. He wondered what had happened to change her mind and she answered that it was taking too much time, he wasn't telling her what Nikki was up to, and she was no longer comfortable waiting for something to happen. She asked him, "Won't your offer to help still stand no matter where I am?" . . . .

Malcolm was waiting around the corner when Alex and Victoria entered the hotel room looking for him. He almost went in after Victoria left, but Isaac arrived to tell him that it wouldn't work for Victoria to visit the site before dark, so she would have to go in the morning. Malcolm decided to go out by himself right away, stay there overnight, then Victoria could follow. He needed some time to think anyway. . . . . . . . .

Friday, February 15, 2002

Victor calls Victoria on her cell phone, scolding her for endangering her health by going to Kenya. Olivia expresses her fear to Victor that things aren't going very well in Kenya. Alex blames Neil for provoking a fight with Malcolm. Victoria reports that Isaac and Malcolm are missing. Neil intercepts a phone call for Alex, and learns that Malcolm has been involved in a very bad accident. Mac is upset when Billy pulls away from her kiss. She wonders if he's punishing her for not wanting to have sex. Billy insists he has to be honest about his desires to take their relationship to the next level, and storms off. Raul teases Brittany about her jealousy and urges her to audition for the school play. Brittany remarks that Mac wants to participate in the play to distract the sexually frustrated Billy. Phyllis is upset with Nikki for getting Jack involved in her mysterious scheme regarding Diane. Phyllis fears that the more Jack is around Diane and Kyle, the more he will wonder what might have been. Nikki and Phyllis agree in vitro is not an option. Nikki suggests that Jack and Phyllis find a surrogate mother. Ashley admits her fears to Brad about Jack's involvement with Diane. Diane tells Jack that she can't wait any longer, and is leaving for Milan. In total desperation, Jack reveals that he is the father and that Kyle is their child.

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