The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 25, 2002 on Y&R

Diane received court documents ordering her to remain in Genoa City. Colleen saved Abby's life after Abby choked on Ashley's button. Paul and Isabella bonded. Raul passionately kissed Brittany. Victor paid a visit to his former wife, Julia.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 25, 2002 on Y&R
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Monday, February 25, 2002

Offering to help, Michael advised Diane that Jack's restraining order forced her and Kyle to remain in Genoa City. Jack approached Phyllis about raising a child.

Colleen headed to the front door to light up a joint when she heard Abby choking. Over dinner, Ashley suggested to Brad that they find a job for Colleen at Jabot. They were interrupted by a call from Colleen about Abby's choking spell. Brad and Ashley rushed home and found the paramedics examining the baby. They decided to take her to the hospital for an examination. In front of Ashley and Brad, Reese congratulated Colleen on performing the Heimlich maneuver to save Abby's life. However, Brad sensed that Colleen was feeling guilty.

In Kenya, Victoria commented to Neil about Nate losing another father with Malcolm's death. Neil vowed to remain there until he found his brother. Alex interrupted and blasted Neil for fighting with Malcolm earlier. Neil insisted he hadn't started the fight. She ordered him to leave, but Neil refused. Meanwhile, Olivia and Mamie wondered why Malcolm hadn't called lately.

Nikki remembered her days as a stripper and Victor's desire for her. Reminding him how he had saved her life by marrying her while she had been on her deathbed, Nikki asked Victor if they should continue with their relationship.

Tuesday, February 26, 2002

In a hotel room, Jack told Phyllis he already had a child. She lost it, thinking he'd gotten someone pregnant recently. Maybe he had planned it when he'd found out she couldn't have a baby. He explained it had happened over a year before, and he had just found out. She wanted to know everything -- immediately.

Jack confessed that the mother of his child was Diane Jenkins. He explained how the sperm theft had happened. Phyllis blamed Nikki for the switch. He told her it was just a coincidence. She wondered if Diane was just going to magically give her child to them.

Phyllis warned Jack not to even think of sharing custody with Diane. He thought he had a chance at full custody. They could raise Kyle on their own. It was not the ideal situation, but he was Jack's child. She pulled away from him and stormed out.

Diane vented to Michael in his office that she planned on blasting Jack for trying to take Kyle away from her. Michael strongly suggested that she not give Jack ammunition with which to attack her character in court. Michael would handle things -- legally. She tearfully begged him to tell her there wasn't a chance for Jack to take Kyle away; she had been a fantastic mother for over a year, but Michael couldn't make that promise.

Michael pointed out that Diane was the one who had started the whole chain of events by stealing the sample. What Nikki had done was irrelevant. She would not put Kyle in jeopardy. She had only one option, she declared. She would leave the country despite the court order. He reminded him that she would never be able to return to the United States.

Diane and Michael then noticed a man standing guard outside the office. Michael recognized him as one of Paul Williams' men. Jack had her under surveillance.

At the ranch, Victor wondered why Nikki was thinking back to their past. She was at a crossroads, she felt. He wondered what had happened to keeping things simple. She laughed at that, considering their history. She couldn't believe they couldn't keep it together even after the incredible second chance they'd gotten when she'd recovered from Sarah's attempt to kill her.

Nikki thought maybe she and Victor weren't meant to be, after all. Victor disagreed. He reminded her that the reason they weren't together was because of her. She felt that marriage to him wasn't enough. She didn't want to be in the position where she had to sit around, waiting for him to get home to fulfill her life. She'd known then that the attention he'd lavished on her in the hospital had been fleeting, as he would shift attention to work. She had searched for something for herself, and that had led to things falling apart for them.

Nikki said she thought she and Victor had grown apart. He didn't understand. He thought they could have a future. She made sure he understood that she liked who she had become and wouldn't change back. He told her that maybe he'd changed too. They kissed, and then, without a word, he left.

Everyone at the Chancellor house was getting ready for Jill's party. Larry and Amanda arrived. Amanda revealed that her daughter lived there. Katherine was surprised to see Amanda there as Larry's date. Larry was amazed Katherine remembered him from the ranch and around Jabot.

Amanda and Jill met and realized who they knew in common. Katherine was more than delighted at the awkward moment. Amanda told Jill that she was very impressed with Billy. Sean entered, and Jill tried to pull him away to talk, but he wasn't getting it. Jill served hors d'oeuvres and silently tipped Larry on how to eat them.

Esther whispered to Katherine that Larry looked shifty, but Katherine sternly instructed her to treat him with respect. Jill complimented Amanda on her dress, and Amanda explained that she'd made it herself. Jill tried to stall, hoping Billy would show up, but Sean told her they'd have him over another time, since he clearly wasn't attending. Larry calmed a nervous Amanda about the formal service by telling her to follow his lead.

At home, Brad tried to figure out how Abby could have choked. He found Ashley's button in the crib and realized Abby had pulled it off. They realized they were more to blame than Colleen. Later Brad told Ashley how Colleen still seemed upset about what had happened, despite his apology. Ashley thought Colleen's reaction was normal for a 14-year-old. Ashley was impressed by how Colleen had handled herself.

John learned of Abby's ordeal and how Colleen had saved her. They wondered how Abby could have gotten the button. Colleen flashed back to finding Abby choking because she had been distracted by the joint she had just rolled. Brad showed up and explained about the button. He apologized for thinking Colleen had been at fault. Later Colleen flushed the pot down the toilet.

Diane opened her apartment door and found a very angry Phyllis.

Wednesday, February 27, 2002

by NAT

Isabella and Paul were having a special dinner "to celebrate a new chapter in our lives." Isabella asked how Mary Williams was taking the news of the pregnancy. Paul said Mary wasn't too thrilled with the idea -- nor their relationship. Paul assured Isabella, "You and this baby are my top priority, and if my mother can't realize that, then I guess it's her tough luck." Isabella hoped Paul could feel more "at home" in her apartment.

Isabella made a bold statement and told Paul, "I'm going to bed. You want to join me?" Paul felt his relationship with Isabella was still a bit new to him. Isabella told Paul, "There is still something new you haven't tried yet." Isabella placed Paul's hand on her stomach, in order for Paul to feel his baby kicking inside Isabella. Paul couldn't have felt more joy.

Larry and Esther were talking about cars. Larry offered to help Esther look at her car, since it seemed to be having problems. Larry told Jill he'd learned a lot about cars while he had been in prison. Amanda and Larry had a wonderful date. Amanda was impressed Larry knew what to do with the silverware and the glasses at the dinner party. Larry told Amanda he'd had a last-minute crash course from Jill about proper table manners.

Amanda was happy things were going well in Mackenzie's life. Larry told Amanda, "Mackenzie is lucky to have a mom like you. You're awesome." Jill still seemed to be furious with Mackenzie and the fact that she was still keeping Billy away from Jill. Jill told Sean out loud, "There are consequences to be paid." Sean advised Jill, "Don't go looking for trouble, or it will find you."

Billy went into Crimson Lights for a coffee to relax. Billy noticed Raul and Brittany were there. Raul asked his friend what was wrong. Billy replied, "Mackenzie and I broke up. It's over."

Mackenzie walked into the Chancellor estate, and she was very quiet. Katherine asked Mackenzie what was wrong. Mackenzie replied, "Billy and I -- we broke up." Mackenzie seemed very reluctant to tell Katherine about her breakup with Billy and how it had all happened. Mackenzie seemed confused and wondered why things had gone wrong.

Raul wondered if Billy and Mackenzie had had a disagreement. Billy assured Raul they had tried to talk out their problems but then had realized they had "no future" and were "not on the same page anymore."

Larry was pleased about how things had gone with his date and wanted to give Amanda a proper farewell goodnight, so Larry kissed Amanda. Amanda was a bit shocked.

Brittany was surprised Mackenzie could string Billy along "and still remain the virginal saint." Raul got ticked off about how Brittany "gets off on other people's pain." Raul didn't want to be seen with Brittany and left the coffeehouse. Mackenzie asked Katherine "if Billy said I had loved him, and if it were true, then why do I feel so empty inside?"

Phyllis threatened Diane to leave the country. Diane told Phyllis, "If I could I would." Phyllis didn't seem to believe Diane's word until Diane showed Phyllis court documents forcing her to stay in the United States. Diane mentioned that Jack had hired a private investigator to keep an eye on her. Phyllis didn't want custody of Kyle and had no idea what Jack and his lawyers were up to.

Jack told Ashley about the news that Jack had fathered Diane's baby and that he had a child out there. Ashley asked if Jack had told Phyllis about the news and how she had reacted to it. Jack knew Phyllis didn't get along with Diane at all. Ashley was "concerned" about Jack "and your marriage."

Phyllis had an idea about how to help Diane sneak out of the country and go back home to Milan. Phyllis went home and saw Jack standing in the dark. Jack wondered if Phyllis was still keen on the idea of a surrogate mother. Phyllis replied, "Not if the surrogate mother is Diane Jenkins."

Thursday, February 28, 2002

by Ruth

Mac awoke wondering if Billy had called, but he hadn't. Jill and Sean argued in their suite about whether or not Mac was to blame for Jill's problems with Billy. Sean wouldn't give Mac that much credit -- Jill was at the edge of her sanity with paranoia. Sean gave her a choice: chill out about the kids or give up her relationship with him. She exclaimed, "Some choice!"

Downstairs, Jill insulted Mac, who quickly left the house. Esther blurted out the news of the kids' breakup, and Katherine tried to hush her up. Jill was ecstatic and would only think positively about "that girl" being out of her son's life for good.

Backstage, Brittany asked about the cast list, which wasn't quite done yet. J.T. showed up. He was trying out for a part as well. They exchanged insults as usual -- she told him about Mac and Billy breaking up then assumed that he would be hot on Mac's trail. He wondered what was going on between her and Raul. She had been very intense about him. She replied, "Bite Me!" to that one.

Billy ran into Raul in the media center and shared the true reasons why he and Mac were apart. Billy wondered if Raul was going to call him on the carpet about it. Raul didn't; he just said that Brittany had predicted the reason earlier. Mac arrived at school and saw them talking. She soon disappeared.

Mac ran into her mom backstage after asking about her job on the set. Her mother assumed that Mac and Billy had been having more fun together the night before. Mac shared the real reason for the breakup with Amanda. Her mom tried to comfort her by telling her that people matured at different speeds, especially at her age. What hurt so badly was that Billy had told her that she seemed to not care for him as much as he did for her.

Later, Raul found Brittany in the media center and received an earful of her scorn for disapproving of her behavior at the coffeehouse. She was convinced that he would start to follow Mac around, and she would end up in the shadows. She told him to go back to his "Do-Gooders of America meeting" and that she wasn't Little Miss Mary Sunshine like he thought. She was upset that he was judging her and told him to find someone else to hang around with. She insisted that he was all talk and no action. He grabbed her and asked, "You think that I'm all talk?" -- then pulled her close into a passionate kiss.

Paul readied for work in the morning. Isabella had made his lunch. He asked about her day; there was a doctor appointment with a sonogram. He wanted to tag along. He also asked about the things that Michael had purchased for her and the baby. She took offense at first but agreed with him that they wanted Baldwin out of their lives for good. He explained about the awkward moment the evening before -- she had to be aware that, even though they were together for the sake of the baby, there was more to it than that.

Just when Diane was ready to take off again, Phyllis arrived at the door with a plan. It took Diane only a couple of minutes to agree -- they would trade clothes and leave the building together, Phyllis would take Graciella with her, and they would pretend to have the baby with them. They would keep the detectives busy at a restaurant in order to give Diane time to get to Chicago and take a plane from there to Milan with her baby. They exchanged clothes and hair and put the plan into place.

Meanwhile, at Gina's, Michael asked if he could join Jack at his table. He made no bones about his disappointment and disgust for what Jack was doing to Diane and her baby. Jack tried to find out what Michael had heard from Diane and Phyllis and told Michael to stay out of it. Michael left one last jab -- "Just when I'd been led to believe that you were worthy of Phyllis' love."

The restaurant that Phyllis chose was Gina's. She and Graciella sat down with the empty car seat. Just when they were ready to call Diane to tell her that the coast was clear, they spotted Jack.

There was a loud knock on Diane's door. She answered it and found Michael. He realized that the women were trying some harebrained plan and implored Diane to stop the whole idea before she lost her son forever.

Friday, March 1, 2002

At Diane's apartment, Michael pleaded with Diane, who was disguised as Phyllis, not to leave the country. In the eyes of the law, it would be kidnapping. She explained that she had her bases covered, thanks to Phyllis. Michael wondered if Phyllis' help was part of a ploy by Jack.

Diane was sure Phyllis hated her so much that she wanted her out of the country. Phyllis was desperate to get rid of her, but Diane conceded that something was up. She wondered why Jack was so desperate for the baby if he and Phyllis were so happy together. She asked Michael if the marriage was on shaky grounds. Michael assured her that they loved each other very much.

Diane was sure that something was up. She wondered if Jack and Phyllis couldn't have children. He didn't confirm it, but she was sure she was right and told him to leave. She then raced through a phone book. She called around to various fertility doctors, pretending to be Phyllis' assistant, and finally got the information she was looking for.

At Gina's, Phyllis, disguised as Diane, was with Graciella. They were about to call Diane to let her know the guard had followed them as planned when Phyllis spotted Jack. She managed to avoid him noticing her. Graciella got up to double-check the lobby and make sure the guard was still there.

Phyllis waited anxiously, but she heard Ashley calling out, "Diane?" Phyllis reluctantly turned around and claimed it was just a new look. Ashley saw through it and asked how Phyllis was doing with the news. She asked Ashley if Jack had reassessed his position. Graciella was about to return but saw Ashley and hid.

Phyllis tried to get Ashley to leave. Ashley then received a message that the meeting had been canceled. Phyllis laid out the plan to Graciella. They called Diane to let her know they were moving. Diane said she would keep in touch with Graciella. Privately, Diane told herself that she might not be leaving, after all, and headed into the office of Phyllis' doctor.

At Walnut Grove, Brittany railed at Raul for presuming to kiss her. Just because they'd spent time together didn't give him that right, she snapped. It had just been a kiss to show her he was not all talk, he explained. He hadn't planned it, and he knew they didn't make much sense as a couple, but she obviously enjoyed spending time with him. She denied it.

Brittany told Raul she wouldn't take the part in the play if he insisted on reading things into it. He doubted that, and they both learned that Brittany had gotten the part. Brittany took the script but didn't say if she'd accept. Raul pointed out that she'd wanted him to kiss her.

Mac talked to Amanda about her breakup with Billy. She assured her mom that her problems with Ralph were not the cause of her not wanting to have sex.

Billy ran into J.T. and expected an "I told you so" from him. J.T. had called it months before, but Billy didn't want to hear it. J.T. offered to help Billy with girls. Billy rejected the "offer." Later J.T. went up to Mac and told her she was better off without Billy.

Amanda ran into Billy and told him she knew about the breakup. She didn't think he was some sort of sex fiend, she promised. She asked why he had talked about Ralph with Mac. She asked if he had picked up on something. Billy said when they'd first gotten back together, she had mentioned him a lot, but there had been nothing recently. She prayed that it didn't have to do with Ralph.

Katherine, Esther, and Amanda surprised Mac at school with a birthday cake to share with the cast and crew of the play. She made a wish and blew out her candle. Katherine wished that she could have made Mac happier, but she saw the effect Billy still had on her. They all wished her well and left. Alone, Mac sensed something in the room. Raul entered, asking for help with the set. She said she felt as if she was being watched but brushed it off.

Nikki took Victor lunch in his office, and they flirted some more. They reminisced about the first time they'd had strawberries and whipped cream. They were interrupted by a call from a client. Nikki noticed in the paper an article about Julia Newman, his first wife. A hostile takeover was threatening her design firm.

Victor had to go to a meeting and reluctantly left Nikki. He appeased her childish pouting with a promise of dinner at the Colonnade Room. After she left, he glanced at the article. He had his meeting, which turned out to be with a jeweler. Victor selected a ring. He glanced at the article about Julia again then had Connie cancel his appointments for that day.

In his office, Jack met with John Silva and said that his men were following Diane. They couldn't force her to stay, but it would look bad in the eyes of the judge. John had filed for reasonable custody. If they wanted to make a bigger move, they should do it immediately. John thought full custody was a mistake, since Diane would definitely fight it, but she might relent to joint.

Jack was positive joint custody would not work. His conversation with Phyllis had confirmed that. Ashley interrupted and confronted Jack on his actions. She was concerned about Phyllis. The way she had been dressed had raised some major red flags for her. She reminded him of Phyllis' eccentric past and her mood swings. "Keep your eyes open," she warned him.

In Lake Forest, a woman put some files away in her office. It was Julia Newman. She heard a voice and recognized it as Victor's. She was happy and surprised to see him. He told her that she looked wonderful. He told her he knew about the takeover bid and offered to help.

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