The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 11, 2002 on Y&R

Ashley's mammogram was abnormal. Danielle made a play for Billy. Brittany was annoyed at Raul for consoling Mac. Amanda cautioned Larry about reading too much into their relationship. Nikki became discouraged by Victor's lack of interest in her.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 11, 2002 on Y&R
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Monday, March 11, 2002

by Ron

In Jack's office, Ted the private investigator informed Jack that Phyllis had indeed visited Diane at her hotel room, twice. Phyllis admitted that she had visited Diane. After dismissing Ted, Jack asked Phyllis what she had been doing there. Phyllis responded that she had gone to see Diane to find some common ground, since Diane might well become a part of their lives. Phyllis told Jack that she had tried to convince Diane that Kyle should be the most important consideration for everyone involved.

Phyllis also told Jack that her perspective was very different, considering her past, and that they should plan for every possibility. Jack told Phyllis that he was touched that she would do that for him and that he was not mad at her. However, Jack made her promise not to see Diane again for any reason. Phyllis stated that it was one promise she could keep and that if she never saw Diane again, it would be too soon.

Diane was having lunch at Gina's. Isabella entered and joined her. Diane told Isabella that Kyle had been conceived through artificial insemination but did not tell her about how that artificial insemination had occurred or about Victor or Jack's involvement. Diane also revealed that the father was a wonderful man but might be trying to take Kyle away from her. Isabella noted that Diane had to have known the father before and that she still had feelings for him.

When Isabella asked if Michael was her attorney, Diane indicated that Michael had mixed loyalties, and she had secured another attorney. Isabella indicated that her friendship with Michael was over. Diane stated that she didn't think that she would be able to remain friends with him after the trial was over. Isabella asked Diane if Michael knew about her feelings for the baby's father. Isabella warned her to be careful of Michael because he had a talent for discerning what a person was trying to hide.

Victoria dropped by Victor's office and asked about him and Nikki. She offered to rebook the private dining room for them, but Victor declined. Victor showed Nikki's "Nautical Adventure" invitation to Victoria. When Nikki called unexpectedly to cancel dinner, Victor appeared relieved. When Victoria protested the turn of events, Victor indicated that it might be for the best.

After Victoria left, Victor took the engagement ring from his pocket and looked at it reflectively. He flashed back to Hope and a time when Hope had been contemplating taking Victor Jr. and leaving. In the flashback, Hope indicated that the problem between them was that they had "quit being important to one another." Back to reality, Victor wondered why he was thinking of Hope and asked, "What is the matter with me?"

Nikki was working in the Jabot boardroom when Katherine stopped by. Katherine said that the music collection on the yacht was lacking, and when she had "happened" to be at a music store, she had picked up some CDs. Katherine gave them to Nikki. Nikki was agitated at Victor's lack of enthusiasm for her invitation.

Suddenly, the phone rang, and Nikki found that she had to work late. She called Victor to cancel their date. Afterwards, she remarked to Katherine that Victor had sounded relieved by the cancellation, and she thought that perhaps it was for the best. Katherine wondered if it was "eye for an eye."

At the Jabot lab, Brad and Ashley discussed getting Colleen to babysit Abby. Brad expressed continued frustration at his role as the no-authority father. Ashley indicated that Colleen was making great progress and needed more freedom, since she'd earned it. She suggested that Colleen could help her with efforts for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Ashley called Colleen and arranged to meet her at the school.

At Colleen's locker at Walnut Grove, J.T. confronted Colleen about her pot use. When she thought that he was going to rat her out to Billy, she broke down into tears. Suddenly uncomfortable, J.T. ushered her into the computer lab. She confessed the incident of Abby's choking to J.T. and said that she had gotten rid of the pot. He told her that she seemed to have learned her lesson and that he wouldn't tell anybody, but he added that she shouldn't confess it to her family, since it would only make things worse for her. Suddenly, her cell phone rang. Ashley told Colleen that she and Brad wished to go to the school and talk to her right away.

After hanging up, Colleen thanked J.T., and he became even more uncomfortable then left. Later, Brad and Ashley arrived. They assured Colleen that they trusted her to babysit Abby and offered for Colleen to help Ashley with Breast Cancer Awareness Month. They told Colleen that, "we've all learned our lesson, and it's time to move on." Colleen was excited about babysitting and agreed to work with Ashley on Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but she had to get to work at the theater.

Raul found Brittany studying her lines backstage. Raul thought she was avoiding him because of the kiss, but Brittany said that she had already forgotten about it. Raul offered to run lines with her. The lines from the scene had an obvious double meaning for both of them. Suddenly, Mackenzie walked in. Raul said that she needed to be cheered up. Brittany said that she needed to go over her lines.

When Mackenzie approached, Brittany went off to the other side of the stage. Raul comforted Mackenzie. She thanked him for always being there, and she left. Raul went over to Brittany and offered to finish reading lines with her. She dismissively told him that she had already learned them. She went on to state that she was tired of his not believing her about people's true motivations and intentions. "This time," she told him, he could figure it out by himself. Then she stormed off.

Tuesday, March 12, 2002

At the first Breast Cancer Awareness meeting at Jabot, Ashley met the other members of the committee,\\ including Dr. Nora Thompson, Kitty Roberts, Shelly Thurman, Theresa Barton, and former chair Celia Reynolds. Discussing how to get the word out about mammograms, the group began to make plans for their annual ball on May 31. Ashley then offered to have a mammogram to show the public how easy it was.

At Jabot, Katherine ran into Larry, who thanked her again for dinner at the estate the other night. Larry then interrupted Sean and Jill in her office. When Sean admitted Jill was stumped about taking them out to do something they'd never done before, Larry suggested racing motorcycles at a nearby track.

Billy boasted to Raul about starting his love life over again and claimed to be looking forward to it. Meanwhile, Mac complained to Katherine about her life and turned down Katherine's offer to invite Larry and Amanda to dinner. Later, Danielle got Mac's confirmation that she had ended things with Billy. Danielle then made a beeline for Billy and offered to help him paint a flat backstage.

Wednesday, March 13, 2002

Sean and Jill discussed what activity the two of them could do together that neither of them had done before. Jill nixed Larry Warton's idea that they ride motorcycles together and was curious when Katherine showed up looking for Larry. Sean urged her not to focus on Katherine and Larry, and Jill told him she'd always wanted to run a marathon. He agreed that he had, too, and they decided to begin training for the 26-mile Chicago marathon in October.

Katherine finally caught up with Larry at Crimson Lights. She asked him if he and Amanda could join her and Mac for dinner and assured him that Jill would not be present. Larry said he would be glad to help cheer Mac up after her breakup with Billy. Later, when a distracted Amanda showed up at Crimson Lights and Larry told her about Katherine's invitation and how he wanted to get to know Mac better, Amanda had a strong negative reaction. She said that Larry might be misreading the situation between the two of them.

At Walnut Grove, Raul and Mac watched backstage as Danielle flirted with Billy. Raul urged Mac to stop getting upset over Billy, while Brittany looked on with jealousy as Raul comforted Mac. When Danielle told Billy that Mac had told her to "go for it" with him, Billy told her he'd talk to her later.

After Danielle left, Billy confronted Mac, saying that their breakup had been Mac's choice, not his, because Mac hadn't trusted him or been willing to acknowledge that her feelings about sex could change. Mac agreed that her feelings could change, but if Billy wanted to see Danielle, he should, as Danielle would probably give him exactly what he wanted. Billy found Danielle and asked her to go to Crimson Lights with him. Again, Raul comforted Mac, who finally said that she needed to see all of it as a new chapter opening in her life.

Colleen caught up with J.T. and thanked him for not telling on her about the drugs. She explained that Ashley and Brad trusted her again and had asked her to babysit Abby. She said that she didn't understand why people said J.T. was stuck on himself, because she thought he was a good guy. Brittany overheard as J.T. declined Colleen's invitation to have a soda together sometime. After Colleen left, Brittany teased J.T. about Colleen and said he was pathetic because he wouldn't run lines for the play. J.T. countered that Brittany was the one who was pathetic, first chasing Billy and then Raul.

After the committee meeting for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Ashley went to Dr. Thompson's office to set up her mammogram. They talked about the differing views on the efficacy of mammograms. Later, Ashley went home and told Brad about her meeting and that she'd had a mammogram done. As she and Brad talked about their good fortune, the radiologist went to Dr. Thompson's office with Ashley's x-rays. Dr. Thompson joined him in looking at the results, both of them wearing concerned expressions.

Michael and Diane met with Sydney, the family law attorney Michael had chosen to handle Diane's hearing. Both lawyers warned Diane that if Jack and his attorney started dragging negative information about Diane into court, it could indicate that Jack intended to fight for full custody of Kyle. They cautioned her to remain as levelheaded as possible in court. When Sydney went to get a cup of coffee to go, Diane was infuriated that Michael got a phone call and said he had to leave. She felt that it was a little too convenient that Michael wouldn't be going to court with her and Sydney and accused him of dodging the hearing because of his precious Phyllis.

After Jack and Phyllis discussed whether or not she should go to court with him, Phyllis expressed her willingness to go and assured Jack that she could present a united front with him no matter what Diane did or said. Talking to herself for a moment when Jack left her alone, she expressed regret that she'd gone behind his back to get Diane out of town but was glad that she'd done it nonetheless. After John Silva arrived, Phyllis again assured both men that no matter what they thought, she could handle being in court and wouldn't even blink an eye when Diane walked in. However, once she was there, Phyllis was horrified to see Diane walk through the door because she'd been sure that Diane and Kyle were already in Milan.

Thursday, March 14, 2002

Due to coverage of the NCAA College Basketball "March Madness" tournament, all CBS soaps were preempted this day. This preemption was planned for, and there were no "lost" episodes.

Regular programming resumed on Monday, March 18, where the Wednesday, March 13, episode concluded.

Friday, March 15, 2002

Due to coverage of the NCAA College Basketball "March Madness" tournament, all CBS soaps were preempted this day. This preemption was planned for, and there were no "lost" episodes.

Regular programming resumed on Monday, March 18, where the Wednesday, March 13, episode concluded.

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