The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of April 15, 2002 on Y&R

Mac feared her stalker was Ralph. Paul and Christine's divorce became final. Isabella pressured Paul to get married right away. Diane encouraged Jack to pursue joint custody in an out-of-court settlement.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of April 15, 2002 on Y&R
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Monday, April 15, 2002

by Ron

Mac looks outside the Crimson Lights for the person she thought she saw staring in through the window. Larry happens by and startles her. She tells him that she thought she saw someone wearing an orange shirt looking at her. Larry guesses that it might have been Billy. Backstage at school Raul asks Billy about his relationship with Danielle and how he ended things with Mac. When J.T. butts in with his own comments, Billy goes after him so Raul has to hold him back. Victor is shocked when Nick reveals that Sharon has announced that she is filing for legal separation. He describes for his father how his evening with Sharon turned into disaster after she walked in on him with Carrie. Meanwhile, Sharon returns to the coffeehouse where she is tormented by the memory of Nick kissing Carrie. She spots Diego and quickly apologizes for what happened last night. He shrugs it off but urges her to consider that she might be overreacting to what she thought was going on between her husband and the other woman. Realizing she's upset by his words, Diego asks that she take her time before acting. As Victoria arrives, she spots Sharon with Diego who has grabbed her hand. Mary tries to have a chat with Michael who later calls Chris about Sharon's request.

Tuesday, April 16, 2002

Crimson Lights:

Victoria finds Carrie and interrogates her as to what happened with Nick. She explains but adds that nothing would have happened. She regrets it and swears she'll never do that again.

John has lunch with Colleen. They make plans to go to Brad and Ashley's dinner. They bump into Sean, Raul, Britt, J.T. and the stage manager from the play. Sean mentions the plans for the GLOW house for the summer. John points out how they are short a few girls -- Especially if Mac doesn't return. They offer the stage manager a place and she accepts. They offer Colleen a spot but John doesn't think that's appropriate so Sean keeps her in mind for a behind the scenes position. She's excited.

Walnut Grove:

Mac confronts Billy about his 'stalking' her. He flatly denies it, he could never do that to her. She doesn't understand who could be doing this. She later flashes back to Ralph speaking to her and remembers that he was wearing the same orange shirt she saw earlier.

Paul's Office:

Paul and Isabella discuss his feelings for Chris. He assures her that it is ion the past. He then gets notice that his marriage is officially over.


Chris still isn't sure she will go back to Genoa City to help Sharon with her separation case. Michael implores her to reconsider. She suggests using Alex. She also gets notice of the end of her marriage.


Victoria updates Nikki on the Nick and Sharon situation. Victoria doesn't understand Sharon's perspective at all and thinks she's losing her mind.

Wednesday, April 17, 2002

Mac had a revelation that it might be her stepfather Ralph who was watching her. She left Walnut Grove abruptly to go to the shelter and talk to her mother. When Amanda showed up at the school looking for Mac, she was told by Colleen, Brittany, and Raul that Mac had been acting strange and had gone to the shelter. After Amanda left, Brittany got rid of Colleen when Colleen speculated that Mac's behavior might have something to do with college. Once Colleen was gone, Raul confronted Brittany about the way she was behaving and pushed her into admitting she'd received three college acceptance letters. He told her he didn't want her to walk on eggshells around him or mislead him. He wasn't upset about her college acceptances because sooner or later, some college would accept him, and he wasn't sure he even wanted to go to college immediately anyway. He warned her to start trusting that he was telling her the truth, and Brittany agreed to take his word for it.

When Mac arrived at the shelter, she confided her fears about Ralph to Ned. He urged her to tell her family the truth. Once Amanda arrived, Mac finally told her mother about her suspicions. Though she said she might be wrong, both of them believed it was very possible Ralph had found them. As they hugged each other supportively, Mac expressed her fear and confusion about what Ralph could want from her, while Amanda looked worried.

Michael was curious when Lauren invited him to join her at Gina's. When Lauren determined that Michael knew about Mary's trip to Australia, she asked what Christine's reaction had been. Michael said he was sure Christine would never get back with Paul even if she returned to Genoa City. He wondered if Lauren was concerned about Isabella and Paul, or if she feared that Christine's return might mean Lauren herself would never have a chance with Paul. Lauren assured him that ship had sailed, and said she was sure that Isabella, feeling threatened about Mary and Christine, was even then digging her hooks more deeply into Paul.

At Paul's office, he expressed his annoyance at Isabella for pushing the idea of marriage when the ink was barely dry on his divorce papers. Isabella snapped back that she didn't want him to lead her on, and she would prefer their baby not be born with the stigma of illegitimacy. She reminded Paul that he'd expressed regret about not being part of Heather's life and told him this was his chance to correct his mistake. When she saw how angrily Paul was reacting, she backed off and asked if he would just consider it. Affected by her softer tone and approach, Paul agreed to think about it, and they embraced.

Ashley met Brad in the Jabot boardroom. They talked about her upcoming radiation treatments and their effect on her energy. Brad encouraged her to take it easy. When Ashley suggested that they tell Colleen about the cancer privately, Brad thought it would be better to do it at the family dinner they were planning at the Abbott house that night, so Colleen would have the support of her family around her. He then cautioned Ashley not to get too involved in Jack's problems in the custody case. The two of them decided to go together to talk to Jack about having dinner with them.

Jack was surprised to find Phyllis in his office, then surprised her with choices of a romantic weekend getaway for them. Phyllis was delighted by the idea until Jack said he'd have to run potential dates by John Silva to make sure there was no conflict with court dates. She was even less pleased when Jack said he'd also have to tell Diane, so she'd know why he wouldn't be seeing Kyle. When Brad and Ashley joined them, Phyllis left, saying she'd go by Gina's to pick up something for that night's dinner. Ashley sensed Phyllis's discomfort in discussing the custody case. Jack agreed that it was hard on Phyllis, but she supported him. After Ashley left to make a phone call, Brad asked Jack how he could justify taking Diane's child away from her.

At Gina's, Victor was annoyed when Diane sat down next to him at the bar. She told him the whole story of Jack's paternity of Kyle. When Victor treated her with his usual disdain, she reminded him of his part in the destruction of their marriage. He told her she bored him and was directing her anger at Jack toward him. She admitted that she was angry with Jack and would stop at nothing to keep her son. After Victor left, Gina walked over to give Diane her sympathy about the run-in with Victor. As they talked about Kyle, Gina mentioned her nephew Daniel. When Diane spotted Phyllis walking in, she slyly asked Gina if she had any pictures of Daniel. Phyllis approached the bar in time to see the two women looking at pictures of her son and overheard Diane talking about what a handsome boy he was.

Thursday, April 18, 2002

by Ruth

Jack defended his decision to sue for custody of Kyle to Brad. After Brad left, Phyllis returned to Jack's office very distraught after her encounter with Diane at Gina's. Diane had pretended to forget that Daniel was Phyllis' son and that she was not allowed to see him at all. Jack comforted Phyllis, but soon realized that she wanted him to stop his attempt for custody altogether. . .

Victor paid Ashley a visit -- another one of his ex-wives -- and was surprised to find out that she had had surgery for breast cancer. He offered any help he could, but she kindly declined the offer. He had been able to tell that something was up when he saw her at Malcolm's funeral and she was able to tell that something was up with him. He wouldn't admit anything to her, but talked of his memories of their relationship in general terms.

Paul didn't react very well when Isabella wanted to look at his calendar for a wedding date. She calmly stood her ground, assuming that it would be a matter of time. She wanted a honeymoon, but he figured there wouldn't be time before the baby was born. He took a phone call that he knew would take a couple of minutes -- he told her that it would take an hour.

Isabella rushed off to Diane's to compare notes on their relationships and schemes. Both felt triumphant at this point in time. Diane told Isabella not to mess around with a honeymoon -- go directly for the ring! Just then, Isabella felt a pain in her abdomen -- labor seemed to be starting already!

Back at Paul's office, Lynne noted that Paul was almost trying to get rid of Isabella earlier. Lauren walked in and wanted to talk to Paul. She asked about what happened with Mary after she told him of her trip and was worried when he said that he was thinking about marriage to Isabella relatively soon. She gave his lots of food for thought about not rushing into such a commitment until he was sure that it would last.

Mac talked to Amanda and Larry about her fears that Ralph was watching her. They made some phone calls and Larry found out that Ralph was at work in Arizona.

At the Chancellor Estate, Sean found Jill exercising without him, trying to catch up on her fitness level. He postponed going into work for some time in the bedroom. Later, they prepared for work and talked about Glo by Jabot and Jill's work with Larry Warton. Outside, Ralph rang the doorbell and posed as a telephone repairman wanting to check the lines. He made it past Jill's resistance and opened up the phone while she and Sean prepared to leave. His ears perked up as they talked about Mac. He finished up and left the house. . .

Friday, April 19, 2002

Amanda and Larry talked at the shelter about how comforted she was after Larry found out that Ralph was at his job in Tucson. Though Amanda still seemed concerned about Mac, Larry changed the subject, asking if Amanda had read any good books lately. He told her he'd just finished reading "Sense and Sensibility." Amanda seemed surprised, then invited him to go with her for coffee. Larry said he needed to get back to Jabot to take care of something.

Sean and Jill talked about the possible members of a Glo by Jabot summer cast. Jill was surprised to hear that Billy was dating someone new, but pleased to think that Danielle was the daughter of some acquaintances, the Jorgensons, an "acceptable" family in Jill's eyes. Sean pointed out that Jill had probably felt the same way about Brittany and her family. Jill admitted it was true and thanked Sean for calling her on things.

Katherine invited Nikki to the Chancellor mansion to tell her about her conversation with Victor. Instead of being excited that Victor wanted to reschedule their romantic evening on Kay's yacht, Nikki was distracted by her worry over Nick and Sharon's marital problems. When she finally focused on Victor, she told Katherine that he was in a strange mood. She admitted knowing about the ring he'd bought, and explained that Victoria thought it was Nikki's fault that Victor hadn't proposed. Nikki wondered if there was some truth to the idea that her career was getting in the way, but seemed reluctant to make any changes for Victor. She and Kay speculated about why Victor had met with Leanna Love and had been reading "Ruthless."

Though Victor was concerned about Ashley's breast cancer ordeal, Ashley turned their conversation back to him. When he confessed that he'd been reassessing his past and his failed marriages after seeing what Nick and Sharon were going through, Ashley reminded him that not all of his ex-wives were as bitter as Diane and Leanna. She said most of them remembered him with great affection, including her. She expressed happiness that he and Nikki might have a chance at a reconciliation. After talking to Ashley, Victor called Nikki and invited her to dinner.

Diane took Isabella to Dr. Thompson's office because Isabella was afraid she was in labor. Paul met her there. Dr. Thompson assured them it was false labor, and Paul asked if there was a possibility her due date was miscalculated. After they were alone, Isabella pushed him again to get married. Paul said if she wanted his answer right then, it would be no. He refused to be rushed.

Diane returned to her hotel suite and was stunned to find that Jack had bribed housekeeping to get in there. He demanded to know what she'd been up to by looking at pictures of Daniel at Gina's and upsetting Phyllis. Diane insisted that it was not her intention to torment Phyllis, but that she would do what she must to keep custody of her son. If Jack fought dirty, then she would be forced to do the same. She urged Jack to drop the suit for full custody so they could work out an arrangement that would suit everyone, without any character assassinations made against her or Phyllis. Jack said she needed to prove to him that her intentions were good, and the ball was in her court.

Phyllis burst into Michael's office and accused him of planning to get Danny and Daniel to court to testify against her. Once Michael calmed her down, Phyllis told him what had happened at Gina's, how much she missed Daniel, and that she could not bear walking into the courtroom to see her son there. Michael assured her that as far as he knew, Diane had no intention of bringing either Danny or Daniel to Genoa City to testify against her. Phyllis said she felt like Jack had been playing her for a fool, manipulating her, and that she no longer intended to fall for it. She finally said that if her only option was to fight, then the gloves were off. She walked out of Michael's office with an expression of determination on her face.

Michael tried to get back to work, but was interrupted by yet another person coming into his office. Assuming it was Chantal, he ordered her to go home. A female voice demanded to know what kind of welcome that was. Michael turned around to see Christine standing in the doorway.

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