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Sharon assumed that Nick and Grace had had sex, and she slept with Diego. Later, Nick apologized to Sharon for the death of their baby. Ralph blackmailed Amanda. Phyllis and Michael tried to sabotage Jack's efforts to gain custody of Kyle.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of April 29, 2002 on Y&R
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Monday, April 29, 2002

by Ron

Amanda is shocked to see Ralph backstage at school. He hides in the shadows when Mac returns and Amanda fails to reveal his presence. At his hotel room he reveals that he lent his ID to an ex-con in Arizona as a favor. She accuses him of spying on Mac but he claims he was just trying to find Amanda and then accuses her of taking Mac's side. He denies ever molesting her but offers to leave town with Amanda when it's time. After she buys tickets to the big dance, Raul and Brittany discuss their plans for the prom and end up kissing. Billy confronts Mac and again insists that he's not stalking her. Chris urges Sharon not to make the first move with Nick but let him do it instead. Sharon leaves and, after Chris reveals her hopes for a reconciliation between those two, Michael confesses how much he's missed Chris. Nick's not happy to see Grace at his office and denies having an affair. Grace mentions she didn't think that after seeing Sharon with Diego at the Crimson Lights. Nick heads out for a meeting and isn't there when Grace leaves a note with her phone number on his desk. Sharon spots Grace at the coffee house later and has a terse chat with her only to learn from Trevor that she asked about Nick earlier. She rushes to Nick's office where she finds the note Grace left. Waiting for her chemotherapy treatment, Ashley leaks to Brad that she told Victor about her tumor. He's upset that she didn't tell him about Victor. Olivia arrives and advises them about the procedure.

Tuesday, April 30, 2002

Nick's Office:

Nick tells Nikki about his plan for a second honeymoon for him and Sharon. They are hopeful she will accept it. He tries to call her but gets no answer. He then finds Grace's note on his desk. He explained that he told her off but Grace is a persistent woman. Nick decides to forget her and get Sharon out of town before anything else can go wrong.


An upset Sharon shows up to talk with Diego. She is a mess and tells Diego that Nick is having an affair with Grace. She ignores Nick's call. She can't believe that he would do this again especially after seeming to be offended when she thought he was cheating on her with Carrie. She feels humiliated all over again. She was ready to go back to him if only he had been kind and gentle but obviously that was too much effort for him. She feels undesirable. Diego tells her that that is not true at all. All she ha sis the kids she tells him but he tells her that lots of people care about her. He cares about her. He gives her a hug which turns into a kiss. He breaks the kiss but she kisses him again.

Abbott House:

John returns home to find Jack playing with Kyle. Jack formally introduces John to his grandson and they bond. He asks about Phyllis and Jack gets defensive. Phyllis is trying but it is difficult for her. He hopes Phyllis will eventually bond with Kyle. He tried to get her to join in but she didn't show. Phyllis then walks in. She asks about Phyllis and suggests inviting them over for a dinner. Jack hands over Kyle to her while he goes to get Kyle's bottle. She is apprehensive at first but slowly gets into it. Diane walks in to see Phyllis holding Kyle. Jack walks in and tells her that he just wants to feed him before she takes Kyle. They talk about the hearing and she asks him if he would like to keep Kyle for the evening. Phyllis snaps that it won't work. Diane asks if that's what Jack wants.

Crimson Lights:

Sean and Phyllis have coffee. She tells him that she has a plan to keep Diane and Kyle out of their lives.


Ralph tries to get Amanda to give him another chance. She is too hurt and can't do that. Too much has happened. Does she expect him to just disappear he asks. He can't believe that Amanda believed Mac's accusations from years ago. Amanda doesn't want to get into it. He reminds her that she swore that if she found Mac and Mac stuck to her story that she would walk away. Amanda explains that she had to tell Mac she believed her only to make some headway. We see that he is secretly taping the conversation. He asks if she was only pretending to believe Mac's story but Amanda is sure Mac is genuinely afraid of him. Amanda tells him that she never wanted to believe that story about him. She tells him to just leave town. But he won't go.

Walnut Grove, Backstage:

Mac and Billy talk about her theory that it was Ralph that was stalking her until Larry proved it couldn't be him. Billy tells her he could never have hurt her like that. Their time together is too special to him. She apologizes to him for accusing him. Billy thinks that maybe her stalker is J.T. Not to freak her out but to make Mac think it was Billy. Mac doesn't think so since J.T. was with her when one of the incidents happened. Maybe he had an accomplice. She is still racking her brain for suspects. Billy hopes that the guy has moved on. He looks at the silver lining: they are talking again. Danielle walks in wanting to talk about her spot in the GLOW house. He tells her to stuff it.


Nick picks up Cassie at school and tells her he and Sharon might be going away on a trip together. She is very excited.


Diane stops by for coffee. Isabella hasn't heard from Paul in days and she's trying hard to keep it together. Diane's plan against Phyllis is slowly moving. There are lots of pieces to put in place but she is hopeful. She gets a call from her lawyer about the hearing being scheduled for tomorrow. It's a big one involving testimony. It could get ugly and she doesn't need that yet.

Wednesday, May 1, 2002

Sean and Larry talked at Crimson Lights. Sean admitted that he and Jill were having some problems, so he was using the computers there because it was a more peaceful environment. In Jill's defense, Larry said that she'd done him a big favor with her lessons and the helpful things she'd told him about how to treat a lady. He told Sean that he and Amanda were getting much closer, and she had even opened up to him about her personal life. Without betraying any of Amanda's confidences, he said that her ex-husband was a sleaze and Larry intended to treat her better.

Amanda and Ralph continued to talk in Ralph's motel room. After Amanda insisted she had to believe her daughter and would not go away with Ralph, he told her she left him no choice but to leave on his own. However, he felt he needed money to start his life over and protect himself from the power of the Chancellors after all the lies Mac had told about him. When Amanda offered him all the money she'd saved, he told her that Mrs. Chancellor was worth much more, and Amanda should get a substantial amount of money from her. When Amanda refused, saying that Katherine had been good to her, Ralph showed her the tape he'd been making of their conversation. He reminded her that once again, she had wavered about whether or not she trusted her daughter. When Amanda begged him not to play the tape for Mac and damage their relationship, Ralph told her it was up to her. Dazed, Amanda left, saying she needed to think.

Backstage at Walnut Grove, Brittany and Mac made peace. Brit told Mac about Raul's college acceptance letter. Mac admitted that she only wanted Raul to be happy, and Brittany seemed to make him happy. When Mac realized that Brit had prom tickets for her and Raul, Brittany told her that she knew J.T. would be thrilled to take Mac to the prom. She also told Mac that it was possible to get over Billy, as she knew from personal experience. After she left, the wardrobe woman came to ask Mac if she'd seen Amanda. Not only had Amanda not shown up to help with costumes, but she wasn't working her scheduled shift in the cafeteria. Just as Mac called Ned to see if he'd seen her mother, Amanda walked in. She explained that she hadn't felt well, so went home to take a nap, and overslept. She dodged Mac's questions by leaving to work in the cafeteria.

Nick was frustrated not to find Sharon at Crimson Lights so he could whisk her off on their Caribbean cruise. He answered Victor's summons to come by Newman Enterprises, where Victor told him the Newman jet was at his and Sharon's disposal. When Victoria joined them, Victor told her that he'd postponed his own trip so that Nick could have some time away. Later, in Nick's office, after Nick told Victoria Grace had been back in town, Victoria helped her brother hatch a plot to get Sharon away from the ranch and on the surprise trip.

Sharon seemed conflicted after she and Diego had sex. Diego told her that he never meant for it to happen. Sharon admitted she was angry with Nick because he'd been unfaithful to her with Grace once again. When Diego realized the "other woman" was Grace, he told Sharon things didn't add up. He had seen Grace at Crimson Lights, and she seemed to be getting the lay of the land rather than there at Nick's invitation. Sharon wasn't sure what to believe. Their conversation was interrupted by Miguel, who told Sharon he needed to take her somewhere. Sharon was annoyed when he delivered her to the Newman jet, demanding to know what was going on. Just then Nick walked in and told her he wanted to take her away.

John Silva arrived at the Abbott house to find Jack caught in the middle of an argument between Phyllis and Diane over whether Kyle should spend the evening with the Abbotts. Diane said she'd take Kyle for a walk on the grounds so their lawyer could have some privacy to meet with them. After she left, Phyllis became furious when John Silva tried to coach her on the next day's hearing. She said that Jack was buying everything Diane did, then she walked out. Later, she met with Michael Baldwin at Crimson Lights. He was reluctant to discuss the case, but Phyllis told him to stop whining about his ethics and help her, since she and Diane said they wanted the same thing, to keep Jack from getting custody of Kyle. Michael told her that when John Silva questioned her in court, he would try to bring out the facts of how she'd lost custody of Daniel in such a way as to deflect its power from Diane's attorney. The best thing Phyllis could do was fall apart on the stand before Diane's attorney ever got to question her. Michael then hurried Phyllis away, presumably to coach her on how to sabotage Jack's custody case.

Jack cut his meeting with John Silva short after John said that they needed to find a way to make the most of Diane's theft of Victor's sperm. Jack said there was someone he needed to see. Diane returned with Kyle to find only John in the house. When John left, Diane stayed, happily sitting with Kyle in "his daddy's" house. Meanwhile, Jack showed up at Victor's office and admitted he needed his enemy's help.

Thursday, May 2, 2002

by Ruth

Jack asked Victor is he would press charges against Diane for fraud and theft. Victor countered that she had stolen from Jack, not him. Jack then asked if he could testify as to the kind of person she was and what she was capable of. Victor knew that Jack was desperate and all but made him admit it. He told Jack that he would think about it and told him to have a nice day. Jack left wondering if his pleas were in vain.

Phyllis talked to Michael about a plan to sabotage Jack's case in court without Jack knowing it. At first she decided that she couldn't do it during questioning -- then they thought about the possibilities if Diane did something to provoke her in the court room. Michael promised that he would plant a seed with Diane and hopefully it would work.

Diane hung around Jack's house long enough to be there when Brad and Ashley arrived for dinner. She made sure to introduce Kyle to them and found a source of sympathy and support in Brad. She was still there when Phyllis arrived home -- it quickly became an ugly scene. Diane decided to take off before Jack returned, but made sure Phyllis heard that she was wanting to plan a play date for Kyle and Abby some time soon.

Michael Baldwin called Diane into his office to talk. He offered an idea to add extra potency to her case against Jack and Phyllis. She thought that it sounded good, but didn't want to take the chance of alienating Jack. She told him that she'd think about it and left him hanging.

Victoria found out from the secretary that Sharon had been in Nick's office earlier and was very upset. She found the note that Grace left and suddenly understood why Sharon would have changed her tune suddenly. Miguel arrived and told her that he was successful in finding Sharon and getting her to the plane. She found out that he had found her at the tack house with Diego and she was at his doorstep in no time.

Diego and Victoria went round and round a few times about why Sharon had been there to visit him and what he might have said to poison her mind. She didn't come up with anything concrete, but she definitely smelled a rat and wasn't about to let go of it.

On the plane, Nicholas introduced his idea to his wife while she rebuked him and kept her cold attitude out where he could see it. She mentioned Grace and basically accused him of inviting her to town. When he told her his side of the story, it all made sense to her. She suddenly didn't know what to say and started realizing what she had done with Diego. He asked one more time if she would come along to paradise and she nodded her head and hugged him.. .

Raul and Brittany talked about the cast party that would be held after the production was over. He had signed them up and she wasn't too thrilled. He could tell that she wanted them to be alone together and he had an idea that he wasn't sure if she would like. They could go up to Town Lake and sit under the moonlight enjoying the beauty and each other's company. She was relatively open to the idea and they agreed that things were looking up for both of them and the evening that they were planning would be a very special one. . .

Jack and Phyllis met back up at the house after everyone else left. Things were strained as they were earlier, but Phyllis agreed to meet with John Silva the next morning to prepare for the hearing. He promised that things would get better and she sullenly agreed, "If you say so."

Friday, May 3, 2002

While Cody and Diego talked inside Crimson Lights about Nick and Sharon's trip, and Diego flashed back to kissing Sharon, Brittany and J.T. were on the patio running their lines for the play. When Brittany refused to rehearse further with him since he didn't know all his lines, J.T. blamed her for spending too much time with Raul to help him. Brittany suggested that he get one of his "tarts" to run lines with him.

As J.T. was going inside the coffee shop, Raul joined Brittany. He advised her to help J.T. or otherwise J.T. might make her look bad in the play. They then talked about their party for two they planned to have at the lake after the cast party. Brittany said she'd be bringing more sophisticated snacks than sodas and chips. When she explained that she meant finger foods and champagne, Raul told her that he didn't see why they needed alcohol. J.T. eavesdropped as Brittany told Raul he could at least toast her success. When Raul went to get coffee, J.T. stopped by to tell Brittany that Raul was getting her alone at the lake with the expectation any guy would have, so Raul was a normal guy after all.

Nikki came to Victor's office to ask why he'd decided not to go on his trip. He explained that he'd merely postponed it while Nick was out of town with Sharon. When Nikki wondered if he didn't trust Victoria to handle things, Victor said that he did, but he felt the need to stay around for a while. He then told her that Jack had come to ask for his help in testifying against Diane in the Abbott-Jenkins custody hearing. Nikki told him she thought he should testify and accused him of refusing to consider it only because Jack was his enemy, which was not in Kyle's best interest. Victor told her that the only reason she thought he should testify was because she felt guilty, because if it weren't for her, Jack wouldn't be in that predicament. Victor then said as far as he was concerned, neither Jack, Phyllis, nor Diane were fit parents for Kyle. He insisted that he would not be pressured by Nikki, at which point she angrily left his office.

Jack went off the deep end when he overheard Phyllis making an appointment on the phone. As soon as she hung up, he jumped on her for not making the custody case her first priority, as she'd promised. When Phyllis furiously got a word in edgewise, she explained that it had been John Silva on the phone, and she'd made arrangements for him to prepare her to testify. Jack apologized, and Phyllis went upstairs to get dressed. When John Silva arrived, he and Jack talked about the possibility of Victor testifying while Phyllis listened. John said Victor's testimony could be very powerful. He then urged Jack to go to work so he could meet privately with Phyllis.

When Jack arrived at Jabot, Ashley found him and assured him that her first radiation treatment hadn't been as frightening as she'd thought it would be. She reminded him that he hadn't been at the Abbott house for their dinner the night before, and Jack confessed that he'd gone to Victor to ask for help. Ashley was shocked, and Jack assured her that Victor was on the fence, leaning toward his side, and a nudge might help him decide to testify against Phyllis. Their discussion grew more heated as Ashley questioned the wisdom of Jack going for full custody. Jack told her he didn't want her help with Victor and left the conference room while Ashley brooded.

Diane's attorney Sydney met with her before the hearing to go over everything. She said she felt their case was strong, particularly with the information they had about Phyllis, as Phyllis was the weak link of Jack's case. When Diane cautioned her to be careful how she handled Phyllis, so as not to totally alienate Jack, Sydney reminded her that it was in her best interest to do whatever she had to in order to win her case. While Sydney left to make some calls, Michael came in to see what Diane had decided to do about baiting Phyllis in court. Diane said that she intended to take a wait-and-see approach. She would decide what to do based on how confident she felt after giving her own testimony. Disgruntled, Michael left. When Sydney came back in and told Diane that Victor had been put on Jack's witness list, a horrified Diane dropped her glass of water to the floor.

Michael sat alone at Gina's, obviously feeling helpless about how he could assist Phyllis, since Diane wouldn't cooperate by making Phyllis lose her composure. Gina chose that moment to approach him. She told him about Phyllis seeing Gina and Diane looking at pictures of Daniel a few days earlier. After talking to Danny, Gina had gotten a copy made of a picture of Daniel. She handed it to Michael so he could give it to Phyllis at his discretion. Michael told Gina she was a godsend, startled her by kissing her full on the lips, and hurried from the restaurant with Daniel's picture.

In the Caribbean, Nick told Sharon that before they did anything else, they needed to talk about the daughter they'd lost. He told her that she'd had the duration of her pregnancy to bond with the baby, but he hadn't realized how much he'd loved her until after she was born. He confessed that he'd been devastated by her death. He then said that he no longer wanted Sharon to take back her accusations, because he knew it was true that if he had reacted differently, their child might be alive. But as he was saying this, Sharon interrupted him. She told him that she could never again feel that their little girl's death was his fault. Nick then asked her if she'd wanted to reach out to him as much as he'd wanted to reach out to her on the night they were supposed to have dinner. Sharon agreed that she had, then she asked why Nick had gotten drunk. Nick told her it was because he couldn't face being alone with her without things being as intimate between them as they had once been. After breakfast was delivered, Nick told her that he'd leave her alone, but Sharon asked him to stay. As they ate, they talked further, and Nick told Sharon how much he loved her and that he never wanted another woman in his life or in his bed. While he talked, Sharon kept remembering being in bed with Diego and having sex with him. When Nick saw how uncomfortable she was, he told her that he'd leave her alone. But Sharon told him to wait because the things he'd said were beautiful and meant so much to her, but there was something she needed to tell him.

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