The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 27, 2002 on Y&R

Michael and Christine shared a kiss. Sharon wrestled with feelings of guilt, while Victoria kept a close eye on Diego. Neil's family distanced Nate from him. Neil found solace in Serena's bed. Larry went to Tucson to investigate Ralph.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 27, 2002 on Y&R
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Monday, May 27, 2002

The Pool House

Gina and Colleen were by the pool enjoying the day. Gina was just complimenting the beautiful day when Diane walked in, Lil Kyle on hip, Graciella tagging along behind. When Gina asked her what she was doing there, Diane explained she was moving in because Jack asked her to. Diane said it was terrific of Jack to ask and he hated the idea of his son being raised out of a suitcase. Gina said that made sense. Diane then introduced herself, Kyle and Graciella to Colleen. Colleen said she had heard about Kyle and Diane asked if she wanted to hold him. Colleen did and Diane asked her if she babysat. Colleen said yes, she babysat Abby all the time. Diane said Abby and Kyle were almost the same age (1 ). Then she asked Graciella to put the bags away, and when she left Diane said she was happy Colleen was close by, and Graciella was good, but she was anxious to get back to Italy soon. Gina asked Diane how long she would be staying, she said she wasn't sure, this was a chance for Jack to spend unlimited time with his son. Gina asked how Phyllis felt about the situation, and Diane said Jack would handle his wife, and that everybody would have to make adjustments, but it will all be fine. Gina agreed and said that she was sure Jack knew what he was doing. Diane told Colleen she was glad they (Colleen & Kyle) would get to know each other. She asked Colleen to hold onto Kyle while she unpacked. Gina wondered if John knew what was happening. John came to the pool house to ask Gina if he had time to duck out and play a quick 9 before the party. Then he asked about Colleen, Gina said she was visiting their houseguest. John asked what houseguest and Gina told him he'd better sit for this one. Gina explained that Diane, son and Nanny were settling into the pool house and was surprised he really didn't know. Diane came out and spoke to John and wished him a Happy Memorial Day. John asked her what on earth she was doing there! Diane said she thought Gina has explained. John said he didn't want to hear it from Gina. Colleen came out with Kyle, excitedly telling Grandpa how she could watch Kyle and Abby together and since Lil Kyle and Diane would be living there with them at the Abbott house. Diane told Colleen the arrangements were only until July. Colleen said things could change and she might end up staying longer than she thinks. Diane smiled a little. John asked to speak with Diane privately. John asked Diane what was going on and she explained the set up she and Jack had come up with and admitted it was her idea. She said she was concerned about Kyle and Jack was too. They both wanted what was best for Kyle. Thus the arrangements. John said no one mentioned anything to him. Diane said she was surprised, Jack said he would call if there were any objections and that Jack was sure John would go along with everything. John said of course there would be objections and that Jack never mentioned the arrangements or anything remotely like it . Diane said if he preferred for her and "his Grandson" to leave they would get another hotel room, it might be dicey with the holiday , but they would manage. John said he just didn't understand why Jack hadn't talked to him first! Diane said the last thing she wanted to do was cause problems for anyone, she was sure John would change his mind since the arrangements made was the best option, but for now, she, Kyle and Nanny would leave. John said no, they could stay, he would be getting to the bottom of things with Jack. When John left Diane sat back looking satisfied..

Jabot/Jill's Office

Jill was working out on the treadmill in her office. She told Sean he didn't know about the treadmill because she hadn't seen him. She said the marathon was more important than ever with or without Sean. He said he was surprised to see her at work. Jill said she didn't want to work, since it was a holiday she was hoping he would lose the attitude, but he had left the house before she woke up, AGAIN, so she figured the hell with him! She asked Sean to leave, since work was the only thing that was important to him anymore. Sean said Jill was the one with the attitude. He was keeping his distance hoping Jill would come to her senses. He'd asked her to marry him and he wasn't putting himself out there to get shot down again. Jill said he just wanted things his way. He said he couldn't talk about it because he was so angry, Jill apologized and said he shouldn't be angry. Jill said she opened her heart to him, her home and she's told him she loves him, but he keeps badgering her about that one thing. He said for her to take her time and they could marry when she was comfortable. Sean said when two people love are in love, marriage is the natural progression. Jill said by whose rule book. She said Sean didn't get it , she's not comfortable, she don't want to do it (marry) and can't understand why he keeps badgering her! He said he didn't know why either. Jill explained she could have said yes and backed out at the last minute, but she was doing him the honor of being honest and up front with him. He looked doubtful, so Jill said fine, let's set a date, Labor Day, Fall, Thanksgiving..... Sean told her to stop! He said he'd never proposed to anyone and he proposed to her TWICE! He said Jill couldn't make it permanent, show him something.. Sean said "Throw me a crumb. Do more than share your bed with me, unless that's it! It's just convenient sex?" SLAP!!! Jill sMackenzieed Sean...Sean kissed Jill...long and hard. Next we see Jill looking happy and satisfied, straightening the lamp on her desk. Sean was buttoning his shirt and giving her compliments on her stamina. He suggested they take a nap and start all over again since they were the only people at the office. Jill protested with a sigh. Sean said "Never mind. As good as that was, nothings changed." Jill agreed. Sean left without a word.

The Newman Jet

Sharon and Nick are on the way home. Sharon said the trip was magic thanks to Nick. They reminisced on the special times they shared, how they'd been together since they were practically kids and their first date at a GCU dance at the coffeehouse. Sharon said she wouldn't trade a moment of their time together for anything. Nick said he thinks he wanted to marry Sharon the first time he laid eyes on her, but Sharon reminded him, when he returned from boarding school he had girls on his mind, not marriage. He agreed but said Sharon whipped him into shape. She said even at a young age he had so much of his father's romantic flair, looking back through the numerous surprises starting with their home on the ranch. (Flashback on the renovation before they moved to the ranch) Sharon said her heart was so full of love for him, it took her breath away. Nick said when he look back, he is amazed at how much he's changed. Sharon said he's the same man she fell in love with. He said he enjoys being a daddy but he remember at time when he wasn't thrilled when Sharon told him she was pregnant with Noah. Sharon explained the pregnancy wasn't planned and caught him by surprise, but when Noah was born and they thought he might not make it, Nick felt helpless (Flashback to the hospital when they realized Noah would pull thru). Sharon said Nick was miracle, staying by her side praying made a difference. Nick said the miracle Sharon brought to him was Cassie and how he was happy to have her in his life (Flashback to Nick giving Cassie her adoption papers, Cassie thanking Chris, Millie and Alice and saying she was part of a family). Sharon said Nick was Cassie's father even before that moment (adoption papers finalized). Nick said they were all his life, he loved them and he would do whatever it took to make sure nothing ever threatened that again. Sharon said the trip recaptured everything for her. She apologized for everything that hurt him especially a certain thing she said. She doesn't hold him responsible and can't believe she blamed him for so much. She said she would look back and wonder if things would ever be the same again but then Nick created this fantasy for her, just to show how much he loved her (Flashback on hot tub winter wonderland scene). Sharon told Nick she has never been happier or more content! When Nick came back from the cockpit to tell Sharon they would be landing soon, he found her asleep (He had a flashback on them celebrating New Years, alone at the coffee house) Sharon awoke, calling him out of his reverie. She asked him what he was thinking, he said he was thinking about her and their marriage Then Nick started reciting their wedding vows to Sharon (Flashback on actual wedding, Nick reciting his vows). Then with tears in her eyes, Sharon recited her vows (Flashback on Sharon reciting her vows). They kissed and we saw the Newman jet streaking across the sky......Fade to black.

Tuesday, May 28, 2002

Neil's Apt:

Neil throws Victoria out just as Olivia, Mamie and Nate arrive. Nate shows Neil his book report. Liv asks Victoria if Neil's been drinking again. Victoria confirms it. Liv wants Nate out of there STAT. Nate starts noticing Neil's strange behavior. Liv has Mamie get Nate out of there and she and Victoria confront him. Neil won't hear of it and storms out.


Nick and Sharon return home and find Cassie's note to meet at the pool house. Nick surprises Sharon with a bag of sand he brought back from their beach trip. Mid party Sharon returns and Diego follows. He shouldn't be there she says. They talk about the Grace debacle and her foolishness. On the trip she was able to forget only once in a while. The guilt is constantly with her. He feels that too. She decides that she must tell Nick ASAP. He begs her not to destroy her happy family. It will never happen again he tells her, so why bring it up? He tells her he's leaving town. She still must tell Nick. Nick walks in on their talk and wonders what is going on.


Vic asks Diego if he'd consider staying. Doris tries too but to no avail. The kids are excited. Nikki greets Vic who tells her there's a problem with Neil but doesn't elaborate. Nick and Sharon arrive to much hugging. Diego watches from the sides. They confirm that they are back together. Sharon is surprised to see Diego there. He congratulates the couple. Nick asks Vic about things in Genoa City and Vic alludes to Neil's problems.

Chancellor House:

Amanda is stunned to have Kay introduce her to the phone man Jay (a.k.a Ralph). She covers her surprise. He charms Kay and Esther until they hear Mac from upstairs. She comes down but Ralph is gone by the time she gets there. Mac is happy her mom is moved in. Later, Amanda scopes out the place as per Ralph's demands. He calls and she chastises him for being in the house when Mac was. He's just happy that he got his message across. She had better come through and soon.

Carlton House:

A exhausted Ashley walks around the house trying to get her strength up. Brad suggests eating something and makes her tea and toast. After talking about Abby, she asks him very abruptly how he would feel about her if she lost her breast. He doesn't think they need to worry about that yet. She makes him promise to always be honest even when it would spare her feelings to lie. He isn't like a lot of men that would have a problem with her losing a breast. He is madly in love with her no matter what.

Crimson Lights:

Billy wonders why Larry thinks it's necessary to go to Tucson. Larry thinks it's possible that Ralph's boss lied for him. They think it might be a good idea to know for sure. Larry will be careful not to arouse suspicion.


Neil returns to the bar he met the waitress at and orders a drink. He surprised to see Serena working again. Not the first time she's been rehired. He invites her to sit and chat but she bristles thanks to his attitude. Her opinion of him has sunk since he started to drink again.


Nate asks his mom what's wrong with Neil. She says he isn't well but will be better if he gets help. She still has to go to her conference. Nate promises to help look out for Neil. Victoria updates Liv and Mamie on Neil's quitting NE.

Wednesday, May 29, 2002

Ashley told Brad that she wanted to be alone when she told her father about her cancer returning. Brad called John and asked him to come over. Ashley talked to her father a while about how, as a little girl, she always felt safe and loved when he held her. She then explained that there was more cancer in her other breast that might be unrelated to the first cancer. After two biopsies, she would know the following day if the cancer had spread outside of her breast. John agreed to tell the rest of the family Ashley's news. Then she and John cried and held each other after her father agreed to spend the night with her.

At the Abbott estate, Jack burst into the pool house and demanded to know why Diane had moved in before he had a chance to talk to his family about it. Diane first said that she assumed he would already have given them the news. She then admitted that she thought if she were already there, it would be more difficult for his father to turn her and Kyle away. When Jack found out that John already knew about her presence, he was angry, but Diane told him that John had agreed to let her and Kyle stay. She knew Jack was under a lot of pressure because of his family and Phyllis, but assured him that she would do everything she could to minimize the tension with Phyllis. Colleen arrived with a toy for Kyle and told Jack that Phyllis was home. Later, when Diane was alone with her nanny, she commented that they might be living in their new, larger space sooner than she anticipated.

Jack went into the main house and tried to romance Phyllis, but it was obvious she was not happy about the situation with Diane. She told him that every minute of Diane's stay would be hell for her and that he couldn't see how Diane was using Kyle to manipulate him because he didn't want to see it. When Jack told her that she was his number one priority, she reacted angrily. Jack said that he'd never said she was his only priority; he also had his work, his health, and his family. But he insisted that she was the most important thing in the world to him. Phyllis asked if he thought he could just sweep her off her feet, and Jack did exactly that, taking her upstairs to their bedroom.

At the Olive Tree, a drunken Neil asked Serena how much she cost. When she reacted indignantly, he told her that he just wanted to buy her time so they could talk. She sat down with him, and Neil told her about the run-in with his eleven-year-old nephew, Nate. Serena looked haunted and said that kids depended on you. Later, she offered Neil the couch at her place. When they got to her apartment, she began drinking, which surprised Neil. She said that she drank because she wanted to forget. When Neil commented on her reaction when they were talking about kids, Serena again said she just wanted to forget. She then began kissing Neil, who responded with passion.

Nick left the welcome home party to find Sharon and Diego alone in their house. He assumed they'd gone to get the kids' presents. Sharon asked Diego to leave so she could talk to her husband privately. Nick asked if she was a little overwhelmed about being back home, but Sharon explained that there was something she needed to tell him. Before she could confess about the incident with Diego, however, Cassie interrupted them and begged them to come back to the party since the family needed to be together.

Victoria found her father at the Newman ranch when she arrived home. They talked about Neil, and she admitted feeling helpless as she watched Neil upset Nate and Olivia. Victor said that Neil might have to hit bottom before he started getting better. When they went outside, Victoria saw Diego talking to her father. She demanded to know why he was there, since he wasn't family, and Nikki said that he'd helped arrange the party. Victoria was intrigued to learn that Diego had given his notice. When she approached him to try to question him about it, he snapped at her and started to walk away. Victoria kept her eyes on him as Nick and Sharon returned, and she saw Sharon shake her head at Diego. Later, as Nick thanked them all for being there and for their support, Victoria continued to watch Diego with suspicion.

Thursday, May 30, 2002

by Ruth

Jack and Phyllis had a wonderful night together and were talking about it in the dining room when Diane, Kyle and Gratiella approached the doorway. Jack helped with the high chair and soon Colleen came down doting over Kyle. John entered the room and Jack tried to talk to him about Diane being there -- John wanted to speak with him alone about something else. Phyllis and Diane looked at each other. Phyllis told Diane that she had better not get too cocky -- she had not even begun to fight. Diane asked if that was meant to be a challenge. Phyllis asked, "What do you think?". . .

Ashley talked with Abby while she played. She told her that she would have lots of people who love her if her mommy were to go away sometime soon. She went on with this while Brad listened in the background. She called for Brad and he told her that it was premature to be talking this way -- she just needed to do it.

John told Jack about the tumor that they found and Jack rushed over to see his sister. He offered his support and stayed with her for awhile. She hadn't been sleeping well or eating, so he took it upon himself to make sure that she ate some breakfast after Brad excused himself to go to the office.

Neil woke up in bed with his new friend. He asked what happened then it started coming back to him. She made sure that he knew that what happened wasn't an invitation to move in with her and he excused himself. He thanked her first for being there for him when he really needed someone. He returned to his apartment and the first thing he did was pour out his coffee and find a coffee cup for another drink of whiskey.

Victoria told Nikki all about the incident at Neil's apartment with Olivia, Mamie, and Nate. Nikki realized that she could be of some assistance, given her history with alcoholism. She offered to pay Neil a visit. Nikki arrived at Neil's apartment just as he started drinking again. He tried to send her away, but she was persistent. She told him about her experience and just wanted him to know that he could talk to her whenever he needed someone. She left a list of phone numbers, including that of Alcoholics Anonymous, behind when she left.

Neil then sat down and made a phone call to Olivia's apartment. Mamie answered and he asked to speak with Nate. He hadn't realized that Nate would be in school and asked her to let him know when the boy returned so that he could come down and apologize. Mamie informed him that Olivia's orders were to keep Nate away from Neil whenever she was not at home. Mamie hung up on him and he slammed the phone down. He walked over to the table where Nikki's note sat -- he crumpled the paper and threw it down saying, "Right Nikki! I have lots of people who care about me!." . .

Sharon asked Nick if he had to leave so soon for work. She still wanted to talk. He had to rush and offered to find some time later in the day. He walked out the door and she immediately thought back to her time with Diego. She tried to catch Nick one more time, but he had driven away.

Within a minute or two, Diego was at Sharon's door. He wanted to talk to her about how ill-advised it was to tell Nick about their time together. He was relieved to find out that is wasn't too late to stop her. He reminded her of the damage that it could do to her family if Nick did not accept her confession.

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria asked her brother whether or not he told Diego to leave town. He denied it and wondered where that question had come from. He had no reason to suspect any wrongdoing by Diego and was sad to see him leave. Victoria dropped the subject and left. Later, Nick gave Sharon a call and offered to make time to talk. She tried to get out of it, but he told her to get her sexy self down there and she couldn't say no. . . . .

Friday, May 31, 2002

Mary went to Paul's office looking for any evidence that might show whether he was involved with Christine again. When Lynn and Marisa demanded to know what she was doing and she told them, Marisa told Mary she had too much time on her hands. Paul came in and told them Isabella and Ricky Carl were being released from the hospital later that day. Mary said that Isabella might feel awkward being home alone with the baby, then asked Paul about Christine. He told her it was none of her business and left. Mary then told Lynn that hopefully Paul had seen that he and Christine could not resolve their problems and he'd also gotten the "she-devil" Isabella out of his life so he could now move on and find some happiness.

As Christine reminisced about her past with Paul, Michael showed up at her apartment with breakfast. She told him that although going out to dinner with him the night before had been just what she needed--a good meal, a good friend, and a chance to talk about something other than "you know what"---Michael suggested that she meant "you-know-who." In spite of her pleas that he not push her, Michael quizzed her until she told him the truth about Paul: how they'd run into each other unexpectedly in their old apartment, discovered they still had feelings for each other, and were interrupted by a call from Isabella. But she told him she didn't intend to act on those feelings because if she did, and their relationship failed again, Paul would be left without her, Isabella, or his son. So she'd given him up and now intended to leave town. Michael stared into her eyes with longing, pleaded with her not to leave, then kissed her tenderly as she stared at him without reacting.

Paul and Isabella got to her apartment with the baby. She admitted that she felt awkward and apologized for the ultimatum she'd given Paul. Paul said that even if that hadn't happened, things might not have turned out any differently. Isabella speculated that at least they'd be living together. As they discussed whether it would be possible to take things one day at a time, Judge Parish showed up. When Isabella asked why he was there, Paul told her that he'd invited him.

Sharon arrived at Nick's office, ready to tell him about Diego. Before she could, Nick told her that he knew what was wrong. After their time in paradise, she was having a hard time readjusting to being home. He then gave her a surprise; a visit from Cassie. While Nick and Cassie talked, Sharon recalled all the things Diego had said about a confession taking the burden off of her but placing it on Nick and possibly breaking up their happy family. After Sherry took Cassie back to school, Nick finally asked what Sharon wanted to talk to him about. Sharon backed out of telling him, saying she hoped nothing ever spoiled their happiness.

Brad was disgruntled when Victor showed up at Jabot. He'd come to see Ashley, but when he couldn't find her in the lab, decided to ask Brad where she was in case her absence meant she was having problems with her treatment. Brad told him that Ashley's health was none of his business. Victor reminded him that Ashley had once been his wife, too, and he intended to do everything he could to find out her prognosis and help her. He finally left without learning anything from Brad.

Ashley was persuaded to eat a little of an omelet Jack had cooked for them. To keep from talking about her illness, she asked Jack how he was coping with Diane taking Kyle back to Milan. As Jack tried to figure out a way to tell her the truth, Ashley talked on and on about how it was for the best that Diane was gone and out of their lives, and she was sure somehow everything would work out for Jack and Kyle. Finally Jack had to confess that Diane and Kyle were living at the Abbott house. Ashley was horrified and dismissed Diane's contention that it was either live there or take a job in Japan. She said if Jack had called Diane's bluff, the job offer would have disappeared but Diane wouldn't have. She reminded him of the time she'd had to pull him out of bed with Diane so he could marry Patty Williams. She told Jack she had serious concerns about the strain all of this would put on his marriage to Phyllis.

At the Abbott house, Phyllis and Diane exchanged angry words in their ongoing battle over Jack and Kyle. Diane told Phyllis she couldn't understand why Phyllis was reacting as she was, since she was Mrs. Jack Abbott---at least for now. Phyllis replied that she was on to Diane's agenda and she'd better watch out, as Diane was on her turf now. Diane reminded her that she used to live in that house, too; in fact, she had probably even slept on the same sheets with Jack. Later, Diane returned to the house scantily dressed. When Phyllis asked if Diane's outfit was for her benefit, Diane said no, she was going to take a shower in the more spacious guest bathroom rather than the tiny bathroom in the pool house. Later, after Phyllis got dressed for work, she walked by the guest room. As she listened to the shower run, she grinned to herself, went inside the bathroom, and flushed the toilet, smirking as Diane shrieked over the change in water temperature.

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