The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 24, 2002 on Y&R

Billy knocked Ralph unconscious to save Mac. Ralph later kidnapped Katherine. Amanda was arrested. Raul and Brittany made love. Nikki watched Leanna's scathing exposť on Victor. Victor spent quality time with Victor Jr.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 24, 2002 on Y&R
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Monday, June 24, 2002

At the prom, Larry searches unsuccessfully for Amanda. Katherine and Jill argue on the patio, verbally and physically attacking each other until a disgusted Mac pulls them apart. Brittany is delighted that she and Raul have been chosen for prom queen and king, but her excitement fades when she recalls Raul passionately kissing Rianna. She pulls off her crown and walks out with J.T., eventually returning to admit her feelings for Raul. Amanda steals Jill's diamond necklace from a drawer in her bedroom. Ralph is unsatisfied, still desiring the showcase necklace, but Amanda escapes and returns to the prom. Mac returns home to change her dress, torn from the altercation between Jill and Katherine. get help for Neil.

Tuesday, June 25, 2002

Brittany returns to the dance and admits to Raul that she felt something on the dance floor with him. She apologizes for her jealousy and they go to the lake together. In Kansas, Victor kisses Hope, unaware that Leanna's spy is watching and recording everything. Victor admits he is thinking of Nikki, and he wants their relationship to last. Meanwhile in Genoa City, Nikki enjoys her evening with Max until she sees Leanna on the television, talking about Victor. When Nikki sees the tape of Victor with Hope, she walks out, furious. Billy apologizes to Katherine for his mother's actions and searches unsuccessfully for Mac. Jill threatens Amanda, but Katherine assures her that the evidence will prove her innocent.

Wednesday, June 26, 2002

Ditching the after-prom party at Crimson Lights, Brittany and Raul took their picnic to the lake. They agreed to talk and try to work out their problems. Brit admitted that she didn't know why she'd been so mean to Raul, and Raul suggested that it was J.T.'s influence. Raul asked if his inexperience bothered Brit, and she said no; she found it romantic. Raul suggested they slow things down by stopping to eat. While they ate, Raul told Brittany how much he cared about her. She said that things were different with him than with other guys. Raul wondered if Brittany was scared of their relationship because she felt less in control, and she confessed that he might be right. Raul's gentle kiss of reassurance soon turned passionate, and the two began undressing each other.

Billy and Mac panicked after Billy thought he'd killed Ralph by hitting him with the poker. They fled the Chancellor house together, going to their secret place on the Abbott property. Billy said he needed time to think because he was afraid he'd end up in jail. Mac assured him that she would tell the police Billy had only been trying to save her from Ralph. The two shocked teens held each other as Billy told Mac that everything was his fault.

After Katherine told Amanda that Mac had gone by the house to change dresses, Amanda slipped out of Crimson Lights while Larry watched her. Larry talked to Katherine and the two of them decided Amanda had probably gone to find Mac. Katherine got a call on her cell phone from Nikki and left for the Newman ranch, while Larry confronted Jill, telling her that it was her fault everything was going wrong. Jill pointed out that the reason Amanda wasn't relieved by the news of the phony telephone repairman was because she was feeling guilty about something.

Amanda went into the Chancellor house and found Ralph on the floor. He told her that he'd had some kind of out-of-body experience after Billy hit him. He downplayed what had happened between Mac and him when Amanda demanded to know if he'd told Mac that Amanda had been helping him.

Jill arrived home to find Esther; she told her that "Jay" was a fraud. When Amanda came in, having taken Ralph out of there, Jill told her that she saw right through her to her dirty little secrets. When Jill went upstairs, Amanda noticed Mac's second prom dress still in the garment bag on the sofa. She then checked the closet and found the torn dress as well.

Katherine joined Nikki at the ranch and heard the story of Leanna Love's broadcast and Nikki's interaction with Max Hollister. She tried to reassure Nikki that there was probably a logical explanation for it all, and Nikki should consider the sources and wait to hear from Victor before she jumped to conclusions. Nikki said that Victor was acting like Prince Charming with the engagement ring, going all over the country having romantic interludes until he could find the woman the ring fit. Disgusted, she suggested they change the subject, so Katherine talked a little about the prom. Nikki turned off her cell phone when it rang and she saw that it was Victor calling. After Katherine left, Nikki's home phone began to ring, but she ignored it and went upstairs to bed.

In Kansas, Hope talked to Victor, Jr., on the phone, afterward telling Victor how much their little boy loved airplanes and sports, and how he was getting straight A's in school. She then asked Victor if he wanted to see his son. They made arrangements for Betty to bring him to the plane. Victor, Jr., had a vague memory of meeting Victor before and getting boxing gloves from him, as well as that they shared the same first name. When Victor, Jr., left for a tour of the cockpit, Hope said she wasn't as concerned as she had once been about her son bonding with Victor. Victor told her that he would never be involved with Victor, Jr., unless Hope wanted him to be, but if she ever needed anything, he'd be there. He then said good-bye to his ex-wife and son and tried to call Nikki, looking thoughtful when she didn't answer the phone.

Christine and Michael brought take-out food to her place so they could continue working on a divorce case for a client. It was obvious they were enjoying working together, even though the nature of the case seemed to make Christine brood about her own divorce. After Michael began to yawn, Chris went to the kitchen to make them some coffee so they could keep working. She returned to find Michael asleep on the sofa. She covered him with a blanket, turned off the lights, and went upstairs to bed. After she was gone, Michael opened his eyes, smiled a little wistfully, and said, "Goodnight, Christine."

Thursday, June 27, 2002

by Ruth

At the Chancellor mansion, Jill checked out the video camera that she hid in her room during the prom. She found evidence that Amanda stole jewelry from her and tried to wipe her fingerprints away. While the detective was getting a description of the telephone man from Esther, Jill revealed her findings. Amanda was there and Larry had just arrived. Amanda had no defense -- they took her off to jail. Larry was convinced that there was more to it. He looked at the sketch and knew that the face was familiar for some reason. . .

Victoria told Olivia about her plan to prove that Diego was an opportunist, chasing after Sharon. Olivia was surprised to hear about the telephone call that he made to Sharon after he thought that Vicki had left his place. Victoria's next move would be to try to get closer to him and see what he would do.

Meanwhile, Sharon and Nick talked about ways to set Victoria up with a man so that she would forget about making trouble for Diego. Cassie couldn't stand the thought of him leaving town. They considered a blind date with one of Chris' attorney friends, subtly putting a new man into her life at work, or just telling her that they wanted to introduce her to someone. When they arrived at the coffeehouse early that morning, they were shocked to find Victoria helping Diego clean up after the party. . .

Chris was unexpectedly happy to find Michael still on the couch when she awoke in the morning. She admitted that having him there helped her get a great night's sleep. He was glad to oblige and offered to sleep over anytime, for therapeutic reasons, of course. Michael made a remark about how his job was satisfying which gave him a good life. He owed his job to her, so she could do with his life what she would like. She asked if he were kidding -- he replied, "As always." She didn't know what to make of that.

Later, flowers arrived for Chris with a note about how it was nice waking up with her. She thought back to when she covered him up for bed, and smiled, thinking, "What was I thinking???"

Raul and Brittany awoke after a wonderful evening together. Raul had prepared a wonderful breakfast, surprising her. Neither were in a big hurry to go back home, in fact, Raul told her that he never wanted to leave her side in this wonderful place. They became even closer still, slowly exploring and verbalizing their true feelings for one another.

In the hideout, Mac and Billy frantically explored their options after thinking that Billy had killed Ralph. They talked about running away or about Mac calling her mom or grandma to tell them what happened. Mac shared the horrible things that Ralph had said about Amanda -- Billy refused to let her believe it. They decided to turn on the radio and heard that Amanda had been arrested for robbery. . .

Back at the house, Kay collapsed in a chair from exhaustion. Soon footsteps approached and Ralph held a cloth to her face, knocking her out cold. . . .

Friday, June 28, 2002

by Ruth

Nick and Sharon wondered if Victoria had her eye on Diego. Victoria continued to flirt with Diego and ran off to work after Nick and Sharon were asking too many questions. She promised Diego that she would be back.

At the Abbott home, John asked Jack if he thought that Phyllis could have sabotaged the pipes like Diane had suggested. Jack thought it was ridiculous until the contractor brought down the torch from the attic, found by one of his men. He had to ask Phyllis if it was possible. She wouldn't even consider answering him and ran off.

At the jail house, Kay had posted bail so Amanda was in the process of being freed. She wanted to see Mackenzie right away and wouldn't tell Larry what it was about. John Silva showed up to talk to her -- Kay had asked him to represent her. She left hastily, telling them that she had to do something right away. Later, Larry noticed the artist's rendering of the phone man. He remembered Amanda's picture of Ralph in her wallet and compared the two. Then he knew that Ralph was the phone man.

Ralph brought Kay into a run down room and tied her up on a chair. He told her that he wanted the necklace and was going to find her precious Mackenzie so that he had some bargaining power. When he let her have a chance to speak, she made it very clear that, if she hurt either Billy or Mackenzie, that he wouldn't live to regret it.

Billy and Mac discussed what they heard on the radio. Mac was even more convinced that her mother was guilty and had known of Ralph's whereabouts in Genoa City all along. She became very upset thinking back to her bedroom when she was small. Billy assured her that Ralph could never get near her again because he was dead. He held her and told her that he loved her -- he never stopped loving her. She asked about all the things that he said. He told her that they meant nothing now. She was relieved and professed her love as well. They embraced in a tender kiss. Then they got to wondering why the murder hadn't been on the news. Maybe they were keeping it quiet in order to smoke out the killer.

Diane found Michael Baldwin in Gina's and admitted that things weren't going as she had hoped at the Abbott home. He was pleased to see her confess to her feelings and plans for Jack, but told her again that she was wasting her time. She thought that maybe he was helping Phyllis. He made a comment about how Phyllis would do anything to protect her marriage, then a light went on in Diane's head and she quickly departed with a new idea.

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