The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of July 22, 2002 on Y&R

Larry and Jill had sex and agreed to keep it a secret. Distraught about Ashley, John reached out to Jill for support. Sharon confided her feelings of guilt and jealousy to Christine. Phyllis, Jack, and Kyle began to bond.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of July 22, 2002 on Y&R
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Monday, July 22, 2002

A shocked Larry woke to find himself in the lair of unlikely bedfellow Jill. His first impulse was to get out, as he wasted no time pulling on his clothes and heading for the door. Before he was able to make a clean getaway Jill queried "Where do you think you're going?" Larry figured Jill would be embarrassed by the previous night's events and that they could pretend as if it had never happened. While Jill demanded that their liason remain a secret, she encouraged her new bed-pal not to rule out "future options." She demonstrated her point by inviting Larry to stay a little longer. With a look that begs the question-"Is this Heaven or hell?" Larry slipped back into the sheets with Jill.

Esther discovered Larry's bandana lying on a chair in the living room, she asks Mrs. Chancellor if he left it lying around as a hint for her to wash it. The women don't realize it got left behind in the heat of the moment between Larry and Jill. Mac and Billy entered in good spirits. All expressed their happiness that things seemed to be returning to normal in the wake of Ralph. Mrs. Chancellor informed Billy that she had invited Larry to live in the apartment over the garage. She then gets a chuckle when she thinks of the state of frenzy that it has put Jill in. Billy was going to talk to his mother about her upset regarding his reconciliation with Mac, but later thinks better of it, deciding to just let Jill be.

Sharon vetoed Diego going out with Victoria. Diego assured Sharon that he is more than capable of handling Victoria just like any other woman in his life. Sharon had sort of a "stung" reaction from that comment. Sharon warned Diego that Victoria wasn't to be trusted and that she is just taking her game up to the next level, and she's going to trick him into confessing what happened between him and Sharon. Diego countered by telling Sharon that she doesn't have to worry about Victoria finding out anything about the two of them, because as far as he's concerned nothing happened between them-or that's how he's thinking about it in his mind. He advised Sharon to focus on her own life, emphasizing that he would be doing the same. Sharon was left looking a hurt, and borderline jealous.

Nick had a father/son chat with his Dad. He learned of Victor's proposal to Nikki and wished his father good luck in receiving the right answer upon Nikki's return. He also informed Victor of his concern regarding the growing tension between Sharon and Victoria. Victor questioned what the problem could be and Nick supplied that it has something to do with Diego. He brought Victor up to date on the Victoria/Diego dating status and shared Sharon's comment about Victoria being a "man eating piranha who's just going to hurt Diego and then toss him aside." Victor didn't like the fact that Sharon said something like that about Victoria. Nick is bothered also, and both men are especially surprised because the sister-in-laws used to be very close. Nick credited Diego for helping to save his marriage, but doesn't understand this new Victoria-bashing kick that his wife is on. Victor showed concern and advised his son to keep an eye on the women. Later, Victor went to visit Sharon. He watched as she paced, seeming agitated. When Sharon noticed Victor's presence he asked her flat out "What's the story with Diego?"

At Brad and Ashley's things seemed a little tense. Ashley queried Brad as to whether or not their relationship was off track. Brad supplied that Ash worried to much, stating that they were fine. John stopped by to see Ashley and asked Brad about Colleen's dance recital. Brad felt horrible realizing he had completely forgotten his daughter's important day. He rushed out to make amends with Colleen. When Ashley asked where he was going he said it was just a quick errand. John sensed a vibe between Ashley and Brad that suggested trouble. Ash revealed that her condition is driving a wedge between them, Brad is afraid to share anything with her. She feels very guilty. Her health is the entire focus of Brad's mind, "her Cancer is taking over his life."

Brad showed up with flowers for Colleen. He apologized profusely for disappointing her and tells her how proud he is of her and how special she is to him. Colleen was more excited about J.T. coming to the recital than she was upset about everyone else missing it. She understands the pressure that Brad is under and manages to make him feel loved and supported by her.

Worried about Neil, Victoria pays a visit to Olivia at work. Olivia was saddened to say that things haven't improved with Neil. Victoria offered her support in whatever way Olivia might need. The two women then discussed Victoria's little game with Diego. Victoria is proud to report that her plan is working and that Diego has "taken the bait." Olivia's wisdom tells her that Victoria is enjoying this little game a little too much and perhaps Victoria is actually attracted to Diego. Victoria admitted that she does find Diego charming and not all that hard to be around, but is firm that her agenda hasn't changed. She is on a mission to make sure Diego doesn't interfere with her brother's marriage. Olivia is not completely convinced that is all Victoria is after, she questions whether or not Victoria is feeling guilty about Ryan and sees this mystery and intrigue as a way to give herself permission to get involved again. Victoria doesn't deny that as a possibility, but doesn't hold for anything long-term, "Diego's a drifter," Victoria figures that once she's done with him, he'll be history.

Tuesday, July 23, 2002

Brad presents Ashley with ice cream, and she tells him she knows about Colleen's dance recital. She worries that her cancer is driving them apart. John visits the estate, looking for Katherine. Jill offers to listen, and John confesses he is terrified about Ashley. He begins to cry, and Jill comforts him. Christine invites Michael to dinner at Gina's, where they run into Jack. Later, Christine tells Michael that she sympathizes with Phyllis. When Diane enters the house for a glass of water, Phyllis smugly reminds her of the new rules. Jack insists he is serious about the arrangement, and Diane reluctantly agrees to return to the pool house. Jack invites Kyle to dinner without Diane. Victor questions Sharon about her recent animosity toward Victoria. Sharon denies having a relationship with Diego, and Victor leaves her with a warning. Meanwhile, Nick admits to Victoria that Sharon believes she will only hurt Diego.

Wednesday, July 24, 2002

Brittany met Raul at Crimson Lights. After their usual bickering, Raul asked her to please cooperate with his plans for the two of them to have a nice night together. Brittany relented, and Raul took her to the Lodge for dinner. When he reminded her of their first time there, when she'd treated him to dinner, Brit noticed that the song that was playing was the same one they'd danced to then. They went to the dance floor, with Brittany obviously warming up to Raul. Before they could order, Brittany said she had to take care of something. After a nice dinner, as Raul figured out what percentage of the total he should leave as a tip, Brittany showed him her surprise--a key to one of the rooms upstairs she'd gotten them for the night.

Diane was visibly upset when Jack came to get Kyle for dinner with him and Phyllis. She said she felt quarantined. Jack reminded her that she and Kyle wouldn't always be living there, and he wanted Kyle to be comfortable with him and Phyllis in the Abbott house. Later, Isabella came over to check on Diane and commiserated with her about the new rules. She assured her that sooner or later, Phyllis would self-destruct. She also reminded her that kids know who doesn't like them, and Kyle would never be comfortable with Phyllis, who couldn't take Diane's place or even share it in the heart of her son.

As Phyllis got ready for dinner, she took her photo of Daniel from a drawer, remembering the day he was christened and feeling guilty about the mistakes of her past. When Mamie came in, Phyllis told her she was going to stop focusing on Diane and find a place for Jack's son in her heart. She tearfully explained that she wouldn't wish the pain she felt about Daniel on anyone, including Diane. Mamie assured her that she and Kyle would get along fine. Later, Phyllis felt awkward as she tried to interact with Jack's son. But when he left to take a business call, she took Kyle from his high chair and became more relaxed with him. Jack was happy to see that his wife and son were "clicking." As the three of them hugged, a dismayed Diane watched them from the doorway.

Olivia came to Victoria's office after Victoria called her. Victoria told her that the Diego situation was under control, and she still intended to go out with him the following night, but she was starting to have a real problem with Sharon. She said that rather than being happy for her loving husband and great kids, Sharon was jealous of Victoria's blossoming relationship with Diego. She warned that if Sharon didn't back off, it would be up to her to inform her brother. Olivia reminded her that Sharon's fears that Victoria was only using Diego and had no real feelings for him weren't that far from the truth.

After Christine heard about the visit Victor had made to Sharon, she warned her to be careful about discussing Diego with her father-in-law, as Victor could be very perceptive. Sharon admitted that she felt he was looking right through her and into her heart. After some questioning from Christine, Sharon finally admitted that she knew what her problem was. In spite of loving her husband and being happy with her family, she was jealous of the relationship between Diego and Victoria. She said she had no choice but to stop feeling that way. Christine told her that feelings weren't that easy to control, but Sharon said she had to. When Nick called her cell phone and asked her to come to Crimson Lights, Sharon told Christine she was going to tell her husband she loved him and put all the tension with Victoria behind them.

At the coffee house, Nick discussed his confusion about the friction between Sharon and Victoria with a sympathetic Larry. He said it was his own fault, first for pushing his sister toward Diego, and second for not realizing how Sharon would react. He said there was only one solution. Later, when Sharon joined him, she was in good spirits and ready to enjoy their night together. However, she got an unpleasant surprise when Victoria walked in. Nick admitted that he'd invited his sister there so the three of them could talk until the problems between them were worked out.

Thursday, July 25, 2002

by Ruth

Jack questioned Phyllis' motives, wondering if she was playing a game with Kyle at dinner. She asked him if his questions meant that he thought that she would screw up her job at parenting again, but they got through that without a major argument and soon she was feeding Kyle ice cream for dessert. She really warmed up to that precious little boy and Jack just sat back admiring the scene. It was getting late, so Phyllis suggested that Jack take Kyle back to Diane and she would be waiting upstairs.

Diane hit the roof when Jack brought Kyle back to the pool house. She insisted that Phyllis was using her little boy and that she couldn't be trusted. Jack held strong with his convictions that Phyllis was genuinely trying to make an effort to get to know Kyle and that she wanted everyone to heal through the process. He expected Diane to be part of that process as well. She didn't say it, but the look on her face said, "You've GOT to be Kidding!" as Jack left and Isabella stepped back into the room.

Phyllis welcomed Jack back to their suite wearing a lavender bra and underwear covered by a matching apron. She told him that they must be quiet -- that Kyle was down the hall in his bedroom and they didn't want to disturb him. She was pretending that it was years later and Kyle was 13 years old. Her fantasy was that she was his devoted mother, she drove him to school and football practice and that they all got along famously. Jack was thrilled at the prospect and they melted into each other's' arms. Afterwards, they talked about the fabulous journey that they were starting as a family. Phyllis called Kyle her son too and Jack was on Cloud 9 thinking about the future with his son and the amazing woman that he had married.

Meanwhile, Diane blew a gasket with Isabella, ranting and raving about what Phyllis was up to with her son. Isabella tried to calm her but soon she became so upset that she squeezed and broke the glass of wine in her hand that she had been guzzling. Diane was sure that Phyllis was making a move for the steering wheel, not just trying to get into the driver's seat in this situation. She vowed with all her being to stop that woman from using her son. . .

J.T., Mac and Billy talked about Raul's plans for a special night with Brittany at the Lodge. Billy hoped that Brittany appreciated it and Mac asked J.T. whether or not he thought that Brittany had true feelings for Raul or if she was just playing with him. J.T. answered by saying that Brittany was so crazy about Raul that he didn't even know her anymore.

In their room at the Lodge, Raul fed Brittany strawberries with whipped cream then presented her with a gift that he had planned to give her at dinner. It was a locket on a chain with their pictures in it. She was hesitant at first, but thanked him with all of her heart and told him that she loved it. They moved onto the bed and made love. Afterwards, Raul awoke and whispered the words, "I love you" in Brittany's ear. She opened her eyes, but did not respond. . .

Victoria laid it on the line with Sharon, telling her what she had heard Diego say about "dodging a bullet" on the telephone. Sharon didn't let it rattle her, she denied everything and held her ground. Sharon told her that she would cause a huge rift in the family if she went to Nick with this -- she wasn't going to say anything yet, but she was going to keep an eye on her and Diego. . .

Friday, July 26, 2002

Brittany and Raul woke up in the Lodge together. Raul told her that he felt like she'd cast a spell on him, since he'd never felt about any girl the way he felt about her. When he bemoaned the distance between their colleges, with Brit in New York and him in Boston, he said they could still see each other every weekend. Brittany warned him to slow down, as making good grades wasn't as easy for her as it was for him. She would need time to study. Raul then suggested he see about transferring somewhere closer after his first semester, and Brittany said they should just wait and see how things went.

At Crimson Lights, J.T. told Billy and Mac that he thought Brittany was acting weird and that she wasn't being herself in her new relationship with Raul. Later, J.T. went to another table when Raul and Brittany came in and joined Billy and Mac. Billy seemed intent on taking digs at Brittany, while Mac said she thought the locket with pictures of Brit and Raul that Raul had given her was romantic. When J.T. and Brittany left for work, and Mac left to check her schedule at the shelter, Billy warned Raul that he might want to slow things down a bit with Brittany and not come on so strong. Billy said that he was picking up a weird vibe from Brittany, as if she were not comfortable. Raul said that it sounded to him like Billy was jealous. Meanwhile, at the Glo by Jabot boutique, Brittany admitted to J.T. that no guy had ever treated her as well as Raul had, and that she appreciated his sincerity and his honesty. J.T. asked her if all that was true, why she didn't seem happier, and Brittany admitted to feeling confused.

Phyllis and Jack awoke after a happy night of lovemaking following their family evening with Kyle. Jack said even if Phyllis had been faking at the beginning of the evening, she certainly wasn't by the end. Phyllis told him that she really was starting to care about his son. Jack said Kyle was her son, too. When Phyllis asked how things would be when Diane moved away, Jack told her that he could handle it, and they'd always have a relationship with Kyle. Later, Phyllis ran into Michael at Crimson Lights and told him she'd had an epiphany, realizing she'd been handling Diane all wrong. When she outlined her new plan to him, Michael warned her that Diane had not had a similar epiphany and might still be willing to fight unfairly. Phyllis said she had nothing to fear from Diane, who she'd hung up like a side of bacon.

Diane went to see Victor, pretending the reason for her visit was to bring him the sketches of the old offices she'd been designing for him. Victor reminded her that he wasn't going to open those offices and asked why she was really there. She asked why he'd lured her away from her true love--Jack--when he cared nothing about her, and accused him of having no concern for the lives he destroyed when he took whatever he wanted. As she tried to explain what it was like to see Jack with Phyllis, Victor told her that she was playing the victim. He suggested that if she wanted to find happiness, she should try to get it without resorting to her usual lies and deceptions. She said she should have known better than to expect him to have any compassion for her. When he asked why he should give a "rat's behind" about her suffering, Diane told him that maybe one day he'd know what it was like to love someone and feel like his one chance at happiness had passed him by. After Diane walked out, Victor took out the engagement ring and brooded about Nikki.

Back in town, Nikki ran into Max at Gina's and learned that Victoria had told him she'd been away. She explained that she'd had a lot of thinking to do. When Max asked if she'd seen Leanna's retraction at the request of the three women involved, and said that he thought it was a matter of arm-twisting by Victor, Nikki told him that she didn't want to discuss Victor. Max then told her that he hoped they were friends, and that sooner or later, he'd hear about what she'd been thinking. Nikki assured him that she wanted to be friends, too, and promised that she'd share her thoughts at some point. She then went by Jabot to sign some papers, and admitted to Jack that Victor had proposed to her. When Jack reacted with disbelief and warnings, she reminded him that Phyllis had changed, why was it so impossible that Victor had? Jack told her that Phyllis's changes had been slow and painful for her. He wondered how many times Nikki was going to beat her head against the same brick wall. Nikki told him that she knew the biggest consideration was that she had changed, and she was happy and content with her new independence. She then told him she'd be giving her answer to Victor that afternoon.

Max approached Victor at Gina's and hinted that Victor was not going to get the answer he wanted from Nikki. Victor repeatedly warned him that he was overstepping his boundaries. Finally Max said that if Victor didn't get the answer he wanted from Nikki, Max fully intended to remain a part of her life. He mused that he had an advantage over Victor, because not only did he know how to listen to a woman, but he knew how to open himself up to one. Victor dropped some money on the table and went to his office, turning from the window when Nikki came in.

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