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Jack and Phyllis made plans to trick Diane into revealing her involvement in the fire. Victor tried to bribe Diego to leave town. Ashley overheard Olivia tell Dru that she was in love with Brad. Christine accepted Michael's marriage proposal.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 28, 2002 on Y&R
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Monday, October 28, 2002

Jack and Phyllis tried to figure out a game plan to defend Phyllis's innocence. They agreed the biggest hurdle to get over was the damning videotape. While Phyllis said she felt it was Diane on the video, Jack disagreed because the woman was not hobbling. During their conversation, the phone rang—Diane—who wanted to come over to talk with Jack. He began to protest, but Phyllis waved at him, telling him to let Diane come over. When Diane arrived, she told Jack she was worried about him, how she was there to support him, and how she was glad he was beginning to accept the reality that Phyllis is crazy. At that point, Phyllis came downstairs, baggage in tow, screaming at both of them that she was tired of proving herself to Jack, she was leaving, and that Diane could have Jack, once and for all. Looking stunned and not realizing she was acting, Jack started to protest, but Diane interrupted, telling him to just let Phyllis go ahead and leave. After Phyllis slammed out the door, Jack asked Diane to leave as well, and sat looking perplexed. Once the coast was clear, Phyllis came back and Jack told her to warn him the next time she pulled a stunt like that. She felt her act was effective and now that Diane thought she was gone, it would only be a matter of time before she gave herself away.

Serena, all dressed up, stopped by to see Neil in his apartment. He apologized for their last encounter and she shrugged it off. She told him he looked more confident and together and asked him what his plans were. He told her he was concentrating on getting a job and being a father to Lily. He explained he and Drucilla had decided to enroll Lily in Walnut Grove Academy because the two of them planned to stay in Genoa City indefinitely. She made an offhand comment about his not having time for her anymore, and he quickly told her he felt she had saved his life, and that he would never forget that. After she left, he picked up an early photo of he and his family and stared at it for a long time.

Drucilla had a contentious conversation with her agent Sid in Wesley's hotel suite. She was interested in working more, but he made a lot of excuses as to why she wasn't being offered anything at the moment. She asked him if he thought her career was on a downswing, and when he wouldn't answer her directly, she angrily told him he needed to find her work or else she needed to find another agent. Wes walked in and although she tried to cover, admitted he heard the tail end of the conversation. He reassured her he loved her for her inner beauty, not her fame. He told her of Serena's visit to Neil, and Dru told him she felt Neil was nice to Serena strictly out of obligation, and that she was his former drinking buddy. Wesley told her she didn't in any way look like she was abusing alcohol to him, but was more interested in talking about Neil. He said he told Neil his opinion about Lily staying in Genoa City, and told Dru he would support her in whatever decision she made.

Victor paid a visit to Victoria in her office and tried to convince her to come back to the ranch to live. He tried in several different ways to convince her that Diego was no good, but she didn't listen. She respectfully told him that she appreciated his concern, but that she had no intention of ending her relationship with Diego. She went on to say Diego was paying for them to stay in a motel downtown, and they were looking for an apartment together. They ended the conversation in a loving way, agreeing to disagree.

Meanwhile at the ranch, Diego paid a visit to Nikki. She wasn't very interested in talking with him, and implied his interest in Victoria was based on her wealth. He denied it, telling her he loved her and promised to do everything he could to make her happy. Nikki gave him a piece of her mind, telling him Nicholas and Sharon had broken up and her family was torn apart, thanks to him. She also told him it would probably be in his best interest to leave before Victor got back. Diego encouraged her to talk to Victor about this, and not to make Victoria choose between him and her family, because he felt certain the family would lose. After he left, Victor came home and he and Nikki talked about the situation. Nikki gently pointed out that Victoria hasn't been this happy since Ryan died, and perhaps they are misjudging Diego like they initially did to Ryan.

Victoria came "home" to the motel room and told Diego about Victor's visit. In turn, he told her he went to see Nikki at the ranch, and she reacted strongly. He calmed her down by telling her not only did Nikki not throw him out, he felt she was even softening a bit.

Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Vicki surprised Diego with breakfast in the motel room. He asked her again if she was certain she wanted to pursue the relationship, and she told reassured him one more time. While enjoying breakfast, they decided they would go look for an apartment later on that day. When Diego balked at the cost of the kind of place she would want to live in, she told him it didn't matter who paid, and that she has money and he might as well get over it.

At the ranch, Nikki and Victor were discussing the children's lives again. Nikki expressed disappointment about Sharon's behavior and told Victor that while she didn't wish her any ill will, she didn't feel as if she could be trusted any longer. She also warned Victor to be careful not to alienate Vicki. He assured her he wouldn't, but Nikki told him he likely would, but would be clever about it.

At Newman, Nicholas and Vicki were arguing over business plans, and Nicholas began to make it personal. He turned the conversation to Diego, and expressed his annoyance at her relationship with him. She shot back that although he probably didn't want to hear it, they were going to search for their own apartment that very evening. Livid, Nicholas told her he wouldn't allow her to do that and called her "hard up." He told her if she moved in with Diego, that he was finished with her-that he no longer had a sister, and wanted nothing to do with her. Tearing up, she told him their dad would expect them to work together, and he replied, "no way," and left her office. His words obviously impacted her; after he left, she looked totally crestfallen.

Meanwhile, Victor paid a visit to Diego at the motel. As he barged into the room, he implored Diego to just listen to him. He told him he understood Diego was a drifter, just a day laborer who never had any money. He produced a big envelope full of money--$100,000. He offered it to Diego in exchange for him leaving town and ending the relationship with Vicki. Diego protested, but Victor knew which buttons to push. He told Diego he knew his parents were hardworking people, but that they never got any financial help from Diego. He outlined how the money could pay off their house, allow them a vacation, and go toward their retirement. Diego, completely beside himself, told Victor he loved Vicki and all the money in the world couldn't stop that. Victor warned him if he didn't take the money, there would be hell to pay, and left the envelope on the counter when he left. Diego just stared at the envelope looking totally shocked, wondering what to do.

Jill and Larry were in bed after a night of passion when Jill jumped up, realizing she was late for work. She started yelling at Larry, telling him he shouldn't have spent the night, and now someone might possibly see him on the way out. He expressed his annoyance at being her dirty little secret and told her she was being rude to him. On cue, Esther came by Jill's room to drop off her laundry, and when she wouldn't open the door, asked who was in there with her. Larry suggested they just let her in to prove she wasn't ashamed of him, but Jill shoved him out the window to shimmy down the pipes half-dressed. Unfortunately, the pipe broke, and Katherine was standing near the window when Larry fell to the ground. She asked him what he was doing outside in his underwear, and being no fool, quickly put two and two together. Jill tried to sneak out, but Katherine saw her and wasn't about to let her off the hook. Jill tried to pretend nothing unusual was going on, asking Larry why he was half naked, and Katherine took the opportunity to milk it for all it was worth. When Jill accused Larry of lying about being involved with her, Larry got mad and spilled the beans. Jill was so embarrassed she just left the house as quickly as she could.

Paul and Andy went to the coffee house to chat. They caught up on their family situations, when the conversation turned to Chris. Paul told Andy he was unhappy about who she was with, and that they often ran into each other. On the other end of the coffee house, Chris and Michael met so Chris could give him an answer to his proposal. After some good-natured teasing, a nervous Michael finally asked her what her answer was. Chris shocked him by saying "yes" and very pleasantly surprised, he got up and kissed her passionately. At that moment, Paul looked over and saw them kissing and got up to jump in between them. Andy grabbed him and shoved him out the door before Paul was able to make a scene.

Wednesday, October 30, 2002

Raul came to check on Brittany, who was at the homeless shelter to get the work assignment she would be doing for community service. Ned came in while they were kissing and reminded them it was a business establishment. When Brittany accused Ned of coming down so hard on her because her parents had money, Ned said he didn't take drinking and driving lightly, especially after the consequences it had to Raul. Raul tried to speak up for her, but Brittany told him she understood. She intended to prove herself to him. After Ned left, Brittany suggested they rent a video and hang out at her house later, since her parents would be out late.

Frederick and Anita Hodges met briefly at Crimson Lights. Brittany was supposed to join them but wasn't there yet. Anita expressed concern for Brittany's involvement with Raul, since a friend of theirs had seen Brittany at a movie with someone who matched Raul's description. Frederick refused to believe their daughter was involved with Raul, and Anita said if she was, she had a plan to put a stop to it. Frederick had to leave for a meeting at Jabot. Before he left, he looked like he wanted to embrace Anita, but she was bent down putting something in her purse, so he left. When Brittany finally joined her, Anita asked how things went at the homeless shelter, then said she was more interested in Brittany's plans for her time when she wasn't doing her community service. Brittany said she intended to spend time with Raul. Anita accused her of using Raul as a means for striking out at her parents. Brittany said of course Anita would think it was about her; it couldn't possibly be because Raul was smart and sweet and fun to be with. When she refused to stop seeing him, calling her mother a bigot, Anita reached into Brittany's purse, took out all her credit cards, and began cutting them up while Brittany protested in disbelief.

Michael was ready to put the engagement ring on Christine's finger, but she wanted a more romantic setting than their law offices. When he suggested going elsewhere, Christine reminded him that she didn't have time before Ricky's christening. Michael tried to talk her out of going. Christine said that after talking to Lynne, she felt she should be there to offer Mary some support. Michael made Christine admit that she was also going because she wanted to rattle Isabella. Christine said that she didn't think Paul or anyone else would create a scene, considering the type of occasion it was.

At Crimson Lights, Mary bemoaned Paul's situation to Lynne. She said the worst mistake she'd ever made was making things difficult for her son and Christine, because she'd helped make it easier for Isabella to trap him. Lynne urged her to focus on Ricky. When she said that Paul was planning to surprise Isabella with an appearance from her father, Mary said Isabella's estrangement from her family was just further proof that something was wrong.

As they got ready for Ricky's baptism, Paul was remembering the kiss he'd seen between Michael and Christine at Crimson Lights. When Isabella asked what was on his mind, Paul said that he was worried about his mother. Isabella said that she planned to do everything she could to keep everyone comfortable. She asked about Andy, and Paul told her that he was fine. Then he refused to tell her what her surprise was. When Lauren arrived, Isabella left to finish dressing. Lauren was glad to hear that Michael had dropped charges against Lynne and Mary for breaking into his office, but Paul said Michael had only done that to look good in Chris's eyes. Lauren warned him to stop obsessing over his ex-wife and her new boyfriend. Paul told Lauren about how it had made him physically ill to see Michael and Christine kissing. He just didn't understand how Michael had taken her in. Lauren reminded him that this day was about his family, especially his son, and he needed to stop thinking of Chris.

Katherine pumped Larry for more information on his relationship with Jill. When Larry admitted that he felt used, and like a loser, Katherine shredded Jill's character in an attempt to make Larry feel better. She said that he was not the first of Jill's victims and wouldn't be the last. He was better off without her. Larry said that might be true, but he wasn't going to take it lying down.

John scolded Jill for being late to a Jabot meeting, then admitted their banker, Frederick Hodges, was also running late. He commented on Jill's bad mood, sure she'd had an argument with Katherine. Jill said her personal life was none of Katherine's business. She then asked if John had seen Larry, admitting that she'd said some things to him she was sorry for. When Frederick came in and they started their meeting, Larry stalked in with a box. He told Jill he would not be treated like some sex toy she was ashamed of now that she was tired of her "big dog, muscle man, and tattooed titanic." Humiliated, Jill tried to stop him, insisting she had intended to apologize to him, but that he was out of line to come into her place of business and speak to one of his bosses in such a way. Larry opened the box and showed off some of Jill's treasures: risque lingerie, blindfold and handcuffs, and scented body oils. John tried to put a stop to it, and Jill finally told Larry he was fired. Larry stomped out, saying he'd tell the other low-ranking employees that Jill was on the lookout for another boy toy. John got a call and had to leave. Frederick told Jill what an interesting meeting it had been. Jill told him that she was mortified. Frederick assured her that her social life was no one else's concern, and he still intended to do business with Jabot. A grateful Jill thanked him and agreed to a dinner meeting the next week, not realizing that Frederick was probably regarding her as a possible sexual conquest.

Thursday     October 31, 2002

by Ruth

Ashley was waiting for Jack to join her for lunch at Gina's. She called Olivia and left a message that she planned to stop by the hospital and talk to her later. Jack arrived and she told him that her husband and daughter were number 1 in her life from now on. She had been too distant from Brad and he had been so good to her through the whole illness. Jack mentioned her talk with Victor -- she didn't know that Gina had told Jack and Brad about it the next morning. She left Jack behind and rushed home.

Ashley arrived home and Brad came downstairs. She apologized right away for talking to Victor and told him that she had made it clear that she didn't want to spend time with him any more. She was worried that Brad was upset about the whole thing, but he was calm. He felt better after he gave Victor a piece of his mind and he had something else on tap for the evening. The baby was with the sitter and he wanted to be close to his wife once again. She had taught him so much about intimacy and trust, he couldn't let that slip away. She wanted to be with him too. They walked up to their bedroom, kissed tenderly, then sat down on the bed. He asked her to take it off, she started unbuttoning her blouse. He meant her wig. He wanted her to show him that part of herself of which she was so ashamed. She didn't want to -- he told her that he loved HER, not her hair, her eyes, or her lips. He wanted to see her beauty as it was, naturally. She slowly removed the wig and he held her tenderly and lovingly. . .

Olivia couldn't help thinking about her kiss with Brad when Drucilla paid her sister a surprise visit. She didn't mince words about the questions in her mind about Olivia's relationship with Brad Carlton. Olivia resisted, then caved a bit -- she admitted that the two of them had become close in helping each other through Ashley's illness. Drucilla refused to believe that this was all in the past -- she could tell that her sister was far away in her mind when she walked in the door. Olivia demanded her to leave, but Dru refused. Olivia ended up admitting that she had fallen in love with her best friend's husband, that it was inappropriate, and that she was ashamed of herself. She said again, though, that it was OVER!!!

At the coffeehouse, Brittany couldn't believe that her mother was cutting her off from the family finances. Her father arrived and she was sure that he agreed with her -- he really didn't know what was going on. Brittany decided that she was better off without them and turned to go. She found Raul looking for her before she reached the door -- she fell into his arms.

Brittany told him about her problem and was sure that she could find a friend to room with until January -- no, that wouldn't work because her friends parents would side with her parents. She looked in the newspaper for an apartment. The one she found was low budget on the other side of town. Raul couldn't believe that she would consider such a place, but he went with her to check it out.

The place was old and nothing like Brittany was used to. She looked around and knew that it would have to be the answer in order for her to afford it until college and in order for the two of them to ever have hopes of spending time alone. Raul had to put his foot down -- he wasn't going to let her stay there alone. She became defensive and accused him of acting like her parents. He explained himself -- he was suggesting a roommate -- and the roommate would be him. She was overjoyed and worried about what his parents would say. He didn't care, they would be gone miles away in a few months and they may as well become independent sooner than later. . .

Brittany came back to the coffeehouse after Frederic had questioned his wife about her tactics with their daughter. Her mother was sure that Brittany would do an about-face as soon as she came to grips with reality. They both were sure that Brittany was back to ask for forgiveness, but they were wrong. She had her suitcase in tow and gave them back the house key -- something she would no longer be needing. . .

Larry Warton overheard Michael Baldwin ordering a stiff drink early in the morning at Crimson Lights. He asked what was up -- he had woman troubles of his own. Michael told Larry that his fiancé was attending a baptism in which she may not be welcome and Larry challenged him as to why he wasn't there at her side. The more Larry talked, the more Michael realized exactly where he should be at that moment. . .

Paul and Isabella were the first to arrive at the church. Paul was nervous, but they both agreed that they wanted the day to be special. Andy came next and tried to console his friend. He promised that he would make sure that everything went well. Paul wondered whether inviting Isabella's father had been a mistake, then Mary, Lynne, and Marisa arrived. Mary asked about Chris and Paul doubted that she was coming. Just then, Chris walked in the door.

Mary introduced Chris to the priest and welcomed her wholeheartedly. Andy took Paul aside to tell him that Isabella's father was there. Paul greeted his father-in-law, who wasn't sure that his daughter wanted to see him. The two entered the sanctuary and Paul announced Mr. Brana's arrival. Isabella's jaw dropped to the floor as all she could say was, "Papa!"

Mr. Brana and Isabella spoke privately for a moment about his being there and about them naming their baby after him. He was proud and happy about it. He met Mary Williams and thanked her graciously for what she had done for his daughter. Mary didn't quite know what to say about that.

The ceremony began after Lauren brought the baby to meet his grandpa and everyone had arrived. It was a beautiful ceremony, and, as it was completed, Michael Baldwin entered the church, standing back in the shadows to assess the situation. . . .

Friday, November 1, 2002

Diego came to Raul and Brittany's new apartment without realizing his brother intended to move in. He confirmed Raul's suspicion that it was the same place he'd lived when he came to town, where some guys had beaten him up. But he said those troublemakers had been evicted, so it was safe enough. He was shocked to find out that Raul intended to live there with Brittany, having been unaware that Raul had forgiven her for the car wreck. Raul worried that their parents were going to take all this news badly, and asked for Diego's support. Diego admitted that he was in the same place. He and Victoria had reconciled, and the Newmans were not happy about it. They agreed to help each other out and accept each other's girlfriends. Diego asked Raul how things were at home financially. Raul told him money was tight, as it had always been, but their parents were doing okay. Diego seemed to have something on his mind when he left.

Cody noticed Brittany's suitcase at Crimson Lights and asked if she was going away to college. Brittany told him not until January; until then, she was just moving out of her parents' house. J.T. overheard and questioned her about why she'd decided to move out. After all, she hadn't gotten along with her parents since she was twelve, so he didn't understand what prompted it. He finally guessed that she was moving in with Raul. After he taunted her about living with Raul's family and saying grace around the table, Brittany countered by asking him how and he Lolita were doing. J.T. didn't understand the reference, so Brittany said she'd heard Colleen had been grounded because of him. J.T. insisted they were just friends, and Brittany said he was a bad influence on their Junior Miss. When J.T. finally figured out that Brittany and Raul were getting their own place, he laughed and said she didn't know which end of a broom to use. Brittany said if he came to see them, she'd know where to put the handle. Later, she arrived at the apartment in a rainstorm and looked around with distaste at the dirt. But when Raul came in with bags of groceries, her mood changed. Though she'd never been in a grocery store before, and would miss shopping at boutiques, she told Raul that just seeing him come through the door looking like a kid at Christmas was the only thing that was important to her. Raul agreed that being together was all that mattered, and they hugged while rain streamed down the windows outside.

Dru continued to question Olivia about her involvement with Brad. Olivia admitted that she had developed very deep feelings for him. She knew that the distance between Brad and Ashley had started because of the cancer. But she'd accepted that they had since reconciled and their marriage was back on track. She then said that while what they'd done wasn't right, it wasn't completely unmotivated, though she refused to explain herself any further to Drucilla. Drucilla said she just wanted to see her sister happy and suggested that Olivia let her introduce her to some eligible men. Olivia said she wasn't interested. She admitted that one of the qualities about Brad that had drawn her to him was his loyalty to Ashley. She respected him for that.

Ashley and Brad talked comfortably in bed after they'd made love. She apologized for all the distance she had put between them, saying she didn't know how she could have acted that way and hoped he would forgive her. Brad believed that fighting the cancer had taken all of her energy; he understood and didn't feel that she had anything to apologize for. When she wondered if it had felt strange to him to make love to her when she had no hair, Brad told her how beautiful she was, and insisted their life together was even better than it had been before. Now they knew they were vulnerable, and would work harder to keep their relationship strong. He agreed to pick up Abby while Ashley went by the hospital to pick up a prescription. As lightning flashed and thunder rolled outside the hospital, Ashley approached Olivia's office, intending to pick up her tape from Olivia. Instead, she overheard Olivia telling Dru that because of Brad's strength and sensitivity toward others, she hadn't been able to keep herself from falling in love with him.

At the christening reception at Gina's, Christine watched as Marisa took pictures of Ricky with his parents and grandparents. Isabella deliberately made a show of kissing Paul so that Christine would have to watch. Lauren approached Christine and speculated on why she was there. Christine said she had simply accepted Isabella's invitation. When Isabella took Ricky upstairs to be watched over by one of the waitresses, Paul joined Christine. Christine suggested that Paul had begun to really despise her and noted that Isabella had kissed him so passionately to rub Christine's face in it. Paul admitted that might be true, but he denied despising Christine. Instead, he despised what Michael was turning her into.

Andy talked to Lauren at the christening, saying that Paul had been right. Lauren was still "one hot babe." Lauren was flattered that Paul had said that about her, and asked if Andy was aware of everything that was going on. Andy said he was, and he thought it was strange of Paul's ex-wife to be there. Lauren reminded him that he meant the "other ex-wife," Christine. Andy said that at least Michael hadn't shown up. Later, he saw Michael come into the restaurant and walk to Christine's side. He went to Paul and told him that Michael was there, but warned him to keep a grip on his emotions. Paul was furious, but kept his distance.

After Paul pointed out to Isabella that Michael was there, Isabella told Paul she'd get rid of him. Andy and Lauren were just telling Michael that he had no business being there when Isabella joined them. She asked to speak to Michael alone. They walked away from the others, and Isabella frantically informed Michael that Paul had surprised her by inviting her father to the christening. She warned him to leave before Mr. Brana saw him and exposed their secret past. Michael assured her that he would handle things. He sought out Mr. Brana, who remembered him and apologized to him. Michael said there was nothing to apologize for, but Mr. Brana said his family had treated Michael very rudely when Michael was handling Isabella's court case. Michael warned him that it would be best if he didn't bring up any of those things from the past, and Mr. Brana promised to keep his mouth shut. Neither of them was aware that Lauren was listening to their conversation.

When Michael returned to Christine, she expressed her distress that he'd come to Gina's and said she was ready to leave. Before they could walk out, Paul rushed across the room and began threatening to bodily throw Michael out of the place. Michael suggested that he take some anger management classes. As Paul's temper continued to flare, and Christine tried to get Michael out of there, Michael loudly told the entire group that he had an announcement to make. As Paul listened in horrified disbelief, Michael said that Christine had accepted his proposal that day and they were getting married.

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