The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 17, 2003 on Y&R

Neil and Victoria rehired Phyllis. Jack and Ashley made plans to launch a new line of African-American skin products. Anita caught Jill and Frederick in an embrace. Colleen questioned J.T.'s willingness to continue their relationship without sex.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 17, 2003 on Y&R
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Monday, March 17, 2003

Victoria updates Victor on the acquisition of Satine, and accuses him of wanting to cause problems for Jack and Jabot. Ashley states to Dru that they are reconsidering having her work at Jabot. Dru reminds Ashley and Jack that she didn't have an offer and didn't know what Ashley told her was a secret. Jack believes that Victor is behind the purchase, and it was a deliberate act of sabotage. Victoria and Neil rehire Phyllis. Jack demands that Phyllis refuse the job offer at Newman, and come work for him. Phyllis can't believe Jack is giving her an ultimatum, and insists on keeping her job with Newman. Jack is fuming, and goes to see Victor. Neil wants to celebrate the Satine acquisition with Dru, but instead Dru rips into Neil for his sneaky maneuver in company snatching. Furthermore, Dru doesn't believe Neil supports her career. Jill gives Larry a hard time for possibly screwing things up for her. She states she doesn't need Larry's help, and to leave things up to Frederick. Kay hounds Jill for mistreating Larry, making her realize that Larry took a big risk for her. Having listened to Kay, Jill goes to apologize to Larry and reestablish their relationship.

Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Anita interrupts Jill and Frederick in a close embrace. She accuses Jill of sleeping her way to the top, and Jill retorts that Anita is just jealous. Colleen asks Mac and Billy for their support in obtaining her driver's permit. Billy thinks it's a bad idea since it will give her more freedom to see J.T. Colleen denies to Mac and Billy that she's too young for J.T., and that he's taking advantage of her. She admits that J.T. did not take her up on her offer for sex. J.T. confides in Lauren that he is the one who's taking it slow in the relationship. Lauren is very proud of his restraint. Anita goes to see J.T. for any information he may have on Brittany. She is shocked by his willingness to help, and gives J.T. her cell phone number. Dru reveals to Neil that she has accepted Jabot's job offer. Neil admits that Dru's job opportunity could divide them again. He tries to convince Dru to come work for Newman, but Dru says it is too little too late. Jack suggests Victor back out of the Satine deal, but Victor won't budge. Jack accuses Victor of trying to drive a wedge between Jack and Phyllis, now that Phyllis is back at Newman. Victor admits hiring Phyllis back was a good idea. Jack warns Victor that the games have only begun.

Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Anita went to the bank tell Frederick that there was still no news about Brittany; she'd even gone by the boutique to see if the teens had heard anything, but only J.T. was there and he'd heard nothing. She also told Frederick that she'd been to see Jill at Jabot and reminded her that Frederick was a married man. Frederick was appalled, telling her that as a member of the board of Jabot, Jill was an important client of the bank's. Anita scoffed at him, saying it wasn't Jill's board membership that Frederick was interested in. It was clear to her that Frederick had a more personal interest in Jill; why else would he have a hand-addressed envelope with her name on it sitting on his desk? Frederick reluctantly told his wife about his assistance in helping Jill find her birth parents. Anita told him that was just an excuse, and she was tired of being with a man who never held or comforted her, and who slept unresponsively next to her each night, while she was so worried about their daughter. She angrily left his office.

Raul and J.T. talked while both were working at the boutique. J.T. told Raul that Anita had been by hoping for news of Brittany. Raul was surprised that she even cared. After getting to know the Hodges, he understood why Brit would run away; they were like pitbulls the way they went at each other. J.T. said it seemed to him that Anita was really concerned. He then admitted to Raul that he'd been frustrated by the two girls who'd shopped at the boutique earlier. They'd seemed interested in him, even inviting him to a party, but he turned them down. When Raul tried to question him further, J.T. expressed his suspicion that Raul would just run to Billy and repeat anything he said. But he finally admitted that he felt like what he had with Colleen was special and different, and he wasn't going to take advantage of her.

At Crimson Lights, Mac questioned Colleen more about the admission she'd made to Billy that she'd been willing to have sex with J.T. but J.T. wanted to wait. Mac was alarmed that Colleen felt she had to have sex with him to hold onto him. Colleen said that wasn't true. She loved him and wanted to share that with him. Mac reminded her that she was taking quite a risk, but Colleen said she'd had condoms. Mac told her no method was foolproof, and Colleen needed to know she was ready to face any consequences. When Colleen wondered how Mac knew the time was right for her and Billy, Mac told her that because Billy loved her, he was willing to wait. Mac herself didn't intend to have sex until she was married. Colleen said she wanted to talk things over with J.T. She knew Mac was on her way to the boutique; would she tell J.T. to meet Colleen in their special place? At first Mac was hesitant, but she finally agreed. When she saw J.T. at the boutique, she told him, warning him that she was only passing on the information because Colleen had made her believe J.T. was trustworthy. J.T. was surprised that Colleen told her what had happened between them, but he left to see Colleen. Finding her alone at the old Abbott playhouse, he could tell that she'd been worried about his reaction to what had happened between them a few nights before. He kissed Colleen and assured her everything was okay.

At the hospital, Nikki and Victor discussed the situation with Cassie, who was still in a coma. Nikki told him that Nick wanted Cassie to be taken home with twenty-four hour nursing care. He felt that there might be more of a chance that she would wake up if she was in familiar surroundings. Nikki felt that it would be better if Cassie stayed at the main house, where they could all keep an eye on her. If the tension between her husband and son continued, however, it would make things worse on all of them. Victor finally relented, saying that if they were sure Sharon was not coming home, he would tell Nick the truth--that it was Sharon who had initiated the kiss that Nick had witnessed between his father and his wife.

At that point, Miguel came in with Doris. Miguel said he'd get instruction from the hospital on how to care for Cassie. He could relay that to the family, then they all could help take care of her. When he left, Doris said before they made any decisions about Cassie's care, there was something she wanted to discuss privately with Nikki. Concerned, Victor left them alone, whereupon Doris accused Victor of making a pass at her daughter. Nikki listened in indignant silence for a few minutes, but her reaction made Doris realize that Nikki already knew the story. Doris's take on it was that Victor was fully to blame. When Nikki asked where Doris had gotten her information, Doris said from Sharon. Nikki was shocked and annoyed, wondering when Doris had spoken to her daughter.

In Cassie's room, Nick and Victoria watched while Noah looked sadly at his sister. Noah asked his father if Cassie was going to get better. Nick told him that he didn't know, but it was what they were all hoping for. Later, Victoria reminded Nick that Victor was outside and wanted to see Cassie. Nick said not as long as he was in the room. They had the same argument again about whether or not Victor was responsible for ruining any chance of a reconciliation between Sharon and Nick. Later, while Nick brooded in the waiting room, Victoria returned to Cassie's room and realized that Nick was spooning food into Cassie's mouth, and Cassie actually seemed to be responding.

Thursday, MARCH 20, 2003

Due to extended coverage of the war in Iraq, today's episode was not shown. There will be no lost episodes -- today's installment will be shown. However, it is currently not known how each of the networks will handle coverage of the military action. Stay tuned to Soap Opera Central for complete updates on when your favorite soaps will be shown.

Friday, MARCH 21, 2003

Due to continuing news coverage of the war in Iraq, today's episode did not air. According to a network spokesperson, no episodes will be lost; as soon as war coverage concludes, the schedule will pick up exactly where it left off.

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