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Sharon begged Nick to let her see Cassie. Michael admitted that he had invited Isabella to Genoa City to distract Paul. Christine left to find Paul in Los Angeles. Neil proposed to Dru. John made plans to investigate Charlotte's claims.
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Monday, May 5, 2003

Nicholas and Victor were in Victor's office having another contentious conversation about the Satine acquisition. When Nicholas told him again that he didn't agree with Victor's decision, Victor told him he didn't agree with a recent decision Nicholas had recently made. He told him he didn't think it was a good idea to talk about their personal family business with Jack Abbott. Nicholas replied that Jack was his former stepfather and furthermore, was his friend. Victor retorted that Jack didn't mean well for their family and the was a threat to the Newmans and Nicholas's inheritance. Nicholas told him he didn't agree with Victor's decision to cut off Jabot's cash supply and that he felt his decision was based on personal reasons rather than business ones. This irritated Victor, who told Nicholas he was simply asking them to pay back money they owed—and what was wrong with him, anyway? Changing the subject, he asked how the children were holding up. Nicholas brought him up to speed on Cassie and her nightmares and told him he was just trying to take care of the two children the best he could. Victor asked if he had heard from Sharon, and Nicholas told him no. Before leaving, he told Victor he could have Sharon all to himself—she's all yours, he said. Victor looked at him incredulously and told him he'd never wanted Nicholas's wife, but Nicholas had already walked out the door.

Victoria walked into the living room at the ranch to find Nikki about to come down to relieve her. Victoria told her she had left the children with Miguel and that she came up to tell Nikki that Sharon had come back. Victoria went on to tell her that she gave Sharon a piece of her mind and let her know where she stood in the Newman family in no uncertain terms. Nikki asked her if she told her about Cassie's accident, and Victoria told her she had told her and that she was destroyed by healing the news. She told her she didn't let her see Cassie and that she guessed Sharon would go directly to Nicholas.

While playing together at home, Noah and Cassie began to argue when Noah mentioned how much he missed their mom. Angry, Cassie told him he shouldn't love their mother; after all, she left them and she wasn't coming back. Noah didn't understand her rage, and told her he believed she was coming back—she had said as much in her letter to him. Miguel and Nicholas both walked in at that moment and saw that something was going on. Noah ran into Nicholas's arms and told him that Cassie was telling lies about their mother, saying that she didn't love them anymore. Nicholas held him and gently told him that his mother does love him, but that he didn't know when or if she was coming back. He turned around and told Cassie that she wouldn't be having nightmares about Sharon if she didn't love her, and also tried to explain that Sharon was going through something right now and it was just going to take time. He finished by telling them they needed to stick together and make every effort not to argue with one another. They all agreed and hugged each other.

Needing to make a few business calls, Nicholas took the children up to the main house. Victoria took the children to the kitchen for some cookies and milk while Nicholas and Nikki talked for a moment. She told him she was quite proud of the way he was handling himself and how he was putting his life back in order. He thanked her and told her he was simply trying to take care of his children and move on with his life. While he was on his way back downstairs, Sharon quietly entered their home. She looked around at the photographs of her family and looked full of regret. After she went upstairs, Nicholas walked in. He looked at the same pictures of their family that Sharon had, and had a look of sadness on his face. Sharon walked downstairs quietly and watched him from the bottom step.

Lynn came to the office and found Paul packing up the last of his things. Paul thanked her for coming and told her how much he was going to miss her. She tried to stop him from getting sentimental, but he wanted to honestly tell her how he felt. He told her how much he appreciated all of their years together and that he was really going to miss their friendship. He noticed she was quiet and asked her to look at him. Seeing that she was crying, he sat by her and held her hands and told her he was making the right decision for his family and that he hoped she could learn to accept it and let it all go. She told him she wished she could let it go as easily as Chris could. He asked what she meant, and she told him Chris and Michael were planning on eloping that day. He looked completely shocked, and asked if she was sure. After hearing confirmation, he asked if she could finish up for him—he needed to leave. He gave her a hug and kiss and left quickly.

As soon as he got home, Isabella noticed something was troubling him. He told her he felt he should catch a plane to California that very evening. When she asked why, he made a lot of excuses about adjusting and finally she told him she would give him some space and that he could go. She did ask, however, if his decision had anything to do with his conversation with Lynn, and he just told her it was hard to say goodbye. Although suspicious, she gave him his blessing and he called the airline to make the reservations.

While Chris was soaking in the bathtub in their hotel suite, Michael was very nervous—especially when his alter ego showed up to taunt him. He told Michael that telling Chris the truth would destroy their relationship and that he shouldn't even consider doing it. Michael told him he had changed, had turned over a new leaf, which was making him feel like he shouldn't start their marriage with this secret looming between them. Chris walked in and immediately noticed Michael's nervous behavior and repeatedly asked him if everything was all right. He tried to pass it off as pre-wedding jitters and she believed him. She told him while she was in the bathtub, she decided to write some wedding vows. She read them to him—lovely rhetoric about how much she loved and especially how much she trusted him, which sent him into an obvious emotional tailspin. She paused and asked him why he was looking at her so strangely...

Tuesday, May 6, 2003

As Nicholas looked at family pictures, Sharon eased down the stairs and said his name. He looked at her confused and then angry before asking what she was doing there. She told him she had to come, and he replied that she should have come weeks, even months ago. He asked what she was doing there, and she replied that she needed to see her family. He coldly looked at her and before leaving the room, told her she had no family there. Instead of leaving, she hung around until he came back into the living room. She told him she couldn't leave until they talked, to which he replied he had nothing to say. She said she was sure he probably wanted a divorce, but he really didn't answer. She went on to say that Victoria had told her about Cassie and how horrible she felt about it. This made him snap, telling her how she left him to explain to the children why their mother left them, especially since there really wasn't a good explanation. He also told her what he felt for her now was not contempt, but apathy. She apologized and admitted she handled it badly, but there was something more pressing she wanted to discuss: she wanted to see Cassie. She told him if he ever loved her at all, he would grant her the wish of wanting to spend a little time with her daughter.

Nikki burst into Victor's office to find him upset about his last conversation with Nicholas. She told him of Sharon's return, and gave him the details about she and Victoria's conversation. She told him she didn't believe Sharon deserved the time of day from any of them, but Victor wholeheartedly disagreed. He told her they were not going to make the same mistakes again by getting involved and strongly urged her to stay away from Sharon and to let her and Nicholas work things out as they chose. Annoyed, she stomped out of the office and slammed the door.

Dru sat in the apartment, annoyed by the letter she was reading. When Neil came in and saw how upset she looked, she told him the letter was from the school about their daughter—she was in trouble. The letter said Lily had missed classes and hadn't turned in homework and flunking social studies. Neil told Dru Lily had confided in him about being upset at the way the living situation was working out, but he thought they had worked through it. It made him angry when Dru told him Lily had also talked with Wes about this, and Wes had stopped by the day before to talk about it. Aggravated by hearing that, Neil told Dru they needed to improve the home situation and angered her by implying the arguing would end if only she would quit her job at Jabot.

Wes and Olivia stopped by the coffee house after seeing a movie. He excitedly started talking about plans he had made, but Olivia gently stopped him. She told him she was feeling a bit cautious, and could they slow things way down? In fact, could they stop this altogether? Surprised, he said he thought they were having fun, but she told him she wasn't feeling very safe. He urged her to discuss her feelings with him, but she really didn't want to and got up and left.

Over on the computer in the corner of the room, Lily saw the two of them talking, which did nothing for her already sour mood. Colleen approached her and she was quite rude for a while until Colleen got her to loosen up. She admitted that next to her pathetic life, Colleen's was perfect. Colleen offered to help, but Lily was not interested, so she left. As Wes was leaving, he saw Lily and approached her. She was crabby with him as well, and wasn't interested in talking, and told him as much. And, she added, if he hurried, he could probably still catch her Aunt Olivia. He asked if she was upset about that, and tried to talk with her about it, but she didn't want to hear it. In fact, she said, she didn't want to hear anything Wes had to say.

Paul went to go get Ricky over at Mary's and she told him she was very unhappy about his impending move. He implored her not to make the situation harder than it already was. She told him she knew she hadn't been supportive of his marriage to Isabella, but if they wouldn't move, she promised to behave. He told her he wished it was that simple, and explained that there were just too many ghosts in Genoa City and he wanted them to move on with their lives. While she went upstairs to get Ricky, he turned and saw a picture of him and Chris and gently picked it up.

Michael told Chris how much it meant to him that she wrote their vows, how honest they were. He made an attempt to start telling her his secret, but stumbled around nervously, not helped by his alter ego badgering him. He told her how much he had changed, but that he needed to tell her something—something long, long overdue. She told him he was scaring her a little, and he said he was twice as afraid as she was. He began as best he could, telling her he had sent Isabella to Paul's office because he needed something. That something, he began, was her. She just looked at him quizzically, waiting anxiously for the rest of the story.

Wednesday, May 7, 2003

Isabella met Diane at Crimson Lights to tell her the news about moving to California. Diane was a little upset that she was losing her only friend, but Isabella begged her just to be happy for her. She was getting the man of her dreams, and they'd be living half a continent away from his ex-wife. Diane wondered how long it would be before reality set in for Paul, but Isabella said that in any case, Christine was about to be married to Michael. They were eloping that night, if Michael didn't do anything to screw it up. Diane wondered what she meant, but Isabella said she only wanted to focus on positive things.

Paul arrived at the Branas' house in California and met his mother-in-law, Trini, who fell in love with Ricky at first sight. The Branas were excited that Isabella and her family were moving home, and they promised Paul a big welcome party with all their relatives. When Ricardo joked that they would treat him like an alien, Trini scolded him. Paul laughed and said it was all good. Rather than staying with the Branas that night, however, he'd rented a temporary apartment to stay in while he and Isabella were looking for a house to buy. He also wanted to explore L.A. a little, if they would look after Ricky. They were happy to keep their grandson, and Paul left, going to the beach to stare at the sinking sun with a bittersweet expression on his face.

In their hotel room, Christine was appalled by Michael's confession and accused him of destroying her marriage and interfering in her life. Michael pointed out that all he'd done was send Isabella to Paul to keep him from leaving for Hong Kong. Even if Paul had made the trip, Christine's marriage to Paul was already in trouble, and they'd probably have done nothing but fight. Christine said that Isabella was a damsel in distress, walking into Paul's life at his most vulnerable moment. By the time Christine had begun to feel like her marriage could be saved, she'd come home to find Paul already involved with Isabella. Michael insisted that everything he'd done, he'd done for Christine. Not only because he loved her, but because she deserved more than Paul had given her. If Michael had the honor of being her husband, a hundred Isabellas couldn't have made him betray her. Christine told him that she never wanted to see him again and left, while Michael reread the vows she'd written and sobbed.

Colleen and Sierra tried to cheer up Lily at Crimson Lights, but she was having none of it. Sierra never seemed to have a problem, and even though Colleen had endured a rough year, now everything was going her way. She had a great family and a great boyfriend. But Lily's life was falling apart. Her parents were either fighting or not talking. And her hopes for a marriage between her mother and Wes were useless now that she'd found out he was involved with her aunt. Colleen suggested that they go to her house and hang out and talk. Sierra agreed, saying they would always be there for Lily as friends. But Lily said it wouldn't do any good, and she stormed out of the coffee shop while they watched helplessly.

Neil was a little defensive when Wes came to see him out of concern for Lily. Neil insisted that he and Dru had the situation under control. Wes wasn't buying it. He'd just seen Lily at Crimson Lights, and she was as unhappy as he'd ever known her to be. Obviously the situation at home wasn't making her as secure as Neil and Dru hoped. In fact, Wes had some advice for Neil. He said that he thought Lily would feel much safer about loving both of her parents together if they would get married. Wes suggested that Neil propose to Dru as soon as possible. After all, if they loved each other and wanted to be a family, that was the best way to show Lily how sincere they were. Neil said he'd take Wes's suggestion under advisement and thanked him before he left. Wes said there was no charge.

Dru went to see Olivia, wondering why she wasn't with Wes. Olivia said she was slowing things down. Dru wondered if they were having problems in the bedroom, and Olivia got angry. Dru finally said that she knew what Olivia's problem was. She was too happy, and she didn't trust it. Dru said that life was too short; Olivia needed to live in the moment and accept happiness when it came to her. She then went downstairs, where Neil was waiting in a romantic mood.

Sharon said that it didn't really matter what Nick thought of her. She knew their marriage was over and she had no expectations. But she did want the chance to see Cassie and try to explain why she had left. She honestly felt like she was doing what was right for her children, because at the time she'd felt like she was a terrible mother. When Nick said the best thing Sharon could do for Cassie was stay away from her, Sharon said a judge might feel differently. Nick told her not to try to do things that way. The only thing he cared about was his children, and if she cared, too, she'd do what was best for them instead of putting herself first. Sharon said that Cassie was obviously having such a hard time because she still cared. All Sharon wanted was the chance to explain.

They heard Cassie calling Nick from outside. Nick opened to the door to find his daughter with Miguel. When they went inside, Sharon had retreated to the kitchen, not wanting to shock Cassie. After Miguel left for the main house, where Noah was sleeping, Nick said that Cassie could have slept there, too. Cassie said she didn't want to be away from him, and she was afraid to sleep. Nick said that he wouldn't ever leave her, and Cassie clung to him while Sharon watched from the kitchen door. Nick gently suggested that Cassie might like to see a therapist, to talk about her feelings and get some help coping with things. Cassie said she knew what she was feeling. She was hurt because her mother had left, and now every time she slept, her mother came back. Nick suggested that if he could find Sharon and Cassie could see her, things might be better. Cassie said she never wanted to see Sharon again. She hated her. While Nick held her, he watched Sharon quietly leave the house.

Thursday, May 8, 2003

by Ruth

Ashley talked to Wes about his relationship with Olivia. She encouraged him to woo her slowly and romantically. She offered her home for a surprise dinner date. She called Olivia and invited her over.

Olivia was stunned when Wes answered the door at Ashley and Brad's house. He told her that he had arranged the dinner with Ashley and wanted to start over again, slower this time. He understood about her feelings for Brad and how those could not just go away overnight.

After Wes encouraged Neil to marry Dru, he proposed to her. She balked somewhat, but didn't say no.

Kay again criticized Jill for treating Liz like a second-class citizen, and Jill warned Kay to stay out of her life.

John Abbott told Charlotte that he once dated a girl named Eileen Ramsey, who had a sister named Charlotte. She insisted that it must be a coincidence and denied any relationship to Eileen. She didn't tell exactly where she went to school, but it wasn't Genoa City High. Her answers were very vague. She excused herself quickly, before the conversation went too far.

Chris rushed to Paul's apartment, finding Isabella alone. She demanded to know where Paul was, and Isabella refused to tell her. They sparred verbally for awhile, then Chris pushed Isabella down and almost strangled her. Chris left without any answers.

Michael shared his sad story with Diane. She lent an ear to him, but ended up leaving him alone with his bottle of scotch, drinking at his desk.

Friday, May 9, 2003

When Raul and Brittany left their bedroom, they found Mac already up and working on her wedding plans. Billy, too, was already gone on wedding errands. Brittany was distressed to hear that Mac was buying her dress off the rack. When Raul wondered if that was a bad idea, Brittany said the wedding dress was the most important part of the wedding. Mac said she thought the marriage was, but she finally agreed to at least talk to her "fairy godmother" Lauren about some dress ideas. She then pitched one of her ideas to Brittany. She was pretty sure Billy would ask Raul to be his best man, but instead of asking Colleen to be her maid of honor, Mac wanted Brittany. Brittany was startled and wondered why. Mac said they'd been through a lot together, both good and bad, and no one knew each of them like the other did. In fact, Brittany and Raul were now like a family with her and Billy, and she wanted her family around her at her wedding. Brittany admitted to being touched by Mac's words, but she refused the offer. After a startled and somewhat hurt Mac left them alone, Raul asked why Brittany had turned her down. Brittany said she would feel like a hypocrite. She confessed to Raul that her parents were separated. Considering everything, she no longer believed in marriage and 'til death do us part. All relationships ended. Even though Raul pointed out that her father sounded hopeful about working things out with her mother, Brittany herself didn't put much stock in his optimism.

Billy went to see Katherine without telling Mac where he was going. When Katherine asked about the wedding plans, Billy said that's why he was there. Katherine was the only one who was being supportive of their marriage. And although he felt awkward about asking for any favors, he wanted Mac to have the most wonderful wedding imaginable. He asked to borrow five thousand dollars, promising he'd pay Katherine back in installments. Katherine refused, saying she couldn't possibly loan him that amount. Billy was crestfallen and said he understood. Katherine smiled and hugged him, saying that she couldn't loan it to him because she wanted to pay for their wedding herself. She couldn't wait to see her beautiful granddaughter walk down the aisle, and she believed in the deep love Mac and Billy shared. Billy was thrilled, but Katherine gave him another surprise when she presented him with a beautiful diamond ring. Billy said he couldn't possibly accept it, until Katherine explained that it was the engagement ring Mac's grandfather had given her. It was a family heirloom and Mac was entitled to have it. Billy asked about her marriage to Gary Reynolds; had it been a happy one? Katherine said that Brock was the center of Gary's life, so she knew he would want Brock's daughter to have the ring. All marriages had their hard times, but there had been more happiness than sadness. The important thing was never to take each other for granted. Billy promised that he wouldn't.

John talked to Ashley again about his reservations about Jill's birth mother. Something simply didn't add up. Ashley said that, even though she'd first thought Charlotte might be a fraud, she didn't see how the agency who'd found her could make a mistake. John said it was unlikely, but not impossible. Charlotte Ramsey had an abortion that left her incapable of having more children. Somehow she might have managed to find a way to take advantage of Jill's need to find her birth mother, with her motive being to get her hands on Jill's money. Ashley said that Jill might like the idea of rewriting her life story with someone who would treat her like she was a princess. After all, Jill didn't have too many admirers. However, Jill did have the right to know the truth. If Charlotte was not her birth mother, Jill might want to continue to look for her real parents. John agreed, saying there was one place he might be able to find the truth.

Liz Foster came to visit Jill and was dismayed to find that Jill was so upset about Charlotte's evasiveness. She hadn't been at the hotel room Jill had rented her all night, but she was back there this morning. Liz reminded Jill that if Charlotte was accustomed to being an independent woman, she might feel smothered by Jill's attention. She then suggested that Charlotte's drinking might be a factor in all of this. Jill said that if Charlotte needed help, she could get her in the best rehab program available. Liz was troubled, wishing Jill would step back from the overeager Charlotte in case the woman was taking advantage of her. At that point, Jill's secretary let her know that Charlotte was there. When the two women were introduced, Liz seemed more uncomfortable than Charlotte did. Liz asked if she was from around there, and Charlotte said yes. She then thanked Liz for raising Jill and wondered if Jill had always been so stubborn. Liz said that she needed to go. Jill tried to persuade her to stay, but Liz said she wanted to visit Katherine. After Liz hurried out, Charlotte wondered if Katherine and Liz were friends, and Jill told her they were. She then asked Charlotte where she'd been the night before. Charlotte turned on Jill, saying she was not a doddering old woman who needed to be watched. Jill was surprised by the anger in Charlotte's tone.

Michael was passed out at his desk while Isabella phoned her parents on her cell phone and learned that Ricky was with them, but Paul hadn't spent the night there. After she hung up, she slammed her hands on the desk, waking Michael. She then hoarsely screamed at him for telling Christine the truth. No matter how Michael tried to speak or explain what he had done, Isabella wouldn't listen. She'd been a pawn. All she was supposed to do was distract Paul from going to Hong Kong, but instead she'd fallen in love with him. That hadn't been faked. Her love for Paul was true, and Michael had cost her everything by his sudden attack of conscience. She'd done everything for him, but the one thing he could have given her in return, his silence, he hadn't done. She would make him pay for that. Michael said that he couldn't live a lie with the woman he loved. Christine deserved better than that. If he could do things all over again, he'd change what he did two years before. Isabella was disgusted with him and said that she wasn't giving up. If Christine wanted a fight, Isabella would give her one.

Christine rushed into Paul's office calling his name, but Lynne said he wasn't there. Christine told her the whole story and said she'd understand if Lynne needed to say "I told you so." Lynne said she wouldn't do that. At least Christine had found out the truth before she married Michael. Chris said that was the irony of it. Once she finally trusted him, he let her know why she shouldn't. Lynne said she gave him no points for confessing. The important thing now was for Paul to know the truth. Chris said she'd gone by his apartment the night before, and had been so enraged by Isabella's smug face that she'd nearly strangled her. It was the only time she'd ever been so angry that she could have killed with her bare hands. But Paul wasn't there, and no one had come to the door when she went back that morning, even Isabella, although she might just be laying low. Lynne had to leave to run some errands, but Christine remained in the office, hoping Paul might show up. Instead, Andy came in. He finally gave her the information she needed. Ricky was staying at the Branas, but Paul had mentioned something about camping on the beach. Andy hadn't taken him seriously. Christine said she had to go and rushed out of the office.

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