The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 19, 2003 on Y&R

Katherine was so upset to learn that Jill was her daughter that she had a stroke. J.T. admitted to Colleen that he'd had sex with Anita. Drucilla accepted Neil's marriage proposal. Paul and Christine returned from California, and Isabella was stunned when Paul confronted her.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 19, 2003 on Y&R
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Monday, May 19, 2003

Nikki was startled when she walked into Victor's office and found Sharon sitting in his chair. She asked what Sharon was doing there -- surely, Nikki said, Sharon hadn't been invited. They began to argue, and Nikki gave Sharon a piece of her mind, detailing what Sharon had put the family through by leaving. Sharon said she had needed to return to see her children, and Nikki said not to forget that part of Sharon's returning was likely also because of her obsession with Victor. Sharon denied that immediately and said she wanted to help heal her children.

Nikki venomously told Sharon that the children didn't want to see Sharon and that Sharon was a pathetic excuse for a mother. Equally venomous, Sharon shot back that Nikki was an aging, bitter, and jealous woman who probably just wanted the children for herself. Nikki slapped Sharon for the nasty words. Just then, Victor walked in and demanded to know what was going on. He reminded them it was his place of business, and he had been able to hear them arguing all the way down the hall.

Victor looked at Sharon and told her to leave, which she gladly did. Nikki got in the last word, saying, "And don't come back!"

Nikki asked Victor what Sharon was doing there, but he didn't want to talk about it. She was glad to change the subject and told him why she was there in the first place: Phyllis. She said she had thought he had sent her to the Abbotts with a doomsday message and asked him to back off on the pressure tactics and to play fair. He denied sending her over there and said he had just told her the truth about Jabot's financial situation. He reiterated it to Nikki, telling her Jack was making a huge mistake and that she should distance herself from the situation.

Victor warned Nikki it would be unavoidable for her to be caught in the crossfire. She told him she thought he was a ruthless man -- that is, except where Sharon was concerned. He tried to explain that Sharon was the mother of their grandchildren and that the children needed her. He strongly urged Nikki not to interfere -- he had made that mistake, and it had had devastating consequences. Angry, she stomped out and slammed the door behind her.

John confronted Charlotte about her not really being Jill's birth mother. She tried to act as though he was crazy, but he saw right through her. He challenged her, giving her one last chance to come clean, or he would go straight to Jill with what he knew. She looked worried and started pleading with him, saying how happy Jill was to have Charlotte in her life. John said he would pull Katherine into the situation, as he knew they recognized one another.

Charlotte nervously told John that Katherine hated Jill and that Jill wouldn't believe a word Katherine said, anyway. She also asked if there was any way she could get him to stop it -- she had grown to like Jill a lot. He told her all she was concerned about was gaining a wealthy relative, and he was going to tell Jill the truth. Just then, Jill walked in the office, excited to tell Charlotte about the new wardrobe she had bought for Charlotte.

Charlotte immediately got belligerent and told Jill to take back the outfits. Furthermore, Charlotte said, she was leaving, and Jill should call her a cab. Jill offered to drive her, but John urged Jill to stay because he felt they needed to talk. After putting Charlotte in a cab, Jill returned, and John gently broke the news to her that Charlotte was not her birth mother. He told her how sorry he was to have to tell her, but Charlotte was a fraud.

Katherine looked out the window, remembering something from the past. She heard voices screaming -- a woman saying she didn't "want to do it" and a man goading her on. Out loud, she said, "Damn you, John, for opening all of this up." Just then, the doorbell rang -- it was Charlotte. Katherine rudely asked what she was doing there.

Brittany was about to leave the apartment to go see her mother when Raul walked in. He asked her to wait and talk with him before leaving, and though she protested, she listened to what he had to say. He tried to gently mention what Colleen had told him, but Brittany only really wanted to talk about what a jerk she thought her dad was being to her mom. He tried telling her she should stay neutral; after all, there could be things she wasn't aware of. Finally, he just blurted out that her mother wasn't as innocent as Brittany thought. He told her Colleen had seen Brittany's mom with another guy...and shocked her by saying it was J.T.

At the coffeehouse, Lily did her best to comfort Colleen after she told the news. Lily was completely shocked when she found out it wasn't a college girl but Brittany's mother. Colleen got so upset when telling Lily that she ran out of the coffeehouse and went on her way to confront J.T.

Meanwhile, J.T. went back to Lauren's to get Colleen's gift. He told her he was really glad he had broken things off with Anita and was going to be good to Colleen because he loved her. Lauren gave him the gift for Colleen, and he was sure she would love it. With that, he left to go meet her at their secret place and was excited to give her the gift. When Colleen sat down to open it at his insistence, she looked at him and broke down and cried.

Nick approached Cassie and told her they needed to talk about Sharon, because she had returned to Genoa City. He told her Sharon really missed Cassie and Noah and wanted to see them. Cassie expressed strong indifference about Sharon's return but was concerned that Nick would let Sharon move back in.

After assuring Cassie he wouldn't let Sharon move back in, Nick said that seeing Sharon might stop Cassie's nightmares, but she wasn't interested. She told him she was getting cooking lessons from Miguel so she could take over, but Nick stopped her, saying he didn't want her to suddenly stop being a kid. Ending the conversation, she told him she was going upstairs to do her homework and left.

Soon after, Sharon knocked on the door, wanting to see the kids. She and Nick talked briefly. Sharon told him how sorry she was and broke down and cried. He told her he had tried to get Cassie to see her, but she just wasn't ready, and he was sorry for that. Sharon cried on the steps, saying that she didn't know how she could go on without Cassie. Little did either of them know, Cassie was watching and listening to them through the stained glass window.

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

In Jill's office, Jill demanded to know why John had chased Charlotte away. He explained that Charlotte was not Jill's birth mother. Jill scoffed at that and refused to believe his story about Charlotte and her abortion until he mentioned that Katherine had told him about it. Jill suspected he was the victim of a cruel plot by Katherine. She took off to confront her enemy.

At the ranch, Sharon wanted to see the kids, but Nick didn't think Cassie was ready. He thought Noah would want to see Sharon, as he held no resentment and missed his mother. Cassie walked in on them. After some tense moments, Sharon apologized for leaving them. It had been a horrible mistake, and she hoped they could get past it.

At the loft, Raul tried to calm Brittany down after telling her what Colleen had seen between Brittany's mother and J.T. At first, Brittany thought it was a mistake, but she eventually realized it had to be true. The thought sickened and enraged her. Raul did his best, but Brittany wouldn't calm down.

Colleen was in tears at the dollhouse. J.T. was being very sweet to her. She confronted him about the kiss with Anita. He admitted to it and eventually admitted to sleeping with Anita, too. Colleen said she was going to be sick.

At the Chancellor house, Katherine didn't understand why Charlotte was there. Charlotte explained that something had to be done about John Abbott. He was snooping. Katherine didn't understand why he was meddling in her life. Charlotte explained that he thought he was protecting Jill. Katherine didn't understand.

Charlotte told Katherine that Jill thought Charlotte was her birth mother. Katherine laughed at that and wondered how Charlotte had been able to alter Jill's birth certificate despite all the security in those offices recently. Charlotte explained that she hadn't changed it recently. Her name had been on Jill's birth certificate since the day after Jill had been born.

Charlotte reminded Katherine of the many years earlier when Katherine's marriage to Brock's father had been on the rocks. He had been away for about a year with little Brock. During that time, Katherine and Charlotte had been good friends and had gone to the city often and met up with men. That had led to a pregnancy that Katherine had needed to keep a secret. Charlotte had helped do so for a price.

Katherine said Charlotte had only been instructed to leave the baby at an orphanage and make sure the child had a good family. Charlotte had tired, but the orphanage had been unwilling to let her leave without a name on the birth certificate, so Charlotte had given her own. The shock hit Katherine: Jill was her daughter. In a rage, she kicked Charlotte out and contemplated drinking again.

Jill burst in later. She and Esther found Katherine collapsed on the floor.

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Brad guessed that Colleen's mood had something to do with problems with J.T. Ashley said that since Colleen had confided in her, she wasn't going to discuss any details with him. Even if it was with J.T., Brad didn't need to go off on the kid. Brad said if J.T. were a kid, there wouldn't be an issue.

Brad admitted, however, that his temper would only add stress to their lives, especially Ashley's, and he didn't want that. In fact, he wished she'd do less at work while she was pregnant. He offered to make her presentation in an early-morning meeting she'd called, but Ashley said she had to be there. She insisted she was fine.

Jack tried to have a friendly drink at home with Phyllis, but Phyllis reminded him she was still mad at him for thinking she was Victor's stooge. She couldn't believe Jack wouldn't understand that she'd had the Abbotts' best interests at heart. Jack insisted that he did understand that, but she was buying into Victor's scare tactics. If she doubted Jack's trust, he might also doubt her trust in him.

Phyllis wondered how they could keep their business problems from affecting their marriage. Jack reminded her that she could still work for Jabot. Phyllis angrily rejected the offer, saying her job at Newman meant a lot to her. She then stomped out to get a little more air.

Neil repeated his marriage proposal to Dru after she set the stage for a romantic dinner and let Lily spend the night with Sierra so they'd be alone. Dru reminded him of all the reasons their first marriage had broken up. She wanted to know how she could be sure that Neil wouldn't, once again, let her career get between them. Neil joked that once Jabot failed, it wouldn't be an issue. More seriously, he promised that he intended for a second marriage to last.

Dru said a second marriage had to last, for Lily's sake. She then accepted Neil's proposal. As they toasted themselves, Dru with champagne and Neil with sparking water, she was upset to hear Neil's account of Jabot's financial problems. She couldn't understand why he would know that, but she wouldn't, even though she saw herself as an important part of the Abbott team. Neil said maybe they'd send her a memo.

At Newman Enterprises, the cosmetic companies' battles were also a bone of contention between Victoria and Victor. She resented the more hands-on approach he suddenly wanted to take with Satine. She felt she and Neil could handle things. Victor said that he'd expected Jabot to back down, but they hadn't. He said he needed to up the ante by expanding Satine's plans, presenting more products.

Victoria was not pleased with Victor's news, as she regarded Satine as her baby. Then again, she wondered if maybe Victor was trying to send her a message. When her father questioned her meaning, Victoria told him she knew about his offer to mentor Nick into taking over Newman Enterprises. That had been a surprise, since she'd always thought she and her brother would one day run the company together. She asked if Victor was disappointed in her job performance.

Victor assured Victoria that he had faith in her, but she had a lot on her plate between Brash & Sassy and Satine, and that was where he wanted her focus. However, he did apologize for not keeping her informed. He knew that was wrong, and it wouldn't happen again. In any case, the point was moot, since Nick had turned him down. As he left for a meeting, apologizing again, Victoria remained in his office, still looking exasperated by the way her father was handling things.

Mac and Billy met with Laird Worthington, who Katherine had hired to plan their wedding. Billy tried to duck out of the meeting, but Mac asked him to stay. The couple was a bit overwhelmed by Laird's plans for an all-out wedding production. They finally convinced him that they wanted something small and intimate. Laird assured them that he could give them exactly what they wanted. After he left, Billy received a call from his mother telling him that Katherine had collapsed and was in the hospital.

After Esther and Jill found Katherine unconscious on the floor, Jill tried to revive her while directing Esther to call 9-1-1. As they waited for the paramedics to arrive, Jill covered her fears about Katherine by verbally sparring with Esther, insisting that she wanted Katherine to wake up so she could wring her neck. Esther said that Jill didn't fool her -- Jill was upset by what was happening to Katherine. Later, at the hospital, when Esther continued to be mildly hysterical, Jill masked her fears for her lifelong nemesis by saying that Katherine was old; she couldn't live forever.

When Olivia stopped by to keep Jill and Esther abreast of Katherine's condition, Jill shut Esther up so Olivia could explain that Katherine had suffered a stroke. There was no way to know how much damage had been done, but they'd been right to get her to the hospital quickly. It was the kind of stroke that would continue to impair Katherine's health. Olivia promised to tell them more after they ran tests.

When Billy and Mac ran into the waiting room, Esther's account of what had happened made it sound like Jill had been fighting with Katherine before Katherine collapsed. Although Jill protested that Esther was getting the story all wrong, Mac didn't wait for further explanations. Mac screamed at Jill for what Jill had done to Mac's grandmother and for physically attacking Katherine until Billy pulled them apart. Jill looked at Mac with shock.

Thursday, May 22, 2003

by Ruth

Jack and Phyllis argued again before their respective meetings about the new cosmetics lines. Dru and Neil reveled in their wonderful new plans for marriage then argued about the cosmetics issue. Nikki took Victor something that he had left behind at home then they discussed Nick's feelings about Satine and let each other know that they were not giving in.

The management of Jabot assembled and listened to Ashley's proposal to postpone the rollout of Tuvia because they had no backup chemist, and she was going on maternity leave soon. Money was another problem, and they needed time to get their financial house in order. No one could agree on a strategy -- Dru saw it as a huge mistake to slow down. The others decided to think about it seriously and get back together soon.

Victor told his management team that they had to rev things up at Satine in order to crush Jabot. Research and development had been a problem at Satine, and that was what Victor's proposal needed. Neil mentioned the man who had left Satine behind, causing some of their problems afterwards. Victor authorized Neil to contact him, but Victoria didn't want to rush into anything.

At the hospital, Mac and Esther woke from a restless sleep in the waiting rooms. Jill arrived and argued with Esther then John arrived and wanted to know what had happened. Jill and Mac sparred once again, but John settled them down. Mac was allowed to talk to her grandma, who was still unconscious. Nothing was certain about Katherine's possible recovery.

Mac told Katherine that she wanted her grandmother at the wedding. Tears welled in Mac's eyes. Outside Katherine's room, John told Esther that he wanted to talk about the visitor that Katherine had had before her attack. He didn't want to do it right then, though.

After the meetings, Victor was on the phone with someone and wasn't very happy. He hung up the phone, and Dru entered his office. He wondered what she wanted, and all she would say was that he wasn't going to like it.

Friday, May 23, 2003

Phyllis walked in as Neil was trying to contact the former head of research and development at Satine. She asked if he was really going to try to hire him. She said that if she were living on a horse farm, she probably wouldn't want to leave it. Neil made a comment about her attitude, and Phyllis admitted that the Newman/Jabot competition was taking a toll on her marriage.

Phyllis warned Neil that he and Dru might find it tough going, with both of them working for opposing sides. As a teenager, Lily was going to rebel no matter what her parents did; perhaps Neil should reconsider remarrying his ex-wife. Neil acted as if he had it under control. He was also feeling pretty confident about luring Damon back as soon as he returned Neil's call.

In Victor's office, Dru expressed her unhappiness that Victor and Neil had used her for information that helped them acquire Satine, as well as for the way Victor was holding Jabot's debt over its head. Victor told Dru he was only tolerating her intrusion because she was beautiful, charming, and amusing and was engaged to Neil, but she'd better not try it again. When Dru pointed out that Jabot wasn't in the dire straits Victor thought, since the company had a brilliant chemist in Ashley, Victor smiled smugly, making Dru think he had something up his sleeve. After she left his office, she went by Neil's office to vent. While waiting for him, she spied the card with Damon Porter's number and tried to ascertain if Neil had made an appointment with him.

When Phyllis walked into Neil's office and caught Dru, Dru pretended she was checking his calendar for potential wedding dates. She hurriedly left, returning to Jabot to call Damon, whose business card she had slyly tucked into her dress. When she got him, and he recognized the name Winters from Neil's message, she said it wouldn't be necessary for him to call Neil back. Instead, she wanted to fly him to Genoa City first class and discuss an interesting business proposition with him. Damon was willing, and Dru said she'd call back with details, hanging up with a satisfied smile.

Michael went to see Isabella and was surprised to see that she was still in the middle of supervising the move to Los Angeles. He was sure that Christine had gone straight to Paul, which meant Isabella's marriage was over. Isabella insisted that Paul loved her and wanted to build a new life with her and Ricky in California. Christine was not a threat to them.

Isabella also said she was sure that when Christine cooled off, she'd realize that Michael's confession had been noble of him. Christine obviously had deep feelings for him, or she wouldn't have accepted his proposal. Isabella speculated that, in the long run, things might turn out as well for Michael as they were going to for Isabella. Michael told her she needed to get in touch with a little something called reality.

When Mary arrived at Paul's office, she wondered if Lynne had heard anything from Paul. Lynne replied that she hadn't but told Mary not to worry. As soon as Paul learned the truth about what Isabella and Michael had done, his marriage would be over. Mary wasn't so sure, reminding Lynne that Isabella was evil and should be stopped any way possible.

Lynne was obviously concerned about the way Mary was talking and told her to get a grip. Mary then wondered where Christine was. Lynne said she'd probably gone away for a few days to deal with Michael's betrayal.

Christine and Paul were flying back to Genoa City from California. Paul admitted that he wasn't sure what he was going to do next. He hoped he'd done the right thing by leaving Ricky with Isabella's parents. Christine said that his son didn't need to be caught in the middle of things, and Paul agreed.

Christine said she was uncertain about her next move, too. She wasn't ready to see Michael. Paul said she should stay away from him altogether. Christine told him that she would handle her own problems; Paul had enough of his own to deal with. When Paul regretted what Michael and Isabella had done to keep them apart, Christine said they couldn't be sure they'd have reunited even if Paul had gone to Hong Kong. Paul said at least they'd have had a chance.

Christine admitted that she'd had a great night with him on the beach, and they smiled lovingly at each other. Later, Paul walked into his apartment. Isabella was looking down and, thinking one of the movers had walked in, said something about one of the boxes being unaccounted for. She was startled to hear Paul say that she had a lot more than a box to account for.

After questioning Esther, John had a strong suspicion that it had been Charlotte who had been arguing with Katherine before Katherine had suffered a stroke and collapsed. However, Jill didn't want to discuss any of that with John. After John and Esther went to get something to eat, Jill walked in on Billy and Mac as they were discussing their wedding plans. Although Billy was willing to postpone the wedding, Mac, still shaken by seeing her grandmother in the hospital bed, remembered what Katherine had told her -- that if you were lucky enough to find true love, you should hold on to it and let nothing or no one stand in your way. She thought Katherine would prefer that they go ahead with the wedding as planned.

Jill was appalled when she got wind of their plans, saying the wedding should be postponed until Katherine's condition improved. Mac accused Jill of using Katherine's illness to do the same old thing -- keep Mac and Billy apart. Although Jill denied it, Billy spoke up, saying that if anything, what had happened to Katherine made him more determined to make the most of every second with Mac. Thus, he agreed that they should go ahead with the wedding. Looking defeated, Jill said there was nothing more to say.

Jill went into Katherine's hospital room, obviously distressed at seeing her nemesis lying there helpless, but Jill pretended she didn't care. As Katherine's memory of finding out from Charlotte that Jill was her daughter resounded through Katherine's thoughts, Jill pointed out that for once, Katherine couldn't shoot off her big mouth. When one of Katherine's monitors indicated that she was flatlining, Jill frantically told Katherine not to die and yelled for someone to help them. The nurse entered and pointed out that Katherine's monitor had slipped off her finger.

The nurse said she knew it was frightening for Jill to see her loved one lying there like that, but everything was fine. Jill huffed that Katherine wasn't her loved one, and after the nurse left them alone, she pulled up a chair. She whispered that Katherine had done that on purpose, trying to scare Jill into believing she was dying because Jill knew that everyone would blame her if Katherine died while Jill was in the room. Obviously shaken up, Jill shakily said that if Katherine thought she'd been really upset... Jill caught herself, insisting that she wasn't upset at all, and fled from the room.

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