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Anita admitted that she'd had a one-time affair with a younger man. Bobby Marsino offered Brittany a job at his club. Charlotte told Liz the truth about Katherine and Jill in the presence of an unresponsive Katherine. Brad confronted J.T., and Colleen confronted Anita.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 9, 2003 on Y&R
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Monday, June 9, 2003

Phyllis came into Neil's office asking if he told Victor the news about losing Damon Porter. He told her yes, he had told Victor, and that he was checking on other candidates. She couldn't help but remind him how Drucilla really screwed them over, but he really didn't want to hear that—he already knew. He told her about the conversation he had with Victor, and that Victor warned him she had better not come back to Newman Enterprises, ever. Phyllis told Neil she couldn't believe he was even still considering marrying her, since he almost lost his job over this, but he claimed he told her how angry he was with her and she understood. He asked her to give him Damon's card, and she told him she was planning on giving it to Victor. He grabbed her arm and tried to take it from her, and just as she was saying, "Let go of my arm," Victor walked in, demanding to know what was going on. He asked what all the shouting was about, and Neil and Phyllis both tried to downplay it Phyllis offered the truth and Victor told her thanks, he knew the details. She told him she was about to come and give him Damon's card, and he asked for it immediately, with Neil glaring in the background. He asked if the handwriting on the back was Neil's and he said it was. He asked if Dru stole it off his desk and Neil said he never denied it. Victor told him he was going to use it and turned on his heel and walked out. Phyllis smirked, asking if Neil was worried and he told her to just shut up.

Ashley was clearly annoyed at Drucilla at their meeting. Drucilla told her she knew what the meeting was about—she was there to thank her for snagging Damon. Ashley retorted that once again Drucilla had overstepped her bounds—after all, there was a hierarchy at Jabot, and being that she had only been a model for a few years, she was way too high on the totem pole. Ashley reminded her of the pecking order and told her she didn't get to choose where she wanted to be on any given day. Ashley told her she was free to express her ideas, but she needed to not feel so free about implementing them. She told her she was very close to the unemployment line if she kept up her antics, but Dru was not deterred and accused Ashley she was stifling her. Ashley stopped the conversation, telling Drucilla she had veto power in the company, and she was officially vetoed and picked up the phone. When Dru asked what she was doing, she was calling Personnel, and told Dru she was about to be fired. Dru started to panic and tell her she was overreacting, when Victor walked in and interrupted. He started blasting Dru, saying she stole a corporate document, which he could prosecute her for. She asked if he planned to prosecute her, but he told her because he respected Ashley, he wouldn't. He also told them if they hired Damon, they would be a party to her theft and that his board of directors could force his hand. Undaunted, Ashley told him she knew he called the shots, and made all the decisions. Dru told him she wasn't coerced to do what she did—she did it on her own. Ashley told him he had not business barging in and threatening her employee and that he was being inappropriate. She also told him she was discussing Dru's behavior just then and it was none of his business. After he left, Dru got excited, but Ashley told her to stop being so stupid. She stopped short because of some pain, and Dru helped her sit down and got her some water.

Nikki stormed over to Jack's table at Crimson Lights, angry because he cut the budget for the anti-aging product. He tried to interrupt her tirade, but not before hearing how hard she had worked on the project, not to mention her $35 million contribution. He tried to explain the budget crunch they were in, but promised once Tuvia was up and running, they would contribute more money to her project. Jack did his best to appease Nikki and brought her some coffee. He encouraged her to get involved in Tuvia and the conversation turned to Ashley and Damon. She reminded him she was about to really have her hands full, with two children and her job. He asked about her children, and she told him not to ask. She told him of Victor's offer to Nicholas, but that he declined it. With that, she had an appointment and had to leave.

Nick at the coffee house, needing to talk about letting Sharon stay overnight at the house. Cody asked if he had planned to work things out with her, but he wasn't sure. He decided to leave, and headed over to see Victoria. He admitted he was worried about the business and that he was worried about how she was going to be affected by this war between Jack and Victor. She reminded him it was all about business, and that it wasn't personal. He got her back by reminding her of Victor's offer for him to run the company, which made her snap. She tried to encourage him to keep working with them, and he reiterated that his only interest was in protecting her.

Frederick and Anita shared an awkward silence after Brittany left. Anita tried to get up and leave, but Frederick snapped at her, asking who in the hell she was sleeping with. Anita tried to act indignant and wouldn't directly answer him. He got mad, saying now that the shoe was on the other foot, she couldn't look him in the eye and deny it. She told him of course she denied it, but when he threatened to ask Brittany what she meant, she changed her tune. She admitted it happened one time and hadn't happened again—she's chosen not to. He asked how she expected him to feel, and then asked who it was. She described him as a young man who was kind to her when she desperately needed it. He asked how old, but she wouldn't tell. He even went so far as to ask how it was and suggested they go back to the Lodge for the afternoon so she could make a comparison.

Brittany closely watched the customer in the store, and reminded him she had a boyfriend. He introduced himself as Bobby, and told her he knew he could do something for her. When she told him she didn't need anything, he smiled at her slyly and said he could tell she did need something. He told her it was clear she didn't belong working in a place like the boutique, and guessed her job duties. He told her she was beautiful and asked if she could sing. She perked up and told him, yes, actually, she had a pretty good voice. He came and turned over his items for purchase and asked if he had a girlfriend. He told her he had a lot of girlfriends. He mentioned he just opened up a club and they could use a singer and asked her to come down for an audition. She admitted she needed a change and felt stuck. He told her to check out the opportunity and gave her his card and told her to call him.

Raul ran into Vicki at the coffee house and they sat down to talk. She asked about Diego and he looked a little uncomfortable. He admitted he had heard from him and that he was somewhere in upstate New York. She told him she hoped Diego was happy, wherever he was. She went on to ask about he and Brittany, and he stuttered a bit, but admitted Brittany was going through some issues. She guessed it was about her parents, and that they were having marital difficulties. He also told her of Brittany's longing for change, how she said she was feeling trapped and that when she had that look in her eye, there was no telling what she would do. She asked if he was worried about her and he told her about the running away episode. She warned him there wasn't much he could do, except love and accept Brittany for who she is. He told her he was really happy, but that she expected her life to turn out differently than it had. Victoria had to run, but urged Raul to call her if he needed to talk.

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Jabot Boardroom:

Dru tries to help the in pain Ashley and decides to finally call Brad but Ash yells at her to put the phone down. It's just high blood pressure. Dru reminds her that Olivia almost died from that. Ashley begs her not to aggravate her anymore. Dru promises not to tell Brad about it. Brad walks in at that moment. He wants to know what's wrong and assumes Drusilla is purposely goading his wife. Ash explains that it was her idea to meet and Dru gets the picture re: her place at Jabot. Ash wants to meet Damon who's in the building. She tells Dru to leave or else she'll call Personnel again. Later Damon arrives to meet Ashley. He's honored to meet her. She resents him being there and snooping in her lab. He expected her to not like him being hired. He had no reason to question an offer made by Jack Abbott, who has the letters C.E.O after his name. She says Jack overstepped his bounds in hiring him without consulting her. He wonders if this was a snow job to keep him from signing with Newman. He was under the impression they needed him. He doesn't need to be caught up in some big power struggle so if that's the case he'll be happy to walk out the door and fly back to Atlanta. She stops him form leaving and apologizes. She's not sure what role he'll play. He's willing to talk. She's been the creative force behind Jabot since the beginning. She wonders if he can share her vision and work with it. He isn't a yes-man and needs some room to breathe. He has no need to re-enter this realm. He's there to work with the great Ashley Abbott. But only if his work is appreciated. She extends her hand in welcoming him to Jabot.

Nick & Sharon's:

Cassie bumps into Sharon on her way tog et some juice but changes her mind after seeing her mom. She clearly doesn't want to see too much of her mom and Sharon asks her about it. Cassie doesn't think Sharon living there will change anything for her. Sharon is just happy to have contact with her and has no expectations. Noah comes home from school excited to see his mother. She tells him that she'll be staying. Cassie warns him not to get his hopes up. Sharon tells them that she plans to stay but Cassie doesn't trust it. Noah tells her his own news; he is now a first grader! Nikki walks in surprised to see Sharon there. Noah runs up to see Cassie. She is surprised to see Sharon there unsupervised. Sharon is there to repair the damage she did and doesn't need to hear from sanctimonious Nikki. Sharon has learned from her mistakes but Nikki thinks the damage is irreparable to both the children and to Nick's relationship with his father and Nikki's with her husband. Sharon feels Cassie needs time to come to term with her feelings and Noah deserves to be with his mother. Nikki says they were doing just fine without her. Sharon wants to help repair all the damage she ahs caused but Nikki wants her to call back under the rock she came from. Sharon can't agree that the best thing would be for to leave again. Nikki I shocked to learn Sharon has moved back in. She is still Nick's wife and will always be the mother of his kids. Sharon ahs some new house rules for Nikki: no coming and going at a whim. She is to knock first an come only when invited. Nikki is not pleased.

Victor's Office:

Victoria, Neil and Phyllis wait Vic for a meeting about Damon Porter. Phyllis is quick to toss blame on Dru. Victor reports that he was just at Jabot and they must move on and accept that Satine will not be using Mr. Porter. But when the dust settles only one cosmetics line will survive and with Victor Newman at the helm they will be the one. He knows some people may be lenient to Jabot due to personal feelings, himself included but they are out for blood. No more leaks-no exceptions. It's personal now and they will bury Jabot if it's the last thing they do.


Michael comes in for a drink and is surprised to see Vic there as well. They trade barbs and re-hash Michael's role in Vic paying Diane huge sums of money in the divorce settlement. Vic doesn't like to lose. Michael even admits that he's got major personal problems in his life keeping him busy. Victor laughs at Michael's poor love life. He remembers the last time he saw Mickey with Christine was at his and Nikki's wedding. Michael pities Nikki for making that mistake again and even offers Vic his business card to give to Nikki should she find herself looking to divorce again. They then chat about the Satine/Tuvia feud. Vic isn't concerned. NE will wipe Jabot off the map. Since it is Jabot Michael is sure Vic will be use every tactic possible to do it. Michael admires that about Victor. Corporate bigwigs can be cutthroat where lawyers have certain legalities they can't get around. He loved his short-tenure at Jabot and misses it. Victor is intrigued.

Crimson Lights:

Cody and Nick talk about his date with Victoria. They had a good time but he doesn't really get into more since the brother/boss thing is a little strange. Cody wonders if Victoria asked about him. He had fun and would like to get to know her more. They talk about Vic's offer to Nick and Nick's distaste for it. Jack enters looking for Nick wanting to chat. He heard about Vic's offer and was surprised to hear he turned it down. Nick doesn't like the way NE is developing. Nick has no interest in being mentored by a man willing to tank his own company for revenge. Jack wonders if Nick's anger is clouding his judgment. Jack feels Nick blames Victor for causing Sharon's departure. Nick won't be bribed. Victor has held him back for long enough and Nick will finally be free of him. Him turning down Victor's offer is only the beginning. Jack asks what he means by that. Right now his kids are his priority. When things settle down he will go after Victor. Jack can't believe Nick is walking away form such a huge opportunity. Jack pleads with him to think about it before turning it down once and for all. Victor has vowed to spend Jabot into the ground and a lot of people, including his mother, will suffer. He could be in a position to do something about that and teach Vic a lesson at the same time...

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Michael invited Phyllis to have coffee with him at Crimson Lights. Although she was reluctant to discuss Newman business with him, Michael told her about running into Victor. He said that Victor had already shared some information. Wouldn't Phyllis rather talk about work than have another conversation about Christine? So Phyllis gave him an update on how Newman acquired Satine and what Drucilla had done in return with the Damon Porter episode. Michael was intrigued, sure that Victor might have him in mind for some legal work that would involve less conventional tactics.

Jack and Brad were fretting over how Ashley's meeting with Damon was going when Ashley interrupted them. Although she wasn't thrilled by how it had come about, she wasn't going to veto the Damon Porter hire. She felt like, for now, the two of them could work together. However, she was happy to hear that Jack was considering it a trial basis. After she left, promising Brad she was heading home, Jack questioned why Brad was hovering so much. Brad told Jack the problems Ash had been having with her pregnancy. Jack was more relieved than ever that they had Damon on board. But Brad was still concerned about what Victor might do to retaliate, which was why Jack had asked John Silva to join them. After John heard the story of Satine and Damon Porter, he said that there was little likelihood of a criminal charge, but Victor could pursue a civil suit if he wished. But John thought the best thing Jabot could do was keep better control of employees like Drucilla.

Victor was a little surprised when Ashley appeared at his office. She wanted to talk about how far Victor intended to go in his war with Jack. After all, there were other people involved. Victor said he didn't base his business decisions on his past relationships, and Ashley needed to focus on her pregnancy, not their business conflict. He then reminisced about the day Abby was born and how he was at the hospital with her the first time she held her baby girl.

Nick seemed somewhat relaxed about coming home to find that Sharon had cooked his favorite meal at Noah's request. He congratulated his son on his good report card and for being promoted to first grade. Although Cassie was obviously still snubbing her mother, when they sat down to eat together, Nick and Sharon tried to keep things as pleasant as they could. Noah wondered if Nikki and Victor could come eat with them soon, but Nick told him they were very busy at work these days. Then Noah revealed that Nikki hadn't been too busy to visit that morning. After Nick sent the kids upstairs, he commiserated with Sharon about how the visit must have gone. Sharon agreed it was rough, but she had let Nikki know it was their home, and Nikki could no longer just barge in whenever she wanted to. Sharon asked Nick if she'd overstepped, and Nick said no. He then commented on how different Sharon seemed. Sharon agreed that she'd been a total mess when she left. But this was a new Sharon. She was going to deal with the consequences of her mistakes and rebuild her relationship with her children. She then told Nick she remained very much in love with him. If he no longer loved her, she would accept that. Nick gave her a thoughtful look then went upstairs.

Billy and Mac watched as Nikki visited with Katherine at the hospital. Nikki reminded Katherine of all they'd been through together and how much everyone depended on her to give them hell for their mistakes and be there when they needed her. Nikki begged her to come back to them; they still had many adventures ahead of them. Olivia came in and told them that Katherine could go home the following day to continue her recovery there. They were hopeful that she'd get well more quickly in familiar surroundings. Nikki later regretted that she'd been too busy to visit Katherine the week before she had her stroke. It was a reminder that people should never let anything stand between them and the people they loved. Billy and Mac agreed, obviously more determined than ever to go through with their wedding.

Jill was happy to see Frederick after a few days apart, but she was shocked to hear his news. Anita had confessed to having a one-time fling with a much younger man. Jill couldn't believe the things Anita had accused them of when she herself was fooling around. Frederick said it very well could mean that his marriage was really over. When he changed the subject to Charlotte, and John Abbott's reservations about Jill's birth mother, Jill got angry. She couldn't believe this crusade John was on. She really needed Charlotte more than ever. Jill also admitted that her feelings about Katherine were confusing her. Since the stroke, she'd found herself unable to stay away from the hospital. She really wanted Katherine to recover. Frederick said maybe Jill cared more than she could admit, but Jill denied it. While they were talking, Billy called Jill on her cell phone. He told her that Katherine was being released the following day, and he and Mac intended to get married in the evening, since Katherine would be there to see it. Jill protested, saying maybe they should wait until Katherine was settled in, but Billy saw that as the delaying tactic it was. He insisted the wedding was taking place, no matter what. After he hung up, Jill expressed her frustration to Frederick. Once again, something bad in her life involved Katherine. Mackenzie's grandmother needed a party, so they were going to have a wedding.

Thursday, June 12, 2003

by Ruth

Brad and Colleen talked at Crimson Lights about her troubles with J.T. She saw Anita Hodges waiting at the bar, reading the paper and made an off-hand remark about how the woman made her sick. Brad picked up on that and wondered if J.T. had cheated on her with Brittany. Colleen denied that and asked him to drop the subject. He had to go, but wasn't going to let it drop. . .

After Brad left, Colleen couldn't study, seeing Anita there watching the door. She stood up and walked over to Anita, introducing herself. She asked Anita if she was waiting for J.T. to walk into the room. . .

At the boutique, Lauren tried to help J.T. see that he was a changed person from his relationship with Colleen and that he had learned what love really was. He appreciated the thought, but sent her on her way for the day. Soon, Brad Carlton arrived at the door. He made no bones about it -- he wanted to know what J.T. had done to his daughter and wasn't going anywhere until he had the truth!

Nick told Sharon that he was expecting a visit from Jack. She thought that odd, and he explained that Jack was always like a father to him, since he had been married to his mother. Sharon tried to question that line of thinking without putting Nick on the defensive, then Nick told her about the mentoring opportunity and how he had turned it down. She was very surprised and encouraged him not to hold what had happened between her and Victor against his father. It wasn't Victor's fault and didn't mean anything. Nick stood his ground -- everything his father did was for a selfish reason.

Jack arrived and Nick basically shooed Sharon out of the room so that they could talk. Jack had asked Nick to reconsider his acceptance of Victor's offer -- Nick wanted to know more about Jack's thoughts. It came down to the idea that, since Nick didn't believe that cosmetics was a viable business line for Newman, that his control of the company could help Jabot stay a leader in the industry and avoid this war that was bound to hurt Nikki's investment as well. The seed had been planted -- and it was likely to take roots and grow. . .

At the main house, Nikki whined about Sharon living with Nick and the kids while Victor encouraged her to back off. They decided that arguing about that wasn't in their best interests and kissed passionately. Promises of her speedy return home for more romance lingered in the air as she rushed off to work. . .

Brock, Jill, Esther, Elizabeth Foster, Billy, and Mac greeted Katherine on her return to the mansion. Brock was so sad to see his mother that way, staring into space, in a wheelchair, not responding to anything. Jill was clearly moved as well, and stood up to make an anouncement. Billy tried to stop her, thinking that it was another slam on their marriage and relationship. Instead, Jill wanted to say that she was going to attend the wedding and wish the happy couple the best. She knew that fighting it was not healthy and wanted to support them. As Billy and Mac thanked Jill for her new-found attitude, Charlotte arrived without being announced. She got Jill's attention and was clearly shaken when Jill introduced her to Brock -- Katherine's son. She took Jill aside and repeated her feelings that the wedding could not take place. Something HAD to be done. . .

Friday, June 13, 2003

Brad tried to find out the reason for Colleen and J.T.'s breakup by questioning J.T., who refused to give him the details. He told Brad that he knew he wanted to drop kick him across the room, but in fact, J.T. took full responsibility for what went wrong. He'd never in his life felt for anyone what he did for Colleen. If there was any way he could undo it, he would. He'd never meant to hurt her. Brad said that Colleen wouldn't be sitting at home pining for J.T. She was going to have a good summer with her friends. In fact, maybe he should thank J.T. for teaching her a lesson about trust. It was just too bad she'd had to learn it the hard way. J.T. wondered if Brad had never made a mistake or done things he regretted. Brad agreed that he had, but this wasn't about him. It was about J.T.

Later, Raul came in to find J.T. still brooding about Colleen and Brad's visit. When he tried to joke him out of it, J.T. told him that Brad had already been there and in his face. Again, he expressed his regret and sense of loss over Colleen. Everything sucked; he felt like dying. When Raul reacted to his words, J.T. told him not to freak out the hotline people. He didn't intend to off himself. He just knew that Colleen was the best thing that had ever happened to him. Raul told him that maybe he shouldn't give up so easily. He'd fought for things he wanted before; maybe he should try that again.

Anita was surprised that Colleen confronted her at Crimson Lights with a demand to know why she'd slept with J.T. Although at first reluctant to discuss it, Anita finally told the teen that J.T. cared about her. What had happened between them was a one-time thing that meant nothing. Colleen disagreed; it meant enough to make her break up with J.T. When she continued to harangue Anita about it, Anita finally asked what Colleen wanted from her. Colleen suggested that an apology might be a good start. Anita said she wasn't going to apologize to a child. As Colleen reacted angrily to that, Brittany walked in and interrupted the conversation. Colleen walked away, and Brittany chastised her mother for bothering Colleen. When Anita said that she'd merely been having a cup of coffee and reading her paper when Colleen approached her, Brittany questioned whether she was hanging out there in hopes of seeing J.T. When Anita denied it, Brittany said maybe they could find another young man together, pointing one out. Anita wondered why Brit couldn't show her some compassion. Instead, she always said cruel things then walked away. Brittany told her mother that she'd learned everything she knew from her. Hurt, Anita walked out of the coffee shop. Brittany then went to talk to Colleen, telling her what a wreck J.T. was. Colleen wondered if Brittany was suggesting she give him another chance. Brit said maybe even J.T. deserved that, and Colleen looked like she might be considering it.

Brad went to the office to tell Jack that the Tuvia ads Dru had approved had generated interest in the product. Both men agreed that it would be best not to share that information with either Dru or Ashley. Jack then filled Brad in on the situation with Nick at Newman. He said it might be good to have a friend working there. Brad was surprised that Victor had made the strategic error of offering Nick something at the expense of Victoria's feelings.

When Victor went home to retrieve some papers, he found Sharon coming through the house in her bikini after taking a swim. Flustered, she said that she thought she was alone. Victor helped her slip into her robe and then tried to leave for the office. Sharon stopped him, saying that she'd heard about his offer to Nick. She wondered if Nick might reconsider turning him down, but Victor didn't think it was likely. He then told Sharon he was glad she was back home. When she looked touched, he said that her children needed her. Then he left her to return to Newman Enterprises.

Nick went to talk to Victor, but found his sister in his father's office. She wondered why he was there, but Nick changed the subject, encouraging her to talk about her date with Cody. Victoria refused to give him any details. She brought the subject back around to her father's offer. Nick said that he didn't understand why Victor had shut her out without even telling her that he was going to make the offer. Victoria said that she was sure their father hadn't done it to hurt her. He felt like she had enough on her plate with Brash and Sassy and Satine. And although the situation upset her, she couldn't stay mad at Victor for long. Not to mention the whole discussion was moot, as Nick had turned his father down. After she left, Victor came in. Nick asked him if the offer was still on the table.

As everyone busied themselves with wedding plans, Charlotte managed to get Liz Foster alone with her and Katherine. She then confessed the truth to Jill's adoptive mother, explaining that, in returning a favor to Katherine, she'd put her name on Jill's birth certificate. But Katherine, not Charlotte, was Jill's birth mother. Liz almost fainted from the shock, then immediately realized the repercussions to Billy and Mac. When she asked Charlotte what they were going to do, Charlotte said Liz had to tell Jill the truth. And she had to do it alone. Charlotte was leaving. As she started to walk out the door, Liz called her a coward. Charlotte agreed that she was, then muttered about how much she needed a drink. After she left, Liz stared at Katherine and asked aloud what they were going to do. She was worried about poor Jill. When Esther came in and Liz asked for Jill, Esther said that Jill had gone to the office to talk to John Abbott about possibly coming to his son's wedding.

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