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Nick accepted Victor's job offer. Michael discovered blood and signs of a struggle at Isabella's apartment. Brittany was upset to learn that there were strippers at Bobby's club. Devastated to learn that Katherine was her mother, Jill showed up unannounced at Billy and Mac's honeymoon suite.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 16, 2003 on Y&R
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Monday, June 16, 2003

Victor was surprised to hear Nicholas say he changed his mind and wanted the job. Nicholas did, however, have some concerns to address with Victor. He told him he was to stay away from his family—they were off limits to Victor. Victor admitted he should never have been involved in his family affairs, so that concern was settled immediately. Second, Nicholas insisted he have a seat on the board of directors. Victor hesitated at the request, especially since Nicholas' attendance at work was at best shaky lately. After being reassured the situation would change, he agreed and gave him the board seat. Nicholas kept on pushing for more and more and finally Victor put a stop to it. He told him he had no plans to walk on eggshells in his own company, and if Nicholas didn't like it, he might do well reconsidering. He followed up by saying he hoped Nicholas could put the bitterness behind him and make this a positive experience for both of them—after all, having his children run the company was a dream of Victor's.

Olivia made a house call to Ashley and told her she felt her blood pressure was too high, and as a result, had a suggestion. She told Ashley she felt she should leave town in order to gain some peace and relaxation. She felt if Ashley stayed in Genoa City, she would not be able to resist the urge of not working. Actually, it wasn't a request; she said she felt it was imperative to Ashley and her baby's health that she do this. Ashley agreed to do it and broke the news to Brad later on that evening. When Brad came home, he told her he had been to see J.T. and that he really believed J.T. loved Colleen and seemed to be hurting. She was a little surprised, but steered the conversation to her pregnancy. She told him what Olivia suggested and he almost tearfully agreed it was for the best. They agreed Ashley would take Abby and the nanny with her and that she would leave first thing the next morning.

Liz came into the room, calling people's names, but everyone had left. After fretting a bit out loud to Katherine about how everyone was going to take the news she had to tell, she went to go visit Jill.

Meanwhile, Jill was in her office and John was with her, complaining about the impending nuptials. Jill told him he needed to do what she was doing—take the high road and just wish them luck. She even ordered them flowers for their honeymoon suite and signed John's name to the card, much to his chagrin. When he began to protest, he was interrupted by Liz's phone call, begging Jill to stay put until she got there. She also asked if Jill knew where John was and Jill handed him the phone. She secretly told him he was right about Charlotte not being Jill's mother, but not to let on, as she was on her way. A little while later, Liz came into Jill's office, and Jill immediately asked what was wrong.

Laird was fussing over Billy and Mackenzie, when she made the announcement that she had changed her mind about how she wanted the wedding to be. She told them all she felt it might be too overwhelming for her grandmother to have all of the people and noise around her in the condition she was in. They all agreed and Laird promised to make the adjustments necessary to tone things down.

Lily met Colleen at the coffee house and they discussed whether or not Colleen should take J.T. back. Lily told her she felt she should, especially considering how miserable they both were. They were interrupted by Colleen's cell phone—Billy was calling to remind her she was supposed to be with them, and Colleen apologized and said she'd be right on her way. She told Lily she was going to stop by and see J.T. first, though, and hurried off.

At the boutique, Madison walked in on J.T. trying to pick out something for Colleen. She volunteered to try on a few outfits to help him out, which she did. After she was finished, she invited J.T. and Colleen to a party the following weekend and gave him her phone number when he asked if he could have it to confirm if they were coming or not. Unfortunately, Colleen walked up to the door and overheard some of the conversation and misconstrued what she'd heard.

Tuesday, June 17, 2003


Raul and Billy return home, happy to have escape from Bride dress prep. Billy wonders if Raul and Brit have discussed marriage. He's happy with the way things are, Raul claims but Billy senses things aren't as good as they used to be since Brittany returned from seclusion. Billy assures him that Brittany and Raul belong together and any flights of anxiousness on her part will pass. Raul isn't sure he can always satisfy her desires. Raul insists on changing the topic to something lighter.


Mac practices her "I Dos." Britt is sure Mac and Billy will be happy despite her dislike for marriage. She is genuinely happy they are following their hearts. Laird confirms that everything is on schedule. Britt stares at the Marsino's business card she was given but is interrupted by Colleen's wedding daydreaming. When Brittany asks about J.T., Colleen assures her it is over and J.T. doesn't deserve a second chance. To the tune of "Wedding Bell Blues(Marry me Bill)" Mac tries on wedding dresses until they find the perfect dress. The girls (minus Brittany) and Laird head over to the house. Britt ponders Bobby Marsino's offer. She stops Lauren and tells her she's quitting. Lauren wonders where this is coming from. It's not the same as it used to be(i.e. when she was an Internet star) Lauren is disappointed, she expected more from Brittany. Lauren bent over backwards for her(including getting the job in the first place and keeping it when she disappeared). Lauren wants to consider this her 2 weeks notice but Britt isn't sure if she can. She may have another job. Raul stops by to pick up Britt for lunch first but Britt has an errand to run.

Williams Investigations:

Lynn is surprised to see that Paul spent the night at the office and questions him about it. He is unwilling to talk about it but Lynn figures Isabella is responsible for his lousy mood. That woman deserves to be taught a lesson she vows. Christine arrives and confirms that Isabella could drag this out for a long time. Paul is infuriated at the thought of what Isabella has taken from him and Christine. Isabella doesn't believe she's done anything wrong and claims Chris is dangerous. Chris senses that Isabella may have spoken to a lawyer. She breaks down on the ways it can be delayed. Paul goes into a rag eat the thought of it never being over and says he wants to be alone.

Williams Apt.:

Mary storms in demanding to know when Ricky will be home. Isabella says he is happy in California. Mary demands that the baby be brought back and makes a not-so-veiled threat about custody if Izzy doesn't comply. Isabella wonders what makes Mary think that there'll even be a divorce. Mary is sickened by Isabella's desire to draw out the divorce just to spite Paul. She informs Mary about the attack by Christine. It's not safe for Ricky in Genoa City. Later Christine arrives demanding to speak.


Brittany shows up looking for Bobby. She meets up with him, and he deduces that she's thinking about being up on stage herself. He's proud of his club: the classiest gentleman's club in town. She wonders what songs he wants her to sing. She know slots of pop songs and plenty of musicals. He thinks Pop will do well and maybe some jazz. She wonders about the money situation when a new performer emerges and it's clear that Marsino's is a strip club. Brittany is annoyed that Bobby tricked her: did he want her to be a stripper? He wanted a singer and if she wanted to earn more she could. He figured she was the kind of girl who enjoyed pushing the envelope and stirring things up. She can't imagine going up on stage and taking her clothes off. She tells him to hire someone else. But he's sure Brittany will be back.


Liz tries to tell Jill the shocking news of her parentage. Jill is relieved to hear it's not health related but Liz insists that Jill sit to hear the news. She doesn't know how to tell Jill the bizarre news. She finally tells her that Charlotte Ramsey is not her birth mother. Jill is stunned when Liz says that Charlotte told her herself and tells her Charlotte recounted the story of how the mix-up happened and why Charlotte couldn't tell her. Jill screams that the brain operation must have caused hallucinations. The connection she feels with Charlotte is real, Jill insists. But Liz shoots that down. Jill thinks Liz is jealous. Liz confesses that's true but she has to tell her the truth. It will cause a world of hurt. First thing's first: Billy and Mac can't get married. They must stop it now. Jill is flabbergasted at her turn. Jill doesn't get the connection between Billy and Mac's wedding and Charlotte's "confession." Liz says they can't get married: "They're cousins! Billy and Mackenzie are first cousins!"

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Michael became jittery when Diane paid him a visit while he was unwrapping a very expensive antique crystal bowl. He said that lately a lot of things were being broken in his office, and unless she was in a calm mood or on medication, he wished she'd leave. Diane said she was there on Isabella's behalf. She'd witnessed Paul's loss of temper and Isabella's fear. Michael scoffed at the notion that Isabella had anything to fear from anyone, especially Paul, Christine, or Mary. Diane said that though she'd known Paul half her life, she believed he was out of control. Couldn't Michael just check on Isabella and make sure she was okay and safe?

When Isabella put on a show of being terrified, Christine just rolled her eyes. Although she admitted losing her temper with her once, she said it wouldn't happen again. Unconvinced, Isabella began taping their conversation, with Chris's knowledge, as insurance against Chris making any more threats against her. They then haggled over how difficult Isabella and Paul's divorce would be, with Isabella holding it up and Paul perhaps getting an annulment instead of a divorce, which would mean no settlement for Isabella. Isabella became increasingly agitated and defensive, which caused Christine's temper to rise. As Isabella shrieked for Chris to stay away from her, Michael rushed in. Christine dismissed any notion that she, Paul, or Mary were a threat to Isabella, and then she left. Later, Michael agreed to file restraining orders on Isabella's behalf against Paul, Christine, and Mary. But he felt the best thing she could do was get away, get some space between herself and what was going on. Isabella was reluctant to go because, in spite of everything, she still had hope for her and Paul.

Mary charged into Paul's office ranting about how evil Isabella was and how she needed to be stopped. At first Paul was very stern with his mother, telling her to stay away from him, Christine, and Isabella, and especially to stay out of it. But as Mary became more distraught, he started to be worried about her, getting her a glass of water and trying to calm her down. She was sure that Isabella would successfully keep her from ever knowing her grandson. Paul said he just needed some time to decide what to do, and he wished everyone would let him have that time.

Everyone was busy getting the Chancellor house ready for the wedding. Billy had a heart-to-heart talk with Jack, in which Jack commended him for knowing what he wanted and going after it. He didn't think Billy needed to sow any wild oats. Mac was a wonderful person, and he hoped the two of them would be very happy.

In another room, Brock paid Mackenzie a visit, asking if she was sure this was what she wanted. Mac said that whenever she was away from Billy, she felt that a part of her was missing. She truly wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. Brock said that in that case, he wanted to give them his blessing. Moved, Mac embraced him, and they both expressed their happiness that they'd found each other after being apart so many years. Brock also told Mackenzie that he wanted to give the bride away. Mackenzie was thrilled that he was being so supportive.

Brittany hurried into the Chancellor house, apologizing for being late and promising Raul and Colleen that she was willing to help in any way she could. When Raul continued to quiz her about where she'd been and what she'd been doing, she finally told him that she'd been interviewing for another job after turning in her notice to Lauren. Raul reacted noisily and unhappily, and Larry intervened, telling them to chill out until after the wedding. Esther, meanwhile, was frantically trying to keep anything from going wrong, especially with the wedding cake.

In her office, Jill was trying to process Liz's declaration that Charlotte was not her birth mother and that Billy and Mac were cousins. She kept evading the issue, accusing Liz of being yet another person who was trying to keep her from Charlotte, with whom she'd formed a very real bond. She was finally silenced when Charlotte walked in with John and told Jill it was true. She was not her birth mother. She had very much enjoyed getting close to Jill and would have liked for it to go on, but the lie would have very real consequences to Mac and Billy. When Charlotte finally told Jill most of the real story, including stating for the first time that Katherine was Jill's birth mother, Jill broke down in sobs. She dropped to the floor, placed her head against Liz, and begged to be a little girl again and to never be anyone's daughter but Liz's. It was obvious that John's, Liz's, and Charlotte's hearts were aching for Jill.

Thursday, June 19, 2003

by Ruth

Mary was talking to Isabella this time and was enraged by the fact that she may never see her grandson again. She was a basket case and told Lynne later that she couldn't eat or sleep -- awful things were going through her mind. . .

Paul and Chris tried to deal with their feelings about Isabella when Michael paid them a visit and told them about the restraining order against them and warned them to leave her alone. Chris denied all wrongdoing but seemed like she wasn't the same person and Paul was so upset when left alone that he threw something at the wall once again . . .

Guests started arriving at the Chancellor Estate, excited for the wedding. Upstairs, Brittany gave Mac a garter -- old, new, borrowed, and blue. Mackenzie loved the gift and the girls enjoyed their last minutes until the wedding. Billy was uneasy about his parents not being there -- he wished that they would just accept the marriage like everyone else. Raul tried to calm him down on his big day. They finished dressing and went down to the poolside to wait for his bride.

At Jill's office, Jill refused to accept the fact the Kay could be her mother and started insinuating that the stroke had been staged in order to make this all happen. Liz slapped her daughter into shape, telling Jill that she would not let her talk about her friend that way. Jill calmed down, and slowly had to agree that what Charlotte was saying could be true. They brought in a lab technician who could take a blood sample for DNA testing, but Jill didn't want to do it. They were wasting time bickering while the guests at the wedding were seating themselves, waiting for the procession to start.

To the tune of "Here Comes the Bride", Brock walked his daughter down the aisle toward her future husband. . .

Friday, June 20, 2003

As their guests looked on, Billy and Mac shared their thoughts about their relationship and then exchanged rings. Katherine was still unable to speak, and Phyllis broke everyone up when she told Billy to kiss Mac. The minister said that it wasn't quite time for that yet and continued with the ceremony.

Meanwhile, in her office, Jill refused to have blood drawn for a DNA test. Liz told her that was because on some level she knew that they were right. Katherine was indeed her birth mother. John reminded her that they had no time to waste. They had to get to the Chancellor estate and stop Billy and Mac's wedding now that they knew the two were first cousins. At first Jill resisted, but she finally agreed to go with John. Liz said she would take a cab and meet them there later. As John sped them through the countryside, Jill felt sick and wanted to stop. John kept going until they came to a wreck that had the road blocked. When John said he'd have to turn around and take the country club route, Jill said there wasn't time. She'd run while he drove; as the crow flew, she didn't have that far to go. She then took off running through fields and trees. Just as she got to the Chancellor house, she saw the limousine pulling away.

Inside, everyone was making jokes about how Billy and Mac had wasted no time leaving for the hotel after the ceremony. Jack said he couldn't blame them; they'd saved themselves for this night, but now they could be together. He apologized to Brock for making those remarks about his daughter, but Brock laughed and said that was every father's little problem to deal with. As the guests drank and ate cake, Jill ran into the room begging someone to drive her to the hotel. Larry offered to take her, then Raul intervened. He accused Jill of doing everything she could to ruin Billy's day and told her to leave her son and Mac alone. They were married; there was nothing she could do about it. As Phyllis and the others made disparaging remarks about Jill, she dragged Jack off to the side and insisted this had nothing to do with her feelings about Mac. There was a very good reason the marriage couldn't be. While Katherine looked on, her eyes seeming wise and sad, John ran in to find out that Billy and Mac were already gone. He, too, said Jill had to get to the hotel as quickly as possible.

Mac laughed because Billy had swept her off her feet when they were still in the lobby so he could carry her over the threshold. After the bellman made sure they had everything they needed, he put the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door and left them. Billy and Mac kissed and talked about how unreal it seemed that they were finally married. They both felt different, more committed to each other. Mac then noticed the flowers and read on the card that they were from John and Jill. Billy was baffled why his parents would not come to the wedding but would send flowers to the honeymoon suite. Mac told him not to worry about it. She then excused herself, saying she was going to take a bath and get into something more comfortable that she'd picked out especially for him. After she left, while Billy lit candles, he was annoyed to hear a knock on the door. He finally opened it to his mother, who apologized but said that the marriage was over.

Christine went to see Mary, hoping she could warn her about the restraining order that Isabella was filing. But Mary had already seen it and been humiliated to think of her neighbors seeing a marshall at her door. Christine thought Mary was acting strange, and tried to talk to her, but Mary said she was going for a drive to cool off. After she left, Christine saw a bottle of liquor and a glass. Sniffing it, she realized Mary had been drinking and ran out the door. She then led Mary back in, taking her car keys. As she stressed to Mary the need for all of them to keep it together, Mary said she felt sick. She needed to go to the bathroom. While Christine's back was to her, Mary picked up her purse and keys and snuck out the back door.

Frustrated because he couldn't find Christine, Paul was even more worried when Lynne told him what a wreck his mother was. And once she heard about the restraining order, Lynne was afraid Mary would go over the edge. Paul called his mother's house and was relieved when Chris picked up the phone. Unfortunately, Chris's news wasn't good. His mother had been drinking and seemed at her wits' end. Chris was frightened about what she might be contemplating. Paul told her that he'd be right there. After he hung up, he said that if anything happened to his mother, Isabella would pay. He hurried out and an infuriated Lynne repeated that, yes, Isabella was definitely going to pay.

Isabella called California and talked to her father, telling him that everything had gone wrong. Paul no longer wanted them to move to L.A. In fact, she wasn't sure what was going to happen now that Paul's ex-wife was involved. She was falling apart. Mr. Brana encouraged her to come home and be with her family. Isabella begged him to put Ricky on the phone. She then told her little boy how much she loved him and missed being with him. She talked about the things they always did together, including going to the park and reading a story with his daddy before he went to bed. She promised to always be there for him.

Diane arrived at Michael's office to find him muttering while he cleaned up the pieces of his expensive antique crystal bowl. He was sure Paul was the one who destroyed it. Diane insisted that he do something about Isabella, and Michael ranted at her, saying he was sick of Isabella's drama and of being the one everyone came to and screamed at when they were mad at Isabella. Diane wondered why he had no compassion, and Michael in turn wondered when she'd gotten so sympathetic. Diane said she remembered what it felt like to be persecuted and have everyone trying to take away something that was precious to her. Michael softened then and agreed that he would try to be more supportive of Isabella. Just then his phone rang. It was Isabella telling him that she was terrified. She thought someone might be outside her apartment. Michael told her to call the doorman. Isabella had, but he wasn't there. She'd feel much safer if Michael would just come there and be with her. Michael finally agreed. When he got to Isabella's apartment, she didn't answer the bell. He then knocked, but as he did, the unlocked door swung open. Michael walked inside the apartment and found blood on the floor, a box, and smeared on a wall.

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