The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of July 14, 2003 on Y&R

Billy left town. Brittany stripped onstage and was pleased by the audience's reaction. Lily met her Internet friend, Kevin Fisher. Wesley proposed to Olivia. Christine had nightmares about Isabella. Victor threatened to go public with Jabot's financial woes.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of July 14, 2003 on Y&R
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Monday, July 14, 2003

Michael continued to try to get details from Victor, but Victor continued to be elusive. Michael pointed out that Victor has never liked him, and Victor agreed, telling him there was room for snakes in the world, too. He went on to say he could respect him without liking him, and Michael agreed that was fair. He did make clear, however, that he needed to be respected from everyone around him; he had no intention of taking abuse day after day. Victor agreed that was a fair request, and also offered Michael double his hourly rate to take the position-under the condition that whatever he says, goes. Michael agreed, but told him that he would protect his law license at all costs. Victor said that it wouldn't be in jeopardy, unless, of course, Michael did anything stupid or careless. Michael told Victor they had a deal, and signed the agreement. With that, Victor told him if he called Michael, he expected him to drop everything to come, and Michael agreed, but said he thought he just signed a deal with the devil.

Dru tried protesting when Neil suggested they get married in four weeks. He went on to tell her their marriage and a happy family was just what Lily needed. After a little bit of sweet talk, Dru agreed and they decided to go and find Lily to tell her.

Lily and her friends anxiously awaited the arrival of Lily's online boyfriend. When he walked in and was good looking, Lily got cold feet and was afraid to talk to him. He waited up at the counter and talked to Cody for a while before Cody told him he thought he had gotten stood up. As Lily worked up the nerve to speak to him and started her approach, Dru and Neil came busting in and whisked her out to the patio to talk. They told her excitedly they had chosen a wedding date, and were quite surprised at her response. She told them their getting married again was her worst nightmare, that she thought they were rushing and that they were totally disregarding her feelings. She told them her friends were waiting for her, and she just didn't want to deal with all of this right now. Neil told her he was sorry they caught her so off guard and that they would talk with her later.

When she went back into the coffee house, she got the news that he friend had left. Colleen and Sierra weren't sure if they should try to stop him or not, so they didn't approach him. They encouraged her to see if he was online, and he was after a moment. Lily told him she was sorry about what happened, and his reply surprised him. He wrote back, "You say you are sorry, but I know you aren't...but you will be."

Sharon told Nick she was sorry he had to come to her rescue during her problems with Nikki. He told her Nikki had gone too far and he had no choice but to tell her she wasn't welcome in their home. Sharon told him she didn't want to come between him and his family-it was obvious that Nikki's heart was breaking. She went on to say the two of them had come a long way in a short period of time. He told her it was hard to have her in the house without having certain feelings, but reminded her his focus was on the children. He told her he thought she was doing an amazing job with them, and she told him she felt she was making leeway with Noah, but not Cassie. He offered to help and told her they should pose a united front to Cassie when she was ready. He had to leave, but before he did, Sharon told him she planned to cook a special dinner that night. He said he would be there.

Nikki burst into Jack's office, clearly upset and raving about Nick. Jack guessed that Sharon and Nick had reconciled and Nikki was surprised that he guessed right. He reminded Nikki the couple had strong sexual chemistry and not much would interfere with that. Nikki confessed that he real concern was that Sharon was trying to take her place as the Queen Bee at the ranch and further, that she wanted Victor as well. Jack tried to reassure her it wouldn't happen, and told her there was no way she would lose Victor over this. He encouraged her not to fight over this, and to just immerse herself in her work to get her mind off of it.

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Crimson Lights

Lily is depressed that her internet man isn't talking to her. The girls tell to forget him. He's a jerk they say but Lily defends him. later he appears online ready to listen to her. They agree to meet up again this time he wants it to be at his apartment.

Neil & Dru's

Dru and Neil realize their talk with Lily didn't work out. Dru suggests postponing the wedding until Lily is ready to accept it. Neil thinks they should press on to show her how serious they are about being together.

Frederick's Office:

Frederick and Anita invite Brittany over. Britt is annoyed because she hasn't heard from them in weeks. They are annoyed to have heard from Lauren of all people that Brittany doesn't work at the Boutique anymore. She tells them that she has a new job singing and proceeds to rail against her parents for never paying attention to her no matter how hard she's worked her whole life. She needs people to pay attention to her and now they will.


Raul invites J.T. over to ask a favor. With Billy and Mac gone they need someone to help with the rent so he invites J.T. to move in. This surprises J.T. as they've never been friends and eventually agrees to it. When Britt arrives home to get changed for work she hears about it and freaks out. She is emphatic that J.T. not move in. Raul tries to get her to be practical. They can't afford it but she assures him that they'll be fine. Raul later tells J.T. to move in. Someone has to be practical and think about the rent.


Kevin (Lily's internet romance) is Bobby's bookkeeper. Two of the strippers from the club toy with Kevin, teasing him about his lack of prowess with women. Bobby tells him he could do better if he tweaked his image. Later Brittany shows up for work. She emphasizes that she won't strip.

Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Billy is getting ready to take off on his trip, and invites Raul to come along. Raul thanks Billy for the road trip invitation, but does not accept. Lauren suggests to J.T. that he try to pick up on Colleen's hints to win her back. J.T. meets Colleen at the coffeehouse, and they reminisce about the ‘nightmare driving lesson.' Colleen hints to J.T. to find something in the locket, but J.T. believes her hints are about getting back together. Kevin agrees to meet Lily at the park. Lily finally meets Kevin, but he just looks at her and doesn't say anything. Brittany is very conflicted about her performance after Bobby equates power on stage with money. After watching the stripper's performance, Brittany gets cold feet and goes to leave. Bobby stops her, and assures her all she has to do is sing. Michael confides to Phyllis that he's worried about Christine, and isn't certain he can help her. They discuss whether or not Isabella could be dead, and that the blood might make it seem that Christine killed her. Christine suffers from a nightmare where Isabella implores her not to harm her. Paul shows his support, and tries to help her sort things out. Christine goes to the mile marker where she awakened in her car and wonders aloud what happened there. Detective Weber appears and echoes her question.

Thursday, July 17, 2003

by Ruth

At Marsino's, Brittany decides to dance under the pseudonym "Marilyn." Brittany starts her song and the men in the audience begin yelling at her to strip. Men begin to throw money at her, and Brittany gives into the crowd and starts to strip. After her performance, Brittany is surprised to learn how much money she earned, and Bobby offers her another slot to which she accepts. Dru gives Wes her approval to his marriage proposal to Olivia. Wes thanks her, and then changes the subject to Lily. He thinks the remarriage will make Lily feel more isolated, but Dru disagrees. Kevin finally introduces himself to Lily. Kevin tries to play it cool with Lily and gain her trust. He tells her phony stories about his parents that he thinks she can relate to. They recap online memories, feeling very comfortable with each other. It gets late, and Lily suggests they meet up again. Kevin agrees, and gives Lily her first kiss. Wes runs into Lily at the coffeehouse and realizes there's a guy in her life. Lily admits there is someone she likes, but that it's not a thing, yet. Near Lake Michigan, Weber questions Christine and hopes to jog her memory. Christine leaves, and Weber calls for an evidence team to be sent to the location. Michael and Paul are distressed when Christine explains her confrontation with Weber. Phyllis confronts Diane over telling the police that Christine could be a suspect. Both women are caught off guard when Weber arrives, wanting to question Phyllis about Christine and Michael.

Friday, July 18, 2003

Christine was convinced that Michael tampered with evidence because he thought she'd killed Isabella. Michael tried to tell her that he was just trying to keep the police from having any reason to jump to conclusions. The more they talked, the more upset Christine became, until Paul finally signaled Michael to leave. After he was gone, Paul went through the details they knew with Christine, insisting that there was no way she was capable of doing violence against Isabella. Weeping, Christine finally agreed to take the sedative Wesley prescribed, and Paul covered her with a blanket on the couch. A while later, Christine again had the nightmare that Isabella was screaming in fear and begging Chris not to hurt her. Chris sat up, wide awake, and wondered aloud what she'd done.

Diane refused to leave her hotel suite when Detective Weber said he wanted to question Phyllis alone. Phyllis denied having any knowledge about Isabella other than what she'd read in the papers. But Weber was more interested in the meeting she'd had with Michael at Crimson Lights. Had Michael done or said anything that would indicate he'd crossed a legal boundary on Christine's behalf? Surely both Diane and Phyllis would want to stop their friend from making a bad mistake, particularly Phyllis, who had a bad past with Christine. Having had enough, Diane demanded that Weber leave. As she flung open the door, Michael walked in. Diane played it cool, but Phyllis began to hint that he needed to speak frankly with Weber and not risk his career for his law partner. Michael asked Phyllis to leave. After she did, Diane also left at Weber's request. The detective said he had an evidence team going over the area of Mile Marker 18. This was Michael's last chance to tell him anything he'd been holding back. Michael refused to give him any information, and Weber walked out, while Michael looked worried about how much trouble he could be in.

Dru was frustrated when Damon didn't get as stressed out as she was by the idea of imminent doom at Victor's hands. Damon said he was a chemist. He wasn't interested in office politics. Dru reminded him that they all had a vested interest in Jabot's success. She couldn't believe that he was just going to stand back when the company was in danger. Damon said there was nothing he could do; his job was to produce good products, and he was doing that. He suggested that she calm down and keep her eye on the prize before he left to return to the lab.

Victoria and Neil pitched their newly refurbished line (now called SAFRA) and marketing strategy to Victor. Although Victor was enthusiastic and full of praise, Nick was less impressed. Victor left, saying he had to go to a meeting, but asked Victoria to finish her presentation to her brother. Although she was displeased to have to treat Nicholas like her superior, Victoria continued explaining why she thought the new ideas would fly. Nick finally agreed that she'd done a great job, but it rankled Victoria to get a pat on the head from her younger brother.

As Neil, Victoria, and Nick speculated on what Victor was up to, Phyllis overheard them saying that he had a plan. She bounced into the office, apologizing for being late and insisting that she didn't want to talk about what had detained her. As for what Victor was up to, she speculated that it might be connected to his hiring of Michael Baldwin. While Victoria nodded, unsurprised, Nick exploded. His father hated Michael Baldwin. What on earth had he hired him to do?

Nikki was less than pleased to hear Brad and Jack's plan for getting around Victor's demand of his loan repayment. They wanted to extend the life of the loan at a higher rate of interest. Victor would get some money now, and even more in the long run. To them, it was good business. Nikki said Victor wouldn't see it that way, and she didn't intend to use her personal powers of persuasion over him to try to change his mind.

When Victor walked in, he was outraged to hear that Jabot didn't intend to repay him the following day. He thought their offer was ridiculous. Nikki questioned whether his assessment was based on personal feelings or was a business decision, because to her, the plan looked like a good move business-wise. Victor reprimanded her for speaking, and she angrily reminded him that she was an officer of the company, as well as a major investor, thus she had every right to speak her mind. Victor left with one last reminder that he wanted his fifty million the following morning.

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