The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of July 21, 2003 on Y&R

Brittany was annoyed that J.T. had moved in. Jack secured a loan to pay off Victor. Nick shared Safra information with Jack. Phyllis kissed Damon. Colleen and J.T. reconciled. Kevin asked Lily to leave when she wouldn't become intimate with him.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of July 21, 2003 on Y&R
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Monday, July 21, 2003

The show began in the Abbott dining room, with Jack obviously in a bad mood. When Mamie asked what the matter was, he explained that there was a loan payment due that day to Victor (all the while scowling at Phyllis), and that Jabot was fighting for its financial life. She told him she had no idea things were that bad, and offered her help. Jack was snidely replying that it was nice to know someone there was on his team when John walked in. He tried to reassure Jack that what was happening with Victor was not his fault and to try not to worry. After John left and Mamie took Kyle off to the zoo, Phyllis commented that John had a great attitude. Before Jack was about to protest, his banker called him on his cell phone and he rushed out of Phyllis's earshot. After he finished on the phone, he told Phyllis they were approved for a bridge loan, and she congratulated him and told him she was sorry this was happening. To help ease the tension, she asked if he could take a lunch break and meet her at the zoo with Kyle and Mamie. This infuriated him and he told her he didn't have time to do such things—didn't she realize the crisis Jabot was in? She shot back that he was acting like a victim; after all, Victor was entitled to ask for his money back. Jack insisted Victor was taking advantage of the situation and told her to wake up to what was happening around her. He told her every time he looked at her he thought of Victor, and said he didn't know how much more of it he could take.

Victor and Nikki also had a chilly start to their day. When Victor tried to start a conversation with her, she not only told him she had nothing to say to him, but that he was "unbelievable." He tried to get her to drop the subject of business at home, but she was already on a roll. She told him she thought he could've accepted Jack's offer, and that he could have a lot more consideration for Jabot, considering how much it means to her. He insisted he had every right to be repaid his $50 million, and tried to explain that the decision was business, not personal. He urged her again to get out while there was still time and before he left, told her he would not be told how to run his business, not even by her.

Brittany walked into her kitchen and was surprised to see J.T. there. He seemed to take pleasure in telling her he was officially their new roommate, but Brittany was not amused. He tried to get her to lighten up by pointing out they would have to pay less rent, which inspired her to reach into her purse and pull out the $1000 in cash she made in tips at the club. He immediately started asking more questions about her job, but she was evasive. Raul walked in and interrupted their conversation, and J.T. told him she was showing off her money. She quickly told Raul they were tips from her new job, and wasn't it great that she made $200 in one night? Once J.T. left, Raul began to ask for details, and again, she was evasive; especially when he said he'd like to come and watch. She was more interested in finding out why he let J.T. move in without asking her. He rationalized that it was better J.T. than a stranger, and that she should just give him a chance.

Brad called Damon into the conference room to talk about loyalty issues. Damon rushed in and told Brad he was in the middle of "something amazing," but Brad insisted on talking right at that moment. When he brought up the subject of loyalty to Jabot and being against Victor, Damon tried to put an immediate halt on the conversation. He told Brad Dru had already brought this all to him, and that he preferred to stay out of the company politics. Brad urged him to rethink that decision, but Damon firmly and politely told him he wanted them to get along and to make good products, but that was all. And, for the last time, he had no time for that kind of childish nonsense. At that point, Brad was buzzed and told that Victor was on his way in. Victor immediately introduced himself to Damon and when he tried to leave the room, told him to stay. This offended Damon, who coolly told Victor that while he might be "big noise" at Newman, he wasn't here, he was in the middle of something, and by the way, he doesn't take orders. Victor told him to mind his manners; he may be working for him sooner than he might think. Damon smiled and asked Brad if there was something he wasn't being told, and Brad replied that if Victor was there to harass his employees, he should just leave. Instead, Victor gave the two of them a complete rundown of Damon's personal business, including his non-compete contract, and the financial state of his horse. Damon asked Victor if there was a point to this complete invasion of privacy, to which Victor replied that Damon needed a job—he wasn't as financially secure as they may have thought. He went on to say Damon would have been set for life if he worked for Newman. Damon politely declined, saying he had not interest in working for Victor; he didn't care for his methods. He went on to say he could easily sell his farm at a profit, and before he could finish, Jack walked in. He told Victor his money was there, and that if he was in his own office where he belonged, he would already know that. Victor placed a call, found out the information was true, but before leaving told them things were about to change. He told them the numbers would look very different next month, so get ready for the next hurdle. After he left, Damon looked at Brad and Jack, stupefied, and told them they were so right about Victor. Jack's main concern was trying to figure out what Victor's last statement meant.

Tuesday, July 22, 2003


Victor stops by to see Nick. He and Sharon talk about the tension with Nikki and he's surprised to learn Nick banned Nikki from the house. Nick arrives and is peeved to see his father. Victor tells him to chill out and change his attitude but Nick remains defiant.

Victor's Office:

Michael sits in Victor's chair waiting for his return. He pretends to be Vic, throwing his weight around until Phyllis walks in on the show. She wonders what he is doing for Vic but Michael doesn't know yet. Later Vic returns and Michael forces the issue. Either Victor tells him what he is supposed to be doing or he walks. Victor begins to tell.

Jabot Boardroom:

Damon can't believe Victor's gall. Brad is happy to see him fully on board the Anti-Victor train. Damon even thinks he has a way to find out what Vic has up his sleeve. He believes that his rapport with Phyllis could help them find out what Vic is planning. He knows chemistry and he felt it with Phyllis.

Jack's Office:

Nikki arrives looking glum. Jack isn't surprised and asks to see the resignation. Nikki can't believe Jack assumed she'd be quitting. She's done being Victor's lapdog and will never be that woman again, no matter. What she does resent how her family treats her as the enemy. Later Nick arrives with a warning for Jack: Victor has hired Michael Baldwin.

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

When Victoria came to see the kids, Sharon thanked her for at least knocking. Victoria said her mother had told her about the new rules, which she thought were ridiculous. Sharon said the children weren't there, and Victoria accused Sharon of trying to keep them from the Newmans. Sharon denied it, insisting that she hadn't turned down Cassie's request to spend the night with her aunt. Cassie had just wanted to turn that into a way of staying distant from her mother, and Sharon didn't think that was a good idea. Victoria then taunted Sharon about embarrassing the Newman family with her work on the Arts Council gala. Sharon said she intended to make them proud, no matter what Victoria thought. Victoria told her that she was a controlling bitch. Sharon was obviously only doing this to upset Nikki. Sharon pointed out that she had been approached by Nick and Victor to take the job. It had been her understanding that Nikki didn't want it. As Victoria delivered a couple of more stinging remarks and tried to leave, Sharon told her that she'd be getting her invitation. She shouldn't worry if she had to come alone; no one would talk. Or was Victoria finally seeing someone now? Sharon was out of the loop. Victoria snapped that there were a lot of things Sharon didn't know, then she stomped out.

Jack was stunned to hear from Nick that Victor had hired Michael Baldwin. He immediately surmised that it had something to do with fighting dirty against Jabot. He was also disgusted to learn that Phyllis had already known about the hire but hadn't mentioned it to him. Nick tried to point out that Phyllis was probably just keeping work and home separate. Phyllis called from Yves and invited Jack to dinner, but Jack turned her down and hung up on her. He then ranted some more about Victor to Nick. Nick said that although he hadn't approved of the Satine purchase, he was the heir to Newman, so Jack had to understand that he would protect his investment. Jack agreed that Nick would be doing the right thing, and he didn't mind fair competition. The two shook hands and Nick left.

Michael finally found out what Victor wanted from him. He had to find some way to use his legal prowess to get Safra the shelf space that was now being used by Jabot Cosmetics. Victor wasn't interested in knowing the details of how it was done, or whether or not it was legal, and money wasn't an object. Michael wasn't entirely thrilled to think of himself as a "goon," and he still had his doubts about whether Victor would hang him out to dry if the scheme went sour. Victor assured him that he would be protected. Saying that he already had some ideas, Michael left Victor's office.

Brad was leery of accepting Damon's proposal that he use his chemistry with Phyllis to get information out of her about Newman Enterprises. But Damon insisted that it could be just the break they needed. Brad reminded him that Jack could not find out, and Damon agreed, then left, having heard that Phyllis had wanted to meet Jack at Yves for dinner. Brad went to Jack's office and heard the news about Michael Baldwin. Jack was still livid, saying that if Victor was going to fight dirty, so would Jabot. There had to be some way they could get information on Victor's plans. Brad seemed poised to tell him Damon's plan.

At Yves, Phyllis was depressed after Jack turned down her invitation. When Damon slid into the seat next to her at the bar, she couldn't even pretend to be in a good mood. Damon began trying to coax her into a better mood, encouraging her to talk about work and her problems with Jack. When Phyllis expressed regret that she was badmouthing his boss, Damon carefully said it didn't bother him. He had a couple of problems with Jack himself.

Raul was surprised to find J.T. at the coffeeshop when he could have been hanging out at home. J.T. said he didn't feel like being there when Brittany was, because she was obviously unhappy about the living situation. Raul insisted that Brittany would adjust. He expressed delight that she seemed to really like her new job and had made two hundred in tips her first night. J.T., knowing that Brittany had actually made a thousand dollars, kept his mouth shut. They then talked briefly about Colleen. J.T. said he'd been picking up hints that she might want to get back together. He'd scored two tickets to the concert in the park that night, and he intended to ask her to go.

On the patio of Crimson Lights, Sierra and Colleen were distressed to hear that Lily had not only met "Fisherman," Kevin Fisher, in the park, but he'd even kissed her. They reminded her that he'd made what sounded like a threat when he was talking to her online. Lily dismissed their concerns, insisting that Kevin had been right to be upset after she stood him up. But everything was okay now. In fact, they were going to go to the concert in the park together. As her friends exchanged nervous glances, Lily said she was meeting him at his apartment; she had to go! Colleen warned her to be careful.

Neil was grabbing a sandwich at home while doing some work when Wes arrived. He congratulated Wes on his marriage proposal to Olivia. Wes said that was premature, since Olivia hadn't said yes. Neil was sure she would. Then they got to the real point of Wes's visit, his concern for Lily. Neil told him Lily's attitude had changed. She'd left that morning with a smile on her face. Wes said mood changes could be a cause for alarm, and Neil shouldn't just chalk it up to typical teenage behavior. Wes finally admitted that Lily had mentioned meeting a guy. The next time they talked, he would encourage her to talk to her parents about the new boy in her life. Neil said that wouldn't be necessary. He would talk to Lily himself. Then he ushered Wes out of his apartment.

Lily seemed to have second thoughts as she arrived at Kevin's apartment, but she finally knocked on the door. He opened it with a smile and invited her in. Lily nervously said she'd thought they were going straight to the park. But Kevin said there was no need to rush. Lily finally stepped inside the apartment and Kevin closed the door.

Thursday, July 24, 2003

by Ruth

Jack raged at Brad when asked if it might be a good idea for "someone" to talk to Phyllis and see if such a person could find out what Michael Baldwin might be up to. Jack didn't know who Brad was talking about and insisted that his wife be left alone, even if he was furious with her for not telling him about the arrangement before Nicholas did. In the middle of their discussion, Diane arrived. She had a form for Jack to sign allowing Kyle to attend camp with her in Hyde Park. Jack gave her a bad time about it, and she saw the opportunity to befriend him. She let him vent about Phyllis, then wondered whether or not he should be sharing these things with her. He knew he'd better shut up and she had a better idea. She invited him out for a drink to help him unwind and get his mind off his troubles. . .

At Eve's, Damon fed Phyllis wine and supper while they talked about his feelings about Jabot. He laid it on thick, telling her that he didn't like the politics or the environment there, everyone was up in arms about Newman all the time. She wondered what he would do after his contract expired -- she knew that it was short term. He hinted that he would be interested in hearing what Newman had to offer. Just when he may have been getting somewhere, Phyllis was ready to go home. She had a meeting to get ready for in the morning. They stood up and who did they see toasting each other at the bar but Jack and Diane!

J.T. turned on the charm with Colleen in order to persuade her to attend the concert with him. It didn't have to be a date -- they could spend time with others. He just missed being with her and didn't want to take no for an answer. She thought about it and kept saying that she couldn't without giving a reason. She would smile and seem like she was caving in, but then tell him no again. Soon he found out why -- a boy named Eli arrived to take her to the concert. He was very polite when she introduced them, but J.T. was clearly crushed when he saw her with someone else. He sat there, left behind, and dejected.

J.T. decided to bring his guitar with him to their special place. He played an sang a song of woe, full of sorrow for a love lost and memories of what once was. He had left the door open, and before he finished, Coleen arrived, listening intently. He didn't know that she was there when he hung his head after he finished. . .

Neil read Dru the riot act when she arrived home -- ranting and raving about the news that Wesley had given him about Lily. He was very nervous about what might happen and Dru was sure that there was no danger -- Lily had been raised right and would never be pushed into doing anything she didn't want to do. Neil was upset that Lily hadn't confided in them -- Dru reminded him that teenagers do not tell their parents anything like that until they are ready.

At Kevin's apartment, Lily slowly crossed the threshold with him. He offered her a cold drink -- she wanted water but he brought her beer. She thought that they would go directly to the park, maybe grab a bite to eat on the way. He had plenty of food and wanted to relax there first.

He played on her sensitivities again, asking about her parents and what she loved about Paris all those months ago. He offered to take her to a museum and a bistro afterwards and wanted to make the date for the next day. She hesitated and he insisted on knowing what was wrong with her. He took everything as a rejection and would only back off when she told him that she was nervous about her parents and did want to be with him. He liked that answer and reached to kiss her. They kissed and hugged on the couch as her cell phone began to ring. It was Neil checking up on her. She didn't answer the phone and Dru told Neil just to wait to talk to her when she returned home. . .

Friday, July 25, 2003

Dru and Neil hurried into Crimson Lights looking for Lily, but the only person they could find was Sierra. When they questioned her regarding Lily's whereabouts, an uncomfortable Sierra would say only that Lily planned to go to the concert in the park with "Kevin." She didn't admit to knowing Kevin's last name or explain how Lily had met him or whether he went to Walnut Grove. As she insisted on leaving to meet her friends for the concert, Dru and Neil advised her that if she saw Lily, she was to tell her to come home as soon as the concert was over. Sierra agreed and hurried out.

At Kevin's, Lily was uncomfortable when he began kissing her more aggressively. He backed off, assuring her that he wouldn't do anything she didn't want him to do. They then talked about her parents, with Kevin giving her his take on their selfish desire to make themselves happy at her expense. Feeling vulnerable, Lily let him kiss her again. But when he tried to unbutton her shirt, she called a halt. When Kevin accused her of not trusting him or wanting to be there with him, Lily said that wasn't true. She just wasn't ready for things to go further. Kevin told her that he didn't like playing games, opened his door, and demanded that she leave. Hurt and confused, Lily walked out.

Colleen overheard J.T. playing his guitar and singing a song about her in "their" place. J.T. was surprised to see her there, since she'd been at the concert with another guy. Colleen admitted that everywhere she looked, she saw couples. She missed being part of that. So she'd left the concert before the first band played. When J.T. offered to leave her alone, she asked him to stay. Again she hinted about his finding something. He finally understood that when she said, "Look into my heart," she was talking about the locket. He opened it and found a note asking him to keep her heart safe until she asked for it back. Colleen then asked for her heart back. J.T. clasped the locket around her neck, then they kissed. When he asked exactly what it meant, Colleen said that she wanted them to be together again as a couple.

Diane and Jack continued their "stress reduction" meeting at Yves. Jack congratulated her on being the lead architect for the new entertainment complex in Racine. Neither of them was aware that Phyllis was watching them from across the restaurant. As the two toasted each other and talked, Damon hurried Phyllis out before she could confront them. They went to his apartment, where she tearfully talked him into diverting her from her shaky feelings by talking about a photograph he'd taken in Venice. When Damon asked if she thought Jack would be unfaithful to her, Phyllis said she trusted her husband. It was Diane she didn't trust, and if she told him all the things Diane had done to her, they'd be talking until mid-October with breaks only for meals. Appearing to feel a little better, Phyllis started to leave. She thanked Damon for being so nice to her, then said his place was peaceful, as was he. She felt serene around him. But then, as she became emotional again, she leaned up to kiss him. After a few seconds, he began kissing her back more passionately. Phyllis had no idea that Jack had left Diane alone at Yves to go back to work, where he planned to get his car and drive home.

Jill went to see Michael with a copy of Katherine's will that she'd broken into a locked box to get her hands on. She told him he was right; Katherine left her estate to be divided among any living heirs she might have. Although Michael agreed that she could have Katherine declared incompetent and perhaps be appointed conservator of the estate, he wasn't willing to help her do it. She needed to make an ally of Katherine's longtime attorney Mitchell, and she might consider getting Brock on her side, too. As for Michael, he wanted no part of it. Jill left, disappointed that Michael wouldn't help her, and Michael muttered that he hoped God was looking after Katherine because Jill certainly wasn't.

When Nikki went to the Chancellor house to see Katherine, Esther expressed her concern over Jill's about-face. It wasn't like Jill not to kick Katherine when she was down. Katherine insisted that she wanted to think the best of Jill. Nikki said it would be wonderful if the two of them could make peace, especially since Jill was Katherine's daughter. However, it would be in Katherine's best interest for her to keep her guard up. She then asked how long it had been since Katherine looked at her will. She assumed Brock was her sole heir. Katherine said it had been so long since Mitchell drew up her will that she didn't remember what it said. However, she did have a copy in a box in her room. Esther hurried to get it, coming back to show them that the box had been broken into. Esther was sure Jill had the will.

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