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Jill made plans to have Katherine declared legally incompetent. J.T. watched Brittany's striptease act. Bobby invited Raul to the club. Kevin asked to see Lily again. Christine found a bloody scarf in her car. Victor threatened Michael with information about Isabella's murder.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of July 28, 2003 on Y&R
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Monday, July 28, 2003

Just before Jack came downstairs, Phyllis was remembering her kiss with Damon Porter. The two of them began arguing almost immediately. Jack was upset that she hadn't told him about Victor hiring Michael Baldwin. She asked him why in the world she would tell him-after all, she wasn't going to tell him about every single move Victor made. She also told him she had no more information than he already knew, but even if she did, she wouldn't tell him. Changing the subject, she asked him where he had gone the night before. He hesitated, but told her he went out for a drink. When she asked if he went alone, he hesitated again, but told her the truth; that Diane had come by and they went out. She reminded him that she called him and he dissed her, and he insisted that nothing happened between he and Diane. He suggested they call a truce and she reluctantly agreed. He kissed and hugged her, but she looked sad.

Damon was also remembering his kiss with Phyllis when his doorbell rang. It was Brad, who immediately began interrogating him about what had happened with Phyllis. Damon told Brad they could've talked at the office, but Brad really wanted to know what had happened; especially since Jack was totally against them talking to Phyllis. He also told Damon about Michael's new job and the name change to "Saffra." Damon was obviously distracted, but managed to tell Brad that it looked like they had all of the same information. He went on to say that Phyllis was in bad shape, on account of seeing her husband out with Diane Jenkins. Brad immediately said she was probably very vulnerable, then, and he hoped Damon had taken full advantage of it. The comment rubbed Damon completely the wrong way, and he told Brad he didn't get much information out of her because of how upset she was, and that he was no longer down with their scheme. Brad was rubbed the wrong way by Damon's response, and told him he suspected after just one night, he had fallen for Phyllis. Damon told him he needed to get to work and as he went upstairs, told Brad he could see himself out.

Neil and Dru discussed the latest situation with Lily, and Neil expressed a lot of concern. Dru took a lighter stance, thinking it would be best to give her a little bit of space. Lily came into the room looking surly and Neil immediately asked where she had been the night before. She told him she was at the concert with Sierra and Colleen, and he busted her right away. He told her he and Dru had talked to Sierra at the coffee house, and that she had told them Lily was with Kevin. Furthermore, Wes had also told them about this Kevin. This infuriated Lily, who told her parents she didn't want to talk about Kevin-it was over between them-before storming out the door.

J.T. and Colleen were spending time with each other at the coffee house when Sierra approached them and told them about talking to Lily's parents. She told them she thought she may have gotten Lily into trouble. J.T. briefly asked what was going on before getting up and leaving. Lily approached the table, and Sierra told her she was sorry if she had gotten her into trouble. Lily told her friends it was one of the worst nights of her life. After explaining what happened, both girls told her they thought Kevin was a jerk and that she should stay away from him. Instead, Lily blamed herself, saying she obviously led him on and that she was afraid she would never hear from him again. After her friends left, she got on the computer, and he started IM-ing her. She was delighted to see him ask when he could see her again.

While Esther fed Kay breakfast, she started bad-mouthing Jill for stealing the will. Kay wanted to give Jill the benefit of the doubt, but they were interrupted by Jill coming into the room. Jill dismissed Esther and began talking to Kay. She told her she had a confession to make: that she had seen her will and appreciated Kay providing for her in it. She went on to say she knew Kay didn't realize it was her she was providing for, but she appreciated it, nevertheless-especially in light of how things between them had changed so much.

Later on, while Kay was at physical therapy, Jill invited Mitchell Sherman over to talk. He asked a lot of questions about their recent discovery of being mother and daughter, and Jill answered them all very cleverly. She made a point to tell him how bad off she was, and that she didn't expect any improvement. In fact, she told him, she wanted to have him declare her legally incompetent.

Tuesday, July 29, 2003


Nikki is pleased to see Kay not in the wheelchair. It's difficult learning to walk again. Nikki jokes that living with Jill must be the best incentive to walk(or run away). Kay is surprised to hear of the tension with Sharon. She thinks Nikki is being too harsh. She tells Nikki to stay away from her. She calls Nikki jealous. Nikki fears Sharon will try to take her place but Kay reassures her that no one can take her place.

Jill's Office:

Mitchell can't believe Jill wants Kay declared mentally incompetent. Jill claims she's nothing but a vegetable but Mitchell wants to wait. Mitch wants to know who's best interest this is in. If he does this, Jill will control Kay's entire future. She is the best person for the job: close family with business sense(unlike Brock). Mitchell is very skeptical. Jill presses home the fact that she is family and he is an employee. Brock would have to agree and there'd have to be a competency hearing. Jill says to make the arrangements.


Britt is making lunch when J.T. arrives home. He's happy to have been let off early so he and Colleen can spend time together. He and C are officially back together. He tells Britt to keep her mouth shut if she can't be nice. Brittany apologizes and tells him she's happy for him. J.T. wonders why she's putting in so many hours. He wants to go see her in action but Britt doesn't like that idea. He's still confused by her job as a singer/waitress especially the amount of money she's making. She says it would make him uncomfortable making less money than her but J.T. sees through that. She's always made more than him. She then says she's buying him a car. Later Raul returns home. He wants to go see her sing but she is adamant that he stay away. He was only joking anyway. J.T., who was listening to their conversation decides to follow Britt to work.

Victoria's Office:

Victoria is annoyed when Michael stops by. A man who once tried to destroy the company is now working there. He can't go into detail over what his duties are which only infuriates her more. She knows he's just a pawn to send a message to her and others to mind their place. He wants to know what she likes to do outside the office. When she says work is her life he is disappointed. She thinks he's some mole for her father.

Victor's Office:

Victor is going over a deal with Nick as part of his mentoring. Nick gets in a dig about Satine and they hash it out about seeing Vic with Sharon recently. Nick presses for details on the Michael Baldwin hire. Vic hired him because he's the only one to ever really beat Victor at his own game. Nick is annoyed that Vic claims to want to mentor him but refuses to go into detail about he hire. Later Michael comes by but has little to report. Victor is not impressed. He wants results and now.


Raul is helping Lauren with inventory. She asks him how living with J.T. is going. He likes it, nice to have someone around. She wonders about Brittany when Raul tells her that her new job. She works long hours. It's her schedule but she likes the hours. Lauren is intrigued when she learns Britt is making tons of money singing.. Lauren reveals that she was once a singer. She performed with Danny Romalotti and it was the best time of her life. Raul is amazed his boss was a rock star. She sounds like Brittany talking like that. He doesn't know where she works, he must have forgotten. She tells him to surprise her soon by stopping by her club and seeing her sing.

Crimson Lights:

Sharon stops by and is joined by Jack. She is intrigued by the fact that Jack and Nick are spending so much time together. She also tells him about the Arts Council Gala and he is impressed. She presses on the Nick/Jack bond lately. He reminds her that Nick was once his stepson but it still intrigues her.

Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Victor went to see Paul and get caught up on the case of Isabella's disappearance. The more Paul told him, the more concerned Victor became about Christine's involvement. He agreed that Detective Weber could be like a pit bull when he was on a case. He offered Paul any legal assistance he might need, but Paul said Michael was acting as Christine's attorney, even though Michael wasn't entirely sure about her innocence. Although he told Victor the details about Christine's fugue state, he stopped short of explaining about how Michael might be guilty of obstructing the investigation by having Otis's fishing boat cleaned. Victor left after hearing that Paul planned to go to California to see Ricky, who was still with Isabella's parents.

Christine asked Wes to come talk to her as her psychiatrist. Although he had done more research and admitted that it was possible that Christine had done something to Isabella while she was in the fugue state, he warned her not to let her imagination run wild. Christine couldn't help it, though, because she was unable to know if the dreams she was having were of something she'd done or something she feared. She kept seeing Isabella, covered in blood from a head wound, begging Christine not to hurt her.

When Nick delivered a report to Victoria, the two exchanged a few nasty comments about Safra and Nick's mentoring program with Victor. Nick finally told Victoria that regardless of his feelings for his father, he was protecting his inheritance, and hers, whether or not she believed it. Victoria asked why he was mad at Victor now, and Nick exploded that he couldn't understand why Sharon and Victor wouldn't do as he wished and stay away from each other. Victoria assured him that nothing was going on between his wife and their father. He should be more worried about what was going on between Sharon and Nikki. His and Victor's idea for Sharon to organize and host the gala was going to result in a huge conflict between Nick's wife and their mother.

Nikki was surprised to come home unexpectedly and find Sharon entertaining the women from the Arts Council in her living room. While Agnes and Ruby praised Sharon for her organizing skills, Nikki made double-edged comments that might sound like compliments but were actually insults to Sharon. After the other women left, Sharon tried to get out without a confrontation, but Nikki stopped her. Sharon had overstepped, because Nikki didn't care that the gala had been held at the ranch for several years. Everyone was eager to remind her how much she had disliked working on it. Now that she wasn't, she certainly had no intention of handing her house over to strangers. Sharon needed to call the printer and stop the invitations while she found a new place to hold the event. When Sharon warned her that Nick wasn't going to like Nikki's decision, Nikki said there was no more damage Sharon could do there. Nick had already banned her from his life. Sharon then reminded her that the Newman reputation was at stake, but Nikki said it was only Sharon's reputation at risk. She was obviously in over her head, but that wasn't Nikki's problem. Sharon vowed that Nikki would regret taking this stand, then she left the Newman house.

Lauren was not even remotely amused to feel that Michael was trying to strong-arm her into prominently featuring Safra's new cosmetic line at the expense of Jabot. Michael insisted that he wasn't trying to bribe her or force her, but he could certainly make it worth her while to give Safra more visible shelf space. Lauren reminded him that she was running a boutique that was a partnership with Jabot. Not only that, but she'd had a longtime relationship with Jabot that she wasn't going to throw away. She warned Michael that he needed to get away from Victor before the association cost him everything. After Michael walked out, he wondered aloud what he was doing.

Brittany promised Bobby that she had a new song and a new outfit for her performance that night, and all the zippers were in the right place. After she went to change clothes, J.T. wandered in, sure he'd seen her come into the club. The bartender was dubious about his ID when J.T. ordered a beer, but Bobby intervened and said the ID looked okay to him. Later, J.T. asked if a friend of his, Brittany, was working there, but the bartender said no. So J.T. was surprised, after "Marilyn" was introduced to enthusiastic applause, to see Brittany walk onto the stage. He was even more surprised when she began to undress and collect money while she sang. As she finished her song to a round of cheers and whistles, J.T. slipped from the bar without being seen by Brit.

Thursday, July 31, 2003

by Ruth

Cassie had the idea to invite a boy to attend the gala with her. She asked her dad about it and he discouraged the idea. When Sharon heard about it, she wanted to talk about it further. Cassie was surprised at Sharon's reaction.

Paul and Chris spoke before he left for California. She shared with him her fears that were brought on by dreams and visions of Isabella being hurt. She was hearing voices as well as seeing things. Paul was quite distressed at the news.

Otis Elwood made a call to Detective Weber. When the detective arrived at Otis' cabin, Otis was not there. Later, the detective told Michael Baldwin about it and Michael acted like he didn't know a thing about Otis. Weber told him that he would be sorry if it was later found that Michael did know something.

At breakfast that morning, Raul, J.T. and Brittany were altogether in the apartment. J.T. teased Brittany about her job and Brittany sparred back with him. Raul decided that he didn't have time for their antics, he had to go to work. After Raul left, J.T. continued to ask her about her job. He then caught her by surprise by calling her, "Marilyn."

Bobby Marcino paid a visit to the boutique and met Raul there. He was looking for a birthday gift for a coworker. When Raul recommended a necklace that his girlfriend, Brittany, would like, Bobby became more and more interested. He asked if Brittany was a blond. Raul said yes and wondered how Bobby knew. His answer was that, "most Brittanys are blonds." The connection had been made in his mind.

Friday, August 1, 2003

Sharon begged for Victor to intercede with Nikki for her about hosting the gala at the ranch. But Victor said he would not take her side against his wife. Nor was he comfortable with Sharon coming to him, as they both knew it was not what Nick wanted. Sharon was creative; she could find a solution for this. When Sharon began to panic, saying Nikki was right and she was in over her head, Victor suggested that she simply tell the Arts Council the Newman ranch was not available. Then find a new locale and make the event her own, without the memory of Nikki's former years as host of it hanging over her. In fact, he would help her set things up at the Colonnade Room. All she needed to do was change the invitations. A chastened Sharon left the house, still looking somewhat doubtful.

Nikki went to see Nick, who tried at first to be pleasant to his mother. But once again, Nikki couldn't resist taking digs at Sharon, until Nick began to lose his temper. He was particularly furious when Nikki told him she wouldn't let Sharon use the ranch to host the gala. Nick reminded her that he was being mentored for his future at Newman. He needed for Sharon to take her appropriate place as his wife in the "new guard." Nikki interpreted that to mean that she was old. Nick told her to stop seeing everything as an insult to herself. She was being paranoid and hateful when it came to Sharon. As Nikki took another verbal shot at his wife, Cassie walked in, fortunately not hearing what her grandmother had been saying about her mother. She expressed her excitement about the gala, then left when Nick said he was discussing something with Nikki. Nick pointed out that Nikki was not just hurting Sharon with her actions. She was also hurting her grandchildren. Sharon rushed in to talk to Nick, stopping short at the sight of her mother-in-law.

Before leaving to see his son in California, Paul stopped by Michael's office. The two talked at cross purposes about the missing Otis Elwood, with Michael sure that Paul found a way to get him out of the area before Detective Weber could question him. Paul denied this and said that Elwood's disappearance might cause Hank Weber to put more pressure on Christine. After Michael assured Paul that he would look after Christine in his absence, Paul decided to stick to his decision to go to California.

Lynne listened to Christine explain about the nightmares she'd been having and voices she'd been hearing. She suggested that Christine might need professional help, and Chris admitted she'd been seeing a psychiatrist. Lynne thought she might need more, like to check herself into a hospital. But Christine said she wanted to try to get better on her own. Lynne then offered to stay with her while Paul was away, but Christine insisted she'd be fine. She felt better just knowing what a good friend Lynne was and that she was only a phone call away. After Lynne left, Christine went to her car. But before she pulled out, she glanced into the passenger floorboard and began to panic when she saw a bloodstained scarf.

When Michael met with Victor, Victor was less than impressed by how the attorney had handled Lauren Fenmore. But it was irrelevant. There were other stores and other buyers for Michael to deal with to edge Jabot out of premium shelf space. In fact, Victor had already set up appointments for him. Michael was to find out what these people needed and provide it. Michael said that was nothing short of bribery. He wasn't interested in doing this job for Victor, so he'd send back his retainer and quit. But as Michael tried to walk out, Victor played his trump card. Had Michael ever heard of Otis Elwood? If he didn't want Elwood going to the police with what he knew about Michael's involvement in Isabella's disappearance, Michael would do what Victor expected of him.

Brittany was horrified to realize that J.T. had followed her to Marsino's and knew about her job as an "exotic dancer." J.T. told it like it was, telling Brit she was a stripper. He wasn't judging her, however. He thought she should make a career of it as long as she could. Not only did the audience seem to appreciate her, but the money was great. Brittany said she was only doing it for a while. Although she did enjoy the singing, she knew that the men were merely ogling her. And she didn't think Raul would like what she was doing, either. J.T. accused Raul of being a prude, but Brittany said he was just the kind of man who thought taking your clothes off should be done privately with someone you loved. If J.T. said anything to Raul, Brittany threatened to kill him.

At the boutique, Bobby continued to question Raul about Brittany. Raul spilled the story of how they were from two different worlds. Brittany had been a rich kid, whereas Raul had grown up with nothing. Bobby said he'd grown up the same way; he was a self-made man. He hid a grin as Raul showed off pictures of Brit and explained that she was a singing waitress at a club. Bobby then gave Raul his business card and told him to come in some night. When Raul realized it was a "gentleman's club," he declined, saying that wasn't the kind of place for him. But Bobby told him to keep the card anyway, just in case, and left with an amused grin on his face.

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