The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 4, 2003 on Y&R

Victor blackmailed Michael into continuing working for him. A retail chain executive accepted a briefcase full of cash from Michael. Under hypnosis, Christine remembered strangling Isabella. Nikki and Katherine devised a test for Jill. Kevin lured Lily back to his apartment.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 4, 2003 on Y&R
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Monday, August 4, 2003

Finding Nikki with Nick, Sharon quickly guesses that she can't have the gala at the ranch. After sending Nick out, Nikki congratulates her daughter-in-law on turning her son against her. Nikki then announces that she can have the gala at the ranch as long as Nikki is in charge. When Sharon asks her to mentor her in planning the fundraiser, Nikki laughs at the idea so Sharon announces that she's moved the gala to the Colonnade Room and doesn't need her help now. Nick is startled when Cassie reveals she still doesn't trust her mother. Nick suggests she start over but Cassie insists that she can't forgive her for what she did and can't love her. In her garage, Chris holds the blood-stained scarf and wonders where it came from. Detective Weber suddenly appears and joins her in her car. He almost apologizes for scaring her with his sudden appearance but then explains his theory that Chris killed Isabella and dumped her body in Lake Michigan. He shows her a tape which he claims features her arguing with Isabella and suggests she talk to her attorney. Warning Michael that obstruction of justice could cost him his law license, Victor urges the lawyer to reconsider quitting. Michael accuses him of blackmailing him but Victor insists he only wants him to finish the job he gave him. Michael realizes he must comply and exits. Bringing her lunch, Wes advises Olivia that Chris is hearing voices now. Olivia admits that she hasn't decided yet about his marriage proposal. When Victoria wishes they had Damon working in their lab, Phyllis leaks that he's unhappy at Jabot. Jack asks Dru if she knows where Damon is since he's been missing for days. Dru sneaks into Damon's place and hears a tender phone message from Phyllis

Tuesday, August 5, 2003

As Brittany counts her tips for the night and realizes she's earned about a grand for her stripping, Raul enters and she ends up lying that she made only $150. She suggests dinner at the Colonnade Room but he urges her to save her money for school. At the Abbott pool J.T. notices Colleen's tattoo and navel ring and learns how she got them. When he challenges her to make lasagna and she accepts the challenge, J.T. calls Brittany and Raul over for fear he'll hate the meal. J.T. heads to the kitchen where he finds garlic bread burning. She sends him out and then calls Gina for help. After her confrontation with Weber, Chris returns home to find her dry cleaning waiting, accompanied by a note about the blood stains that couldn't be removed. Olivia arrives and when Chris worries about her mental state, Olivia calls Wes over to hypnotize Chris in hopes of reviving her memory. After Olivia leaves, Wes starts to "put her under." Michael hurries Diane out of his office as he awaits the arrival of Pete Hudson, the first cosmetics customer arranged by Victor. Pete's caught off guard when Michael offers him a membership in an exclusive Genoa City country club if he'll push the right cosmetics line at his retail outlets. Meanwhile, Dru hints to Neil that Damon may be jumping ship. Neil insists he could not care less. When Phyllis arrives, Neil leaves the two to talk and Dru quickly threatens to tell Jack about her dinner with Damon if she doesn't tell her everything.

Wednesday, August 6, 2003

Hypnotized by Wes, Chris remembers finding a bloodied Isabella on the ground in the woods and getting scratched as Isabella refused her help. Wes snaps Chris out of it as Weber arrives with a search warrant. While Pete's in the other room on the phone, Michael eyes his briefcase full of cash and compares it to Pete's lookalike case. Pete advises Michael that he can't accept the country club membership or any other high-priced gift from suppliers. Michael opens his briefcase and stuns Pete with the cash inside. When Michael offers to let him "mistakenly" walk out with it, Pete hesitates and then walks out with the cash, much to Michael's relief. At the Abbott pool J.T. explains his bet about dinner with Raul and Brittany. In the kitchen, Gina arrives with her own lasagna and offers to help Colleen teach J.T. a lesson. A scheming Colleen then brings a horrible tasting appetizer out to the pool and her friends are disgusted by the taste. However, the lasagna at dinner is delicious and J.T. hands Colleen his money as she wins their bet. Later, he finds Gina in the kitchen and realizes Colleen cheated. Victor comes home and faces his angry wife who blasts him for helping Sharon. Nikki then reveals Sharon turned down her offer to use the ranch as long as Nikki was in charge. Fed up, Victor orders her to get along with Sharon. She then tries to find out why he hired Michael and when he evades the question, she guesses that it's to do his dirty work and warns that everyone knows about the hiring. While Phyllis doesn't confirm she was with Damon, she insists to Dru that she had nothing to do with him leaving town. Dru warns that Jack will eventually find out the truth.

Thursday, August 7, 2003

by Ruth

Lily's upset when Colleen lectures her about Kevin, urging her friend to get over the potential troublemaker. Meanwhile, Bobby is quick to react when Kevin goes on about what he'd like to do with "Marilyn," the newest dancer at Marsino's. He orders him to never talk about her that way and warns that Kevin needs to respect women. Later, Kevin becomes violent after dancer Brenda urges him to ask Maureen out and gently teases him about his luck with women. Kevin then meets Lily at the coffeehouse and is introduced to her friends. Jill interrupts Michael's day at the office and describes the reaction she got from Mitchell about Kay's competency hearing. When she boasts of her hopes to move Kay out of the house to get the care she needs, Michael realizes she's determined to have the estate to herself. Meanwhile, suspicious of the change in Jill, Nikki suggests to her friend that they come up with a test for Jill. Meanwhile, when Brock asks Jill to wait six months before a competency hearing, Jill angrily refuses. Armed with a search warrant, Detective Weber interrupts Wes' session with Chris and refuses to back down from searching Chris' place. While one of his officers calls Weber to the bedroom, Michael arrives and learns from Chris about the dry cleaning and the interrupted session with Wes. As Chris secretly hides the bloodied scarf in her hands, Michael tries to force Weber to leave, claiming he interrupted a meeting between Chris and her doctor but Weber won't budge as the dry cleaning with the note about the blood stain is discovered.

Friday, August 8, 2003

As Detective Weber examines Chris' blood-stained dry cleaning, he asks her about what's in her hand behind her back. She admits it's a scarf that she found in her car. Weber quickly orders the blood to be tested to see if it's Isabella's. Michael insists he can't take the clothes because of the illegal search but the detective does so anyway. With Michel present, Wes advises Chris that while hypnotized, she admitted seeing a bloody Isabella on the ground in the woods, scratching at Chris' arm when she offered to help her. Michael pleads with her not to think she's guilty but Chris guesses that she knocked Isabella out in her apartment and took her to the woods where she killed her. Jill uses dinner at Gina's to try to convince Larry she's only helping Kay by trying to have her declared incompetent. When Gina interrupts and asks about Kay, Jill realizes that Gina may be able to convince Brock to change his mind. She calls Nikki to invite her and Kay to dinner at Gina's. After Lily and Kevin leave the coffeehouse, Colleen and J.T. agree that Kevin's not the right guy for their friend but then decide they can't help her. Meanwhile, after badmouthing her friends, Kevin insists that Lily come to his place. There, he has champagne waiting and some fast talking.

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