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Larry refused to support Jill's plans for revenge. Raul was shocked to see Brittany's striptease act at Bobby's club. Dru told Nikki about Damon and Phyllis. Damon promised to get the Tuvia line back on track. Isabella attempted to drown Christine. Paul rescued Christine.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 11, 2003 on Y&R
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Monday, August 11, 2003

Jill asked Nikki what the surprise was, and Nikki told her that Katherine's physical therapy was going great and that she was starting to be able to use her hands. Larry's reaction was quick and positive, but Jill looked a bit uncomfortable. Nikki pointedly told Jill how great it was. Jill tried to recover, but her initial reaction did not go unnoticed. She tried to tell everybody that they shouldn't push and stress Katherine out, but no one really listened. They all marveled at how Katherine was using a fork, and they excitedly talked about what new progress she might be making in just a few short weeks if the momentum kept up.

At that point, Jill excused herself to go powder her nose, and Larry got up, as well. Jill was upset and told Larry that just because Katherine could use her hand didn't mean she could take care of herself. Back at the table, Nikki told Esther that Katherine had a test in mind for Jill to see if she was sincere. As they started to discuss it, Mitchell Sherman and Brock walked in, and Gina led them over to the table.

Jill was startled to see Mitchell and Brock once she returned, and she asked what they were doing there. They explained that they had a meeting and had decided to conduct it over dinner. Nikki told Jill she had invited the men to join the group. Jill sat next to Katherine and started fussing over her, trying to put a napkin in her lap and adjust her chair. Esther tried to take over, and Katherine "accidentally" spilled her water in Jill's lap.

The conversation turned to Jill's idea of declaring Katherine incompetent, and Nikki grew infuriated. Jill tried to explain her point of view, insisting she was only concerned about Katherine's well-being and financials. She said she would just drop it if no one else agreed. Brock offered that he gave her the benefit of the doubt when it came to her sincerity, but he didn't at all agree they should have Katherine declared incompetent.

Paul returned from California and found Michael in his living room. Before he was able to check on Christine, Michael pulled him aside and updated him on the situation. He told Paul he didn't think any of the evidence they had gathered would be admissible in court, considering the police had interrupted a doctor/patient visit. Paul asked if the hypnosis had worked, but Michael didn't have a solid answer for him. What he did say was that it was extremely difficult to defend a client that thought they were guilty, and he felt Christine did not believe she was innocent. Meanwhile, Christine was in the bedroom, hearing voices and seeing visions of Isabella screaming.

Michael left, and Paul checked on Christine, who was quite upset. He tried to convince her she was innocent, but she had strong doubts. Detective Weber interrupted and said he had news. He said the lab results had proven that the DNA under Christine's fingernails was Isabella's. Paul questioned him immediately, but Weber had more news. He said they had found traces of blood in the woods, in a way that appeared a body had been dragged. While Paul tried to come up with other possible explanations for the evidence, Christine just cried and cried.

Lily felt very uncomfortable in Kevin's apartment. She told him she was very afraid that he never wanted to see her again and that she wasn't used to someone liking her as much as she liked them. He told her how much he liked her and how beautiful she was -- and to finish her glass of Champagne. He went on to say that he felt Colleen treated him like a monster, and he told Lily he would never do anything to hurt her. He strongly hinted that she should dump Colleen if being with him started to create even more of an issue than it already had. With that, he started kissing her forcefully, which made her uncomfortable.

Lily tried to pull away, telling Kevin he was going too fast. Ignoring her, he took off his shirt and began to unbutton hers. There was a knock on the door. It was Colleen and J.T., calling out for Lily. This infuriated Kevin, and he got dressed and started to panic. He opened the door, and J.T. asked him what had taken so long. Lily was mortified and told them they were worse than her parents and how much they were embarrassing her.

Colleen told Lily that she thought Lily should leave with her and J.T., and J.T. agreed. Colleen looked down and saw the Champagne, and when J.T. saw it, he snapped. He asked if Kevin was trying to get Lily drunk, told Kevin she was only 15, and punched him for the offense. Kevin started screaming for everyone to get out, including Lily, because the evening was ruined. Lily ran out, and before the others turned to leave, J.T. threatened Kevin to stay away from all of them.

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

In the Williams apartment, Detective Weber was grilling Christine. He told her he was arresting her for Isabella's disappearance and possible murder. She agreed to go but wanted to go in the morning after she'd gotten things in order. He agreed only after she argued her right to contest the evidence he'd gotten the day before. She asked Paul to leave her alone for the night.

At the ranch, Nikki, Katherine, and Esther speculated as to Jill's motives, especially after learning of Jill's plans to have Katherine declared unable to deal with her own affairs. Katherine tried to see Jill in a positive light, but Nikki and Esther were suspicious. Katherine asked Nikki to get the one person she trusted most: Brock. Brock arrived, still unaware of how well Katherine was doing. He was there to take her home and was startled when he heard her say "Not yet, Brock."

Jill and Larry arrived home. Jill was fuming because Katherine's use of her hand only complicated things -- as did the reveal to everyone of what she was planning. Larry was suspicious of Jill's intentions.

At the loft, Raul and J.T. discussed how J.T. and Colleen had broken up Lily and Kevin's date. J.T. mentioned the booze and his bad vibes about Kevin. Raul agreed with J.T. punching him out. They then discussed Raul's plans for Brittany's birthday. At first, Raul wanted to make her dinner, give her a massage, and just spend quality time alone with her. Later, he decided to throw a surprise party for her at her work. J.T. thought that was a bad idea, but Raul loved it.

At Marsino's, Brittany arrived for work and promised a new act for Bobby. Bobby gave her the necklace he had bought from Raul. She performed an even sexier number, which seemed to be aimed at Bobby. Bobby was completely into her and said as much to the bartender, who reminded him of his "no dating employees" rule. Bobby looked like he was ready to make an exception.

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

J.T. tried to talk Bobby into getting rid of Brittany, saying dancers were a dime a dozen. Bobby said that Brittany was one of a kind and was an asset to his business. It wasn't his problem that Raul might be upset to find out Brittany was working there. All the girls who worked for him were there of their own free will. They liked what they did, and he made sure they were taken care of. He told J.T. to get lost.

At the loft, Raul and Brittany talked about upcoming plans for both of their birthdays. Brittany agreed to take the night off from work on her birthday, and Raul gave up trying to convince her not to go overboard on his birthday. He started getting affectionate with her, but Brittany realized she had to hurry or be late for work. Before she left, Raul caught sight of her necklace and remembered selling the "one of a kind" piece of jewelry to Bobby. Brittany told him that she'd splurged on a gift for herself then rushed out. Raul looked thoughtful then pulled out the business card Bobby had given him for Marsino's.

Brock was shocked to realize that his mother could not only talk but understood everything he was saying to her. His joy over her rapid recovery was short-lived, however, when he found out she, Nikki, and Esther had been keeping it a secret in an effort to smoke Jill out. Katherine insisted that she had to know if Jill's care of her was sincere and if Jill could be a true daughter to her. Brock pointed out that if Jill was being deceptive, so was Katherine -- "like mother, like daughter." He said that Katherine needed to come clean with Jill as soon as possible, even after Katherine told him about Jill's theft of the will.

Larry demanded that Jill tell him her true motives for trying to be appointed Katherine's conservator. Jill finally cracked and said that it wasn't about greed; it was about revenge. Katherine had deprived her of everything, including Phillip and the house. In fact, most of the things that had gone wrong in her life could be traced back to Katherine. From the womb, Katherine had despised her and tried to get rid of her. Since Larry knew the truth, she wanted to know if he would stand by her. Larry told her that she could do whatever she wanted, but she'd be doing it alone. Then, he walked out on her.

Christine was startled when Paul and Michael showed up at her apartment. She only wanted one evening to herself, to examine her soul, before she turned herself in to Detective Weber the following day. Although she appreciated Paul's belief in her innocence and knew that Michael was the best attorney she could ever ask for, it might be her last night of solitude for a long time. Michael left, as did Paul -- after he again assured Christine of his love.

Michael turned up at Paul's office. At first, Paul rebuffed him. He poured himself a drink, ignoring Michael, who then poured his own drink. The two sat down and finally began talking about all that had happened. Neither believed that it added up, but they felt hopeless to put all the missing pieces together. They also felt like leaving Christine alone was a bad idea.

Finally alone, Christine drank a couple glasses of wine, put on some music, and climbed into a deep bubble bath. As she lay, soaking with her eyes closed, the bathroom door opened, and someone dressed in black, holding a huge butcher knife, slipped quietly inside. The figure squatted down to take a long look at the oblivious Christine. It was Isabella with a cold expression on her face.

Isabella attempts to drown Christine

Isabella attempts to drown Christine

Thursday, August 14, 2003

At Marsino's, Brittany entered Bobby's office, and he complimented her necklace. She joked that a crazy guy had given it to her, and he remarked that the guy had good taste. He asked how his best girl was, and she wondered what he meant. He clarified by asking how Marsino's hottest star was.

Brittany recognized that Bobby really liked her, and he considered getting more singers. She figured that he was the boss, but he thought she liked being the only singer. Brittany averted his gaze, and Bobby noted that she looked serious. He guessed that it was about the necklace, and he assured her that it was okay if she didn't want to wear it onstage. She said she couldn't accept it, and she removed it from her neck.

Bobby insisted that it was just a token of appreciation for all Brittany had done for the place, but she was skeptical. Bobby added that her birthday was approaching, so he'd wanted to give her a present. Brittany reminded him that she had a boyfriend, and she set the necklace down on a table. She explained that where she was from, a girl with a boyfriend didn't accept gifts from other men -- especially jewelry. He protested that it wasn't unreasonable to want to give her a present, but she maintained that she couldn't and wouldn't accept the gift.

Brittany insisted that Bobby call her Marilyn when she was at the club, and he asked why she was acting like he was trying to take advantage of her. She swore that she didn't want to fight, and he told her to do what she had to do. She begged him to understand that Raul was the sweetest guy on earth, and he'd forgiven her after she'd hurt him before. She was flattered that Bobby liked her, but she insisted that it was only business between them. Bobby begrudgingly agreed to keep it that way, and she asked if he planned to catch her act. "Don't I always?" he replied, and he told her to get out because he had work to do. She thanked him and departed. He sighed and stared at the necklace on the table.

Raul entered the strip club, and one of the strippers called dibs on him. She approached him, introduced herself as Brenda, and led him to a table. She cooed that he'd really like it there, guaranteeing that he'd have a night he'd never forget. He nervously looked around. She explained that there was a two-drink minimum, and he asked what time the show started. Brenda teased him for being a little impatient, and she promised that it wouldn't be long.

Brenda informed Raul that the girls worked on tips, and she encouraged him to make a contribution if he saw something he liked. She added that there was no touching allowed, and she wanted to make sure he was comfortable with the rules. She bragged about how the dancers did their own choreography, and she mentioned that they even had a singer. Raul perked up, and Brenda revealed that Marilyn was a beautiful blonde who was new to the club. Brenda purred that when she was up on the stage later, part of her would be dancing for him -- and she'd let him decide which part. "Brittany, where the hell are you?" Raul muttered to himself.

Later, Bobby sat down at the table and observed that Raul had taken him up on his offer. Raul growled that Bobby had bought a necklace at the boutique and given it to Raul's girlfriend. "Did I?" Bobby asked, feigning innocence. Raul pointed out that it was one of a kind, and he warned Bobby not to play games with him. Raul demanded to know if Brittany worked there as a singer, but Bobby replied that he didn't talk to anyone but his girls.

Raul asked if Bobby was a pimp, and Bobby responded that Raul wasn't very smart. Raul dared Bobby to throw him out, but Bobby invited him to stay for an eye-opening experience -- as long as Raul behaved himself. The crowd applauded as Brittany took the stage. Bobby watched Raul's reaction as patrons cheered for "Marilyn" as Brittany straddled the stripper pole.

Men yelled for Brittany to take it off, and she unclipped her hair and shook it loose as she pranced around. She peeled off one glove and threw it into the audience, then whipped off her skirt, followed by the second glove. She stepped onto a chair and unzipped her teddy, revealing a tasseled bra underneath. Raul moved to the front of the stage, and Brittany attempted to cover herself with her hands when she spotted him. The crowd booed as Raul jumped on the stage and threw his jacket around Brittany. She ran off, and Bobby ordered Brenda to take over. Bobby instructed one of his bouncers to throw Raul out.

In Paul's office, Michael acknowledged that Paul lived and died by his hunches, but he urged Paul to deal with what was concrete. Paul shared that alarm bells were going off in his head, and Michael referred to the lapses in Christine's memory when she'd undergone hypnosis. Paul questioned why Christine would only have a few flashes when her blackout had lasted at least 24 hours. Paul wondered if there was something they were missing.

Michael pointed out that people tended to recall the most vivid moments, like when they'd been traumatized. Paul figured that Christine would have remembered if she'd bludgeoned Isabella with a candlestick. Michael reasoned that the psychiatrist had interrupted the hypnosis because Christine had been overwrought, but Christine might have recalled more key events if they'd continued the session. Michael was confident that Paul's instincts weren't wrong, and he theorized that it was just throwing them to imagine Christine hating that violently.

Michael refused to allow Christine to confess, and he thought the first step was to build a defense. He was encouraged that there was no smoking gun unless other evidence surfaced. Michael wondered if Isabella had spoken to anyone about Christine having an axe to grind against her. He inquired whether Isabella's parents had mentioned anything, but Paul said he'd barely spent any time with them. Michael wasn't surprised that they hadn't said anything about Christine, since they'd probably been devastated after losing a child.

Paul realized that it hadn't hit him at the time because he'd been focusing on Ricky, but Isabella's parents had seemed more uncomfortable than grief-stricken, and he wasn't sure why. Michael suggested that they'd been putting up a brave front, since Paul was a grieving husband. Paul wasn't sure what Isabella had told her folks about their marriage blowing up, but he thought it didn't make sense that they hadn't seemed either torn up about their daughter's death or chilly toward him, knowing he and Isabella had been estranged before she'd disappeared.

Michael surmised that Isabella's family had been in shock, and Paul figured that they could have been worried that he was going to take Ricky and never let them see him again. Paul still sensed that something about it hadn't added up, and there had to be another explanation. He felt like he wasn't seeing the whole pattern, but he was sure the whole thing would fall into place once he did.

Paul wondered if the psychiatrist could put Christine under again and find out if she was suppressing something else. Michael was skeptical that Christine would remember something that would exonerate her, and he believed the best way to help was to face that she'd be arrested for murder and deal with it. Paul pledged to keep her out of jail while he found out what had really happened. Michael thought Paul was living in a dream world, and he suggested that they talk in the morning. Michael headed out, and Paul sighed in frustration. After a moment, something appeared to dawn on him. "Oh, my God!" Paul gasped.

At home, Christine soaked in the bathtub, surrounded by lit candles, as she sipped a glass of red wine. She poured another glass, and she relaxed into the tub and closed her eyes while opera music played. A figure approached, and Isabella glowered down at her.

Isabella brandished a knife, which glinted in the candlelight. Christine's eyes flickered open and widened in horror when she saw Isabella. "Hello, Christine," Isabella calmly greeted her, and she asked if Christine was enjoying her nice, warm bath. Christine told herself that she was imagining things, but Isabella stated that she was very real. Christine cried that Isabella was dead. "I'm afraid not, my dear," Isabella sweetly replied, adding that in a few moments, Christine would be.

Christine questioned how Isabella could possibly be alive. Isabella was glad Christine had asked, since it was quite a story, and Isabella was rather proud of herself. Isabella admitted that she was there to gloat, since she'd gotten all of Christine's admirers to believe that such a gentle little lamb was guilty of murder. Isabella thought Christine deserved some accolades for blowing her squeaky-clean cover by brutally attacking Isabella. Christine defended that Isabella had provoked her.

Isabella argued that it didn't matter, since the act of trying to choke her had proven to the rest of the world that there were some twisted demons beneath Christine's innocent exterior. Isabella shared that it had inspired her to carry out her plan. Christine started to get out of the tub, but Isabella grabbed her arm, put the knife to her throat, and demanded that she stay where she was. Isabella crowed that it was poetic justice after Christine had taken such delight in exploiting Isabella's vulnerabilities. Isabella taunted that Christine had made one mistake -- she'd underestimated Isabella.

Isabella assumed that Christine had considered her to be a stupid loser who wouldn't fight back, but Isabella had, and the "dumb little housewife" had ended up outfoxing Genoa City's best attorney, lead detective, and the entire police force. Christine swore that she'd never thought of Isabella that way, but Isabella snapped that she was the one calling the shots. Christine claimed that she wanted to hear Isabella's story, but Isabella cautioned that it was a long one. Isabella guessed they should start at her apartment, which had been the scene of the crime.

Christine didn't remember being there on the day Isabella had disappeared, and Isabella confirmed that Christine hadn't been there. Isabella revealed that she'd saved up nearly a pint of her own blood in advance, and she'd staged the scene with candlesticks and a strand of hair to make it appear as if there had been a struggle. Christine suddenly lunged for the knife, but Isabella forced her back into the tub and inquired whether she wanted to hear the rest of the story or have her throat cut. Christine opted for the story, and Isabella looked forward to spilling all the details about how she'd set out to destroy Christine's pride and everything that went along with it. Christine struggled to stay awake.

Isabella described how she'd set the scene at her apartment before she'd slipped into the back seat of Christine's car outside of Mary's house. Isabella recalled that Christine had gotten into the car and put the keys in the ignition, and Christine assumed Isabella had knocked her out. Isabella lectured that it would have left a bump on the head, and she snidely urged Christine to use her lawyer brain. Christine realized that Isabella had used chloroform, and Isabella continued that she'd driven out to the lake to a spot she'd chosen in advance, with access to the water and a boat spattered with her blood.

Isabella recounted that she'd waited for Christine to revive, and Christine remembered waking up and seeing Isabella with bloody scratches on her face. Isabella explained that she'd wanted the cops to find her skin under Christine's nails. Christine recalled Isabella holding Christine's hands to her throat and falling to the ground, apparently dead. Isabella bragged that she'd chloroformed Christine again and taken her back to the car, where Christine had slept like a baby -- only with terrible memories implanted in her brain that would haunt her day and night.

Christine wondered if Isabella planned to let her rot in prison, knowing she was innocent but unable to prove it. Isabella had no intention of hiding forever, since she wouldn't be able to reunite with the man she loved. Isabella believed that she, Paul, and their son had a future together, so she'd have to reappear.

Isabella crafted a story about how Christine had dumped Isabella's body in the cold water, and Isabella had swum to an island, where she'd spent weeks recovering. Christine doubted that Isabella would ever get away with it, but Isabella crowed that she'd done well so far. Christine realized that Isabella planned to kill her. Isabella questioned whether Christine really thought she was that stupid, and she clarified that she wasn't going to kill Christine -- Christine was going to kill herself.

Christine warned that no one would buy that she'd committed suicide, since she'd fight back, and it would be obvious that there had been a struggle. Isabella taunted that she'd already taken care of it so that Christine would be too weak to struggle. Christine asked if Isabella really hated her that much. "More," Isabella spat, accusing Christine of systematically ruining her life.

Isabella pointed out that at least Christine hadn't kept her from seeing her son on his first birthday. Christine realized that Isabella had been in California and that her parents knew she was alive. Isabella barked that they were the only ones she could trust, thanks to Christine. Isabella blasted Christine for exploiting Paul's weak spots and driving him to walk away from his marriage to Isabella. Isabella admonished Christine for moving halfway around the world to separate from Paul, only to try to salvage things the minute she'd discovered someone else had been in the picture.

Isabella shared that she'd assumed it had all been about Christine's ego, but she'd seen Christine in action and known that Christine was obsessed. As she grew weaker, Christine asked what Isabella intended to do next. Isabella declared that she wasn't going to do anything -- Christine would, and, in fact, already had. Isabella gazed knowingly at the wine glass.

Christine asked what Isabella meant. Isabella traced the bubbles in the bathtub with her knife as she compared Christine's situation to a tragic novel where a prominent, respected young attorney considered turning herself in for committing a terrible murder. Christine realized that Isabella had drugged her, and Isabella explained that she'd used the sedatives the psychiatrist had prescribed. Isabella confessed to planting the bloodstained scarf that Christine had found in her car and gaslighting Christine into believing that she'd attacked Isabella.

Christine became woozy, but Isabella ordered her to wake up to hear the rest. Isabella fondled the knife as she resumed her story of a young attorney filled with remorse who was about to lose everything, including the man she loved, her reputation, and her freedom. Isabella thought it stood to reason that the attorney would want to end the pain and anguish in one final, desperate act. Christine guessed that Isabella intended to cut Christine's wrists with the knife.

Isabella shook her head, calling the act too bloody and gruesome. Isabella reasoned that it would mark Christine's lovely body, and a woman like Christine would want to leave behind a beautiful corpse for all her admirers to see. Christine protested weakly as she fought against losing consciousness. "Goodbye, Christine," Isabella calmly said, and she shoved Christine's head under the water's surface.

Paul and Michael rescue Christine

Paul and Michael rescue Christine

Friday, August 15, 2003

Nikki arrived at Jabot, and Dru informed her that Jack was gone for the day. Dru complained that she'd been putting out fires all day long, and Nikki requested a status report on the products Damon had been tweaking. Dru indicated that Damon wasn't back yet and that no one had heard from him. Nikki panicked that they were two days away from the launch, and their head of research and development was nowhere to be found.

Dru assured Nikki that it wasn't a big deal that Damon wasn't there because most of the work had been finished. Nikki grumbled that she wasn't surprised that Dru was making excuses for him, since Dru had gone behind everyone's backs to offer him a job without discussing it first. Dru called it ancient history, and she pointed out that she'd checked Damon's references, which were stellar. Nikki huffed that he wasn't a good fit for the company if he took off whenever he felt like it. Dru argued that she'd needed to snatch Damon up before Nikki's husband had.

Nikki resented Dru for referring to Victor as Nikki's husband in a business setting. Dru assumed that Nikki was peeved that no money was left for her anti-wrinkle campaign because everything was going into Tuvia. Nikki asserted that she was upset about their chief chemist abandoning them, and she blamed Dru. Dru apologized if she'd misjudged Damon being a sound investment. Nikki conceded that Damon had done some wonderful work, and she expected they would survive, even if they'd seen the last of him.

Dru applauded Nikki for having a "Gloria Gaynor moment," and she promised to look for Damon and torture Phyllis to get information if necessary. Nikki wondered what Phyllis had to do with it. Dru revealed that Phyllis had been with Damon on the night he'd disappeared, when they'd had dinner and ended up at his apartment. Dru refused to get into details about how she knew, but she was sure that Phyllis had had something to do with him going missing.

Dru recalled that Phyllis had made up a cockamamie story about how she'd planned to have dinner with Jack, but when he hadn't been able to make it, she'd happened to bump into Damon. Dru continued that when she'd confronted Phyllis about going to Damon's apartment, Phyllis had become defensive and accused Dru of spying. Nikki asked if Jack knew, and Dru replied that she hadn't said anything. Nikki thought Dru should, since Damon could have been leaking company secrets, and they couldn't afford to look the other way.

Across town, Phyllis was irritated that Victoria had summoned her. Victoria asked what was going on with Damon, who hadn't returned her calls. She inquired whether Phyllis knew where he was, but Phyllis feigned ignorance. Victoria doubted that he would take a vacation when Jabot was about to launch Tuvia, and Phyllis claimed she didn't know. Victoria fretted that they couldn't drag their heels if Damon wanted to jump ship, and Phyllis reminded her that they'd agreed that she would be the one to handle it. Victoria retorted that they'd agreed that would be a bad idea, and she suggested that it would cause trouble for Phyllis at home.

Phyllis was curious about why Victoria didn't seem to want her near Damon. Victoria contended that they had to tread lightly, and discretion wasn't Phyllis' strong suit. Phyllis countered that she was the one Damon trusted, and she'd gotten him to admit that he was willing to leave Jabot after his contract expired. Phyllis refused to back away, and Victoria voiced concern about why Phyllis was so interested in Damon. Phyllis called him a fine chemist, but Victoria sensed it was more personal. Phyllis insisted that she was married, but Victoria shot back that Phyllis wasn't dead. Phyllis recognized Damon's physical assets, and she thought Victoria had a thing for Damon and wanted him all to herself.

Phyllis pointed out that Victoria wasn't seeing anyone, so there was nothing stopping her from pursuing Damon. Victoria turned the topic back to where Damon was. Victoria was surprised that Jabot hadn't locked him in the lab, and she wondered how Phyllis had found out he'd left town. Phyllis recounted that she'd run into Dru, who had accused her of being the reason he'd taken off. Phyllis imagined that they were really freaking out at Jabot, and she theorized that Damon's disappearance might mean that he was having second thoughts about working there.

Victoria considered it a sign that they should make their move when Damon got back, and she envisioned stealing him away from Jabot to prove to her father that Nick wasn't the only one in the family with brains. Phyllis warned that Damon still had a contract with Jabot, but Victoria was confident that a crafty lawyer like Michael could find a loophole. Phyllis reiterated that she was making progress with Damon, but Victoria thought she could do better herself. "We'll see about that," Phyllis huffed, and she sauntered out.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack was brooding about his missing chemist when Damon showed up at his door. Damon said he'd gotten Jack's message and headed there straight from the airport. Jack demanded to know "where the hell" Damon had been, since they were launching a new line, and Damon hadn't told anyone where he'd gone. Damon explained that he'd been working through some problems while at his horse farm in Georgia, and he hadn't been taking calls.

Jack struggled to give Damon the benefit of doubt, and Damon swore that he was ready to focus on work again. Damon pledged to work twice as hard to get them back on schedule the following week, and he didn't understand why Jack was upset. Jack sternly stated that Jabot had everything tied up in Tuvia, and they had no room for errors. Jack questioned why Damon had left town, and Damon replied that he hadn't been aware that he'd be part of the rollout, since there was no mention of it in his contract, and he had nothing to do with marketing.

Jack acknowledged that Damon was his own man, but he stressed that Tuvia was tied to Damon, and people would want interviews with him. Damon balked at the idea of speaking with the press. He acknowledged that he should have told Jack before he'd left, but he'd needed to get away. Jack lectured that they had a way of doing things at Jabot, and there were rules to be followed. Damon cheekily inquired whether there was a rule about stealing business cards from competitors, and he flatly asked if he was fired.

Jack opted not to fire Damon; however, he noted that Damon had been given a lot of leeway, and Jack didn't want to be disappointed. Damon vowed that it wouldn't happen. Jack referred to the issue that had been troubling Damon, but Damon cut him off. Jack respected that Damon didn't want to talk about it, but he encouraged Damon to talk to him if it had something to do with the job. Damon assured Jack that he wasn't unhappy at Jabot, and Jack said he'd see Damon at the office. Damon started to head out, but he stopped and reaffirmed his commitment to Jabot and desire to see the company succeed. Jack thanked him, and Damon left.

Later, Phyllis arrived home and made some small talk with Jack. He expected busy days ahead, and she surmised it was because of Tuvia's debut. He recognized that Safra was also about to launch, adding, "May the best company win." She was pleased to see him smile, since he'd been distant lately. He chalked it up to stuff at work.

Phyllis implored Jack to open up to her, but she realized the subject was forbidden. He mentioned that Damon had just returned from an unexpected vacation to Georgia to clear his head, but he didn't want to talk further about it. On his way to bed, he stopped to answer a call from Dru, who wanted to meet with him first thing in the morning to discuss Damon. Phyllis worried that Dru was going to tell Jack about Phyllis' meeting with Damon.

At Christine's home, Isabella shoved a drugged Christine's head underwater in the bathtub. Meanwhile, Paul entered the apartment and called out for Christine. He searched the place with concern, but he was relieved to see a flicker of candlelight under the bathroom door. He assumed Christine was fine and went to the kitchen to pour himself a drink. He remembered his conversation with Michael about something not adding up, and he figured that Michael had been right about Paul's gut instincts not working. He realized he needed to tell Christine he was there so she wouldn't be startled.

As Paul headed back toward the bedroom, Isabella opened the door. Shocked to see his supposedly dead wife, Paul asked where Christine was. Isabella tried to give him her fabricated story about where she'd been, but Paul angrily grabbed her and again demanded to know Christine's whereabouts. Isabella fibbed that she had gone there to find him, but she had instead found Christine dead from an overdose of sleeping pills. Paul hit Isabella, knocking her to the bed. He ran into the bathroom and pulled Christine from the tub.

As Paul began trying to resuscitate Christine, Isabella crept up behind him, still holding her knife. After a moment's hesitation, she raised it to stab Paul. Michael suddenly caught her arm, wrestled the knife from her, and dragged her away. Moments later, Detective Weber arrived to question Isabella while paramedics worked on Christine in the bathroom. As Christine hovered between life and death, she flashed back to memories of the men who'd loved her, including Michael's proposal, her wedding to Paul and their honeymoon, and the good times she'd shared with Danny. She finally spit out some water and revived while Paul and Michael looked on.

Later, Paul tucked Christine into bed. Michael told them that the paramedics wanted to take her to the hospital to make sure she was okay, but Christine insisted she just wanted to stay home. Paul went to tell the paramedics. Michael sympathized with what Christine had been through, and she shakily stated that it had all been a setup to make it look like guilt had driven her to suicide. Michael assured her she had nothing to be afraid of anymore.

Michael apologized for introducing Isabella into Christine's life, and he promised he'd talk to Weber so the police wouldn't pester her until the next day. Christine thanked him for everything. Paul returned and thanked Michael for showing up when he had, and Michael said he was sorry he'd doubted Paul. The men shook hands, and Michael walked out. Paul stared at Christine, who appeared to be falling asleep. Paul started to leave, but Christine opened her eyes and held out her hand. Paul returned to the bed and caressed her face. He turned off the light and lay down next to her to hold her.

Meanwhile, Weber was skeptical of Isabella's story about being seriously injured and trapped on the island. Isabella cried that it was a miracle she'd survived, and the detective checked her head and considered it another miracle that she showed no evidence of being bludgeoned. He asked why she was there, and she claimed that she'd been trying to find Paul. An incredulous Weber pointed out that she'd walked right into the home of the woman who'd allegedly tried to kill her.

Isabella whined about the ordeal she'd been through. Weber questioned her claim that she'd found Christine in the bathtub after an apparent suicide attempt, and he imagined Isabella thought Christine had gotten her just deserts. Isabella maintained that she'd been looking for Paul when she'd found Christine underwater in the tub with an empty pill bottle and an empty wine glass. Weber inquired about the knife, and Isabella contended that she'd grabbed it in case she'd needed to defend herself against Christine. Isabella swore that she hadn't done anything to Christine.

Weber arrested Isabella for attempted murder. She repeated that she hadn't done anything, and she turned to Michael, who reported that Christine was fine and ready to sing like a bird. Isabella ranted that Christine never missed the chance to cause her grief, and she accused Christine of framing her. Isabella added that she would need a lawyer, and Michael wished her luck.

Isabella barked that it was her word against Christine's. Michael reminded her that he'd walked in on her when she'd been about to stab Paul while he'd been giving CPR. Michael dryly imagined that it wouldn't go over well with a jury, and Isabella was appalled that he would testify against her after he'd been the one who'd dragged her into the mess. Michael gladly offered to go to the station the next day and give his statement, at which time he expected an apology from Weber. The police handcuffed Isabella and led her out as she screamed that they hadn't heard the last of her.

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