The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 25, 2003 on Y&R

J.T. rescued Colleen from Kevin. Olivia accepted Wesley's marriage proposal. Katherine learned that Jill planned to put her in a nursing home. Nick and Victoria suspected foul play when Safra outsold Tuvia. Ashley crashed into a truck.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 25, 2003 on Y&R
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Monday, August 25, 2003

Brad was surprised to see Victor in Ashley's suite and told him he was the last person who should be there. Ashley tried to jump in by telling him not to do anything, but Victor had enough time to let Brad know that he was there to make sure she was all right. Ashley told Brad Victor was just leaving, but Brad stopped him to ask him a few questions. He wanted to know about Victor's new "cast of characters" over at Newman and to ask him about pursuing Damon Porter. Ashley asked who Brad meant, and when she heard it was Michael Baldwin, she looked at Victor, surprised. She told him she knew he hated Michael, so why in the world would he hire him? Victor told her it didn't matter how he felt personally, he hired Michael to do a job. With that, he told them both he was no longer going to discuss business, and left. After Victor's departure, they sat and had some quiet time. Ashley insisted that Victor had an agenda, but wouldn't reveal it, which she found disturbing. She tried to get Brad to tell her what was going on with Jabot, but he told her he and Jack could handle everything and not to worry.

Jack had a romantic atmosphere set up in his and Phyllis's bedroom for them. When she walked into the room, he told her her phone call earlier "got his juices flowing." She tried to ask about his meeting with Dru, but he made her agree they weren't going to discuss business. He told her he loved her now, more than ever and that they couldn't let business come between them.

Vicki and Damon brought the horses back into the stable after a long ride. She asked him if he saddled up his thoroughbreds and he told her he left that to the trainers. He also commented that he assumed she knew all of that—her father knew, so he thought she would, as well. He told her about the confrontation with Victor in front of Brad, and how it was "intrusive, arrogant, and presumptuous." She was not surprised to hear what had happened, and asked how he reacted. He told her he was livid and when Victor alluded to the fact that Damon could get out of debt sooner by working for him, he reminded him of his contract with Jabot. At the mention of the word "contract," Vicki took the opportunity to tell him she knew he and Phyllis had talked, and added that she felt created types should be insulated from office politics. He smiled and asked if she was trying to find out if he was interested in jumping ship. She admitted she was curious about it, but offered to make a pact to not talk any more business with him. The conversation turned back to the horses, and neither one of them saw Nikki walk into the barn and then dart around the corner. She heard him tell her it was a lovely evening, and that he would show himself out.

As soon as Vicki was out of earshot, Nikki reappeared and told him it was fancy seeing him here. He explained Vicki invited him out and Nikki told him she didn't know they knew one another. She strongly urged him not to socialize with either Vicki or Phyllis, and to especially not have them at his apartment. He got annoyed about the innuendos Dru was telling people, and that she was seeing trouble where there wasn't any. He went on to say he had no intention of discussing his personal life with her. In fact, he said, he found it alienating. She told him it was bad protocol to be fraternizing with the competition, and his quick reply was, "Is that right, Mrs. Newman?" She immediately tried to cover by saying her situation was totally different, and that Phyllis and Vicki were both very cunning women. He asked if she thought he was gullible for a pretty face, and she just answered he should be more prudent about who he chose as companions in the future. She ended the conversation by telling him to stay away from her daughter. He asked if she was speaking as a mother or an executive, and she told him it was all about the business, that she had nothing personal against him. But, under the current circumstances, she said, she was going to put her foot down and he should steer clear of Vicki.

Sierra tried to talk with Lily about the Colleen and Kevin situation. She offered Colleen's point of view, but Lily continued to blame her for the breakup. J.T. came in looking for Colleen and told the two the news about the vandalism. He told them he suspected Bobby, and Lily snidely retorted that perhaps J.T. should go to his apartment and beat him up for it. J.T. told her not to start with him, and that he wasn't sorry for what happened with Kevin. He told her Kevin was too old for him and not only should he not be inviting high school girls to his apartment, but she shouldn't be saying yes. She didn't like what he had to say and started to argue with him, but Sierra jumped in. She reminded J.T. Colleen was waiting for him at the park. He told her he hadn't gotten that message, and asked if she was sure. She told him she had left upset, and was headed for the park to meet him, so he left right away.

Colleen was, indeed, waiting for J.T., but not alone. Kevin confronted her and was acting creepy and intimidating. Colleen held her own, and told him she thought Lily could do much better than him, and that he was just a scared little boy who couldn't get a woman his own age. That set him off and he really got in her face. She warned him J.T. was on his way, and Kevin mentioned he'd like to talk to him—or just let his fist do the talking. She tried to urge him to leave before J.T. showed up, but he was much more interested in intimidating her. He backed her onto a bench and asked her if she was scared. Luckily, J.T. showed up and threw him off of her, warning him to stay away from all of them.

Dru, Neil, Wes and Olivia all met for dinner and dancing. The subject of Lily came up and Wes told them he saw her earlier and that her romance was over and that it seemed Colleen had something to do with it. Looking concerned, Olivia asked if they knew this boy, and Dru said all she knew was that she met him online, and that she didn't approve of meeting people that way. She also said she hoped Lily would forget about him quickly. When Olivia and Wes got up to dance, Wes took off his coat and something fell out. Dru picked it up and saw that it was a ring box and opened it to find a lovely engagement ring inside. When they came back, she asked them if Olivia had answered the proposal and urged her to hurry up and answer him. To get out of the conversation, they went to go dance again and Neil warned her to stay out of it. Instead, she told him she thought Olivia needed a little push and that she was going to do something about it. When they came back to the table, she had a cake with sparklers delivered to the table, with the ring nestled in some flowers. When Olivia saw the ring, she got wide-eyed and couldn't even talk. Wes got angry and told Dru he had no plans to pressure her and that she had stepped way out of line. However, looking at Olivia and seeing how in awe she was, he got down on his knee and proposed. She said yes, she would marry him, and everyone applauded!

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Carlton House:

Brad gets a call from Ashley. She's curious about the launch. Brad tries to get her to not think about it. He'll be there in a few days to pick her up and take her home for the birth of their baby. Until then she should keep her mid off things at Jabot. She's sure Victor is up to something though. Later Colleen tells Brad about her and J.T. being back togehter. He figured it out himself but is grateful she told him. She also tells him about Lily's problems. He wants her to tell Dru and Neil about the older boy in their daughter's life.


Damon waits for Brad in the boardroom. He updates him on the Phyllis situation (how she called things off). Later he gets a call from Victoria who's flirting with him. He also tells Brad about his date with Victoria.

Victor's Office:

Victor has set up a live monitoring of the sales. He wants Michael to dig up info on Damon Porter. He thinks Damon will be a key player in the war between Saphra and Tuvia so he needs leverage.

Abbott House:

Jack gets a call from Ashley. She grills him on the launch and he tells her all systems are a go. She tells him about Victor's visit and hopes Jack can explain it to her. She knows about Baldwin and figures there's something more.


Nikki and Victor wish each other well in their big days. She tells him how well things are going now with Sharon now that she's taken control of the gala again. Later she warns Victoria to stay clear of Damon Porter. It's dangerous as he wants info from her. They're enemies. Later the invitations arrive for Nikki's perusal. She is shocked to see that the invitations read: Sharon Newman is pleased to invite you to HER family estate."

Nick & Sharon's:

Sharon, Nick and Cassie enjoy a nice family breakfast. Cassie is warming up to her mother again. Later Sharon tells Nick about the gala. She plays the innocent card as though she's taking the high road with Nikki (knowing full well the invitations have gone out with a surprise for Nikki). Later, Nikki storms in screaming for Sharon. Sharon calmly walks in commenting on how Nikki has reverted to not knocking. Nikki demands an answer to the invitations. She declares to Sharon that they are invitations to Sharon's funeral!

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

It's the morning of the Tuvia/Saffra launch. Drucilla enters the Jabot boardroom sporting an "afro-centric" hairdo to celebrate the launch. Jack is already there, setting up a network of telephones and computers in order to have a bird's eye view of Tuvia sales everywhere. Jack seems a little nervous, but Dru remains optimistic. "We are going to smoke the competition!" she says.

Victor is also in the boardroom ready to see how to launch is going. When Michael shows up, Victor tells him to kindly leave right out the door. Michael wants to confirm his business of keeping an eye on Damon Porter, making sure Victoria doesn't get involved with him as well as inquiring as to Damon's willingness to remain as Jabot's chemist. Michael suggests he just buy Damon off with his usual suitcase of cash tactics, but Victor says no.

Jack is pleased with Drucilla's optimistic attitude. Jill shows up, and Dru hints at Jill's lack of presence at the Jabot boardroom. Jack sticks up for Jill, saying she has had a lot on her plate lately due to no fault of her own. When John and Brad show up, both are curious to know how sales are going. When Brad notices that Nikki's missing, Dru also badmouths her, saying she's probably picking out the right nail polish. Everyone ignores this comment, and Brad praises everyone for putting in such hard work. Jack smiles. "The sun is shining the birds are chirping, and Tuvia is on the market," he says enthusiastically.

When Michael leaves, Victor looks at the notepad bearing Ashley's whereabouts. He's worried about what she will do when she finds out Tuvia and Saffra are being launched on the same day. Phyllis comes in and shows Victor the changes she's made to the web site. The number of hits on the site is in big letters below, and they are drastically climbing by the second. Victor is impressed. "By the end of the day, he says, Tuvia will have suffered their biggest defeat in a long time." Phyllis looks sad for a moment and says it's too bad one company has to lose. "But it was a fair fight, wasn't it Victor?" she asks. Victoria and Neil interrupt their conversation with exciting news about the media's approval of the Saffra samples. As Nick enters, he immediately comments with negativity. "Can't celebrate now till we see the numbers," he says. Victor gives him a haunting look.

Olivia visits Ashley and inquires about the baby. Ashley says she feels more nervous this time than she did when she was pregnant with Abby. She tells Olivia she only has a couple of weeks left. Ashley can't wait to come back home, but she can't stop wondering what Victor came to warn her about. As Olivia says she can't believe Victor would show up and worry her, Abby walks in. Olivia hasn't seen Abby in awhile, and comments about how she has grown and how precious she is. Ashley immediately mentions that Abby is also Victor's child. Olivia is shocked. "Stop saying that! You and Brad are having a baby!" Olivia says. But Ashley shrugs. She tells Olivia that no matter what she does, it seems like her and Victor's lives are bound together.

Sharon laughs off Nikki's enragement over the invitations. Nikki is furious as she repeats that the event is to be held at Sharon's family estate. Sharon plays coy and acts as if there is nothing wrong with the wording on the card. She even goes so far as to say that Nikki should be thanking her for writing the invitations. Sharon chides Nikki, saying doesn't she have some place to be? Isn't this Tuvia's new launch day? Nikki makes sure Sharon knows that her little plan isn't going to work. When Sharon asks her if that's a threat, Nikki assures her that it is.

As Michael goes to the Jabot lab to see Damon, he stops as he sees the sign Authorized Personnel Only. He thinks the sign is rude, but he enters anyway. Damon is less than pleased at his entrance. He tells Michael about the sign, and asks who he said he was. "I didn't," says Michael, "I am Michael Baldwin." Damon looks up from his work with curiosity. He wants to know why Michael is there. Michael strolls around the lab, trying to make small talk with Damon, commenting on how his past dealings with Satine led him to retire to a horse farm. Damon turns things around and begins discussing Michael's reputation and how he must be miserable working for such a control freak like Victor Newman. Michael laughs it off, saying there is more to Newman than meets the eye. Then Michael brings up Victoria. Damon calls his bluff, says it is interesting how he causally slips Victoria's name in the conversation. Damon says he doesn't know Victoria as well as he would like to. Then he confronts Michael, saying he still doesn't know why Michael is there. As Michael begins his recruitment strategy, Drucilla walks in and, seeing Michael, threatens to call the police.

Jack tells Brad about Ashley's disturbing phone call about Victor. Obviously, Brad is outraged about Victor showing up. Brad tells Jack that Victor claims to be concerned about Ashley's health. Jack agrees, says he doesn't want Ashley to get stressed out. Lauren calls John to say Tuvia is flying off the shelves and everyone cheers.

Victor tells Nick he didn't like what he said earlier. Neil warns him too. Suddenly, Neil yells with glee, saying Phyllis has to come and see the numbers on the site. Neil says Saffra is outselling Tuvia at all of Nelson's department stores. Nick looks at Victor, unconvinced Saffra is doing so well without some corruption involved.

Victoria and Phyllis are together in Victoria's office. Phyllis sees this as her opportunity to bring up her and Victoria's "mutual friend" Damon. Victoria brags about the wonderful time her and Damon spent together riding horses at the ranch. Phyllis is mad, saying she's defying her father's orders. Victoria says she's just jealous.

Jack realizes sales are in trouble in River City. Although Fenmore's is still doing fine, the other big department stores like Nelson's are falling fast. Ashley calls, dying to know how sales are going; John tries to calm her, and tells her it's not what they expected. He tells her to relax, to take care of the baby, and that they have to go.

Everyone at Newman toast to their huge victory over the Tuvia line. Nick congratulates Victoria, yet insinuates to Victoria that it might not be all their doing. Victoria agrees, saying one name comes to mind. Michael Baldwin.

Jack shakes his head, something's wrong, but he can't figure out what. Flash frames go to the Tuvia and Saffra crew, leaving a final frame of the culprit, Victor Newman.

Thursday, August 28, 2003

by Ruth

Jack and John lament on Jabot's depressing sales figures when Brad comes in to inform them Safra's figures are higher than ever. Brad and Jack believe that Michael is behind Safra's success. Unable to calm her anxiety regarding Jabot's fiascos, Ashley phones Victor. Victor maintains a demeanor of innocence until Ashley hangs up on him. Dru informs Michael that Damon is under contract with Jabot, and forces Michael to leave. Dru then accuses Damon of being an opportunist. Damon combats Dru's accusations, saying she's been creating false stories about his relationship with Phyllis. While Neil and Phyllis celebrate Safra's success, Nick and Victoria express their misgivings. Nick tries to convince Victoria that Victor employed illegal means to achieve success, but Victoria is hurt by his accusation. Nikki and Kay discuss Kay's progress, and Jill's ignorance to it. Kay believes that Jill has passed her test, and decides to tell Jill the truth about her healthy recovery. Jill is frustrated that Brock refuses to let Jill legally declare Kay incompetent, and plans to put Kay in a nursing home immediately.

Friday, August 29, 2003

Jack goes to Victor's office to try to figure out why Saffra is blowing Tuvia out of the water. Victor offers him a glass of champagne to celebrate their success, but obviously Jack isn't up for it. Victor pretends to be surprised that Jack isn't happy with Tuvia's outcome. "You came out on top, I salute you," Victor says. But Jack isn't playing Victor's game. He tells Victor that they both know that Tuvia was expected to do a lot better out of the gate. After all, Jabot has already been in the industry and has a solid reputation. While Victor alleges that it must be the unpredictable industry, Jack says it's all a farce, that Victor must be involved in some type of deception. Victor tells him that there hasn't been any deception involved, and that Jack won't find any. Jack tells him everyone knows it's not Victor doing the deceiving, "We all know that you hire people to do your dirty work." Jack tells Victor that if he and Michael have done anything illegal to boost Saffra's sales, he will find out and use it to bury Victor. Victor says they are useless threats and doesn't think he and Jack have anything more to say to each other.

Brad is in the Jabot boardroom going over the Tuvia paperwork and throws it down fuming. Ashley calls him on his cell phone and demands to know why Brad isn't keeping her in the loop about Tuvia's weak sales debut. She is upset at Brad for sugar coating the situation, and tells Brad she called Victor to give him a piece of her mind. She wants to know how Victor pulled it off. Brad tells her she's got to put the whole thing out of her mind, that her worrying is not good for the baby, and that he will take care of it. Ashley is not convinced, and hangs up on him angrily. Ashley knows she can't stand around and let this happen any longer. She tells her caretaker to watch Abby, and says she has to leave for Genoa City right away.

Nikki and Katherine discuss whether or not Katherine should tell Jill that she can talk. Katherine says that she hopes Jill has changed, and has accepted Katherine as her mother and cares for her. Nikki tells her that that's not too much to hope for, but that Katherine should keep a sharp eye out. Katherine says she wants to know how it feels to speak to Jill as her mother. Nikki says if they could put all the negative energy they have spent into something good, imagine what things could come of it. "We could move mountains," Katherine says. Nikki thinks Katherine should play possum just a little longer, to wait and see if Jill shows her old self again. But Katherine says she could possibly have another stroke, and then it would be too late. Nikki gives in and says Katherine should do whatever she thinks is best.

Meanwhile, Jill is with Larry telling him she wants to send Katherine to a nursing home today. Larry can't believe Jill would be so cruel. How could Jill say she's doing the best for Katherine when she hates her so much? Jill tells him she can hate Katherine and still do what's best for her. Larry doesn't think Katherine would be happy at a nursing home. Jill replies that Katherine is so out of it that she wouldn't even know the difference. She asks Larry to understand, that she cares about what he thinks of her, but he leaves her in disapproval. After Larry leaves, Jill gets on the phone and calls the nursing home, Valley Glen. She tells the woman on the phone, Hilary, that she wants her mother to stay there right away. It's already been too long, Jill says, my mother needs professional care right now.

Nikki brings Katherine back home and quickly tries to send Nikki out the door, but she is too late. Hilary has shown up to discuss Katherine going to the nursing home. She tells Jill the importance of having family around. Jill looks a little guilty, but then blows it off, saying Valley Glen is probably just like staying at some fancy resort where there are fun things to do all the time. Jill says as long as Katherine doesn't have to be by an expressway, she's sure Katherine won't even know the difference. Katherine looks at Jill heartbroken, and they stare at each other. Hilary comes out and says everything is set. The room has a view of the north lawn, and everything is going to be perfect. Suddenly, Jill changes her mind. Not right now, she says, maybe tomorrow. When Hilary leaves, Jill goes to Katherine. "Why are you looking at me like that?" she asks Katherine. "Do you know what's happening here?" Katherine finally speaks to Jill. "Don't send me there, Jill, please," she says. Jill looks shocked, but also, overjoyed. Katherine tells Jill she's sorry for everything she has done to her, but don't make her go to a nursing home.

Dru races into the Jabot boardroom to tell Brad that Michael was in the lab with Damon. She tells Brad Michael was propositioning Damon to come to Newman, but when Brad asks her if that is what she really heard , Dru puts her own little spin on the scenario, saying Damon may not have said that exactly, but she knows that that was what it was about. Brad says they should talk to the man who is behind it; Mr. Victor Newman.

Dru says it's a good thing Ashley hasn't been around to deal with the stress going on at Jabot. Brad tells her that Ashley does know, that John has told her what's been going on with the Tuvia sales. Dru says she can understand why Brad is worried, especially after those dizzy spells. Brad demands to know why this is the first he has ever heard of this, and Dru tells him it was because Ashley made her promise not to tell Brad. Brad says he's worried, this baby is very important to him as well as it gives Ashley and him a connection-unlike with Abby. He wonders about the connection that Ashley has with Victor. Dru assures Brad there isn't one; Victor doesn't even know that Abby is his child. Brad says if anything bad happens with Ashley and the baby, he is holding Victor responsible.

Ashley is in her car rushing to Genoa City, hoping to get some answers from Victor. Her stress level high, and her emotions in turmoil, she remembers all the moments her and Victor have shared. She thinks about when they were married, going to have a baby, and the time when Victor held Abby and wouldn't let her baby go. As she steps on the gas, speeding towards Genoa City, a car comes around the corner, smashing Ashley's car on her side. Inside, Ashley is smashed in the car, looking dreadfully injured.

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