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A delusional Ashley arrived at the gala in her robe. Raul and Brittany made up. Nick was determined to find out how Michael and Victor had underhandedly beat Tuvia. J.T. heard Colleen in the cooler and pulled her out to safety.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 13, 2003 on Y&R
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Monday, October 13, 2003

Once Nick felt he was getting to the bottom of what was going on, he really pushed Lauren for more details. She told him Michael came to talk with her about giving Safra more exposure on her shelves, and felt he was about to make her some sort of offer. She added she didn't think Victor would approve of Michael's tactics--she didn't think he knew what was going on. Much to Nick's chagrin, Raul approached them and asked Lauren to dance, which ended their conversation. Nick immediately went to go find Vicki to try to tell her what he and Lauren had talked about, but Vicki really urged him to wait until later to discuss it. Right then, Michael approached them, and a scowling Nick left the two of them alone. Next, Nick talked with Victor, who commented that Nick seemed distracted and asked what was on his mind. Nick told him Michael was on his mind, and said he was interested to know why Victor allowed him to date Vicki considering how much he disliked him. Victor corrected him, saying he was simply escorting Vicki that evening. Furthermore, he said, he had changed his mind about how he felt about Michael.

Vicki and Michael walked off on their own to enjoy the night air. Michael offered to go inside and check the results of Vicki's silent auction bid, and she was impressed with his gentlemanly behavior. Once he left, Damon, who was watching her, approached her. She told him she didn't want to hear any excuses as to why he wouldn't accept her invitation, and he told her he had no plans to disrespect her father. She asked why he didn't tell her he was coming with Diane, and he explained plans happened after they talked on the phone. He teased her, asking how long she was going to be mad, and eventually ended up asking her if he could give her a kiss. She obliged, and right at that point, Michael came rushing back to give her the news and stopped short in his tracks. He turned on his heel and quickly walked away from the scene.

Neil and Lily sat down to dinner, but she wasn't really hungry. He took the opportunity to tell her that he was doing his best to protect her, but it was difficult to do when he didn't know the details of her life. He also apologized to her for not giving her what she needed. If he had, he said, she wouldn't be off on the Internet looking for something she wasn't getting at home. She told him she didn't need his protection, that she wasn't a little girl anymore. He told her that she was the most precious thing they had ever had, and that they would lay down their lives for her. She just looked at him sadly.

Meanwhile at Gina's, Kevin was breaking liquor bottles and pouring them maniacally throughout the restaurant. All the while, smiling and smashing anything he could find. At one point, he stopped for a moment when Colleen's cell phone began to ring, and quieted it by smashing it against the wall. Finally, he got a set of matches and started to light the place on fire. All the while, Colleen banged on the freezer door, cold and begging for help desperately.

At the Carlton house, Brad came into the living room with a tray of food for Ashley. When she wasn't in there, he immediately ran upstairs to find her, and began to panic when he couldn't find her. He called Frances to come and watch Abby, and when she arrived, he told her he was going to look for Ashley and was going to start at Gina's.

J.T. began to really worry about Colleen and called Brad to see if he had seen her. He mentioned he thought she had last been at Gina's, and Brad told him he had just been by Gina's, and it was dark. He told J.T. he was dealing with something at the moment so he had to go, but to call him when he located Colleen. J.T. went on to the gala, and when he saw John and Gina, asked them if they had seen her. They all began to get worried, but their conversation was interrupted by Gina's cell phone. It was the fire department, urging her to get to her restaurant immediately, as it was on fire.

Brittany and Bobby went their separate ways for a little while and both got in a bit of trouble. Bobby approached Nikki, calling her "Nikki Reid," which did not sit well with her. He explained when he was a kid, he was a gopher at the Bayou many years ago and remembers her act. Appalled, she told him she was not going to talk about that with him, and if he didn't stop, she was putting him out of her house. He smirked, told her she was still hot, and thanked her for having him at the party before walking away. Brittany ended up talking with Raul and telling him she wished she had come with him instead of Bobby. He was cold and sarcastic to her, and their conversation ended abruptly. Next, Lauren approached her and told her she felt she and Raul were still in love. She went on to say she didn't think Brittany was doing the right thing for the relationship by stripping, and this infuriated Brittany. She reared her hand back to slug Lauren, but Bobby approached her and grabbed her arm before she could connect.

Laird and Sharon began to panic when they found out about the food. Agnes overheard, and instead of being sympathetic, she told Sharon she was the chairperson, and the buck stopped with her. Nikki approached Sharon, telling her she needed a life preserver, and here she was. She got on the phone and began gushing to a caterer. She managed to convince the caterer to bring over a large amount of cold appetizers, and the problem was solved. She sent Laird and Miguel off to prepare for its arrival, and told Sharon all she had to do was keep the party going. Openmouthed, Sharon asked why Nikki was helping her. Nikki told her she was doing it for the Arts Council and to save her family from embarrassment. She told Sharon she hoped she had learned something, and Sharon managed a weak thank you before Nikki walked away.

Victor was in the living room when he noticed Ashley sitting on the floor in her bathrobe. He approached her gently, asking what she was doing there. She showed him her blanket and told him she wanted to show him how beautiful Robert was. He gently lifted her to her feet and told her he was going to take her upstairs, when Brad came running through the crowd, yelling for Victor to take his hands off of Ashley. Jack came up to them and calmly told Brad to get Ashley home. Ashley, looking dazed, kept on asking if they thought her baby was beautiful. The partygoers all looked shocked and saddened, and Victor was nearly in tears.

Tuesday, October 14, 2003


Gina, John and J.T. arrive. Gina is frantic. The fire chief asks Gina questions about the restaurant, speculating as to how it could have happened. J.T. asks if the place is empty and so far they have found no one. Gina reaches the bartender who closed the place. He is fine and did not see Colleen at all tonight. J.T. wonders where she could possibly be right now. They figure that someone pretended to be John to lure Colleen to the restaurant. They can't imagine anyone could do such a thing. The fire chief finds bits of Colleen's cell phone inside. J.T. tries to storm into the building. Brad arrives and is filled in by John and the others.


Michael stops by to see Damon. He's there to talk about Victoria. Damon figures that Mike is falling for her himself. Damon loves women and is close with many women. He wonders what Michael's true motives are. Is he really the villain everyone thinks he is or does he have a soft side. Michael scoffs at the backhanded compliment.


Victoria flashes back to kissing Damon. Nick asks her how she is doing and they discuss Ashley's breakdown at the party. Nick blames it all on Victor. Whether indirectly or not, it was because of him. Victoria still believes that Safra simply did better. Sure it was better than expected but there's no reason to assume misdeeds. Nick wonders if Victoria is softening regarding Michael. She assures him she is not but has seen a different side of Michael. He cheered her up about Damon and was a perfect gentleman. Nick wants to find out the truth about their father. Nick suspects that Lauren Fenmore was only the tip of the iceberg and that there are many more people who Michael did indeed bribe. Victoria thinks it's futile since Michael would have covered his tracks. But Nick insists on pressing on, together.

Nikki and Sharon discuss the gala. They sympathize with Ashley. Sharon wonders how Nikki must have been nervous that Ash could have revealed Victor's ties to Abby. Sharon thanks Nikki for her help with the food situation at the gala. Nikki tries to brush it off but Sharon keeps pressing on how Nikki saved the day. She also wonders why Nikki did it at all. Sharon has not changed her mind about Victor learning the truth but would not have told him tonight. Nikki tells Sharon that she did not save the day to protect the secret. She did it for the family. Nikki hopes tonight proved to Sharon that she is not ready to be matriarch of the family. That's still her job.

Outside Phyllis and Victor chat about the chaotic night. Both can only imagine how the Abbotts are feeling about Victor right now. Vic asks how Phyllis feels about Jack's allegations towards him. He asks her if she feels he did something illegal to get Safra to do well. She is a woman who goes after what she wants and wouldn't be surprised if he did the same. He resents that she thinks he did do something underhanded. She also doesn't believe he is responsible for Ashley's accident. Victor laments on how you can only win at the expense of someone else. She has done things herself that were, in retrospect, wrong and caused pain. He appreciates her talking with him.

Carlton House:

Jack and Brad wonder about how Ashley is doing. Jack thinks they should have taken her to the hospital but Brad thinks that's much too soon. Jack points out Ash's history. Brad insists on waiting until they see how things look in he morning. Jack insists on figuring out a plan. A very lucid Ashley walks in and asks what they are talking about. She has no memory of the last few hours. She asks about all the gossip. The last thing she remembers if falling asleep on the sofa when he went out for dinner. She wonders why he's looking at her so funny. John calls Brad to tell him about the fire and to get down there ASAP. He heads out leaving Ashley with Jack. Later Ash wonders why Jack is being so weird around her. She suspects a run-in with Victor but he says that's not it. She presses for info. When she tries to go up to bed she wonders why he isn't leaving but is too tired to argue and goes to bed.

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Kevin pretended to Bobby that he'd been there working on the club's bookkeeping all night. When Bobby questioned whether Kevin had ever asked one of the strippers out, Kevin said he already had a girlfriend, one he wasn't going to introduce to anyone at Marsino's. Bobby wondered why he was in such a good mood, and Kevin said his day had gone well. He'd had a little power that he'd been able to use, and it made him feel good. Bobby left with a somewhat sarcastic remark, and Kevin glared after him, saying Bobby should be careful. Kevin might just forget to pay his fire insurance premiums.

J.T. again retraced Colleen's steps of the entire day for John, Gina, and Brad. Brad was desperate to get inside the burning restaurant, but the firemen stopped him, saying there was no sign that anyone was in there. J.T. remembered that before he and Colleen had parted, Colleen told him about going with Sierra to tell Dru and Neil about Kevin. J.T. seemed convinced that Kevin had something to do with Colleen's disappearance. Brad whipped out his cell phone to make a call.

Although Neil had a little chuckle over Dru and Phyllis showing up in identical dresses to the Arts Council gala, he was concerned to hear the news about what appeared to be Ashley's breakdown. But Dru wanted to talk about Lily. Neil said they'd talked earlier, and he felt like they had connected. When Lily joined them, she tried to dodge Dru's questions, but her parents sat her down and had another talk with her about the dangers of the Internet. Lily said she turned to her friends online because all her parents did was criticize her. Neil said those people weren't really friends; she didn't know them. He pulled up a list of Lily's previous emails and pointed out that his daughter had never met most of these people. They could be quite different from how they'd portrayed themselves online. When Dru got specific about Kevin, Neil said he didn't understand why Lily hadn't ended the association as soon as she found out how old Kevin was. Before they could get into this further, Neil took a frantic call from Brad asking him to bring Dru, Lily, and Sierra to Gina's at once.

Nikki found Victor sitting downstairs alone in the dark. He seemed very pensive, and she guessed that he was thinking about Ashley. She assured Victor that she understood; it would be hard for any of them not to think of how sad Ashley's situation was. But Victor said something else concerned him. He seemed to be at odds with his children, especially Nick. It had hurt him to see Nick talking to Jack at the gala and know how much affection Nick felt for Jack. If Victor could do things over again, he'd be a better parent to his children when they were young. Nikki assured him that he was a great father. Nick and Victoria were both fine young adults with promising futures. When Victor wondered if there wasn't something Nikki regretted, she told him that if she could do things over, she'd never let him go. Cheered up, Victor was receptive to Nikki's reminder that he'd promised they could take a vacation. She wanted to go somewhere warm, lush, and tropical. Victor agreed that as soon as a few things were taken care of, he wanted nothing more than to spend some time away with Nikki.

Cassie and Sharon ate a snack and talked about the gala. Cassie said she and Adam had a good time, except for Noah bugging them. Sharon laughed, happy that her daughter had enjoyed the party. But both Cassie and Sharon were a little concerned about Nick. He hadn't seemed to be enjoying himself. Cassie wondered if Sharon was keeping another secret from her, but Sharon assured her that wasn't the case. She didn't know what was bothering Nick. When had Cassie last seen him? Cassie said that he'd been with Victoria by the pool. She then helped Sharon take their dishes inside.

Victoria was unwinding and drinking warm milk when Nick showed up with a stack of files. He was determined to get to the bottom of the unusual sales figures for Safra. Only the Nelson chain had consistently shown extraordinary results, even though it had all the same demographics as some of the other stores where Safra wasn't doing so well. Victoria said that Nick was just determined to believe the worst of their father and Michael. If he was so concerned, he should bring it up at the next board meeting. Anyone who'd done anything unethical would be dealt with then. But Nick pointed out that if Victor was the guilty one, he'd never be held accountable. It was up to Nick and Victoria to make sure Newman Enterprises maintained a high standard of ethics.

Sharon came in and wondered what they were talking about. Victoria closed ranks with Nicholas, refusing to give Sharon any information. This only made Sharon more suspicious. She wanted to know what was going on. Nick said if he had to explain sales reports to her, they'd be up all night. If she'd just let him and Victoria finish their work, he'd be home sooner. After Sharon reluctantly left, Nick figured out that the "Pete" he'd overheard Michael talking to on the phone might be Peter Hudson of the Nelson department store chain. He called Peter, pretending to be "Cory," Michael's assistant, and said Michael had reconsidered his decision. Would Peter meet Michael at the health club's restaurant the next day? Peter agreed. After he hung up, Nick pointed out to Victoria that Peter Hudson hadn't even hesitated. Obviously Nick was on the right track.

Thursday, October 16, 2003

At Gina's, the fire appears to be subsiding, but there is still no sign of Colleen. J.T. tells Brad that he wishes that he had never left Colleen at the coffee house. Brad decides that he cannot wait any longer and tries to run into Gina's, but the fire marshals stop him. Brad tries to get J.T. into it too, but J.T. tries to calm Brad down, telling him that maybe Colleen isn't in there, maybe someone took her phone or something else. Brad says he and his wife have just lost a baby, if he loses Colleen, he couldn't bear it.

Kevin is at Marsino's complimenting himself in the office and lighting his lighter when Brittany walks in. She asks Kevin if he has seen Bobby. Kevin tells Brittany that she should watch out for Bobby, that Bobby is not sincere. Brittany gets upset and says that her and Bobby have strictly a business relationship. While she looks for her song writing notes, she leans forward in front of Kevin in the desk. He likes this, and tells her that she smells good. When Kevin asks Brittany if she wants to go out sometime, she tries to let him down nicely. Kevin can't believe that "a stripper" would think that she's better than him, and Brittany leaves, telling him that she is a singer, and he's lucky she's not telling Bobby. Kevin says to himself that Brittany should think about who can help her career, and who can make her go up in smoke.

Sharon goes over to Victor's to pick up a purse she had left behind at the gala. Victor tells Sharon that he is impressed the way Sharon handled the gala. Sharon says she couldn't have done it without Nikki. When Victor asks what she means, Sharon tells him how Nikki saved the day getting the food in a hurry when Sharon's caterers were unable to show up. Victor says maybe now Sharon and Nikki can change their attitudes about each other. Sharon says its Victoria that has had an attitude with her. Sharon tells Victor that Vicki and Nick were working at this late hour and they didn't want Sharon to know what they were talking about.

Victoria begs Nick to stop being so determined to bring Victor down. Nick tries to explain to her that if something illegal had really happened to boost Safra sales, wouldn't she want to know the truth? Victoria says they have nothing to feel bad about, what really matters is who does the best in the end. Nick says if the sales were manipulated, they would have something to feel bad about, especially for putting Jabot on life-support. Victoria says if Nick does find something out and he goes and comes out with it, she doesn't want anything to do with it. Nick leaves, telling Victoria that he knows now who is on his side.

When Nick returns home with a pile of paperwork, she tells him that she wants to talk before they go to bed. Sharon wants to know what Victoria and Nick are not telling her. She gets mad because he won't give her a straight answer. Then she realizes why he may not want to tell her. Because it's about Victor.

Lauren says her goodbyes to Raul after the gala; she doesn't want to be there when Brittany comes back. Lauren tells Raul that he really should talk to Brittany. Lauren says that Brit still loves Raul, and he shouldn't drop something that means so much to him. Raul still can't get over Brittany's job as a stripper. Lauren tells him that life is too short, and he needs that kind of passion and intensity that Raul and Brittany had. Brittany comes in and is upset that Lauren is there. Lauren leaves quickly and whispers to Raul that he should talk to Brittany. When Lauren is gone, Raul tells Brittany that he wants to talk to her. He says it's hard to let go; it's just too bad they are so far apart. He wants to know if there is any hope that things will ever work for them again. Brittany says she doesn't know, that Raul was the one she wanted to be with at the gala, but she is not going to quit her job. She also doesn't want Raul going over that again and again. She wants him to be nice to her. Raul kisses her.

When Sierra, Lily, and Dru and Neil show up at Gina's, they can't believe the fire is so huge. Brad tells them that he thinks Colleen may be in there. Brad demands to know what happened that day, because Lily or Sierra could have been one of the last people to see Colleen. When Brad finds out that Neil had been over to Kevin's looking for Lily, he wants to know if Kevin knew that Colleen had told him where he lived. Neil said he might have let it slip out. They start to realize that it's possible Kevin could have lured Colleen into Gina's and started the fire. Sierra tells Lily she knows Kevin has something to do with this; her and Colleen had tried to tell her he was crazy. Lily won't believe it, and runs away.

Lily is behind Gina's thinking about Kevin. She remembers when he told her that Colleen liked him, and when he told her to make a choice between him and her friends. She remembers Kevin telling her that her friends will never come between them. Just then, Lily sees Kevin standing there.

Friday, October 17, 2003

Sharon finally got Nick to admit that he didn't entirely trust her enough to talk about Newman business because she had a history of running to Victor. He pointed out that Victor confided things in her, and Sharon said she wasn't ashamed of that. Nick said that she continued to stay close to his father in spite of the fact that it drove Nick crazy. Sharon said she lived in the hope that his relationship with Victor could be healed; she saw what the Newmans had as something precious, worth fighting for. Nick wondered, if she had to choose between supporting him or his father, who would she choose? Sharon assured him that she would choose him. She just didn't see why she couldn't be loyal to him and his family. Nick said it was late. When she asked if they were just going to call it a night, Nick told her how beautiful she'd been all night and kissed her.

Victor brooded about what Sharon had told him, that Victoria and Nick had been at the tackhouse working on something they refused to discuss with her. His reverie was interrupted by Nikki, who wondered why she'd helped Sharon make the gala a success. Victor reminded her that she chose to; that's the kind of person she was, and Nikki said she wished she could be more ruthless, like him. Victor said that although he was presiding over a household of warring females, they had something better to discuss---their vacation together. Nikki suggested they spend half their time on the beach and half their time on the slopes. She wondered if their getaway was all that was on his mind. Victor said he wondered about what he'd created. Did they all live together too close on the compound? Maybe they should have sent their children out into the world to carve out their own lives. Nikki said it might have been easier, but not better. What Victor had done was wonderful and rare; she urged him not to lose faith in what he'd built. Victor admitted that at least the people dearest to his heart lived close by. Nikki reminded him she was close enough to snuggle up to every night if he wanted to. They kissed and went upstairs to bed.

Raul and Brittany chose not to resist their attraction to each other, and ended up having sex on the sofa. Afterward, Raul commented on how awesome it was, and Brit said she'd dreamed of being with him again. Raul said he hadn't allowed himself to think about a reconciliation because it would hurt too much if it didn't happen. Brittany wasn't sure that Raul still understood her, but he said he did, even if they were the world's most unlikely couple. Brittany said they were still there, still together---weren't they? Raul started dressing, saying he wasn't sure what she wanted. It couldn't all be about sex; even if the sex was great, and although he loved her so much it hurt, he wasn't sure if that was enough. Brittany said if he really loved her, nothing else would matter, not even her career. Raul told her what Lauren had told him. Love needs difference and people too much alike would be bored together. Brittany wondered if she was talking about Lauren and Raul, or Brittany and Raul. Raul insisted that there was nothing going on between him and Lauren. But he couldn't get past her and Bobby. Brittany said he just resented that people were noticing her. Anyone could take their clothes off, but people came to see her because no one was as talented as she was as a singer. Raul said she could keep telling herself that when she was still a stripper years from now. Brittany didn't see any hope for them, and Raul went to his room alone.

The firemen insisted that the smoldering restaurant was still too dangerous for anyone to go inside and search for Colleen. Detective Weber was skeptical when Brad expressed his concern about his missing daughter. He reminded Brad that Colleen had run away before, and J.T. was involved that time. Brad insisted that Weber find Kevin Fisher and find out if he knew where Colleen was.

Around the corner, Lily urged Kevin to leave the scene, explaining that everyone seemed to think he might be responsible for the fire and Colleen's disappearance. Kevin said he hadn't done anything wrong, so he wasn't going anywhere, nor did he care what had happened to her "snotty bitch girlfriend." Lily asked where he'd been that night, and Kevin indignantly accused her of not trusting him, which surprised him after how intimate they'd been together. As Lily defended herself, Sierra saw them together and screamed, causing Neil to shout Lily's name.

The police had to restrain Neil, Drucilla, Brad, and J.T. from attacking Kevin. Weber remembered Kevin from Marsino's and asked what he was doing in the area. Kevin said he'd been walking home from work and saw the smoke and was curious. When Weber pointed out that it was awfully late to be leaving work, Kevin said Bobby was a slavedriver. He vowed that he knew nothing about the fire or Colleen's whereabouts. When Lily's parents accused him of preying on their daughter, Lily backed up Kevin's assertion that they were just friends. Over the furious protests of the others, Weber found out where Kevin lived and let him leave, assuring the others he could be questioned later if there was a reason for it. He couldn't arrest the man for just walking down the street.

Although Neil privately cautioned that they didn't know Kevin had any responsibility for what had happened, Dru was sure this entire fiasco arose from Lily bringing Kevin into their lives. Brad urged them to take Lily and Sierra home; they didn't have to stay until Colleen was found. Regardless of what they thought, he didn't blame Lily for any of this. She'd been traumatized enough. Neil told Brad to hang in there; they'd be praying for him.

Brad and J.T. muttered over their frustration with Detective Weber. J.T. wanted a chance to be alone with Kevin; he'd make him confess. Brad was annoyed that they weren't taking Colleen's disappearance seriously because she'd run away before. The firemen and Detective Weber assured him that they were not ruling out Kevin as a suspect. The building was still too dangerous to go inside. Brad and J.T. said they'd sign a release if the firemen would allow them inside, but their request was refused. Later, Brad told J.T. that he finally realized how much J.T. cared about Colleen. Brad was terrified that Colleen was dead. J.T. insisted that it was too early to give up hope; Colleen was alive. Brad laughed because he was accepting words of wisdom from J.T., but agreed that he was right. They couldn't give up. J.T. then sneaked a flashlight off the firetruck and went into the restaurant, searching for Colleen amid falling debris.

While Kevin, back at his apartment, gloated about getting away with the fire and "frying" Colleen, congratulating himself for having the power of God!, J.T. discovered Colleen's locket in the rubble and remembered returning it to her after they got back together. He was devastated, sobbing and refusing to believe that she was gone. As he sank down, weak with grief, he heard a thumping noise from the cooler. He rescued a semiconscious Colleen and ran from the restaurant, holding her in his arms and crying for help. Brad took Colleen from J.T. and handed her to paramedics, then the two men embraced with joy. As Colleen was given oxygen and taken away, a devastated J.T. looked on.

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Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73


Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73
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