The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 20, 2003 on Y&R

Christine turned down Paul's marriage proposal. Nick discovered the truth about Victor and Michael's bribery. Victor's brother, Matt, appeared and told Victor that Victor's father was alive but on his deathbed. Lily's parents found out that she had slept with Kevin.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 20, 2003 on Y&R
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Monday, October 20, 2003

Phyllis went by the Carlton's and woke Jack up. He told her about the fire and Colleen and she reacted with shock and concern. She asked about Ashley and he told her she slept on the way home from the gala, but later came downstairs and obviously didn't remember what had happened. Just then, Ashley came downstairs again and asked what Jack was still doing there. Jack told her he wanted to stay until Brad got home, and told her about the fire. Ashley was very concerned about Colleen, but eventually began questioning them again as to why Jack was still there.

As Paul and Chris were eating breakfast, and Paul told her there was something he wanted to ask her. Just then, the doorbell rang and Michael came on in. He apologized for interrupting and told them he heard through the grapevine that Chris was about to be offered a position in the District Attorney's office. He said he came to tell her, but also to remind her she would make much less money than she does with him, and encouraged her to stay at the firm. She told him the position would make her a more well-rounded attorney, and that she would have to consider it. Before getting up to leave, he told her again he didn't want her to leave their firm, and that he didn't feel she would be happy sending people off to jail, especially in light of the situation she had just gone through. After he left, Paul encouraged her to consider the offer if she ended up getting up. She asked him what he was about to say before Michael interrupted, and they sat down on the couch to talk. He told her he wanted to talk about their living arrangements. She assumed he meant he was going to move out, and told him she had gotten used to him being there with her. He told her no, on the contrary, he didn't want to move out at all. In fact, he blurted out that they should just get married again. Not thinking he was serious, she started laughing.

Brad and J.T. were glad to hear the news from the doctor that Colleen was going to be all right. As the doctor left the room, she woke up and was glad to see them both. J.T. left the two alone, and Brad began to cry and hold Colleen. She asked him what had happened to her-she couldn't remember very clearly. Brad recounted what had happened and asked if she remembered who had done this. At that point, J.T. came back in and Brad got up to leave. She and J.T. talked more about the fire, and he told her he strongly suspected Kevin had something to do with it. Colleen said she couldn't remember seeing him there and J.T. told her to rest and they would talk more about it later. Colleen commented he and Brad seemed to be getting along better and J.T. told her they had bonded. She asked how he found her, and he told her he found her locket outside of the cooler. With that, he gave it back to her and held her in the hospital bed.

At the end of the show, Ashley cornered Brad to ask him why everyone was treating her like a China doll. He told her he was exhausted and asked if they could talk about it later, but she pushed until he relented. He sat her down and told her he knew she had been very depressed, and that he would do anything to help her through it. She told him she felt she was handling it quite well, and questioned him when he disagreed. As he began to explain himself, she interrupted him, saying she heard the baby crying. He said he didn't hear Abby, and she said, no, it was Robert who was crying before getting up.

Tuesday, October 21, 2003


Paul is a little hurt by Christine's laughing at his marriage proposal. She didn't know he was serious and is thrown by insistence on picking a date. He presses the point further. They are great together and should be married. She dances around it and loves him but emphatically says no. He understands but keeps making his point. He isn't giving up but will let things lie for now.

Chancellor House:

Larry and Jill discuss how busy she's been -- too busy for "fun." Now is not good since she is preoccupied wondering where Katherine is at the moment. Jill doesn't want to risk Kay and Esther coming home and finding them. Jill feels like she's constantly being watched. There's no privacy. Everything is closing in on her. He assuages her fears with a kiss. They get more passionate on the couch when Katherine and Esther walk in n them. Katherine announces that she and Esther are moving out. Jill is surprised. Kay made the decision to leave after Jill said she didn't know if there would ever be a place in her life for her mother. She isn't giving up. She's taking a brief trip and then staying with Nikki temporarily until Jill has time to sort through her feelings. Jill thinks this is another one of Kay's tests despite promising to stop them. Kay swears it is not a test. Jill thinks it's a manipulation to force Jill not to look cold-hearted by insisting Kay stay. Kay presses that it's not like that. She simply wants Jill to make a decision. Jill will take Kay up on the offer. Jill thanks her for taking this step.


Drusilla stops at Phyllis' table and sits down, ordering food on Phyllis' tab. It's the least she could after showing up at the gala in a copy of HER dress. They bicker as to who had the real Forrester Original. They then argue over Victor's part in Ashley's troubles. Dru wonders what everyone will think when they all realize Phyllis supports the man who played so dirty and was responsible for such a tragedy. Phyllis gets up and leaves.

Williams Investigations:

Paul is short with Lynn. He's had a rough morning. Lauren pops by and hopes to end his bad mood. Lauren guesses it's about Chris. She's surprised things aren't going that well. She recommends letting Chris sort things out and to enjoy life himself as well. He gets her not so subtle hint about the two of them. She leaves him with that thought.

Baldwin's Apartment:

Michael is surprised by a visit from Chris. He hopes she's there to tell him she's staying with him at their firm. IF she gets an offer it will be her choice no one else's. He reminds her of her responsibilities to the firm, the clients and others. He agrees to back off though.

Michael assures her that he has no illusions that they aren't going to get together. He just wants to point out that she and Paul are not living the storybook romance she wants to have. He tells her that people in love don't do the things the two of them have done to each other.

Carlton House:

Brad is surprised when Damon stops by to visit. He's there out for concern for Ashley and to offer support. Brad tells Damon no one is sure how far off Ashley is. She needs to see a shrink. He's put a call into Olivia and hopes for some perspective on the situation. Damon thinks it's foolish to rely solely on medical science. He suggests letting time heal things. Supporting her is the best medicine. Ashley comes down with the "baby" wondering why there are always people in the house with two young children.

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Larry and Esther weren't at all happy about Katherine's decision to move out of the Chancellor house for a while. Larry thought it was a mistake for Jill and Katherine to live apart, and Esther felt like Jill was driving Katherine from her home. Katherine interrupted them, insisting that Jill was merely going along with a decision that Katherine herself had made. She wanted to give Jill some time to sort through her feelings. Her next words touched Jill; since Jill would be all alone, would Larry please look after her? Larry agreed that he would, then helped Katherine and Esther take their luggage from the house.

Later, Katherine went to Phillip's grave and talked to him about how amazing it was, after all the three of them had been to each other, that Jill should be her daughter. She was going to be gone for a while, giving Jill what she'd always wanted. Katherine remembered signing her divorce papers from Phillip, insisting that she wanted nothing, not even the house. Her memories had tears streaming down her face, which is when Jill joined her, saying that she knew Katherine would be there.

Katherine recalled Jill first coming there as her paid companion, and Jill said she hadn't come there for the money. She'd come because she felt so sorry for Katherine back then, because she was so lonely and lost in alcoholism. Jill had thought she could save Katherine. She'd never intended to take her husband, no matter what Katherine believed.

Katherine said that she hadn't been able to bear having a beautiful young woman around. Jill was surprised; Katherine had never called her beautiful before. Katherine said she thought Jill was still beautiful. As Katherine stood to leave, she hoped that whatever the time alone brought Jill, Jill would at least find out that she didn't hate Katherine. Jill stood, too, and hugged Katherine, saying she didn't hate her. Katherine pulled away, gave Jill a sad parting look, then left.

At the Carlton residence, Ashley apologized to Damon for her earlier rudeness. But so many people coming and going in her house made it difficult for her to take care of her baby. With Brad's okay, Damon tried to get Ash interested in work. She was excited about the prospect of starting new projects with him---but not until Robert was a few weeks older. After Damon left, Brad tried to talk to Ashley, but first she told him that she'd been having nightmares. She apologized for getting in the car and having the wreck, but thank goodness their baby was fine. An emotional Brad tried to explain that Robert was dead, even taking the blanket from her to show her there was no baby in it, but at the last second, he instead just told her that he loved her.

Victoria stopped by the health club to have one last talk with Nick before he met Peter Hudson from the Nelson's department store chain. Nick had earlier warned the waiter to make sure he wasn't disturbed. Victoria couldn't believe that Nick might actually turn their father into the authorities if he found evidence of wrongdoing. Nick said he hadn't decided what he would do, but he didn't think Victor was above the law. Victoria warned him not to start something he wasn't going to be able to stop, something that could hurt their entire family. As she walked out, Peter came in. He was excited to see Victoria Newman, who looked even better in person than in the old cosmetics ads. Nick, posing as Michael's assistant, "Cory," turned the conversation toward the favors Peter was giving Safra regarding shelf space. At first, Peter wasn't comfortable talking to anyone but Michael, but he finally said that another six-figure amount left in a briefcase would be just fine with him. Before "Cory" could get more details, an old acquaintance walked up and addressed him as "Nick." A frightened Peter realized who he was and tried to leave, but Nick warned him that it would be best if he sat down and finished their discussion.

Victor went to see Michael and warn him that there'd better be nothing leading back to them regarding their Safra dealings. Nick and Victoria had been keeping late nights going over the sales figures. Michael said that nothing was foolproof, but he'd covered all their tracks. He was more concerned about the possible loss of his law partner to the DA's office. He asked Victor to call and use his influence to keep anyone from making Christine an offer. Victor said he couldn't do that, as he'd been the one to suggest Christine for the job in the first place. Michael was annoyed, but Victor pointed out that he'd be making a mistake if he tried to thwart Christine in her career.

When Victor arrived home later, he was hoping to find Nikki, but instead, Miguel told him he had a visitor in the solarium---his brother, Matt Miller. Victor hadn't seen him in fifteen years, and the two embraced. Then Matt told Victor why he was there. He had some news about their father.

Thursday, October 23, 2003


At the Winters' apartment, Lily begged her mother not to tell her dad about her relations with Kevin. Dru couldn't agree. Then Dru insisted that she be tested and examined and the two agonized over the loss of Lily's innocence.

At the hospital, J.T. and Colleen were talking about what Kevin had done to Lily and Neil walked in. He insisted on knowing whether or not Kevin had forced himself on his daughter. J.T. and Colleen wouldn't commit to knowing anything specific, so Neil left for home.

When Neil returned home, he put it to his daughter straight did Kevin force himself on her?

Nick made a call to John Silva when he returned home from the meeting with Pete. Sharon overheard and was worried about what Nick was doing to his relationship with his father. Nick admitted enough about his intentions to make it clear that he had to make things right that his father had done wrong, and asked Sharon to stay on the sidelines and support him in this. He was tired of being the "boy" and Victor being the "man." He would show his father that he was a man after all.

Victor told Nikki about his visit with his brother and what he found out about their father. Nikki wondered if Victor would have regrets if he didn't try to make peace with his father, but Victor made it clear that he had no time for that man and hoped that he rotted in hell. . .

Detective Weber served Kevin with a search warrant for his laptop computer at the coffeehouse. Kevin finally handed it over when he felt he had no other choice. The judge had allowed the request because Kevin had clearly caused Lily to skip school, contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Victoria paid Damon a visit and they shared a romantic Japanese tea ceremony. They shared conversation, tea, and a passionate kiss. . .

At the Carlton's, Brad, Jack, and Olivia were thinking that Ashley was coming out of her delusional state, but were sad to find out that she clearly believed that Robert was alive. Brad had to tell her the truth and she fell into a fit of tears when he took the blanket from her.

Friday, October 24, 2003

Detective Weber broke up a verbal brawl between Sierra and Kevin at Crimson Lights. Sierra insisted that Kevin's face told the whole story; he'd been shocked to hear that Colleen hadn't died in the fire. Weber said he hadn't seen Kevin's expression. If Sierra had more proof, she could call him any time. Meanwhile, he wanted to talk to Kevin alone. After Sierra left in a huff, Weber showed Kevin his search warrant. Not only did it entitle him to search Kevin's apartment, but he would be able to take Kevin's laptop, so Kevin should hand it over. Kevin didn't want to, insisting that all his confidential work files were on it. He couldn't understand why the police wanted it. Weber said that Kevin had contributed to the delinquency of a minor. When Kevin denied it, Weber reminded him that Lily had cut school to be with him. Was Kevin going to make this easy or hard? Kevin finally handed over his computer so Detective Weber could take it to the station to be searched.

Neil overheard J.T. and Colleen talking in her hospital room about what Lily's parents didn't know. When he demanded to know what they meant, J.T. chastised him for coming on so strong to Colleen after all she'd been through. Neil said that if Colleen knew Kevin had raped his daughter, she needed to tell him. Colleen said it wasn't rape. When Neil took that to mean that Lily and Kevin had sex, Colleen clammed up. J.T. said they didn't have proof of anything. It was Lily that Neil should be questioning, not Colleen. Neil said he was going after Kevin himself if the police didn't do anything, and J.T. warned that it wasn't a good idea for Neil to take the law into his own hands.

Dru and Lily continued their tearful discussion after Lily's revelation to her mother that she and Kevin had sex. Dru wanted to know if Kevin had worn a condom, and Lily finally broke down and said yes. But Dru said they were still going to a gynecologist to have Lily checked out, because of AIDS and other STDs. Lily finally agreed, then begged her mother not to tell Neil the truth. Dru didn't see how she could keep it from him. They all needed to talk about it and understand where they'd failed as parents, making Lily vulnerable to someone like Kevin. Lily continued to plead with Dru, until they were interrupted by Neil, who came on strong to Lily in his quest to find out the truth about how far things had gone between his daughter and Kevin.

Ashley was all smiles with Brad, Jack, and Olivia. She said that she'd been having some problems with reality, but now she was better. Brad asked if she remembered going to the gala, and Ashley said she had a vague memory of being there. She was sorry for how out of it she'd been, and for the feelings she'd been having about Jack and Brad. When Liv gently questioned Ashley further, Ashley admitted that she'd felt like Brad and Jack were against her, treating her like she was crazy. But she was all over that now. In fact, she felt so good that she wanted to go into the lab for a while. She trusted Damon, but she was still curious about what had been going on at Jabot. As everyone exchanged relieved looks, Ashley's next words chilled them. She'd thought that everyone was trying to convince her something was wrong with Robert, but now she was over that. In fact, she needed to go tend to him because he was crying.

Brad, Jack, and Olivia waited until Ashley was upstairs, then Brad said things had gotten way beyond anything they could do to help her. She needed medical help. When Ashley returned, holding her blanket baby and wondering why they were all staring at her again, Brad couldn't take it anymore. He took the blanket from Ash, telling her it wasn't a baby. Their baby had died as a result of the car wreck. Ashley became hysterical and snatched the blanket back, holding it in her arms and cooing over it while she cried. She twisted away from Brad when he tried to comfort her with a touch.

Nikki was startled to hear that Victor's brother Matt had been there with news about their father. Not only had Albert Miller not been dead for forty years, but he'd had another family and evidently made a success of himself. Once she heard that Albert was dying, Nikki wondered if Victor wanted to see him. Victor said no. What his father had done, abandoning them and leaving his mother destitute, was unforgivable. Albert was a cold bastard. As far as Victor was concerned, he had died all those years ago. Nikki reminded him that his mother had also been dying when she'd found her for Victor. He hadn't wanted to see her, either, but that had turned out okay. He'd made peace with his mother before she died. Victor said it wasn't the same thing.

Meanwhile, Nick was having his own crisis. He came home and called John Silva, setting up an appointment to talk to him later. Sharon overheard and questioned Nick about what he was up to. Nick said that he needed to know exactly where things stood with his father and the law. Sharon couldn't believe he was taking his grudge against his father so far. Nick reminded her that the reason Victor loathed Jack was because he thought Jack was underhanded and deceitful in business. Why shouldn't Victor be held to the same standard by which he measured others? Sharon still thought this was going to destroy the family. She was willing to sell the coffee house and move away with Nick to start over somewhere else. But Nick said he wasn't going to do that. His future was in Genoa City, and he'd know a lot more after he talked to John Silva. Sharon was upset about the whole situation. She hugged Nick with a worried look on her face.

Victoria went to Damon's apartment, and he invited her in for a Japanese tea ceremony. During their conversation, she wondered what he would do if someone close to him had done something wrong. Damon asked if it was immoral or illegal? Victoria said it could be both. Damon said he couldn't answer that without knowing all the details. Victoria changed the subject, asking Damon if his tea ceremony could continue with a kiss. When Damon said he was sure many babies had been conceived after such a ritual, Victoria laughingly told him to calm down; she was only talking about a kiss. She then crawled around the table and planted her lips on his.

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