The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 17, 2003 on Y&R

Larry said goodbye to Jill. Mary caught Paul and Lauren kissing. Raul had a diabetic reaction. Brittany decided to quit Marsino's. Victor's reunion with Albert Miller didn't go well, and Nick felt bad for Victor.
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Victor's reunion with Albert Miller didn't go well
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Monday, November 17, 2003

Christine was rendered speechless when she saw Danny Romalotti. He was amused at her surprise but told her she had to have some idea why he was there. He went on to say that he was there because of the fire at Gina's. He knew the restaurant was his sister's life, and he wanted to be there to check on her. He'd stopped by Christine's first to get a feel for how Gina might be doing before going to visit her.

Embarrassed, Christine told Danny she hadn't talked with Gina. He told her he didn't know if they were close or not -- after all, it had been a long time since he and Christine had been married. He asked how she was doing, but she said it was a long story. She turned the conversation back to his life. She asked about Daniel, and they briefly talked about how happy Danny was to have him.

Danny asked about Phyllis, and Christine told him she'd had some heavy things happen to her over the past year. He asked about Paul, as well, and she was evasive, so he told her it had to be part of the same long story, which made her laugh. She told him she was working in the D.A.'s office, and he laughed, saying Cricket had come a long way and how wonderful it was to see her. He kissed her on the cheek and left, and she sat on the couch, stunned.

Jack was stunned when Nick told him he had turned in both Victor and Michael to the Feds. Jack told him that what he had done was huge and that he was concerned about Nick, but Nick told him he was fine. Jack asked if anyone was going to be arrested, and Nick said he hoped Michael would crack -- he felt Michael was sneaky, not tough. Jack asked if Nick was enjoying all of it, and Nick said he was -- a lot. Jack pointed out that Nick was going to make a major enemy out of his father, and Nick told him the Feds were going to try to keep his name out of it. If not, he said, he would just deal with it, as he felt no guilt about it.

Jack warned Nick to steer clear of Victor for a while, but Nick told him that wasn't possible -- they were about to go off on a trip. Jack suddenly realized Phyllis might be involved in the situation and immediately started speculating. Nick assured him she was not in any danger, but Jack wondered aloud if she'd known all along what was happening. Nick told him to sit tight and not to do anything stupid. Jack agreed, and after Nick left, Jack took pleasure in the fact that he had a front row seat for Victor's upcoming day of reckoning.

Mr. Becker asked Michael if he had anything he wanted to tell Becker because Michael seemed on edge. Michael told him yes -- he was nervous to have a federal prosecutor in his living room, but Becker should not confuse nervousness with guilt. Becker encouraged Michael to tell him anything he knew about the bribery situation, but Michael held firm and didn't say much at all. Becker told him he was a person of interest, especially since Peter Hudson had a story to tell.

When Michael asked what Hudson had said, Becker would not tell him. He just wanted to hear what Michael had to say. Michael told him if Becker brought down Victor, it would be a real feather in his cap. Becker asked if Michael could give Victor to him, but Michael basically laughed in his face. He told Becker that if Jack Abbott was behind all of it, it was only because he'd come out the loser in the cosmetics game.

Larry paid Jill a visit at her office to say goodbye. He told her he was quitting, and it was time to move on. Seeing her kiss Bobby had sealed the deal for him. She told him she had been drinking and that she hadn't been herself. She insisted that it hadn't meant anything to her. She asked him to stay, but he was not interested. He told her he appreciated everything she had done for him, that they had great times together, and that he had no regrets. He also said they weren't good together in the long run, that his probation was over, and that it was time for him to go.

Jill began to cry and asked where Larry was going. His answer was, "Around," and all she could do was wish him luck. He gave her a kiss on the cheek and left her office. She sat down on her couch and cried.

At the Chancellor estate, Katherine went in and was irritated at the mess of decorating samples and the empty glass of liquor Jill had left sitting on the table. She was further annoyed when the doorbell rang, and it was Bobby Marsino. After ungraciously asking who he was, he explained he was a friend of Jill's and that he had stopped by to check on her after her tough evening. Katherine asked if he was there to thank Jill for a roll in the hay, and he got a bit offended.

Bobby told Katherine that he and Jill had just met and had gone to the estate to drink so Jill hadn't needed to drive. He went on to ask what was up with the third degree then realized Katherine was Jill's mother. Katherine asked what Bobby did for a living and was not pleased when he told her he owned a gentleman's club. Bobby could tell she was not thrilled and told Katherine he suspected she didn't approve of him. She told him she absolutely didn't, and he laughed at her and showed himself out, saying he was only trying to be nice to her daughter.

Nikki told Victor she was really pleased about the upcoming trip because it was an opportunity for closure. They began discussing Nick's behavior and how unacceptable they both thought it was. Victor told her he just didn't understand what the deal was -- he was giving Nick "the keys to the castle, for God's sake." Nikki reminded him Nick liked to do things his own way and reminded Victor how he reacted when people told him what to do. Nikki reassured him Nick would come around in time.

At that point, Nick entered with his luggage. Miguel arrived to announce that the car was there, and they left. Soon after, Michael called, urgently asking for Victor. Nikki told him Victor was unreachable, and she wouldn't listen to Michael's protestations. Even though he sounded frantic, she told him Victor was not to be disturbed, and she hung up the phone on him.

Lauren helped Paul move his things into Mary's house while Mary was out of town for the week. Paul began talking about what a mess his personal life was, but he said that through it all, Lauren was always supportive of him. She offered to let him move in with her, but he declined, laughing that that would get them into trouble fast. They started laughing and kissing, when Mary walked in, shocked at what she saw in her own living room.

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

On the Newman jet, Nick flashed back to telling Jack about turning in Victor to the Federal D.A. Victor and Nick were flying to Toronto to meet Victor's father, Albert. Nick wondered if his dad was scared to meet his father, but Victor said he wasn't scared of anything. He would meet his dad and walk away, washing his hands of the man who had abandoned him all those years before.

Victor fantasizes about meeting his father, who looked like an aged Victor in the fantasy. He had known for years who Victor really was but had never felt worthy of acknowledging him. Victor lambasted his father for abandoning the family and scarring Victor forever. He saw that his father was weak, and his dad agreed. He also hoped Victor had a better relationship with Nick than they had. Victor forgave his dad just before Nick woke him up. Nick offered to have the plane just go right back if Victor wasn't ready to meet his father, but Victor was sure he could handle it. Nick scoffed that Victor thought he could handle anything.

At the ranch, Nikki filled Katherine in about Victor's trip and her hopes for peace of mind for Victor and a reconciliation between Victor and Nicholas. Katherine updated Nikki on Jill's drinking and her connection to Bobby Marsino. Nikki remembered who he was and wasn't impressed. Katherine didn't think Jill should associate with someone who ran a strip club. Nikki cut her off before she forgot who she was talking to. Katherine apologized.

In her apartment, Christine remembered seeing Danny again after all those years. The doorbell rang. She was not sure she could take another surprise but was pleased to see Lynn. They chatted about Christine's new job with the D.A.'s office. Lynn wondered about how things were with Paul since she'd turned down Paul's proposal. Christine wasn't sure they were meant to be together.

Mary returned home, shocked to see Paul and Lauren making out on the couch. Paul tried to change the subject, but Mary and Lauren exchanged barbs. Paul told Mary that he and Christine needed peace right then and asked Mary to keep out of it. Mary thought Lauren should keep out of it, too. Paul stormed out as Mary begged him to be with anyone but Lauren.

At the loft, Raul yelled at Brittany, who was locked in her room, to come out so they could talk about what he and her parents had done, closing down Marsino's. J.T. told him to relax. Brittany emerged but headed right out without talking to Raul. Raul insisted on talking to her, no matter what. He got more and more worked up.

Brittany continued to scream at both Raul and J.T. Raul got more and more worked up until J.T. told him to look at himself -- he was getting way too stressed. Brittany recognized that he was having a diabetic reaction. He screamed at them until he passed out. Brittany immediately sprang to action and got his kit, giving him an injection.

Bobby made some last-minute arrangements before Marsino's opened. He was pleased when Jill stopped by to see the club. She was pleasantly surprised. The stripper thing didn't faze her. He mentioned meeting Katherine, who was impressed by her. He hoped to win her over one day. Jill resented Katherine treating Bobby shabbily, but he saw Katherine as just being protective of her daughter.

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

In Toronto, Victor and Nick discussed the upcoming visit with Victor's father. Both agreed that they were only there at Nikki's insistence, and Nick reminded his father that he didn't have to see Albert Miller. Victor said he was going through with it, and he told Nick that just because he had issues with his father, Nick shouldn't let that stop him from getting to know his grandfather.

Nick said that Albert was dying; there wasn't going to be much of a connection unless Victor was looking for miracles. Victor said no, but that didn't mean he wasn't hoping for one. He and Nick left to go to the hospice, where he told the nurse that he was Albert's son. He then opened the door, Nick standing behind him, and looked inside at his father.

Brittany scolded Raul about not taking better care of himself. The incident the night before, when she'd had to give him a glucose shot while he'd been unconscious, had unnerved her. She made him test his blood sugar and was upset about the results. Bobby called and asked her to go to Marsino's to talk to him. Raul got upset that she left, and when J.T. emerged from his room, the two of them had a discussion about Raul's diabetes. J.T. told him that if stress was making him sick, he needed to stop blaming Brittany or letting her have such an effect on him. It was Raul's responsibility to keep himself well.

Brittany listened to Bobby make his pitch for getting her back to work that night. When Marsino's reopened, they were going to have a big crowd. He wanted her to do a new number. Brittany said no, she wasn't working that night. She wasn't sure if she'd continue to work there. Bobby blamed Raul for controlling her, but Brittany said all the stress with her was making Raul sick. Diabetes was a serious illness, and she wasn't going to let their problems affect him so badly. She left and went home. When Raul started arguing with her again, she told him she wasn't working at Marsino's that night -- or maybe ever again.

At the Abbotts', Phyllis was at breakfast with Kyle when John and Gina entered. Phyllis took a few subtle shots at Gina, who told her she'd heard from a mutual friend of theirs. Phyllis doubted that they had mutual friends, so Gina said nothing, and Phyllis missed her chance to hear that Danny was in town. When Jack entered, John commented on his good mood and tried to question him, but Jack said they'd talk later at the office, merely saying that he was happy that Ashley was doing better and refusing to talk about work. Annoyed at being treated like the enemy, Phyllis was going to leave, but Jack said they needed to talk privately.

John and Gina took Kyle outside to play, and Jack said he thought, considering the tension in their home, that Kyle needed to stay with Diane for a while. Phyllis freaked out, reminding him of all that Diane had done to her. Besides, Diane was an arsonist and hardly a good influence on Kyle. She accused Jack of using Kyle against her, but Jack said he was only trying to do what was best for his son. Her job had forced him to make tough decisions. Phyllis said that she understood what was happening; Jack wanted her out of his life. She left the room in tears, and Jack spoke aloud, saying that he did not want her out of his life.

Michael stopped by to see Christine and learned that Paul had moved out. He thought it was for the best. Whereas his and Christine's relationship had been stalled by bad timing, she and Paul had made every effort to work things out, but it was just a bad relationship. Christine said that she'd be fine on her own and didn't feel it was fair to talk to him about it. Michael admitted that he had something else going on with someone, but any time Christine needed him, he'd be happy to take her out dancing.

Christine was touched by Michael's offer of friendship and gave him a kiss before he left. She then got a visit from Glen Richards, who had a case for her to look at, helping the federal prosecutor's office. Christine's eyes widened to see that they were checking into evidence of commercial bribery and mail fraud by Victor Newman. Richards then admitted that Victor hadn't worked alone; he'd been helped by Michael Baldwin.

Thursday, November 20, 2003

Albert Miller demanded to know why Victor and Nick were there to see him. He didn't want any visitors, especially if they were do-gooders or there trying to give a dying man religion. Victor assured him they were not there for that reason and asked Albert if he knew the name Christian Miller. Albert said it meant nothing to him and demanded that they leave. Victor said he had to have had some family at one time, unless he'd been raised in an orphanage.

When Albert made a face, Victor wondered if that topic bothered him. Albert stood up, enraged, and again ordered Victor and Nick from his room. Victor and Nick turned to go, and Albert wondered if "this Christian Miller" had sent them to get something from him. Victor said Christian wanted nothing from the man. Christian was Albert's son and wanted to be with his dying father. He then admitted to a stunned Albert that he was Christian Miller.

Jack went to see Nikki and warn her that something big was about to happen. Nikki cut him off, saying she didn't want to hear his gloomy prophecies. She was doing well. Jack wouldn't understand, because he was close to John, but Victor had recently found out his own father was alive, although dying, and had gone with Nick to see him. She was hoping for a positive outcome from the meeting. Jack was shocked to hear of the trip and warned Nikki not to expect too much of Nick and Victor; they were obviously at odds.

Nikki asked Jack what all his hints were about. He was apparently still trying to make her believe Victor had done something wrong regarding the cosmetics rollout. She understood Jack's anger about Ashley, but she said it was his hatred of Victor that was driving him. Jack denied it, saying he didn't have the whole story, but the evidence would prove him right. He wondered if it had occurred to Nikki that when Victor had endangered her $35 million investment, he had been taking away her only means of being independent.

Nikki said she didn't need to be independent. She and Victor had never been happier. Jack promised her that he was only a phone call away then he left the ranch.

Michael went to Newman to try to find a way to reach Victor, but Phyllis forced him into her office and shut the door. She was sure that Jack knew about the briberies. Michael wanted to know if she'd told Jack, and Phyllis said no. Michael then admitted that a federal investigator had been to see him. They obviously had some kind of information. Horrified, Phyllis started putting two and two together and mentioned that Nick had been to see Jack.

Phyllis asked if Michael really thought Nick would turn in his own father. Michael was afraid so. He didn't think they were going after him; they wanted him to give them evidence against Victor. However, he was being loyal to Victor. Phyllis said that if Jack found out she'd known about the briberies, her marriage would be over. Furthermore, she wasn't going down. She asked if Michael was. Michael said his main objective was to talk to Victor.

Christine was shocked by the case D.A. Glen Richards was asking her to take. She couldn't believe that Victor and Michael were guilty of conspiracy. Besides, she suspected it was a conflict of interest for her to work on the case. Glen said that as long as she'd severed all professional ties with her former law partner, there was no conflict. She'd been on the other side of the courtroom for ten years, and as the new kid in the district attorney's office, this was her chance to prove herself.

Christine still thought the evidence was weak. Glen said maybe Peter Hudson wouldn't pan out, but someone would. He'd give Christine two people to assist her investigation. Christine later went to Newman Enterprises to see Michael, who she'd been told was in Phyllis' office. However, Phyllis was alone and obviously wanted Christine to leave. Christine asked if Phyllis knew Christine was an assistant D.A. Phyllis wondered if that was supposed to scare her. Christine said only if Phyllis was involved in some kind of criminal act.

Raul was delighted to hear that Brittany wasn't stripping that night and maybe never would again. He believed she'd made the best choice for herself to quit that job. He was hopeful for the first time that the two of them could work things out. Brittany was glad to see him so happy and didn't want him to know why she'd quit, so she left for a while to go to Crimson Lights.

Bobby stopped over to deride Raul for being happy that Brittany had quit her job. Raul said it was the best thing for her. No matter what Bobby called it, there was something wrong with someone taking off her clothes for money.

Bobby explained his appreciation for women. He liked the way they looked, the way they moved, and the way they thought. Brittany had loved what she'd been doing, or she wouldn't have been so good at it. He said Raul just wanted to own Brittany and tell her what to do. In fact, Raul had tried everything to stop her from enjoying herself, first by breaking up with her, then by helping close down Marsino's, and his latest manipulation was to use his diabetes to control her. Raul was stunned to hear Bobby's explanation for why Brittany had quit her job.

J.T. was at Crimson Lights, and he and Brittany discussed Raul's situation. J.T. admired the way she'd handled the crisis with Raul. Brittany told him that she probably wasn't going back to Marsino's, which bothered J.T. He said that it wasn't her responsibility to make Raul take care of his health. Raul had to do that for himself.

Brittany congratulated J.T. on sounding like a grownup then asked if he would do the same thing for Colleen. J.T. admitted that he would. After J.T. left for class, Brittany got a call from Raul on her cell phone, asking her to return home. He said they needed to talk. Worried that Raul was sick, Brittany rushed out of the coffee shop.

Victor reunites with his estranged father, Albert Miller

Victor reunites with his estranged father, Albert Miller

Friday, November 21, 2003

At home, Raul testily told Brittany that he was fine. She inquired about his blood sugar and any other symptoms, but he ignored her questions and informed her that Bobby had stopped by. Brittany assumed that Bobby had wanted to try to convince her to continue dancing, but she maintained that her answer was no. Raul clarified that Bobby had been there to see him.

Raul relayed that Bobby had said Brittany had quit because she'd been worried about Raul after he'd passed out from an insulin reaction while arguing about her job. Brittany claimed that the incident had reminded her how much she loved Raul, but Raul sensed that Bobby had been straight with him. Brittany countered that she didn't care what Bobby thought because her relationship with Raul was what mattered. Raul demanded to know if his diabetes had had nothing to do with her quitting. She averted his gaze.

Brittany admitted that she'd been scared when Raul had gone into shock. Raul concluded that she had quit her quit job because she thought he was too fragile to hold his own. An insulted Raul asserted that he was a man who could take care of himself, and he didn't want to be fussed over like an invalid. Raul dared Brittany to confirm that the only reason she'd stopped stripping was because he had a disease, and she knew her job had stressed him out. She insisted that she had done it because she loved him. Raul spat that she'd done it out of pity and not love.

Brittany claimed that she'd decided to quit of her own free will, and she questioned whether it was wrong to care enough to be willing to bend. Raul countered that it wasn't about compromise but about her denying part of herself for all the wrong reasons. He refused to let her put her life on hold to play nursemaid, but she reiterated that she loved him. Raul yelled that she'd loved stripping more up until the night before. He anticipated that they'd just wind up resenting one another, and he didn't want any part of it. He urged her to take her clothes off in front of strangers if it was how she wanted to live her life. She ran out, upset.

Michael arrived at the Newman ranch, and Nikki hoped he wasn't looking for Victor. Michael inquired when she thought Victor would be back, and she pointed out that her husband had some fences to mend. Michael muttered that she didn't know the half of it. Nikki complained that she was tired of people warning her that the sky was going to fall. She told Michael to leave her "the hell alone" unless he had some facts for her.

Michael surmised that Nikki was aware of the rumors that had been making the rounds. Nikki huffed that there had been no rumors until Michael had started working at Newman, since people thought Victor had hired him for something unsavory. Nikki offered to give him a chance to prove how honest he could be, and she implored him to tell her if he'd done anything that could cause trouble for her husband. Nikki argued that Michael had a costarring role in the rumors that were going around. Michael bristled at the implication that it was a great injustice for people to fling rumors at Victor, but it was fine for Michael to get caught in the mud.

Michael begged Nikki to let him know how to reach Victor, but Nikki was irritated that Michael kept avoiding her question. Nikki divulged that Jack had just been there, doing his best to scare her with his warnings to be careful because something bad was about to happen. She griped that everyone was a prophet of doom those days. Michael swore that he'd never done anything with the intent to harm anyone, including Victor, but he couldn't control the outcome of all events. Michael implored her to have Victor call as soon as he got back, and he hoped that she didn't look back at their conversation in the future and wish she'd done what he'd asked.

At Newman Enterprises, Phyllis wondered if Christine was accusing her of something. Christine replied that Phyllis had nothing to fear from her unless Phyllis had committed a crime. Phyllis condescendingly noted that Christine was taking her new gig as A.D.A. seriously, and Christine asked when Michael would be back. Phyllis pointed out that it was her office, so she had no idea. She questioned why Christine was hounding him, and Christine revealed that she was there on a case. Christine closed the door and said she'd like to ask Phyllis a few questions.

Phyllis accused Christine of waving her shiny new badge around to scare Phyllis. Christine countered by asking whether Phyllis was scared she would confess something, and Phyllis inquired whether she needed a lawyer. Christine queried whether Phyllis knew about anything criminal going on at Newman, and Phyllis replied that she didn't. Phyllis chided Christine for wasting her time and the taxpayers' money, but Christine was skeptical.

Christine pointedly reminded Phyllis that things could pop up to haunt people on the witness stand. Phyllis sarcastically stated that she still got warm and fuzzy when she remembered how Christine had ripped Phyllis' son away from her. Christine asked how Daniel was doing. Phyllis spat that Christine hadn't been able to upset her with an interrogation, so Christine had needed to mention Phyllis' son. "What kind of cruel bitch are you?" Phyllis barked.

Phyllis ranted that Christine had made sure she'd been shamed, disgraced, and kicked to the curb. Christine clarified that she'd simply made the court see what Phyllis had done, and they bickered. Phyllis admitted that she'd like nothing more than to rip Christine's eyes out. Michael interrupted and ordered the ladies to their respective corners. Phyllis groused that "Wonder Woman" had been throwing her weight around, and Christine said she needed to talk privately with Michael.

Phyllis asserted that it was her office, so she had the right to talk to Michael first. Michael requested that Phyllis give him and Christine a moment, and Phyllis begrudgingly sauntered out. Michael fetched some coffee and wondered what Christine's big emergency was. He hoped it wasn't about Paul, and Christine informed him that it wasn't a social visit. She revealed that the U.S. Attorney's office had handed her a case -- and it involved Michael.

At the Athletic Club, Sharon happily met Cassie for lunch. Cassie explained that her teachers would be in a seminar all afternoon, and she pointed out that she wouldn't have been able to extend the lunch invitation without her new cell phone. Sharon conceded that she and Nick should have bought one for Cassie earlier. Cassie inquired about how Nick's trip with Victor was going, and Sharon indicated that she hadn't heard.

Cassie imagined it was strange for Victor to see his father after all those years. Sharon noted that Victor hadn't wanted to go on the trip, and Cassie wondered why he hadn't wanted to see his dying father. Sharon started to recount how Victor had been abandoned as a little boy, but she quickly clammed up. Cassie recognized that Albert had walked out on his family and never turned back. "Guess that explains a lot. Huh, Mom?" Cassie added.

Across the room, Cameron sat on a couch, reading the paper. Sharon asked how Cassie's sandwich was, and she suggested that they check out a sale at Fenmore's after lunch. Cassie declined, and she interrupted Sharon's attempt at small talk by asking what had happened to Frank. Cassie guessed that Sharon had been hoping Cassie had forgotten about him, but she hadn't. Cassie inquired whether Sharon had seen Frank again, and Sharon responded that she didn't expect to. Cassie referred to how he'd just been passing through town, and she questioned whether he was gone for good or if he'd turn up and freak Sharon out again someday.

Sharon hoped she didn't hear from Frank ever again, and Cassie asked what about him bothered Sharon and Nick. Cassie recalled that Sharon knew Frank from high school, and she couldn't imagine why it was a big deal. Cassie thought Sharon was acting like he was a huge secret she had to keep from Cassie. Sharon wished Cassie would let it go because Frank had been a part of her past that she wanted to forget. Cassie compared it to the time Sharon had left the past winter, and she guessed that Sharon wanted her to forget about that, too.

Cassie observed that Sharon was getting upset, and she realized her mother was still reluctant to say where she'd gone. Cassie questioned where Sharon had been and who she'd been with for all the weeks when they'd needed her at home. Cassie didn't understand why it was that difficult for Sharon to tell the truth, and Sharon explained that it was painful for her to even try to remember. Cassie grumbled that she didn't know why she'd bothered, and she headed to the ladies' room.

Cameron got up and crossed over to a table to trade his newspaper for a different one. Sharon looked around to see where Cassie was, and she panicked when she spotted Cameron. Cassie started to return to the table. Sharon rushed over to her and instructed her not to say a word, but they had to leave immediately. Sharon hurriedly ushered Cassie out.

Gina sorted through receipts at the bar. Danny entered the club and asked what he had to do to get a table around there. She gasped and threw her arms around him. Gina remarked that he was more handsome than ever, but she was surprised to see him because he hadn't told her he was planning a visit. Danny acknowledged how much the restaurant had meant to her, and he hadn't wanted her to go through losing it alone.

Gina assured Danny that she wasn't alone, but she was happy to have him there. Gina lamented that it had felt like someone had ripped a hole out of the middle of her soul when her restaurant had burned down, and she still had trouble believing it was gone. She recalled sharing special moments with her customers there, and he mused that the place had been magic. Gina bemoaned that it felt like she'd lost her only child. Danny comforted her.

Gina pressed Danny to tell her about what was happening in his life, since she doubted he'd traveled all that way just to give his sister a shoulder to lean on. Danny shared that he was also trying to put together a tour in New England, but his main reason was to be there for her. She gushed that he would never know how much it meant to her, but she suspected that she wasn't the only person he was there to see. Danny recognized that he had a couple of ex-wives in town, and Gina hoped he'd seen one and not the other. He confirmed that he'd seen one, but he had no intention of seeing Phyllis while he was in town.

Gina pushed for details about Danny's conversation with Christine, and Danny called it a blast from the past. He affectionately stated that Christine would always be Cricket to him, and he sympathized that she'd been through some heavy stuff. Danny noted that a lot of time had passed since he'd had a life with Christine, but she was still a beautiful woman. He proposed that they change the subject, and Gina inquired about her nephew. Danny called Daniel the light of his life, and he reported that his son was smart, happy, and enjoying his Swiss boarding school.

Danny wished he could be with Daniel more, but Gina understood that it was hard to do when Danny was touring all the time. Gina looked forward to seeing Danny play gigs in the States. He mentioned that he was staying in a hotel by the airport, but she insisted that he stay in her room at the club, since she'd been staying at the Abbott house. She quickly added that it was platonic, although John had been a wonderful friend to her. Gina led Danny upstairs to show him the room.

Later, Phyllis entered the Athletic Club and sat at the bar. Gina approached and coolly remarked that already seeing Phyllis once that day had been enough for her. Phyllis thought back to Gina mentioning that she'd gotten a call from a mutual friend, and she wondered who Gina had been talking about. Gina objected to having a personal conversation while she was at work, but Phyllis pressed to know why it was a big secret. Danny returned downstairs and was clearly dismayed when he locked eyes with a stunned Phyllis.

In a Toronto hospice, Albert was speechless when Victor revealed himself to be Christian Miller, the son Albert had abandoned years earlier. Victor prompted Albert to say something, and Albert stammered that he didn't believe it. Victor questioned whether Albert didn't believe who Victor was or that Victor wanted nothing from him. Albert insisted that it was impossible, and Victor recognized that it was amazing that the son Albert had put in an orphanage was there to be with him in his dying days. Victor dared Albert to say the name Christian Miller meant nothing to him, and Albert demanded to know how Victor had found him. Victor asserted that what was important was that he had.

Albert questioned why Victor had wanted to find him. Victor admitted that he hadn't, and he could have gone to his grave, having never seen Albert again. Albert suggested that perhaps Victor should have. Victor explained that he hadn't done it for himself but for people close to him who had thought the visit had needed to happen. Albert asked if Victor had been expecting a warm reunion, but Victor asserted that he had no expectations.

Victor reiterated that he'd been content to leave well enough alone, but other people had thought it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to "come to terms" with his father. Albert haughtily stated that Victor had fulfilled their wishes, and he saw no need to prolong the agony. Victor inquired whether it was agony for Albert to see his own son, and Albert retorted that he had no son. Nick stepped forward and reminded Albert that he'd admitted as much. Albert assumed that Nick had been anxious to make the trip, but Nick firmly denied it.

Albert pondered why a father would drag his son to see to see someone who'd never given "a damn" about him. Victor proclaimed that he believed in the importance of family, but Albert called it "a lot of crap." Victor wasn't surprised Albert would say that, given that Albert had abandoned his own family. Albert sensed that Nick agreed that family was overrated, but Nick told Albert to leave him out of it. Albert assumed that Victor had anticipated a tearful embrace and for Albert to tell him how sorry he was for never wanting a son.

Victor incredulously asked if Albert didn't have feelings about the wife and son he'd had and the son he'd been about to have. Albert growled that he wasn't a family man, and he'd been in over his head. Victor figured that at least his father was being honest about finding a way out by leaving. Albert refused to apologize or explain himself. Victor retorted that he didn't expect anything -- not even a filthy crumb. Albert taunted that Victor wouldn't be disappointed.

Victor suppressed his anger as he explained that he'd spent a lifetime knowing Albert had forced the gentle wife who'd always believed in him to put her son into an orphanage. Victor recalled that his sleeve had been torn at the elbow because he hadn't wanted to leave his mother, and the woman at the orphanage had needed to tear him out of his mother's arms when he'd been seven years old, leaving him alone with no parents. Victor's voice began to rise as he recounted hearing that Albert had returned to his family later, only to disappear again by faking his own death because he hadn't wanted his success to trickle down to the wife and sons he'd left destitute. Nick looked stricken.

Albert surmised that Victor wanted money from him. Albert offered one million dollars, then two. He commanded that Victor name a price, so Albert could write a check, and "Christian" could go. Victor bellowed that he wanted nothing from Albert, and his name wasn't Christian Miller but Victor Newman. Victor stressed that he was the Victor Newman after making his own life, and he was wealthy, respected, and known around the world.

Victor figured that he should thank Albert for the pain he'd caused and cruelty he'd shown, since Victor wouldn't have become the man he was then without it. Victor continued that he also never would have realized that wealth meant nothing without family. "I've come to say goodbye to you, and I've said my goodbye," Victor firmly stated, choking back his rage. "Don't come back," Albert ordered.

Victor vowed that he would never see his father again, and he and Nick stepped out. In the corridor, Victor sank into a chair, overwhelmed with emotion, and began to sob with his head in his hands. Nick softly suggested that they head home, and he put his arm around Victor as they left together.

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