The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 8, 2003 on Y&R

Victor found out that Nick had betrayed him, and he disowned his son. Phyllis, Jack, Damon, Vanessa, Lily, Olivia, Dru, and Neil left for Japan to attend the Winters' wedding and to secretly hunt for orchids. Cameron refused to leave Sharon alone.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 8, 2003 on Y&R
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Monday, December 8, 2003

Victor glared at Nikki, telling her never to try to hit him again. He asked her why she was upset, which only infuriated her more. Belligerent, she asked if he had done what he was accused of, and when he didn't deny it, she grabbed her bags and went to leave. He stopped her from leaving and told her he warned her all along that her investment was not sound. She shot back that he forgot to tell her the part that he paid money to guarantee that wouldn't happen. Livid, she went on to say his hatred for Jack overrode his love for her, and that he was sick and obsessed. He told her she was the most important person in his life and reiterated that he had warned her. She told him she had been forewarned over and over by different people lately, yet she continued to support him. She screamed that she didn't even know who he was anymore, he had to win at all costs, and this time, the costs were going to be very high. With that, she grabbed her bags and left him sitting there.

To help calm her panic, Michael sweetly put his arms around her. At that moment, Nicholas walked into the office and angrily asked why Michael had his arms around his wife. Sharon spoke up and said it was her fault, that she had dragged him in the office to talk. Not really listening, Nick told Michael that he was now in charge and that he wanted him out of the building. Nicholas made a phone call, not noticing that Sharon was wringing her hands. After he ended the call, he told Sharon Michael was involved in his dad's bribery scheme and he had turned him in as well. Trying to change the subject, she asked what he wanted to talk with her about. He told her he had just met with Cameron, a big player in the software industry. Victor was supposed to have made the deal with him, but since he was gone, it was Nicholas's job now. Cameron had asked Nicholas to dinner and specifically asked him to invite his wife along. Sharon visibly blanched, and told Nicholas she didn't want to go. He wasn't taking no for an answer, and told her to wear something "hot" so he could show her off.

After Bobby kissed Brittany, he asked if she was going to hit him. She laughed and said the kiss was nice and it was nice to have his arms around her. Pleased, he suggested they spend some time together that evening. She hesitated, saying she should go home, but he charmed her enough that she said yes. Excited, he needed to tell Angelo they were leaving and not coming back that night.

At the apartment, J.T. was giving Raul a hard time about Brittany. He told Raul it would be much easier if he just moved out, since he didn't want to be bothered with Brittany anymore. Raul explained that his main focus had to be his health, and that he had to learn how to manage his emotions and stress level with regard to his diabetes. Until then, he needed to be single. J.T. told him he wasn't sure Brittany was going to be willing to wait around for him, and Raul just said he would have to have faith.

Colleen and Lily were at the coffee house talking about the upcoming wedding. Lily told her she had high hopes for the marriage and that her parents were great. Colleen told her she was on her way to New York, that Traci wanted to see her because she was worried after the fire. Meanwhile, J.T. went over to the Carlton's to talk with Brad. He asked if there was any way Colleen could stay for the dance. Brad told him he had already booked her on a flight that evening, but that she would be back before Christmas. He assured J.T. the decision to send her had nothing to do with him, that he was not the immature punk he once thought. J.T. left and went home to prepare a special dinner. Colleen came over and was wowed by the flowers and romantic table he had prepared.

Dru and Damon met with Jack to let him know what was going on. Dru broke the news that she and Neil were getting married in Japan now, and Jack voiced his dismay at the news. Then Dru hit Jack with the real surprise—that Phyllis was coming along, too. He looked at her in disbelief, saying it wasn't a good idea to have two key Newman people there while Damon was investigating. Damon piped in he wasn't fond of the idea, either, but that he had more news. He told them Vanessa was coming, too, and that she was not going to take no for an answer.

Over at Newman, Neil finally ran into Phyllis. He asked where she had been, and she told him she was busy breaking up with Jack. He stopped ranting and raving and told her he was really sorry things didn't work out for them. After a while, he launched into his sales pitch as to why she should go to Japan with them. He told her Damon was coming and that if he invited her, he thought Dru would uninvited Damon. Phyllis told him he should just ask Dru what was really going on, and work with that. She told him she was in the middle of ending her marriage and that she had no intention of going to Japan.

Tuesday, December 9, 2003


Katherine can't believe what Nikki has told her. That Victor bribed store employees to boost Safra's sales at the expense of Tuvia. Nikki is devastated. That he could do this with no thought to the impact on her disgusts her. She questions whether or not he ever respected or loved her before. How can she love a man she no longer trusts?

Victor's Office:

Michael tries to call Victor from his office but Vic walks in and demands to know why Michael dares be in his office. Michael explains that they need to talk. They need to formulate a plan to deal with the bribery charges. Victor still suspects that Michael tipped off the Feds but Mike explains that he would be a complete fool for turning him in since Michael is just as guilty. He insists that Nick is the one behind it. Victor says that if Nick did do this it's only because someone poisoned him against his father. There is only one person who would ever do that.

Health Club:

Sharon arrives for the dinner with Nick and Cameron early in hopes of talking with him privately. She finds him and realizes that he does recognize her. He also denies having abused her but Sharon isn't interested in pressing charges or accusing him in any way. She asks him to get out of the dinner or at the very least not say anything to Nick. He tells her that he just might. He has nothing to lose unless of course she were to give him some 'incentive' to keep quiet.

Neil's Office:

Neil presses Phyllis to go to the wedding in Japan but Phyllis refuses. She even explains about her breakup with Jack. She later speaks to Jack hoping to talk but he doesn't feel there's anything left to say. It's only when she hears that Jack is going as well that she decides to tag along for the wedding.


J.T. and Colleen enjoy a nice romantic dinner alone together before she heads to NY for a week. They wish she could have gone to the Winter Formal but enjoy the time they do have.

Jack's Office:

Jack, Drucilla and Damon hash out the ever complicating plan to get the secret root from Japan. If this fails Jabot could be ruined. The risk of Neil or Phyllis finding out about it is great now that Dru has moved the wedding there. But Dru insists she can help especially now that Vanessa is going too. Jack realizes the only way to salvage the entire mess is for him to go as well. Later Jack receives a visitor: Victor.

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Nikki told Nick that she knew about the bribery case. As betrayed as she felt by Victor, and as furious as she was with him, she was just as upset that Nick had betrayed his own father. Nick was upset that Jack had talked to her, but Nikki ordered him not to dare blame Jack. Nick then reminded her that Victor was the one who was guilty of wrongdoing, but Nikki said Nick should have kept it in the family and handled it there. Nick disagreed, insisting that in the long run, it was best for the family and the company for Victor's actions to be dealt with. Nikki said she hoped Nick never had a son betray him, or that his betrayal didn't kill Victor. She then ordered him out of her sight, saying that he made her sick.

Sharon showed up at Michael's in a panic after her meeting with Cameron. Michael's hopefulness that Cameron hadn't recognized her was short-lived. He'd not only remembered Sharon, but he'd toyed with her, finally telling her that he might keep silent to Nick if she did him some favors. Michael deduced they were sexual favors and suggested Sharon file charges against him. Sharon was totally against that idea, because then Nick would find out everything. She couldn't let that happen; it would tear her family apart. Michael reasoned with her, convinced that Cameron wouldn't do anything to jeopardize his big business deal with Newman Enterprises. He told Sharon to stay calm, endure the dinner, and not give Cameron any more ammunition. Sharon agreed. When she got home, she told Nick, who suggested she wear her sexy blue dress, that there was something they needed to discuss before leaving to meet Cameron for dinner.

Dru left Lily waiting outside Newman Enterprises in a limousine while she went inside to see what was taking Neil so long to join them. She told Neil that Olivia was going to be able to attend their wedding after all. Neil said that was great, but he wasn't sure about all the other people. He wanted Dru to come clean about why Damon, Vanessa, and Jack were all going to Japan, too. Dru said that Vanessa was Damon's date, and Jack and Damon had business there. It would have been bad manners not to invite them to the wedding. After further questioning, Neil admitted that Jack and Phyllis's separation had him nervous. Working for competing companies had been their downfall. Dru assured him that wasn't going to happen with them. Both of them had to realize that sometimes there would be secrets between them having to do with business. But that had nothing to do with their personal relationship. The two finally left to head to the airport with Lily.

Vanessa was a little put off by Damon's less than cordial welcome when she met him at his apartment before leaving for the airport. She finally planted a kiss on him to remind him of how well they could get along. Damon reminded her that she had to be very careful on their trip. No one could know what they were up to. Vanessa assured him that she understood.

When Victor wandered into Jack's office, Jack said he might have to get rid of some security people. Victor said that he was sure Jack knew why he was there. Jack said it must have something to do with the allegations against him. He wasn't surprised, since everyone had known as soon as Victor hired Michael Baldwin, that Victor was up to something. Victor accused Jack of turning his son against him, asking if it had been Nick who turned him in. Jack said he didn't know; he wasn't there. Victor should ask Nick. When Victor said that it was predictable that Jack would use his family against him, Jack struck back, reminding Victor of all the damage he'd done to the Abbott's, not the least of which was the destruction of his marriage. So he had no pity for Victor. He couldn't wait to see them haul him off to jail, which they were likely to do now that the court system was actively punishing white collar crime. Victor called Jack a coward and told him to be afraid, because he would come after him.

When Victor got back to his office, Phyllis told him that she was taking a couple of days off to attend Neil's wedding. Victor told her that he'd talked to Jack and knew they were separated. He told her she was better off without him. He also told her that after talking to Michael, he was sorry for accusing her of betraying him and sorry for dragging her into the bribery mess. Phyllis reminded him that she'd pushed him for information. She sympathetically agreed that it was Nick who'd turned him in, and she knew how much that hurt him. After she left to get ready for her trip to Japan, Victor sadly wondered aloud if "my boy" had really been the one who turned him in.

Victoria went to see Michael and unburden herself. She was sure her father was in some kind of trouble and that Nick was the cause of it. It was ironic that Victor had put Nick in charge of the company so he could deal with his legal problems. When she questioned Michael about what was going on, she understood that he couldn't discuss Victor's legal business with her. But when Michael gave her a sympathetic shoulder to lean on, Victoria tearfully said that she knew her father was in for dark times and needed to know that Michael would protect him. Michael said he could only hope it didn't come to that.

Thursday, December 11, 2003

Jack wonders what Vanessa and Damon hope to get from their discovery, and urges them to stay focused. He explains to Phyllis that he's traveling to Japan for business purposes only. All are in the airport waiting room. Dru, Lily, and Olivia express their excitement about the wedding. Neil and Phyllis hope to discover what Jabot is up to. In hopes of creating a distraction, Sharon convinces Nick to take the kids along to dinner. At the restaurant, Cameron catches on to Sharon's motives. Cassie thanks Cameron for dinner, and Cameron tells Nick that he will turn in the contract tomorrow morning. Alone with Sharon, Cameron says that the best part of the night was sitting so close to her and imagining her naked in bed. Sharon is startled, and rushes home with the kids. Victor apologizes to Nikki, as she attacks his integrity. Victor states that the real tragedy is that Jack used Nick to turn him in. Nikki implies that both she and Nick can't stomach his dishonesty. Nikki goes to Marsino's, where she orders a drink, and admits to Bobby that she's questioning all the choices she has made since the day she gave up being a stripper. Nick shows up at the house looking for Nikki, and comes face to face with Victor. He shoves Nick up against the wall, demanding an answer.

Friday, December 12, 2003

On the way to Japan, Dru informed Jack that there was a mix-up in the hotel reservations. He and Phyllis would be sharing a suite. Phyllis was amused by the news. She was curious about a quiet conversation Dru, Jack, Damon, and Vanessa were having, and pretended to be looking for a missing earring to crawl next to them. She didn't overhear anything, and Damon pointed out that everyone's divisiveness needed to be put aside in order to celebrate Dru and Neil's wedding. Dru was less than happy to see Damon and Vanessa playing the happy couple to throw the Newman employees off track. She told Jack that Damon needed to stay focused. Jack had no problems with Damon, and even thanked him for his continuing loyalty to Jabot during their recent trying times.

Lily and Olivia occupied themselves by playing cards. Liv explained that Wes couldn't join them because he was busy with his work in Paris. Lily looked wistful at the mention of Paris and talked about how great it was, while Neil eavesdropped. Liv assured Lily that her presence at her parents' remarriage was all the wedding gift she needed to give them, but Lily said she might be able to find a present when they landed.

Sharon told Gina that she'd said something clumsy when the Newmans left their dinner with Cameron. She was hoping to make it right. Gina went upstairs and got him for her. While Gina watched from the bar, Sharon did her best to convince Cameron that there was no advantage to him of betraying her secret. Even though Cameron thought they'd really clicked sexually, it was something that would never happen again. Telling Nick the truth would only sour Cameron's business deal and destroy her life. Cameron loudly said goodnight and that she'd be hearing from him. While Sharon looked distraught, Gina looked on with a curious expression.

Peter Hudson called Michael and told him that Christine Blair had been in touch with him. He'd decided to cooperate fully with the investigation in hopes that he could cut a deal and his employers wouldn't find out about the bribes. Michael told him it wouldn't come down like that. The best thing for Peter to do was keep his mouth shut and deny everything. Peter didn't agree; he told Michael he was going to talk, then he hung up on him.

Nikki then showed up at Michael's apartment to try to find out where he stood on the bribery issue. It would be no surprise to her if Michael helped the prosecutor and betrayed Victor. In fact, it would be in character. An angry Michael agreed that it might be best for him if he cooperated with the investigation. After all, that was what everyone expected him to do, and even if he didn't, they'd think he was guilty of it anyway. Convinced that Michael was going to sacrifice Victor, Nikki called him a bastard and left the apartment. Michael picked up the phone, saying, "Nikki, you have no one to blame but yourself."

Lauren was visiting Paul in his new apartment when Christine showed up. Paul rudely asked her to leave; he didn't want a repeat of the scene she'd made at the health club restaurant. Chris apologized for her behavior that night and assured him she wasn't there for personal reasons. She needed to ask Lauren some questions about a case she was investigating. She'd thought it might be more convenient to do it then, but if Lauren wanted to come to her office, that was fine. Lauren agreed to answer her questions, and Paul huffed out after Chris said they needed to talk privately. Once he was gone, Christine questioned Lauren about her conversation with Nick at the gala. Had Michael actually offered her a bribe to get shelf space for Safra? Lauren said not in so many words, but her intuition had told her that's where he was heading. When Christine said that wasn't proof, Lauren questioned Christine's motives in this case. Not only had she broken Michael's heart, but now she might send him to jail. She should be careful, or people might start calling her a black widow. Before Christine could respond, Michael called her on her cell phone and asked her to come to his apartment to talk, telling her that it wasn't about a personal matter.

Nick admitted to Victor that he'd turned him in to the federal prosecutor. Victor talked about how proud he'd been of his son and what a betrayal this was. He couldn't imagine anything he'd ever done to make Nick turn on him this way. Nick reminded him that he was the one who'd committed a crime, and now he would have to face the consequences. Victor said this wasn't about Nick doing the right thing; this was a vendetta. Nick could have handled it other ways, including going to his mother or sister. Nick said that he'd tried that. They hadn't listened to him, nor had Victor. Victor's actions had hurt the two most important women in the world to him---Nikki and Ashley. And he'd embarrassed and betrayed the company. If he was humiliated, he'd brought it on himself. Victor roared at him that he would not be spending any time in jail, Nick was no longer in charge at Newman Enterprises, and he no longer had a son. From that moment on, his son was dead to him. Then Victor walked out, leaving Nick looking stunned.

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Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73


Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73
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