The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 22, 2003 on Y&R

J.T. hawked his guitar to get Colleen a special gift. Kevin told Colleen that his STD tests had been negative. Vanessa found the notorious orchid, and she and Damon made love. Phyllis found a picture of an orchid like the one in her bouquet.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 22, 2003 on Y&R
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Monday, December 22, 2003

Christine fantasized about giving a pair of expensive sunglasses to Paul and wrapped them just before Lynne dropped in. Lynne was sure that Christine was hoping to see Paul, and Christine told her that she didn't want to talk about Paul. She admitted that she did have a gift for him, just in case.

Paul went by his mother's house to drop off his gifts from Santa. Mary wondered if he also had a gift for Christine in his bag. Paul asked his mother to please not interfere in his life again. Mary admonished him about getting involved again with Lauren; she might be beautiful and enticing, but deep down she was no good. Paul scolded his mother for being judgmental and unchristian, and Mary backed off with only a few more muttered comments about how he could have gotten Chris a gift, nonetheless. Paul pulled a present out of his gift bag with a wistful expression.

At the boutique, Lauren helped Danny wrap a bracelet and speculated about who it might be for. Did her name by any chance begin with a "C?" Danny wondered if that might be good news for Lauren, because if he got Christine's attention, it would leave Paul free. Lauren asked if it was so wrong for all four of them to be happy at the same time.

J.T. tried to figure out what to give Colleen for Christmas and her birthday, but Raul wasn't much help. Raul was more help to Colleen when she asked him for suggestions for J.T. Raul said J.T. had seen a good guitar case in a pawn shop and he thought it would make the perfect gift. Colleen excitedly agreed with him. Meanwhile, Sierra told J.T. about a beautiful pendant Colleen had tried on at Fenmore's that brought out the blue of her eyes. It was expensive though, and J.T. had to figure out a way to come up with enough money to buy it. Later, he went to the pawn shop and sold his guitar. After he left, Colleen came in with Sierra. The man thought he recognized him, and they reminded him of the tattoos and piercings he'd given them and their friend Lily a few months before. He then sold Colleen the guitar case. After the girls left, he displayed J.T.'s guitar next to the Christmas tree.

Danny went to Christine's apartment to give her the bracelet, which she loved. She commented on how he remembered her taste. She then took the sunglasses she'd wrapped for Paul and gave them to Danny, who loved them. Since he'd lost his on the flight there, they were the perfect gift. He invited Christine to join him for Gina's special buffet at the health club restaurant. Christine accepted his invitation. Later, she was surprised when Paul dropped in with a present for her. She invited him in and said she hadn't expected anything after their confrontation a few mornings before. Paul said they'd both just gotten up on the wrong side of the bed that day. When he asked if she was going to open her present, Christine got a regretful expression, obviously remembering that she'd given his gift to Danny.

In Japan, Jack was discouraged by news from Damon and Vanessa that they hadn't been able to find the orchid. After the two chemists bickered about who was to blame, Jack said it had been a long shot. Obviously this wasn't going to be the miracle that bailed Jabot out of their problems. Both Vanessa and Damon urged him not to give up. There was still a chance they might find the orchid.

Phyllis told Neil about running into Vanessa and Damon earlier. She was sure that Vanessa still had a thing for Damon, but she wasn't sure it was reciprocated. Neil told her that Dru had admitted that Jack and Damon were there on business that she was a part of. But he hadn't been able to get any more information out of her. Phyllis was not pleased when Neil told her to forget finding out what the Jabot group was up to. She hadn't traveled all those miles to give up. But at his request, she would put business aside for a while to help him get ready for his wedding.

Olivia and Dru shared several touching moments as they got ready for the wedding. When Lily came in with the bouquet that she'd made for her mother, Dru's day was complete. The three women talked about something old (Olivia's lifelong love for her younger sister); something new (Lily's new attitude about her parents' remarriage); something borrowed (some of the flowers in Dru's bouquet--including the orchid Vanessa and Damon were searching for-- still had the roots attached; whoever caught it could replant those flowers, so Dru was only borrowing them; and something blue (some of the flowers in the bouquet were blue). After they were all ready, they walked down the aisle to a very happy Neil, and Vanessa appeared to spot the orchid in Dru's bouquet.

Tuesday, December 23, 2003


Dru and Neil's wedding begins. During the ceremony Vanessa spots the orchid in Dru's bouquet and quietly point sit out to Damon. During the ceremony Vanessa tries to snake the orchid away but Lily grabs it away before she can. Neil and Drucilla exchange their own personal vows. The touching ceremony concludes and Dru tosses her bouquet. Vanessa makes a power play for it, shoving Lily and Olivia out of the way. But she falls short as the precious orchid lands squarely in Phyllis' arms. Damon tries to get the flowers away from Phyllis. Later Jack tries to also pry it away from her but she won't give it up. Vanessa and Damon ask Lily about it and she tells them it was the only one she saw. Drucilla and Neil ask Lily to invite the guests inside for dinner as the couple plans to sneak away.


Neil and Dru enjoy their honeymoon suite that Neil had specially decorated for his new wife.

Crimson Lights:

Colleen and J.T. both separately talk about each other's gifts. Colleen is pleased with her gift of a new guitar case. Cody is stunned when J.T. reveals he sold his guitar to buy Colleen's gift. Sierra is stunned when J.T. reveals to her that he hocked his guitar to pay for the gift.

Pawn Shop:

Sierra comes in looking for J.T.'s guitar. She desperately needs to get it but he can't sell it to her for a few months.

Christine's Apt.:

Paul and Chris exchange Christmas gifts. She almost tells him that she had a gift for him but chickens out.


J.T. and Colleen exchange gifts. Colleen is stunned by the necklace. It's the most beautiful gift she's ever received. They share a warm moment. Colleen brings in J.T.'s gift and he is speechless. Sierra arrives and asks about the gifts. J.T. is quiet about the gift and hems and haws when Colleen wants to see the guitar in the case. He admits to having pawned it. She figures out why and is touched by the gesture. She knows how much it meant to him. Suddenly there's a knock on the door and someone yells out that Santa is there. "Santa" presents J.T. with his guitar. J.T. figures out who "Santa" really is and thanks him for the gesture and promises to pay back his 'elves'.

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

John Abbott, Brad, and Ashley were at Gina's party with Abby, Kyle, Colleen, and J.T. Sierra joined them, but she wouldn't admit to Colleen that she was the one who got J.T.'s guitar out of hock. John mentioned that Phyllis and Jack were still in Japan at Dru's wedding. While Ashley listened, Brad said Jack was probably having his best Christmas ever now that Victor Newman was getting what he deserved. Later, Danny and then Christine arrived at the party. Christine accidentally divulged the information that Victor had been arrested and was in jail. Brad and John explained to Ashley that they hadn't told her because they didn't want to upset her. Christine apologized for putting her foot in it, but Ashley thanked her, saying she didn't like to be kept in the dark. Later, Christine and Danny remarked on Ashley's reaction to hearing the news about Victor and talked about forgiveness. Danny commented that forgiveness was a tough one, and Christine said that it wasn't always and smiled at him.

At the jail, Michael explained to Victor that after talking to several judges, he finally found one who listened to him. Victor should reconsider spending the night in jail now that he could post bail. He should be home with his family. Victor said he had no reason to go home to a son who hated him, a wife who felt betrayed by him, and a daughter whose heart he'd broken. Michael finally wished him a merry Christmas and left Victor alone to think.

Ashley told Brad that she needed to go home and get her medication. Would he look after Abby while she was gone? After Brad agreed, Ashley left Gina's, her pill bottle sticking out of her purse. Instead of going home, she went to the jail to see Victor. He was surprised to see her and told her she should be with her family. She countered that he needed to be with his family, too, especially his grandchildren. Victor said that Sharon was the only member of his family who'd given him any support; he was sure Ashley couldn't understand why he chose to stay in jail. Ashley talked about what it felt like to lose the most important thing in the world, realize that you had no one to blame but yourself, and know you could never turn back time and make things right. Did he still think she didn't understand? Victor realized she was talking about Robert. Ashley said that even though she wished Victor hadn't done what he did to hurt Jabot, now was the time for him to be with his family. Victor promised that he'd been listening, and Ashley grasped his hand, then left to return to Gina's party.

Jill went to Katherine's hotel room to see her and give her a gift, but Katherine had gone to the Chancellor house to give Jill her Christmas present. When Jill didn't answer the door, Katherine worried that she might have gotten drunk and passed out. But rather than go inside, she reminded herself that she needed to trust Jill. She then went to the health club, because she'd been invited to the Abbott party by Gina. Mamie had also joined the guests. When Katherine went downstairs, she found Jill sitting at the bar, drinking a martini. Katherine gave her the present---a book of poems and sayings about mothers and daughters---and Jill gave Katherine a present, opera tickets. When Katherine asked Jill if she wanted to join her, Jill said she didn't like opera. Katherine said she hadn't meant the opera, but the Abbott party upstairs. Although Jill looked hurt that the Abbotts were having a party without her, she went upstairs with Katherine and joined the rest of the group around the piano, holding the book of poems close while Gina and Danny did a Christmas duet.

Sharon asked Nick to please not respond if his father said anything to provoke him during their Christmas Eve at the main house. Admitting that he'd never intended for things to move so fast and ruin their Christmas, Nick promised he would not cause trouble with Victor, then they took Cassie and Noah to Nikki's. Nikki had to tell them that Victor wouldn't be joining them; he was refusing bail and intended to spend the night in jail. Nick was shocked. Sharon tried to be as supportive as she could to an emotional Nikki, especially after Nikki reminded them that Victor had always believed Christmas was for children. After all, he'd spent so many Christmases alone as a boy, and now he was alone again. She gave Cassie a journal and a beautiful pen, then encouraged Cassie to open her present from Victor. Cassie exclaimed over the earrings, and when she wondered if she should have waited until Victor was there to open them, Victor suddenly spoke from behind them, wishing them a merry Christmas. Everyone put their differences aside and sat around the tree to open presents. They didn't realize that Michael was watching them through the window. As lonely as he appeared, he smiled at the sight of Victor surrounded by family and turned his face up to the sky as it began to snow.

Thursday, December 25, 2003

Due to the Christmas holiday, today's episode was preempted for special programming. There will be no lost episodes as a result of this schedule change; Friday's show will pick up where Wednesday's show concluded.

On behalf of everyone at Soap Opera Central, have a safe and Merry Christmas.

Friday, December 26, 2003

In a meeting at the athletic club, Cameron told Nick that he was thinking of throwing a New Year's Eve party with some of Genoa City's movers and shakers. Since he'd heard that Sharon had done such a fantastic job with the gala, perhaps she'd be willing to help him put his soiree together? Nick agreed that Sharon was a masterful planner and promised to loan his wife to Cameron to help throw his party.

When Michael came by the Newman ranch to check on Victor, he found Sharon there alone. She told him about taking Noah and Cassie with her and Nick to their dinner with Cameron and supposed he would think she was a terrible mother for doing that. Michael told her it was a stroke of genius. But Sharon said that afterward, she'd confronted Cameron again, and he'd said vile things to her. Michael regretfully told her that sociopaths didn't usually change their behavior. He was afraid that Cameron might not either. But if Cameron and Nick concluded their business, he might be done with Sharon, too. However, these things usually came out, and he advised Sharon to tell Nick the truth. Cameron could even be charged with assault. Sharon frantically turned down that idea. Telling Nick the truth would mean the end of her marriage. After Michael left, Sharon gathered up the kids' presents and opened the door to go home, only to drop all the boxes when she saw Cameron standing there.

Jack tried to get the orchid out of Dru's bouquet while Phyllis was in the shower, but she came out too soon. She snatched the flowers back, even after Jack said he was only going to put them in water. She angrily accused Jack of caring more about a bunch of flowers than he did her. She'd hoped he would come into her bedroom to be with her. She wanted to put all their troubles behind them. Jack said he wasn't ready for that and left for a jog.

Damon and Vanessa ended up returning to the forest to look again for the orchid, although Damon accidentally left the picture of it in their room. Vanessa spotted one, and she dug it up and gave it to Damon to show him that she trusted him. Then the two of them made love in the forest, and Damon admitted that he'd never gotten over Vanessa, even though he'd pretended to.

After waking up together the day after their wedding, Neil told Dru that if she still had Jabot business to take care of before they left Japan, he wouldn't mind. In fact, he called Damon's room so she could talk to him. Damon told her that the orchid they were looking for was in her bouquet and in Phyllis's possession. Dru dressed and sneaked into Phyllis's room, picking up the bouquet. Meanwhile, Phyllis had gone into Damon's room and found the photo of the orchid, putting it in her purse. When she got back to her room, she caught Dru with the bouquet. She refused to return it, and after kicking Dru out, she compared the flower to the photo. She then went to Neil and told him about her find. She did a little Internet research that told her there was no connection between orchids and cosmetics, so she and Neil decided they'd put Newman Enterprises' scientists on the case and try to figure out what the Jabot folks were up to. Neil suggested that they could be nice and give the orchid to Jack, but Phyllis said no.

Jack and Dru went to see Damon and Phyllis, and Jack took possession of the orchid with the intention of keeping it under lock and key. He reminded the others that secrecy was of the utmost importance until they could isolate the orchid's hair-straightening qualities and patent them.

Colleen and J.T. were enjoying their date at Crimson Lights until Kevin walked in. J.T. wanted to confront him, but Colleen talked him out of it, until Kevin walked up to wish them a merry Christmas. J.T. suggested that Colleen call the police and tell them that Kevin was violating his restraining order. Kevin repeatedly mocked J.T. for being a dumb college boy, saying that the restraining order was defunct. If they didn't believe him, they could call Detective Weber themselves. Colleen was shocked, but said it didn't matter. As soon as the results from Kevin's blood test came back, he'd be in jail for what he'd done to Lily. Kevin said that his results had come back negative. He was off the hook because there was no proof that he'd done anything wrong.

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