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Victor told Nikki that he had to plead guilty or risk facing lengthy jail time. Neil told Dru that he would give her an orchid if she told him what Jabot hoped to produce from it. Brittany was electrocuted by the stripping pole.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 19, 2004 on Y&R
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Monday, January 19, 2004

Michael pulled Victor aside and told him they were lucky that Christine was there minimizing the damage. Victor glared at him, telling him he had way more to lose than Michael, and that he thought Christine may be bluffing. Michael corrected him, saying he had a great deal to lose as well, and that she very well may not be bluffing at all. At that point, Victor took the opportunity to tell Christine he thought she was in over her head—prosecuting friends, colleagues and lovers---and that she could still get out of it. Getting annoyed, she got up and told the men she didn't have time to be insulted, that she knew everything and that Victor was in denial. Just before she could get out of the door, Victor told her to get her tape recorder and come back on in; he was going to give her a full confession. He waxed poetic on all of the things he had done to make Tuvia fail, from bribing publishers to arranging late arrivals from the transportation industry. He admitted not only that Jabot probably lost in the hundred million dollar range, but that he had people all over the country doing what Michael was doing. After telling it all, Christine told him it was enough for a guilty plea. After she left, Michael told him he had put on quite a show. Victor asked if Michael had noticed her facial expressions; if in fact, she was bluffing. Michael suggested she heard new information, and that he felt she would uphold her end of the deal. Victor commented that he had heard confession was good for the soul, but that he didn't feel any relief whatsoever.

Dru cozied up to Neil, asking him for a favor—to find Phyllis and to track down an orchid for her. Neil asked her why they were so anxious to get an orchid, and promised to do what she asked only if she told him the real deal. She told him the details about the orchid, and it all of the fuss made sense to him. With that, he told Dru he would find Phyllis and get her an orchid.

Over at Damon's, he and Vanessa were talking about the orchid, as well. Vanessa offered that she thought they were overreacting to the situation, that it was beyond their control. Even if the Newman people had an orchid, it was virtually impossible for them to figure anything out on their own. She went on to say they didn't have the most important ingredient—her. They began to get romantic, when there was a loud banging at the door. It was Dru, who barged in, saying she had solved all of their problems, and that she was getting her hands on an orchid. When they asked how she managed to pull that off, she stalled a bit before admitting there was a little catch. She admitted she told Neil everything and was surprised to see glares from Vanessa and Damon.

Diane apologized to Jack for kissing him, but he told her it was "kind of nice." He went on to say that he had come to depend on her—not just with Jabot, but with being the main caregiver for Kyle, as well. Diane told him she thought they were both vulnerable and that he wasn't free at the moment, so she needed to back away. She admitted she was lonely, but she didn't want to be hurt like she was last year.

Jill asked Katherine why she decided to start drinking again. Katherine told her she couldn't bear the destruction of her home; the pain, she said, was excruciating. It was a symbol of all she had endured, she said, and watching it be destroyed was more than she could bear. She said it was too late to stop—she had opened Pandora's box and it felt good to be able to numb her pain. Jill told her if that's what she wanted to do, she wouldn't stop her, and she turned around and left. Katherine went rummaging through the liquor cabinet and instead of a bottle of liquor, turned up an old photo album. She thumbed through photos of herself when she was young and glamorous. She picked up the bottle and began to pour herself a drink when the doorbell rang. At first, she yelled that she wasn't home, but then thought it might be Jill and got up. She opened the door and stared, surprised at the person standing there.

Wes and Olivia went to visit the Carlton's and were not happy to find out Victor had been there. Brad told them he did what he had to do, but got uneasy and stopped the visit when Abby was mentioned. Olivia asked him if he was afraid Ashley might blurt out the paternity secret, and Brad said he wasn't sure. Wes suggested that if they involved Victor into her therapy, they would have to let him know that he was Abby's biological father.

After Chris returned from Michael's, she went home and thought about the confession. The doorbell rang, and she was surprised to see Franklin Becker at her door. Although she told him it wasn't a good time, he insisted on coming in. He explained the Feds were taking back the Newman case and asked for all of her files. She reluctantly handed over the files, but did not give him the cassette of Victor's confession. He asked her if the files included everything, and she told him yes. After he left, she called Victor and told him that he needed to get formal representation immediately, and to go right down to the courthouse and plead guilty. If he delayed, she said, she wouldn't be responsible for what happened.

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Katherine answered her door to find a handsome older gentleman standing in the doorway. She recognized him from a photo in the paper. She invited him into her home, advising him to watch his step. He inquired about the construction, saying, "It's funny how you start to make a change, then realize things were better the way they were before." When he pointed out that she was staring at him, and she admitted that she was "totally thunderstruck" that he was there. He admitted that he had promised himself to make this visit for years, and it was good to see her again. Later, Katherine brought tea to Arthur, her guest. As she poured it for him, she glanced at the alcohol on the counter across from her. Katherine apologized again for the mess, and Arthur, seemingly referring to the construction, stated there was nothing done that couldn't be undone. Katherine said she wasn't so sure about that. When asked the reason for his return to Genoa City, Arthur revealed he returned because of Katherine. They made small talk about his life in Seattle, about his career as a judge, about his wife, who passed away two years ago. Arthur asked her if something was wrong, and she responded that was the understatement of the year. As they continued to talk, Arthur told Katherine that he never stopped thinking about her over the years.

Vanessa and Damon couldn't believe Dru told Neil everything about the orchids. Dru said it was the only way she could get Neil to get at least one of the orchids back. Vanessa and Damon made it clear they did not trust Neil. Damon stated that Dru just ruined any advantage Jabot had over Newman Enterprises, and Vanessa agreed. Dru countered that she did what she had to do, and that Neil gave her his word. Vanessa said that wasn't good enough. Dru defended herself, saying someone had to do something to get the orchids back. Damon said all she had to do was cool her heels and keep her mouth shut. As they continued to argue, Damon asked if Dru had any assurance that Neil would keep his promise. Dru pointed to her wedding ring, saying it was all she needed to believe Neil. She told Vanessa and Damon that she trusted her husband, and they had better start trusting him as well.

At Neil and Dru's home, the phone rang and Neil answered it. It was Phyllis, phoning from a tropical location. Neil told her that Dru was willing to help her out of the mess she was in. Phyllis was skeptical. Neil asked if she had the orchids with her, and she said yes. He told her to bring them back to him and he would turn hers over to Jabot's R&D people. She asked what would happen to the other one, and he told her about his deal with Drusilla and how he learned the secret of the orchids. She asked him to tell her the secret, but he told her to bring the orchids home. They would discuss it upon her return. Phyllis accused Neil of not trusting her. She angrily told Neil she would not return to Genoa City and would give the orchids to no one, regardless of any deal he had made. She hung up on him.

The doorbell rang at Michael's apartment, and he opened to door to find Sharon. Sharon immediately began to brief him on her interview with Detective Webber. Michael was surprised to hear that Detective Webber was handling the case. Sharon explained that the investigation was not official since Cameron had not been missing long. Michael told her the weather would be warming up in a matter of days, melting the snow and revealing Cameron's hidden body. He advised her to do some serious thinking. She insisted that she would not turn herself in. Michael asked why Sharon would seek out his legal advice if she had no intention of following it. He tried to warn her that Webber would not let go once he "sinks his teeth into something." She claimed Webber had no reason to suspect her. Michael stated that Webber's team could still find evidence that would hold up in court. Sharon asked Michael if he was trying to scare her into confessing. His response was an emphatic, "Yes! Is it working?" Sharon adamantly refused to go to the police. Michael again said it was her best chance. He emphasized that she needed to make sure no one saw her at the scene. She said no one saw her, and that her biggest problem may be how good she was at disappearing. She mentioned how Nikki was suspicious of her actions, but she "put her in her place." Michael told her not to think she was in the clear. As he kept talking, Sharon had a flashback of the man who saw her in the hotel and began to panic.

Victor approached Nick in the locker room at the club, asking about the Cameron/Kirsten situation. Nick replied that Cameron was still missing. Nick brought up Ashley they discussed her situation and Victor's role in her recovery. Nick jumped to the subject of Victor's legal problems, intent on picking a fight with his father. Victor calmly informed Nick that he was the last person he would discuss his legal problems with. Nick stated he thought Victor would get out of them "clean." Victor asked him if that would assuage his guilt. Nick fired back, claiming he was not feeling guilty. Victor informed him that the Federal authorities were moving back in and he had been encouraged to plead guilty to the state charges. When Nick agreed, Victor asked him why he cared. Nick stated that Victor was punishing him because he turned him in, that he would rather go to jail for years and let Nick feel guilty about it. Victor, visibly hurt by this allegation, said he could not believe he was talking to his own son. They continued to spar. Nick accused Victor of being blind to the people he hurt. Victor ordered Nick not to speak to him that way. Nick suggested they put on their gloves and handle it in the boxing ring. Victor was taken aback by this suggestion. He drew a deep breath and asked Nick if he was sure he wanted to fight. He told Nick that he did not, because then their relationship would be finished forever. He commanded him not to challenge him that way again. Victor advised Nick that one day he would be aware of the repercussions of his actions, and it would be sooner than he thought. He left Nick alone in the locker room.

Abby colored while Ashley sat on the couch, staring blankly. In the doorway, Brad was in a heated discussion with Olivia and Wes. He refused to tell Victor the truth about Abby. Wes argued that Victor would need to know the truth if they were going to involve him in Ashley's recovery. Olivia added that telling Victor would be the only way to safely enter into therapy and protect their family. Together, Olivia and Wes explained that it would be better for Victor to learn the information in a controlled environment. Brad did not want to go against Ashley's wishes to keep the truth from Victor. He argued about the long term consequences to his marriage and to Victor's. He felt the risks were too great. Olivia told Brad it was his decision when they were interrupted by Abby. She showed them a picture she had colored and said she asked Mommy for help, but she didn't hear her. Brad told Abby that Mommy was tired, and Olivia took Abby to the kitchen for a snack.

At Jabot, Nikki asked Jack if he had heard from Phyllis. He replied that had not. Nikki commented that she couldn't stay away forever. Jack disagreed, adding that she could hold quite a grudge when she was really ticked off. Not knowing where to look for her, he hoped she would feel guilty and return home with an orchid. Changing the subject, Jack asked why Nikki looked so preoccupied. She told him they needed to have a talk about Ashley. She asked if the information she heard from John about Ashley's condition was correct. Jack confirmed that it was. He also added that Victor knew about it. He had even seen Ashley, and it was Brad's idea. Nikki begged Jack to keep Victor out of Ashley's recovery. Jack said he would only do what was best for Ashley. Nikki said Ashley had as much to risk as everyone else.

Jill arrived at Marsino's and found Bobby buried in paperwork. Bobby told Jill that he felt Frederick Hodges had the bank take his line of credit away, which was his working capital. Jill suggested he fire Brittany, but Bobby felt it would not do any good. To change the subject, Bobby asked Jill about her mother. Jill said he didn't want to hear about that, it would not cheer him up. After being pressed, Jill said things had gone from bad to worse. Jill admitted that she felt responsible, and Bobby tried to comfort her by saying it was Katherine's choice. Bobby said a non-family member be the best person to help her.

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Liz Foster returned to town for follow-up medical care and came to see Jill. Jill told her the whole story about Katherine moving out of the house, Jill's planned renovations, and Katherine's return to drinking. She longed for a simpler time, as did Liz. But just as Jill didn't blame Liz for telling her the truth about her adoption, Liz didn't blame Jill for what was happening to Katherine. Jill wondered if there was any hope that her birth father might be able to help Katherine, but Liz speculated that he might have forgotten her long before and might even be dead.

Arthur surmised that Katherine had been planning to have a drink before he arrived at her house, and she confessed that she'd fallen off the wagon after more than twenty years of sobriety. He told her that he'd never forgotten her. He'd left town because he'd been friends with her husband, and he'd gone on to marry Elenore, who had been a free spirit. They'd had a son who was estranged from him. Not only had Arthur not been able to tell him about Elenore's death, he didn't even know if his son was still alive. He regretted not having children to share his older years with him. He'd often wondered about the road not taken, and what might have been with Katherine. Katherine told him there was something she needed to share with him, but before she could finish, Jill interrupted them. Arthur left, and Jill asked Katherine who he was.

Dru told Jack about the deal she'd made with Neil, and he was furious. As far as he was concerned, Dru had given Newman every advantage. They not only had the orchids, but now they understood their importance. Jack warned Dru that having her around was a bigger liability to Jabot than she was worth. Dru pointed out that it was Phyllis who had endangered Jabot, not her. Furthermore, she trusted Neil. He was a man of honor and wouldn't go back on his word to her. Jack pointed out that Neil wasn't the only person from Newman who was involved. Neil might not have any choice in the matter.

Neil approached Nick at the athletic club and told him about the deal he'd made with Dru, hoping that Nick would back him up. Nick said the deal was his, not Newman's. As far as he was concerned, they were holding all the cards. He expected Phyllis to return both orchids to Newman and for Neil to tell their R&D department what they were looking for. Neil told Nick that his principles had apparently gone out the door. He was now talking just like his father, willing to sacrifice his ethics for a short-term gain. He walked out without telling Nick about the hair-straightening potential of the orchids.

Although Nikki was shocked to see Ashley's frail condition, she asked to speak privately to Brad. She insisted that regardless of what Wes and Olivia were advising, it would be a horrible mistake to tell Victor the truth about Abby. It would bring up feelings between Ashley and Victor that could destroy both their marriages. Brad said that he had to take any action to keep his wife from slipping away even more, even if it meant telling Victor the truth himself so he wouldn't be blindsided. Nikki exploded, telling him there was no assurance that Victor's help was going to really benefit Ashley. As they argued, Ashley wandered in and asked why the two of them were fighting about Victor.

Victor had a talk with Olivia in the restaurant of the athletic club about Ashley's condition. He couldn't understand why all of them seemed hesitant about his ability to reach Ashley. Regardless of Brad's and the Abbotts' feelings about him, he was only trying to do what was best for Ashley, because he cared about her very deeply. When Olivia was evasive with him, Victor speculated that she was keeping something from him and demanded to know what it was. Olivia made a quick exit, saying she'd promised to cover for another doctor at the hospital.

Sharon admitted to Michael that the motel desk clerk had seen her in the lobby the night she'd killed Cameron in self-defense. He'd talked to her but had assumed she was a hooker. Michael said that with his ability to place her at the scene, her shaky alibi, and possible DNA evidence, her only real option was to go to the police and tell them the whole story. Sharon said she couldn't do that; she would lose Nick and her family. Michael had no more advice to give her and ushered her out. Sharon leaned against the door, struggling to make her decision about what to do next.

Thursday, January 22, 2004

When Jill asks Katherine who her guest was, Katherine tries to nonchalantly blow off the question. When Jill inquires that maybe the man was from AA, Katherine flies off the handle. She yells at Jill and tells her to leave her alone. Jill thinks Katherine is bitter. Katherine says she is bitter; she has faced 20 long years of sobriety to find herself with a daughter who doesn't give a damn. Jill says that Katherine won't let her help her. She will not stand by and watch her mother drink herself to death. When Jill realizes that Katherine's guest Author had kept her from drinking, she tells her maybe there is hope for her after all.

Brad and Nikki are arguing about Victor when Ashley comes in and asks them why they are arguing about Victor. Brad appears shocked at the sound of Ashley's voice, but Nikki is outraged. She tells Ashley that they are arguing because Brad wants to tell Victor that Abby is his biological daughter. Ashley says she thought they had already been through that issue. Nikki informs her that she has not been well and since she will only respond to Victor's name Brad thinks it's best to let Victor help. Brad takes Ashley upstairs because he doesn't want her around Nikki in her outraged state.

When Nikki and Brad are alone, Nikki tells Brad that if he needs Victor to get through to Ashley, so be it. But she begs him not to let the cat out of the bag about Abby if it's not necessary. As soon as she leaves, Ashley comes running down the stairs yelling for Nikki. She seems confused but she is more aware than she has been. She says that Nikki is a very insensitive person considering that she has just lost her baby. Brad tells Ashley that she hasn't been herself lately and she hasn't been speaking. Ashley asks Brad if what Nikki said was true, is she really only responding to Victor's name? Ashley seems to realize that it is true. She tells Brad that she must be a nightmare to be around. Then she becomes sad again. "I don't like her, I wonder what Victor sees in her," she says about Nikki, but then suddenly seems to not know who she's talking about anymore. Ashley picks up a picture of Abby and drops it back on the table, going back into her catatonic state.

Nikki is upset at Victor for not telling her that he helped Ashley. Victor says he hadn't gotten around to it. He wonders why Nikki doesn't want him to help Ashley. Nikki says her judgment is based on things that have happened in the past. Victor doesn't believe she really feels that way and tells her that he thinks she is hiding something. Nikki says Victor has too much on his plate right now and he should let Brad take care of his wife. Victor agrees and tells Nikki there is something she should know. Tomorrow morning he is walking in the courthouse and pleading guilty to all the charges against him.

Angelo is ringing towels as if he is ringing Frederick's neck when Bobby comes in. Bobby tells him that he has been having problems with his credit lately. When Angelo says that it's Frederick and he needs to be stopped, Bobby tells him to leave it be once again. Angelo doesn't seem to be listening to Bobby. As they argue, Sal walks in and asks what's going on. When Bobby leaves to take care of the bookkeeping work Angelo tells Sal that Frederick is making trouble for Marsino's. Sal says he will take care of the problem. When Angelo offers to help, Sal says he will do it on his own.

Frederick goes to the loft looking for Brittany. Raul tells him she's probably at Marsino's and Mr. Hodges says that place won't be around for long. Raul tries to warn Frederick about those guys, but Frederick shrugs it off.

Bobby is on the computer trying to figure out his money situation when Raul comes in. Raul offers to help him with his problems by becoming his new bookkeeper. At first, Bobby laughs it off, but realizes that Raul is serious. He agrees to let Raul work for him part time until he finds someone permanent. When Raul leaves, he says, "See ya later boss." Bobby shakes his head. "A college boy, that's all I need," he mutters to himself.

Friday, January 23, 2004

Nikki was startled to hear that Victor planned to confess to the cosmetics briberies. He explained that Christine was trying to make it possible for him to plead guilty to the state charges to avoid federal prosecution. There were no guarantees that he wouldn't go to jail, but he almost certainly would on the federal charges. As disappointed as he was in Nick's betrayal, he was worried because he felt certain that one day, Nick would realize the impact of what he'd done. When that happened, he wanted Nikki's promise that she would be there for their son. Nikki wondered who was going to be there for her. Victor said they would always be a part of each other. He wasn't abandoning her. While she cried, he led her upstairs so they could share their night, since he wanted to go alone to the courthouse the following day.

Kevin went to ask for Michael's help, taking a box of chocolate-covered cherries, which he thought were Michael's favorite. Michael said he didn't like them; the candies were their mother's favorite. When he found out that Kevin needed bookkeeping work and hoped Michael would throw some business his way, Michael refused. There was no way he wanted to be involved in Kevin's life. Kevin angrily said that was fine; there was someone else who'd befriended him and who might be willing to help him. She was a prominent member of the Genoa City business community, since she owned department stores and a boutique. Michael realized that Kevin was talking about Lauren and warned him to stay away from her. Not only was she not his usual fifteen-year-old, but she was seeing her ex-husband, Paul, who Kevin didn't want to mess with. Michael threw Kevin out of his apartment, telling him that he needed to get psychiatric help.

At the boutique, Lauren figured out that Paul was hanging around because he was worried that Kevin might show up again. She assured him that she could take care of herself. Paul told her that Kevin was a psychopath; after what he'd done to Colleen, he was capable of anything. Lauren pointed out that they didn't even know if the man she'd met was Kevin Fisher. But she promised to be careful. Paul went to make a bank deposit for her, and as Lauren was trying to leave, Kevin showed up. He gave her the chocolate-covered cherries and told her that he wanted to get to know her better. Could they get together some night? Lauren pretended to be flattered and flustered and put him off. When Kevin finally left the boutique, she locked the door with relief.

Brittany was happy to hear that Sal would be at Marsino's that night to hear her sing. She intended to put on a great show for him, although she wasn't going to be in her favorite costume. Bobby assured her that whatever she wore, she'd be great. When Brittany didn't resist him, as she usually did when he was flattering her, he gave her a passionate kiss. Dazed, Brittany said she needed to save her feelings for her performance.

At the bar, Sal and Angelo traded small talk until Angelo spotted Frederick Hodges coming in the door. Angelo was all for confronting Hodges, but when he got in his face, Sal calmed him down and encouraged Frederick to find a seat. Sal then made a call for some backup help in teaching Brittany's father a lesson.

J.T. was surprised to hear that Raul was going to be helping with the bookkeeping at Marsino's. Bobby was also surprised when Raul showed up for work. He would have preferred for him to work during the day, but Raul reminded him that he had another job as well as school. He was there to work, not leer at Brittany. He could see all of her that he wanted to at home. Bobby helped him find the paperwork and left him alone in the office. But when Bobby went to the bar, Sal and Angelo encouraged him to stay in the back and relax; they had the club under control.

When Brittany went to ask Bobby something, she was surprised to find Raul in the office. At first she wasn't happy about his working there, but she was touched that he only wanted to look out for her. As she kissed him, Bobby walked in the door, got their attention, then turned around to leave. Brittany hurried to finish dressing then took the stage, singing with the hope of making a good impression on Sal. Raul came out and watched Brittany from one side of the club, while Frederick watched from a corner and Bobby, Sal, and Angelo stood at the bar. Bobby wasn't happy when he saw a couple of oversized men come in and stand close to Frederick. He told Sal to call them off. Once Brittany went into the stripping portion of her act, though, Frederick got up to leave, looking back at his daughter with dismay. While she continued her act, a mysterious, gloved hand was tinkering with the electrical boxes. As Brittany grabbed the dancers' pole in the middle of the stage, electricity surged through her body and she collapsed on the floor while the voice belonging to the gloved hand said, "Sweet dreams."

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