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Brittany might have a permanent scar on her face. The judge accepted Victor's guilty plea. Paul told Danny to tell Christine about his sinking career. Katherine told Nikki that Arthur was Jill's father. Grace claimed to be in love with Cameron.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 26, 2004 on Y&R
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Monday, January 26, 2004

Sal's goons held Fred back as he tried to get to Brittany's limp body. Bobby looked up and saw them, and made them stop and ordered them to leave immediately. Angelo ran up and told Bobby he had called 911. Bobby yelled at him, asking him what he had done, and before Angelo could answer, he punched him, knocking him down. Next, he approached Sal, demanding to know what he had done to Brittany. Sal shrugged and told him he didn't do anything—that "stuff happens." Brittany began to move and moan a bit just as the paramedics arrived. As they wheeled her away, Fred asked if he could ride in the ambulance, and they told him he could. Bobby asked if there was room for one more person in the ambulance, and when he was told there was, he told Raul to ride along and he would meet them at the hospital. After they left, he looked at the pole that shocked Brittany and threw a chair at it.

At the hospital, Fred was on the phone while Bobby and Raul were talking. Raul asked Bobby about the pole and said he thought it was rigged. He went on to say he knew Bobby didn't do it, but asked if anyone he knew did; Angelo in particular. Bobby told him that Angelo got crazy when he thought the club was in jeopardy, but he had more suspicions about Sal. He commented under his breath that it happened because of Fred's interference, but Raul pointed out that he couldn't close Bobby's club unless he broke the law. Fred came over, saying he had just hung up with the fire department and police, who were both on their way to the club to investigate what happened. When Bobby said he should know what had happened, and Fred started to swing at him. Raul jumped in the middle and got them both to calm down.

Raul asked Fred where Anita was, and he told her she was out of town, visiting her sister. They were interrupted by Olivia, who had an update on Brittany's condition. She told the men Brittany's heart was functioning well for the time being, but mentioned a whole host of additional worries. She told them they couldn't see her yet, and that making it through the night would be important. After she left, Raul suggested they go to the chapel. Fred, in a daze, headed toward the elevator to go with him. Bobby told Raul he didn't pray, and instead sat down and put his head in his hands, looking sad.

Lynn met with Paul at Crimson Lights and they talked before she had to leave on a date. She told him she did some checking on their suspicions about Danny's career, and they were right. His concert dates were dwindling, and he was practically reduced to playing at clubs. She asked if he was going to tell Chris, but he said he wouldn't. As she got up to leave, Chris came in. She sat down with Paul, telling him she was there to meet Danny. He asked her how her job was going—he suspected it was stressful and she agreed. The conversation turned personal, and they agreed they wanted one another to be happy. Paul told her to be cautious, not to jump into anything, which aroused her suspicion. She immediately asked if there was something about Danny she needed to know, but he didn't tell her what he knew. At that point, Danny came in and sat down, which ended their conversation. They small-talked for a minute, and then got up and left.

Michael came in as they were leaving and took the opportunity to talk to Paul alone. He teased Paul that Chris had gotten over him in record timing, and Paul shot back with a nasty comment about Michael's legal troubles. Steering the conversation in another direction, Michael asked him if he was still chasing criminals—particularly, Kevin Fisher. Surprised, Paul asked him how he knew about Kevin. Michael explained he had heard of the situation through Phyllis and Neil and assumed he was involved because of the police's lack of action. He went on to say someone like that shouldn't be on the streets and that his crimes were despicable. Paul told him he was very good at covering his tracks and that he couldn't yet prove what Kevin had done. They were interrupted by the phone—it was Lauren, obviously shaken. She told Paul Kevin had been there, and he rushed off to get to her, leaving Michael wondering what had happened. When Paul arrived, Lauren was visibly shaken. She told him what had happened, and then offered to help Paul gather enough evidence to convict Kevin. Paul was vehemently against the idea, telling her how precious she was to him. She answered him with a passionate embrace.

Chris and Danny went back to Chris's apartment, as Chris said she was quite tired and not really wanting to go out anymore. Danny asked her what was going on—he felt there was suddenly a wall between them. He told her he was so glad to be in her life, and that wherever she was was home to him. After he kissed her, she grabbed his hand and pulled him into her bedroom.

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

n the early morning, Phyllis phoned Neil from her tropical hideaway with news that she would be returning home. Neil asked if she was bringing the orchids with her. Phyllis declared she never agreed to the "deal" and no longer worked for Newman, so why would she give Neil an orchid? Neil inquired if she would be giving Jack both orchids. Phyllis dodged the question by mentioning that Neil had not yet told her their secret. She mused that she should give both orchids to Jack, since she loves him. Neil advised her not to burn her bridges with Newman. Phyllis retorted by asking Neil whose side he was on. Neil reminded her that he made a deal with Dru, and his marriage was riding on it. He begged Phyllis to come through for him. Agitated, Phyllis told Neil that he had a problem if his marriage depended on orchids. Phyllis stated the orchids were hers to do whatever she wanted with them. Neil insisted he only wanted to play fair. Phyllis ended the conversation by asking, "What is fair?" She hung up on Neil.

Neil cursed and hung up the phone just when Dru entered the room. Dru guessed Neil had been talking to Phyllis. Neil confirmed her guess and added that Phyllis was bringing the orchids home. Dru stated she was not getting a good vibe and felt like Jabot was about to be ripped off. She told him to get Phyllis under control, and he replied that he was working on it. He assured her he was doing the best he could. Unconvinced, Dru demanded reassurance from Neil and his word that he would get her an orchid. Dru insisted that she had to get an orchid for Jabot. She just had to.

Frederick, Bobby, and Raul waited at the hospital. Frederick told Raul that the surgeon and Olivia were with Brittany. Frederick saw Bobby sitting on the couch and asked him why he was still there. Bobby didn't answer. Instead, he got up and offered to get Raul some coffee. When Bobby left the room, Raul told Frederick not to be so hard on him. Frederick insisted Bobby was the reason Brittany was in the hospital. Raul emphatically disagreed and said Bobby would never hurt Brittany. Frederick accused Angelo of rigging the pole to electrocute Brittany. Raul was silent. Frederick asked if Raul thought it was his fault that Brittany was fighting for her life. Raul stated that he did not say Frederick was to blame, but Fred threatened to take Bobby's livelihood away. Raul felt a lot of people shared the blame, but they should all focus their thoughts on Brittany. Frederick agreed, adding that he wanted to see Angelo rot in jail for hurting his baby. Raul changed the subject and asked if Fred had contacted Mrs. Hodges. Fred said she was on her way. Raul guessed that she had told Fred to back off and leave Bobby's club alone. Fred admitted she did so after Angelo threatened her. He called Angelo a "low life scum" for coming after a woman.

As Angelo approached Bobby, Bobby threatened to put Angelo in a hospital room. Angelo insisted he didn't do anything and wouldn't show up at the hospital if he had. Bobby pointed out that at the club, Angelo and Sal had a look in their eyes like something was going to happen. Angelo admitted he thought the two goons, Terry and Mario, were going to take out Fred. Bobby demanded to know how power got to the pole. Angelo swore he didn't know and said he told the police it was a short from one of the overhead lights. Bobby threatened he would hurt Angelo if he found out he was involved. Angelo begged Bobby to believe he was telling the truth. He would never hurt a woman. Bobby asked if Brittany's electrocution was all Sal's doing, but Angelo would not answer him. He demanded to know everything Sal told him. Angelo related that Sal was going to do something to stop Fred since Bobby was not taking care of business. When Bobby questioned Angelo about the pole again, Angelo said he wouldn't even know how to rig it. It was not him. J.T. walked into the hospital and demanded to know where Britt was and what happened. Bobby suggested J.T. talk to Raul. When J.T. left, Bobby ordered Angelo to help him nail Sal. Angelo warned that if Sal was behind the hit, he had permission from "you know who." Bobby said he didn't believe it; "he" would never put a hit on a woman. Angelo said he didn't think Sal would either. Since he needed more details, Bobby instructed Angelo to find Sal and send him to the hospital.

In the waiting room, Raul filled J.T. in on what happened to Brittany. He broke down, blaming himself for not being able to protect her. J.T. asked why Bobby and Angelo were there. Raul ran into the lobby and angrily lunged at Angelo, but J.T. and Bobby held him back. When Angelo left, Bobby told the boys he didn't hurt Brittany, but he thought he knew who did. Olivia emerged from Brittany's room with an update on Brittany's condition. There was no heart or brain damage, and she would be her old self internally. Her hands were severely burned, but she would regain control of them through physical therapy. Her legs, arms, and cheek were badly burned. Surgery was performed and her appearance had been altered. She had a large scar on her cheek. Everyone at the hospital had done their very best. She could not have visitors at that time. As Olivia continued to talk to the group, Bobby noticed Sal in the hospital and broke away. Sal asked if they could talk somewhere else. He commented that Bobby looked tired. Bobby said he had been up all night trying to figure out how Sal could do what he did. He demanded that Sal explain himself.

At the coffee shop, Lynne and Paul discussed his visit with Chris the previous night. Paul mentioned that he didn't reveal her Danny's secret. He felt that Danny wanted Chris to think he had a great career, and Chris didn't suspect he was lying about it. Lynne commented that Chris was bound to find out sooner or later. Paul said that Chris was not interested in Danny's money or fame. However, the last thing Chris needed was someone she trusted lying to her. Lynne agreed, but strongly stated that she did not want to get involved, and Paul shouldn't get involved, either. She excused herself to the office and asked if Paul was coming. He said he was, but he may be a little late.

Chris entered the living room of her home with two coffee cups. As she poured coffee, Danny emerged from another room in a blue bathrobe. Chris mentioned she had to leave soon for the big court date. Danny apologized for the night before, but Chris stopped him. She told him she was surprised she "allowed it to happen," but she had no regrets. Danny commented on how things felt different between them. Chris seemed uncomfortable and changed the subject. She smiled when she informed him she was surprised when he first arrived on her doorstep. She was enjoying his company, and he was exactly what she needed. He made her laugh and have fun. She called him a "dear friend." Danny seemed surprised at this, but said it was "cool." He told her he felt like he never left. In return, she said she was glad to have him there, and they kissed.

Later, Paul stopped at Chris's home to see Danny, knowing Chris would not be home. Paul stated that he intended to watch out for Chris because he still cared for her. He strongly felt that Danny was lying to Chris by passing himself off as a successful rock star when he hasn't been doing well. Danny was angered by Paul's accusations. Danny insisted he wasn't trying to impress anyone; he just did not want pity from anyone. He had not lost hope that he could turn his career around. Paul felt Danny was being unrealistic and pleaded with him to tell Chris everything. Paul did not think it was fair to Chris if Danny built a relationship with her based on dishonesty. Danny struggled with how to tell Chris he was living a lie. Paul begged Danny to level with Chris before she found out everything on her own.

Michael showed up at Kevin's apartment to offer him a one way ticket out of town, to anyplace he'd like to relocate, on the condition that he moved. He added to that offer first and last month's rent, the security deposit, and money until he became established. Kevin refused, saying he had roots in GC. Michael pointed out that he was public enemy number one in GC, and he needed a fresh start. Kevin stated that he was not dumb. He knew Michael was only doing this to protect his own reputation, not Kevin's. Kevin refused to leave, and listed Lauren as one of his reasons for staying. Michael insisted Lauren was not interested in Kevin and tried to dissuade him from pursuing her. Michael sweetened the deal by offering three more months of pocket money and another month's rent. Kevin refused again. Michael was visibly upset and stated he would not give Kevin money unless Kevin hid the fact that they were related. Kevin retorted by saying he didn't want to be related to Michael anyway. Michael told him to keep that thought and left the apartment.

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Jill was happy to come downstairs and realize that Katherine had managed to make it through the night without drinking. Katherine told her she was fighting a war and the ground was still shaky. When Jill picked up the photo album containing pictures of Katherine as a young woman, she was thrilled. She wanted Katherine to tell her about her life then. But Katherine said the memory of that woman had been lost to alcoholism. The two of them reminisced about the first time Jill had come to the Chancellor house to do Katherine's hair. Neither of them had known then where destiny would take them. When Katherine expressed her weakness about drinking again, Jill suggested she talk to Arthur Hendricks. Katherine said she barely knew the man. After she went upstairs to get some rest, Jill called the health club and found out Arthur was staying there, although he'd gone out. Jill said she wanted to leave him a message.

Sal refused to take the blame for what had happened to Brittany and warned Bobby not to threaten him. He didn't take orders from Bobby, but he did take orders from You-Know-Who, and Bobby didn't want to cross him. Bobby said he'd been running a legitimate business, and he didn't appreciate Sal bringing scum into his club. Sal told him it was all about the cash. Bobby needed to take care of that, instead of getting involved with his dancer, and he'd have no problem with Sal.

Olivia explained that Brittany wasn't to know the extent of the damage to her face, or that they'd done plastic surgery which would almost certainly result in scarring. She told Raul it was important that Brittany not be upset, but he could see her. J.T. told Raul to tell the princess hello, and Raul thanked him for staying with him through the night. When Bobby said that he wanted to see her, too, Raul reminded him that Brittany was his girlfriend. He would tell Bobby she'd said hello, but that's all.

When Brittany saw Raul, she wondered where her father was. Raul told her Frederick had gone to the airport to pick up Anita. Brittany was sorry that she'd ruined her mother's trip, but Raul insisted the only thing anyone cared about was Brittany getting well. Brittany accepted his explanation that her face was bruised, and began speculating on what Sal had thought about her act and if he was going to make that call for her. She'd been at her best, and she couldn't help but dream of a day when she'd be driving down the highway and hear a song she was singing play on the radio. Raul encouraged her enthusiasm but reminded her that she needed to get well first. When she said she wished she could see Bobby, because she knew he was probably upset, Raul allowed him to come into the room. He went along with Raul's story that Brittany had a bruise and assured her that Sal couldn't stop talking about her singing. But Bobby felt terrible about what had happened. Brittany told him it was okay; it was just an accident.

Victor and Nikki shared a few moments before he had to leave for the courthouse. She wanted to go with him, but Victor said he'd prefer she didn't. He thanked her for never giving up on him, and Nikki told him that she never would. When Michael came in, Nikki went upstairs. Victor called Michael a friend and told him that he'd never forget that he was willing to take the fall for him. Michael wished he could be with Victor and John Silva in court, but agreed with Victor that he had his own case to worry about that afternoon.

Nick wondered why Sharon was so tense and hadn't been sleeping. She told him that it was because of the situation with his father. She suggested that he go to the courthouse with Victor, but Nick said that was probably the last thing his father wanted. Sharon said she was going out on a limb to hold their family together, and she wished Nick would help her. When Nick wondered what she meant, she evaded him. Nick then told her that Cameron had been missing long enough for the police to start a formal investigation, which they had. He seemed confused about Sharon's reaction to that, and urged her to get some rest and de-stress.

Nick then went to see his father, saying he'd wanted to check on Nikki. Victor told him that no matter what happened, he should look after his mother. Victor also told Nick that he'd asked Nikki to look after him. When Nick wondered why, after all that had happened, Victor said it was because Nick was the father of his grandson. The two argued about what was best for Newman Enterprises. Victor intended to relieve Nick of his duties soon. Nick pointed out that the bad publicity might lead the board to take away Victor's control of the company. When Victor turned to leave, Nick said, "I'm sorry." Victor turned around, his gaze cold, and said he was sorry, too. He stepped out into the snowy Wisconsin day as Nick watched from the window.

Thursday, January 29, 2004

Sharon is pacing back and forth and Michael keeps telling her that she should turn herself in. Michael shows her the front page of the paper containing a full-length article about Cameron Kirsten's mysterious disappearance. Sharon reveals some information to Michael that she hadn't revealed before. After she had dragged Cameron's body behind a dumpster she had gone back up to the hotel room and wiped away any evidence that she had been there. Michael tells her that even if she went to go confess now, that it wouldn't look too good seeing how she had deliberately tried to wipe away any evidence that she had been there.

Victor comes into the courtroom and John Silva asks Chris if they are going to face any roadblocks. Chris can't promise anything and Victor thinks that he should go home, but John Silva convinces him not to. Suddenly, Chris's cell phone rings and Mr. Becker is furious. He wants to know why Chris hadn't told him that Victor was going to come to the courthouse to plead guilty. Chris is forced to hang up with him because the judge has entered the courtroom. John Silva tells the judge that Victor will be pleading guilty to the charges. As the judge appears to be ready to rule on the charges, Mr. Becker comes barging in, outraged. Although he tries to state his case, the judge decides to go ahead and tells Mr. Becker he can pursue it further if he wishes. Victor says he won't be celebrating anything until he is sentenced.

Esther visits Katherine's home and blames Jill for Katherine's drinking. Arthur calls and Jill asks if she can meet with him. During Jill's meeting with Arthur, Katherine comes downstairs and finds that Jill isn't around. She slams a drink and is about to drink another when Nikki rings the doorbell. Katherine says it's wonderful to see her, and invites her inside, but Katherine is acting strangely. Nikki tells Katherine that Victor is at the courthouse and asks Katherine if she wants to come and live with her. When Katherine doesn't seem to keen on that idea, Nikki notices a bottle of alcohol hiding behind a box. She is shocked. Katherine tries to drink the alcohol right in front of her, even when Nikki tries to stop her. Nikki thinks that it's Jill that has done this to her.

During Jill's visit with Arthur she tells him that his one visit has had a tremendous impact on Katherine. Arthur says that Jill seems like a good friend to Katherine. Jill corrects him, she is not Katherine's friend -- she's her daughter. Arthur is surprised by the news.

Friday, January 30, 2004

Nikki begged Katherine to come stay at the ranch with her. She needed companionship and support to help her battle her desire to drink. Katherine agreed that she needed companionship and told Nikki about her visit from Arthur. Although she wasn't sure if he was still in town, she'd been excited to see him after all these years. Finally she confessed that Arthur was Jill's father. Nikki said that it was destiny for Arthur to return to Katherine at this point in time.

Arthur felt it was very clear that Jill cared deeply for her mother, which must be a comfort to Katherine. Jill began to tell him a little of their history. She told him that she'd been adopted into a poor but wonderful family, and had grown up with a great mother. But recently, she'd found out Katherine was her real mother. She believed this was a critical time in Katherine's life, when she needed positive people who could remember her the way she used to be. Jill thought Arthur was just the right person for the job.

As Sharon looked at the newspaper headlines announcing Cameron's disappearance, a knock on the door sent her into a panic. She was sure the police were there to question her. But it was Grace Turner. Sharon told her she was the last person she needed to see that day and asked her to leave. But Grace assured her she wasn't in Genoa City to seduce Nick. She was there because she'd fallen in love with someone several months before. He was everything she'd ever dreamed of in a man, and although they hadn't made love yet, she knew he was the one for her. When Sharon wondered why Grace was telling her all this, since they weren't best friends anymore, Grace said it was because her new love had been in Genoa City doing business with Nick and was now nowhere to be found. His name was Cameron Kirsten.

Damon was in no mood for a visit from Dru, but she told him he needed to stop being so stressed out. She'd brought him some special tea to help him relax. Damon reminded her that he'd never been interested in the political side of business. He wasn't happy with the things she'd done regarding the orchids, nor was he happy to be embroiled in this quest for vengeance that existed between Jabot and Newman. Dru blamed Vanessa for Damon's bad mood.

Vanessa confronted Neil when they ran into each other. She said he'd had no right to make deals with Dru in the matter of the orchid. It was her discovery and none of his business. Furthermore, she seriously doubted that Phyllis was going to allow him to keep up his end of the bargain. Neil assured her that he wasn't going to give Newman R&D the secret of the orchid unless Jabot had an orchid, too. Vanessa warned him that it better all work out the way he planned, or Dru was going to be out of a job.

Phyllis arrived in Neil's office without any orchids. He reminded her of the deal he'd made with Dru. If Phyllis didn't help him follow through on that, it would hurt his marriage, but it would also further damage her relationship with Jack. What he'd proposed was fair; it put Jabot and Newman on a level playing field. Phyllis argued that point. Newman had plenty of money to throw into developing whatever was so special about the orchid. Jabot, on the other hand, was barely hanging on. Still, she hadn't decided yet what she was going to do. She felt sorry for him; she'd hate to be in his shoes. She then waltzed out of Neil's office.

Nick went by to see Jack before he went out of town on business. He told him the current status of Victor's legal situation; he'd pleaded guilty and was awaiting sentencing. Jack said Victor would finally pay for all he'd done. Nick brought up Cameron's disappearance and asked Jack if he knew anything about it. Since they'd been in the middle of a big business deal, it wasn't beyond Jabot to try to mess that up. Jack allayed his suspicions, saying that he'd had very little contact with Cameron in their previous partnerships; Cameron had interacted mostly with his IT people. As Nick was leaving, he told Jack that at least he knew that Victor was having the worst day of his life, if that was any consolation. Jack said to tell that to Ashley, to Brad, and to Robert---his nephew that didn't make it.

Later, Diane went to the Abbott house so she and Jack could look over some plans together. They began to talk about his marital situation, and Diane told him to be honest with her. It was obvious he wasn't over Phyllis and still had hope for his marriage. It was okay; Diane understood. She believed that if Phyllis was who Jack wanted, he should fight for her. As she gave Jack a friendly and supportive embrace, Phyllis walked in the door and saw them holding each other.

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