The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 9, 2004 on Y&R

Danny told Christine the truth about his career. Brittany couldn't handle the sight of her scar. Michael admitted that he was Kevin's brother. Lily sneaked into Kevin's apartment and found incriminating evidence. Katherine told Arthur that he was Jill's father.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 9, 2004 on Y&R
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Monday, February 9, 2004

Sharon begs the gangsters to leave her alone, but they won't. She agrees to cooperate with them and asks one of the men to get something out of the trunk. His eyes pop when he sees Cameron's dead body. Sharon brags that she killed him herself in hopes the thugs will get scared and leave her alone. Her plan works and they go. Later, she pulls into a sports bar parking lot. She heads to the ladies room to clean herself up before going home. Back at the car, Sharon is startled when Grace approaches and wonders what she's doing out so late and so far from home. Danny confesses to Christine he's not a big star like he was. He explains how Lynne found out the truth while surfing the net, and how Paul investigated and confronted Danny. Chris thinks Paul was trying to cause trouble but Danny is sure Paul had her best interests in mind. Chris wishes Danny would have confided in her, but then tells him she is not upset. They kiss. Kevin tells Michael he is in love with Lauren. Michael tries to convince Kevin what a bad idea pursuing Lauren is, but Kevin will not hear the argument. Kevin reveals his plan to ask Lauren to be his date for Valentine's, but Michael informs him she already has plans. Kevin guesses it is with Paul, which Michael confirms. Lauren expresses her desire to help Paul deal with Kevin, but he doesn't want her involved. Paul asks Lauren to be his date for the Valentine's dance, and she accepts. After, Kevin asks Lauren to be his date on Valentine's Day. Brittany insists on seeing the scar on her face. When the nurse brings the mirror, Brittany looks at the scar and becomes upset, convinced the scar will not heal. Bobby and Raul vow to stand by her.

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Parking Lot:

Grace wonders what Sharon is doing at such an out of the way bar. Especially looking as horrible as she does. She notices that Sharon is freaking out about something, wondering if Nick should know about this. Sharon warns her to stay away from Nick. They continue to argue until Sharon finally snaps and opens the trunk to show Grace what's been getting to her. But when the trunk is open it's empty. Sharon is stunned. Where is Cameron's body? She flips and storms off leaving a confused and worried Grace. As she drive she figures it could only have disappeared when she was inside the bar. She decides she has to head home before Nick returns.

Health Club:

John brings Ashley out for a celebration dinner with the family and friends. Ashley feels like she's woken up from a deep sleep. She's so happy to have such a wonderful family. Colleen is ecstatic to finally have her driver's license. Sierra and Lily are happy for her. Brad teases her about driving. Later the girls talk about Ashley's recovery as the couple dances. Gina tells the girls about the big Valentine's party. Colleen figures out the perfect surprise for J.T. The girls agree that it is a great idea. On their way out they bump into Kevin who tells them he's got a real woman as a date for the dance.


Paul visits Bobby to ask about Kevin. Bobby tells him there's been no more appearances by K at the club since he was fired. Paul asks about Britt's electrocution at the club. Paul heard things that tell him it wasn't an accident. Bobby offers Paul a free drink and a show. Paul is distracted when one of the girls comes by to remind Bobby he promised her the 9pm slot.

Coffee shop:

Lauren is stunned after Kevin's offer to spend Valentine's together. She hesitates which sends Kevin into a mood. He pleads with her again to be his date. She worries that it's too fast but he wants to throw caution to the wind. He thinks their chemistry is special. He startles her when he tells her he knows all about Paul. She finally agrees to go with Kevin to the Valentine's dance.

Ranch: A distraught and shaken Sharon returns home. She calls out for Nick but there's no answer figuring he's asleep. Nikki startles her waiting for her. She was looking for Sharon to pass on Nick's message that he'll be late and now wants to know where the hell Sharon has been all night. She's known how long she's been gone because she made no arrangements for the kids after school No one was home so they went up to the main house. Nikki isn't leaving until she gets an answer. She knows Nick doesn't know where she's been for hours and looks forward to telling Nick what she knows. When Sharon threatens her with the truth Nikki reveals that the trump card no longer exists. Ashley is about to reveal the truth to Victor herself. Nikki can't wait to expose Sharon once and for all. After she leaves, Sharon breaks down.

Paul's Apt:

Paul gets home to find Lauren waiting. She tells him about meeting Kevin. Lauren tells him about the date and Paul wants her to back out. She is doing this for his investigation. She also tells him he knows about Paul. She's sure she can get Kevin to slip out. Paul is worried. Kevin is dangerous, but Lauren can handle a little nerd like Kevin. Paul wonders how K knew Paul was taking her to the dance. It's not possible for him to know that. Lauren is tired so she goes home. Later Paul wonders out loud how he could have known about the dance. The only person who knew was Michael Baldwin.

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Paul tried to figure out how Kevin found out he had asked Lauren to the Valentine's Day dance. The only person he'd told was Michael. On a hunch, he called J.T. and told him he had a job for him. He then invited Lauren over and questioned her again about her conversation with Kevin. Lauren insisted that she hadn't told Kevin about the dance. Neither of them could figure out how Kevin knew. Lauren thought maybe he'd just made a lucky guess, but Paul said it was possible that there was some sort of connection with Michael Baldwin. He had J.T. working on it.

J.T. was trying to leave the loft when Colleen showed up. He told her that he was happy to see her, but he was just going out. When Colleen complained, J.T. reminded her that they had to get the goods on Kevin. They exchanged a little banter about their Valentine's Day plans, then J.T. went to check out Kevin for Paul.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin approached Lily and Sierra, who tried to run him off with rudeness. He reminded them that he had much better things to do now than waste his time on them. He'd see them later at the Valentine's Day dance, and he didn't want them to mess up his date. The girls were shocked when he admitted that he was going with Lauren Fenmore. After Kevin left, they decided Lauren must not be the person they thought. Colleen arrived and heard their side of the story, then put two and two together. It was possible that Lauren was helping Paul and J.T. set a trap for Kevin. But they were the ones who'd been damaged by him. They should be part of bringing him down. The girls agreed with her.

Sharon saw herself preparing a nice table for her family on Valentine's Day. She called up the stairs for them to come down and was interrupted by a knock on the door. She opened it to the threateningly empty gaze of a bloody Cameron Kirsten. As Sharon backed away, Cameron fell into the room. Sharon began to scream and woke up, realizing it was all a nightmare. Nick ran down the stairs at the sound of her screaming and tried to reassure her. His flight had been delayed by mechanical problems the night before, and by the time he got home, she was asleep on the couch. She'd looked so tired that he hadn't wanted to awaken her. Sharon evaded his questions, trying to determine if Nikki had told him anything. When Nick tried to get amorous, she told him that she wasn't feeling very attractive. Nick said he understood, but before he left for the office, he told her that he'd be talking to the police. When Sharon, startled, asked why, Nick said the search for Cameron was getting more intense.

Sharon went to Michael's apartment and told him about the day she'd had. Michael was appalled that she'd been seen by the same desk clerk when she was getting Cameron's body from behind the dumpster, stopped by a policeman in the wrong part of town, attacked by gang members who'd seen Cameron's corpse in her trunk, and been confronted by Grace at a bar. But he was baffled by the fact that the corpse had vanished. He warned her that this didn't let her off the hook. She was getting in deeper and deeper. Tired of what she called his lack of sympathy, Sharon left his apartment.

Unfortunately, as soon as Michael showered and prepared to face the day, Kevin showed up. They fought again about Kevin's obsession with Lauren Fenmore, which Kevin insisted was real love. Michael begged him to get help and forget Lauren. She was involved with Paul Williams. Kevin triumphantly told him that he was wrong. Lauren had agreed to go to the Valentine's Day dance with him. When Kevin left, Michael realized that Paul and Lauren were setting his brother up. Neither he nor Kevin knew that J.T. had been lurking outside his apartment and saw Kevin leave. J.T. immediately called Paul to tell him that Kevin had been to see Baldwin.

Katherine was frantic as she tried to find liquor, which Jill had apparently cleaned out of the house. She threw things out of drawers until she finally glanced at the phone book. Quickly calling a liquor store and ordering a case of their cheapest vodka in Jill's name, she was thwarted once again when she learned that they had a note telling them not to deliver to that address. As she slammed down the phone and raged about Jill, Arthur arrived. She let him in, and Arthur tried to figure out what was wrong. Katherine tried to downplay the mess, saying that she'd been looking for some old momentos. Arthur wondered why she hadn't told him that Jill was her daughter when she'd introduced them a few days before. Katherine jumped to the conclusion that Gina had told him that, as well as details of her long and unhappy history with Jill. Arthur didn't tell her that he'd learned it from Jill, but he did ask if her problems with Jill had led her back to drinking. When Katherine tried to shelve the whole topic of Jill, Arthur finally said what was on his mind. Was Katherine uncomfortable about discussing Jill because she was, in fact, his daughter, too?

Thursday, February 12, 2004

The Jabot team is delighted now that they have an orchid again and are rushing around trying to beat Newman's team. Dru tells everybody that they shouldn't be worried. She doesn't think that Phyllis gave the other orchid to Newman but no one seems to be listening to her. When Brad talks about how they will never truly see justice where Ashley and Robert are concerned, Jack has an idea. He must take care of something right away and abruptly tells everyone to leave. Brad asks what it's about and Jack says he will tell him later.

When Chris sees Victor at the door she tells him that he shouldn't be there. Victor is angry because Chris had told him that if he confessed he wouldn't have to go to jail. Chris thinks she has done all she could do for him and wonders how Victor can think otherwise. She almost tells him about hiding the tape of his confession, but decides against it. Victor thinks that Jack and the Abbotts will be after him in court but Chris tries to convince him that as much as the Abbots would like to see Victor in jail, keeping Jabot afloat will be more important to them. But Chris is wrong about her assumption. Jack comes by to ask Chris to be put on her list of people who will be testifying against Victor. Jack wants to know if Chris is the one to do that.

Paul and Lauren try to figure out the connection between Michael and Kevin. Lauren suggests that maybe Michael is giving Kevin legal advice but Paul remembers Michael telling him that he would never represent someone like Kevin. Lauren says maybe there is a personal connection. Lauren then has to get ready for the Valentine's Day dance. Paul tells her to be careful. After Lauren leaves Paul realizes what he has to do.

Paul goes to Michael's house and says he's just paying a friendly visit like the one Michael paid to him the other day. Paul asks if Michael had gotten the information he was looking for. Michael doesn't know what Paul is getting at. Paul finally says that an associate of his had seen Kevin coming out of Michael's apartment.

Colleen, Sierra and Lily go to Kevin's apartment. When they are sure that he's not home, Lily goes into her purse and pulls out a key. She had made the key as a surprise for him and Colleen says it's a good thing because now they might find something. Lily enters the apartment and Colleen and Sierra wait outside. Lily seems to be taking a long time and suddenly Kevin shows up. Colleen and Sierra try to stop him from coming inside, and they begin antagonizing him and tell him that he shouldn't be going to the dance because everyone there hates him. Kevin gets angry and finally convinces them to let him by. Colleen and Sierra are terrified for a moment, thinking that Lily is still inside, but as Kevin shuts the door Lily appears. She had heard them and went down the fire escape. They ask her what she found.

Liz is really happy to see Jill. Jill tells her how much she's worried about her mother and how she went to extremes to make sure Katherine couldn't get her hands on any liquor. Jill tells Liz about Arthur, and how she had asked him if he could help Katherine. Jill says Arthur had been really surprised to find out that Katherine had a daughter, and had given her a look that she just couldn't shake. Jill can't help but wonder just who this man is and why he is coming back into Katherine's life now.

Katherine can't believe Arthur would go so far as to think that Jill might be his child. Arthur tells Katherine that he doesn't think she is giving Jill enough of a chance. Katherine tells him that some things are just not meant to be. She asks Arthur why he has showed up in her life again after all these years. Arthur says he still cares about her and he has fond memories of how things were between them. He says that Katherine should appreciate how fortunate she is to have found a child rather than to have lost one. Katherine finally gives in and tells Arthur that Jill is his child. Arthur is shocked by this confession. Katherine says she didn't want to tell him because she thinks Jill will only break his heart. Jill cannot be trusted. Arthur thinks that it's Katherine who can't be trusted. Arthur says that maybe it's time that Jill found out. How could she have kept this from him all these years? He leaves angrily and Katherine shouts after him.

Friday, February 13, 2004

Jack went to see Christine and put himself on the list of people who could talk about the impact of Victor's crimes. In the course of their discussion, he accused Christine of sounding more like Victor's attorney than the prosecutor bringing him to justice. Christine said that she'd done Jack a favor. If Victor hadn't pled guilty and had been found not guilty at a jury trial, Jack would have had a much harder time getting reparation in a civil suit. Jack said he not only wanted reparation, but he thought Victor should have some time alone in jail to consider the consequences of what he'd done. He wondered if Christine was cut out to be a district attorney, since her personal feelings for Victor were obviously influencing her actions.

When Nick stopped by Victor's office, Victor told him he was too busy to talk to him. Not only did he have a company to run, but he had to prepare for the sentencing phase of his case. Nick said he was there because he wanted to go to court and speak on Victor's behalf. Victor said that he might throw up if Nick did that. He accused Nick of being motivated by a desire for power. Nick denied that, and when Victor told him as soon as his deal with Cameron was complete, he'd be relieving Nick of his duties, Nick said that might take a while. The police had some new leads in Cameron's disappearance. Did Victor want him to go ahead and leave? Victor said no matter what, Nick would never be running the company. Nick said he didn't want to see Victor run it either, and his father ordered him out of his office.

Ashley was reading Abby a book before the Valentine's Day party. Brad watched them and thought about Ashley's relationship with Victor. He wondered if Ashley really meant it when she said that Brad was the most important thing in the world to her. But he simply told Ashley how beautiful she was. Colleen came in and said she needed to talk to them. After Ashley returned from taking Abby upstairs, Colleen explained what Paul and J.T. were doing to try to entrap Kevin. Since Lauren was helping them, it was important that no one at the party confront Kevin. Brad went ballistic, saying this was putting all of them in jeopardy. But Ashley and Colleen finally convinced him to stay composed at the party even if Kevin was there.

Dru was still giving Neil the silent treatment, but he'd finally had enough. He wanted her to put the orchid fiasco behind them. He was sorry he hadn't been able to keep his end of the deal, but he'd tried his best. Now they needed to move on, starting with enjoying Valentine's Day together. Dru finally relented, kissing him, then she told him that Phyllis had given Jabot an orchid. Neil was shocked, but he was willing to move on. After all, Jabot had what they wanted. Dru then reminded him that he needed to keep his cool if he saw Kevin at the Valentine's Day party. It was important to Paul's investigation. Neil said it wouldn't be easy, but he'd try.

J.T. dropped by Crimson Lights and saw Raul, who said he wasn't interested in going to the party with Brittany in the hospital. He told J.T. that she was refusing to speak to him or anyone else because she was so upset about her face. J.T. hoped the scarring wouldn't be permanent. He wouldn't say if he had anything special for Colleen, but insisted that he'd been working so hard he barely had time to go to class. Raul suggested he sing her another song, but J.T. said he was out of practice.

At the Carlton house, Sierra, Lily, and Colleen compared outfits and talked about how they hoped nothing went wrong at the dance. With any luck, Lauren would quickly be able to get the goods on Kevin. When J.T. arrived to pick them up, the three girls told him about visiting Kevin's apartment. At first J.T. was furious, telling them they weren't taking Kevin's danger seriously. Lily said the only thing unusual she'd been able to find in Kevin's apartment was a tool box, some duct tape, and some Styrofoam. None of them knew what that meant. They finally left for the party.

Lauren was startled out of her wits when Kevin appeared behind her at the boutique. While she tried to regain her composure, Kevin said he'd wanted them to ride to the dance together. Lauren put him off, saying that he should warn her before surprising her. Kevin apologized for scaring her and told her that he was crazy about her. Lauren finally managed to put on a good show of being interested in him, and Kevin told her there was one other problem. Some people at the party might say things about him in front of her or to her. He'd had some difficulties with them in his past, but he was moving forward now. Would Lauren's feelings for him be the same no matter what she heard? Lauren assured him that her feelings would go unchanged. So, Kevin wondered, could he drive her to the party?

Paul was baffled by the answers he was getting from Michael. Michael accused him of prying into his personal life, but Paul said he hadn't been. He'd been investigating Kevin. But there had to have been a reason for Kevin's visit to Michael's apartment. Previously, Michael had said that Kevin deserved to pay for what he'd done. Now Michael was suddenly acting like his attorney. Michael said that just because Kevin might have sought legal advice from him, that didn't mean Michael was representing him. But he was beginning to think that Kevin needed a lawyer, since he was being persecuted by all of them when there was no evidence that he'd done anything wrong. Paul said Michael would sell out his mother for the right price. Michael said maybe so, but he wouldn't betray his principles. Frustrated, Paul said there was some kind of connection between them and he was going to find it. Michael finally exploded, telling Paul that Kevin wasn't his client. Kevin Fisher was his brother.

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