The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 16, 2004 on Y&R

J.T. performed at the Valentine's dance. Jill found out that Arthur was her father. Detective Weber got a warrant to search Kevin's apartment. Kevin found out that Lauren was trying to set him up, and he threatened to shoot either her or himself.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 16, 2004 on Y&R
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Monday, February 16, 2004

Paul reels from the revelation that Michael and Kevin are brothers. He wonders why Michael did not stop Kevin and Lauren's date if he suspected the set-up. Michael realizes Paul wants his help in entrapping Kevin before he hurts someone else. Gina tells Colleen everything is set for J.T.'s performance. Kevin and Lauren enter, as Lily, Sierra, and Colleen's eyes fall upon the couple. They exchange greetings and move on. The girls note how Kevin must be surprised they did not trash him in front of Lauren. J.T. comes in and jokes around with Colleen about his surprise. She recalls the song he performed for her last year and he admits that he gets stage fright. Gina announces a special Valentine's Day surprise and calls J.T. up to perform. After the performance, Shiloh passes by and compliments him on the music. J.T. has a surprise for Colleen as well and they leave. Victor suggests they go over and greet Ashley and Brad, but Nikki says she would rather not. Brad wishes Ashley would reconsider telling Victor about Abby's paternity as Victor and Nikki walk up to their table. Ashley invites them to take a seat. Lauren asks about the girls. Kevin confesses that they hate him, but won't elaborate. Kevin reveals that he had some issues with Neil and Dru, but they are in the past. She asks him to tell her stories of things he has done but should not have. He confesses he does have stories, but the Kevin who did those things is gone. Kevin excuses himself from Lauren and gives her a kiss before he goes. He encounters Lily waiting outside of the restroom, and apologizes for how his behavior affected her. After, Kevin overhears the girls discuss how he is oblivious to the fact Lauren is setting him up.

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Health Club:

Ashley invites Vic and Nikki to sit with them. It's uncomfortable for all. Later Victor tells Nikki he wants her to rely on Brad and Jack if he should go to jail.

Kevin remembers hearing the girls talk about how Lauren is only using him to set him up. When she comes back he is cold towards her and snippy. He apologizes and covers in front of her. She wants to know what turns him on and what gets him angry but Kevin changes the subject to her. As Lauren talks Kevin sees her all distorted and twisted. She keeps pressing him for secrets. He will tell her a big secret but only back at his place. He presses and Lauren agrees to go with him.

Jack's Office:

Jack and Diane talk about some designs she has done. He tells Diane about the orchid but that Phyllis has been cool since then. Diane pushes him to approach Phyllis and force the issue of their marriage. Later, Dru stops by to check on the progress of the new product. Jack tells her to be patient but everything is going well. He does ask her about how she could possibly know that NE doesn't have the other orchid. She knows because she knows who has it: Diane Jenkins. Jack is stunned that the only reason Phyllis returned the orchid was because Diane forced her to. He doesn't get why Diane forced it. She knows Jack loves Phyllis and wanted the marriage to work out. He is amazed Diane put his feelings before her own which is more than he can say for Phyllis. He calls Diane to stop by his office again.

Phyllis' Apt:

Phyllis tells Damon that Diane blackmailed her into giving up the orchid. She resents it enormously. She worries that Diane, by keeping the orchid has an agenda with Jack. Damon advises her to be completely honest with Jack.

Michael's Place:

Michael insists over and over that there's no proof against Kevin but Paul knows that Michael thinks his brother is dangerous. Michael asks Paul if he would help him nail his own brother if the roles were reversed. Kevin was tormented and abused by his parents. His father was one mean son of a bitch. Michael feels somewhat responsible for leaving him alone. Michael knows he's obsessed with Lauren and it fits in with his history to prove himself to his parents. He keeps trying new things, does well for a while but always goes bad. Cooking, carpentry, electrician apprentice. It obviously ate away at his psyche over the years. Paul is curious about him being an electrician's apprentice.

Ice Cabin:

J.T. takes Colleen to his buddy's ice fishing cabin for her valentine present. It's not fishing to her relief. He surprises her with her ice skate (sent by Traci). They recall their great time in NY together. Later they return from skating to warm up with some hot chocolate. She asks him he's mad at her for her present but he assures her he did have fun. She thinks everyone should hear how good he is, but he brushes that off.

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Phyllis went to the Abbott house to find John there alone and Kyle upstairs asleep. When Phyllis said she wanted to look in on Kyle, John discouraged her. He'd had a hard time getting his grandson to sleep. Phyllis insisted that she knew how to enter a room quietly and she wasn't going to be kept from her stepson. After she came back downstairs, John sat her down for a serious talk. He thought it was time she admitted that she and Jack needed to end their marriage. From the beginning of their relationship, there had been so much turmoil and fighting. She had to know that it was over. Hurt, Phyllis made a sarcastic comment about the Abbott family's support. She told John that she intended to fight for her marriage, then walked out the door.

At Damon's, Dru told him he should be in the lab working. He didn't seem to be as excited as she was about the possibilities that the orchid offered Jabot. Damon said they were well ahead of the game in their research. Dru agreed that since Newman didn't have an orchid yet, Jabot had the advantage. She then found out that Phyllis had visited him earlier and told him about the pressure Diane had put on her to give the orchid back. Dru said that she'd already told Jack the truth. She wished he would dump the redhead and let Diane back into his life. They shared a child, and Diane loved him in a way that Phyllis never would. Damon was exasperated that Dru had once again interfered where she had no business being.

Jack accused Diane of manipulating Phyllis to make herself look good. While she was showing support of Jack and telling Phyllis to put her marriage back together, she obviously had another agenda. She'd been making herself look good, but by telling Dru, who had the biggest mouth in town, about the orchid situation, she'd been sure Jack would hear that she was the one who'd forced Phyllis to give him the orchid. She was still trying to break up his marriage. Diane broke down in tears and said that she was really convinced Phyllis was the woman he loved. Her efforts on his behalf hadn't been selfish. She truly wanted to see him happy. When Jack softened and asked why, she refused to tell him that she loved him. She asked that he leave her with some shred of dignity. Jack embraced her and she cried against his shoulder.

Paul continued to question Michael about Kevin's background. Michael admitted that Kevin had once been apprenticed to an electrician. He'd done very well in his job, until a house he was going to rewire burned to the ground. The family had escaped safely, but Kevin had ended up losing his job. Paul said that indicated a history with Kevin, and Michael insisted that the house burned before he got there. There was no proof that he'd had anything to do with the fire. Paul then pointed out that Kevin hadn't quit his bookkeeping job at Marsino's. He'd been fired, so he had a grudge. He knew a lot about electricity. Brittany had been electrocuted. Didn't Michael see a connection? Michael said that once again, Paul was finding Kevin guilty with no evidence. Paul said that he was scared as hell to think of Lauren being on a date with the sociopathic Kevin, and Michael should be scared, too.

In Kevin's apartment, Lauren continued to charm Kevin, although she could tell his mood had shifted. He went on and on about how amazing it was that a woman with her background and connections would be interested in someone like him. She said that her friends came from a wide range of backgrounds. People might just as easily ask what he saw in her. Kevin insisted that she was perfect. Lauren said she still wanted to get to know him better. Couldn't he tell her some dirty little secret about himself that no one else knew? Kevin said that she'd like that, wouldn't she? He then exploded, accusing her of being there to trap him into telling her something incriminating.

Olivia told Raul and Bobby that Brittany would be released in a few days, but she was extremely depressed. A lot of her self-image came from her appearance, and she was taking the scarring on her face very badly. She still refused to have any visitors. But Olivia said that she was going to have to learn how to go out in the world again. If Bobby and Raul were willing to face Brittany's anger, she wasn't going to stop them from seeing her.

Brittany was staring at herself in the mirror until she shattered it against the wall. When Bobby and Raul came in, she turned away, refusing to let them see her face. She called herself a freak and said that no one would be able to look at her. Raul told her that he'd never been attracted to her because of her beauty. In fact, he hadn't even liked her at first. But as he'd come to understand what a beautiful person she was inside, he'd fallen in love with her. Bobby agreed that it was who Brittany was, not how she looked, that made her beautiful. She scoffed at him, saying that if she'd walked into his club looking like this, he'd have laughed at her. Bobby finally reached his limit and grabbed her, turning her around. She screamed at them, showing them her scarred face, and wondered if either of them could ever love a woman who looked like her. Bobby said he could. Raul said that he did.

Later, the two men were talking outside her room when Paul showed up. Bobby was in no mood to hear any more of Paul's speculation on who had caused the accident at the club. But Paul said he thought he knew who'd done it.

Thursday, February 19, 2004

Nick and Sharon are playing cards at the table with Noah and Cassie. Noah mentions how nice it is to have the whole family together. Sharon says they will try to have a family night from now on. When the kids go to bed, Sharon brings Nick some wine. She asks him what's been troubling him. Nick says that he had told his father that he would testify on his behalf but that Victor had outright refused. He also says he is still troubled by Cameron Kirsten. Sharon face is stricken as Nick mentions maybe a girlfriend of Cameron's might know something about his disappearance. Sharon tells Nick he should leave it to the police. Nick can tell that Sharon is upset and tries to change the subject. Sharon tells him to go upstairs and she will be up shortly. As she cleaning up and happily thinking about her family, suddenly, she turns to the window to see Cameron's bloody face looking in at her. She screams loudly.

Jill comes home to find Katherine drinking. Katherine tells her that Jill couldn't stop her from finally getting a hold of some liquor. Jill says she had hoped Katherine was getting better. Katherine gives Jill an inquiring look and Jill wonders what it's about. Katherine tells Jill she's mad that Jill had gone to see Arthur and that now Arthur doesn't trust her anymore. Jill asks Katherine if Arthur had come by. Just then, the doorbell rings. Whoever it is, Katherine says; tell him to go away, she's in no mood. When Jill opens the door, it's Arthur. Jill is overjoyed to see him. As Arthur peers inside he sees that Katherine is drinking. He tells Katherine that he hasn't changed his mind but that he wants her to know what he's doing. He tells Jill that he wants her there when he talks to Katherine.

Paul tells Bobby and Raul that he thinks he knows who electrocuted Brittany. Kevin Fisher was once an electrician, and he had the motive plus the know how to hurt Brittany. Bobby goes over the day he fired Kevin and puts two and two together. Bobby says he has to go find Fisher and make him admit what he's done, but Paul tells him not to act too soon. They need physical evidence before they can do anything. J.T. is waiting outside of Paul's when Paul returns. Paul is a little edgy wondering why Lauren hasn't come back yet. He tells J.T. that he has found out all kinds of things about Kevin. He says that he thinks Kevin was responsible for Brittany's accident. Paul sees that there are no messages from Lauren and tries calling her. Then he tries calling the Athletic Club. Gina tells him that Lauren and Kevin left over an hour ago. Paul tells J.T. that something is wrong.

Michael goes to visit Victor late in the evening. He is troubled and Victor is the only person he can think to talk to. Michael tells Victor about his brother Kevin Fisher. Kevin may have had a bad life, but does that excuse what he's doing now? Michael doesn't know if he should be a brother to Kevin and try to help him or if he should stay away and let the chips fall. Victor asks if Kevin is being set up as they speak. When Michael says yes, Victor tells him it's now or never.

Kevin accuses Lauren of trying to set him up. He wants to know who put her up to it. How could she do this to him? He had fallen in love with her. Lauren says that she understands why Kevin is upset. Kevin tells Lauren that when he first met her he thought she would be like all the others and ignore him but she was warm and friendly. He remembers her telling him how the older people got the more likely they were to judge people. He thought Lauren was different. Kevin says that now that he knows better it will all end here tonight. Lauren says she agrees, there has been too much deceit, it's time they start over. Kevin screams at her, saying he will never believe anything Lauren tells him ever again. Lauren bolts for the door but it's locked from the outside. Kevin opens a drawer and pulls out a gun. As Lauren is trembling, she tries to convince Kevin that things don't have to be this way. Make no mistake, Kevin tells her; he will use the gun on someone tonight. Lauren asks if this is his way of punishing her for betraying him. Kevin decides that can't kill Lauren, she was the one good thing that happened to him. He thought she was going to change his life, but no matter how hard he tried, it always ended up the same for him. He tells Lauren that she was his last hope. As Lauren tries to grab the gun away from Kevin, Michael pounds on the door. "The game is over Kevin, let me in!" Michael shouts.

Friday, February 20, 2004

Sharon screamed as she thought she saw a bloody Cameron outside her dining room window. When Nick and the children ran downstairs, she told them she'd seen a man looking in at her. Nick went outside to look around, ordering Sharon to lock the door. Later, he returned, saying that security was looking, but there was no evidence anyone had been there, not even a footprint. Cassie and Nick urged Sharon to remember any details she could. Was the man familiar? Did she have a description? Sharon insisted that she'd only seen a flash. It was late; she thought they should all go to bed.

Cassie heard a knock on the door, and Sharon begged Nick not to open it. When she went upstairs with Cassie, Nick opened the door to see Grace standing there. He was anything but happy that she was at his home in the middle of the night. Grace professed surprise that Sharon hadn't told Nick she was in town, and why. She then explained that she'd been dating Cameron; in fact, they were very much in love. Nick scoffed, and Grace angrily started to leave. Nick told her that it was important for him to find Cameron, too. When Grace asked if he'd ever mentioned her, Nick said that Cameron hadn't talked about anyone specifically. He'd just said he wasn't ready to settle down with one woman. Grace looked hurt.

Sharon came downstairs and confronted Grace, who said that she was bringing Nick up to speed on the Cameron situation, since Sharon had obviously told him nothing. Nick tried to keep the two women from arguing. When Sharon wondered what Grace had to tell Nick, Grace slyly said that she was sure Sharon knew exactly what she was talking about. Nick reminded them that it was too late to get into all this now. But he might hire a private investigator to look into Cameron's disappearance. As Sharon stared dully at Grace, Nick vowed that if Cameron was the victim of foul play, Nick would find whoever was responsible.

Jill tried to leave Katherine and Arthur alone at the Chancellor house so they could talk, but Arthur insisted that she stay. What he had to say was for Jill's ears, too. But as he gently approached Jill, Katherine slipped out of the room. Arthur then urged Jill to tell him her fantasy. Jill admitted that she hadn't known she was adopted. Her adoptive father had left her family when she was young, and she'd always had a hole in her heart that she ached to have filled. When she saw the way that he and Katherine looked at each other, it made her think that Arthur could be a father figure to her. Arthur assured her that she wasn't being silly. In fact, he should be a father figure to her, since he was her father.

Jill reacted emotionally to Arthur's news, then she insisted that she wanted to know everything about his life. Arthur said he wanted to get to know her, too, but they had lots of time. Jill said she just needed to know one thing. If he'd known, all those years ago, about the baby, would he have wanted her? Arthur said if he'd known, his life would have taken a whole different path. As would hers have, because he'd have been a father to her. Katherine came downstairs as Jill and Arthur embraced. She went to get a drink, but Arthur asked her not to, so she didn't pour one. When she tried to go back upstairs, Arthur said that he and Jill wanted her to stay. It was time for them to become a family. Katherine laughed at him, saying that would never happen. When Arthur asked if she'd bet against him, Katherine shook her head and waved him away. Arthur stared at Katherine with affection as Jill watched their flirtatious interaction.

Paul asked Detective Weber to come to his apartment. Paul and J.T. insisted they had reason to believe that Kevin was behind the attempt to electrocute Brittany. Weber was exasperated that Paul and Lauren were amateurishly interfering with what should be a police investigation, but Paul pointed out that at least he was getting results. If Weber would get a search warrant, he mind find the hard evidence he needed to link Kevin to yet another crime. Weber finally called to get the search warrant.

At Kevin's, Lauren called out while Michael banged on the door demanding to be let in. Kevin insisted that Michael should leave; after all, he was with a date. But Michael knew, even without hearing Lauren's fearful cries, that he shouldn't go. He finally persuaded Kevin to open the door. Shocked to hear that Michael and Kevin were brothers, Lauren told him that Kevin had a gun. When Michael wondered what new trouble Kevin was going to get himself into, Lauren told him that Kevin didn't intend to harm anyone else. He was going to shoot himself. In spite of Kevin's threats, Michael said that Kevin was going to have to shoot him, too, because he was escorting Ms. Fenmore out. He walked her to the door and quietly begged her not to call the police, but to allow him to deal with Kevin.

Lauren hurried to Paul's apartment, throwing herself in his arms when he opened the door and crying with remorse about having gotten in over her head. She explained that Michael was with Kevin and didn't want the police involved. Paul said it was too late for that. As he held Lauren, apologizing for the ordeal she'd been through, Lauren sobbed that she didn't want Kevin's blood on her hands.

Meanwhile, Michael and Kevin were having a heartbreaking talk. Every attempt Michael made to talk Kevin out of killing himself made Kevin reveal more about the desperation and isolation he felt. He'd been told for so long that he was a loser that he'd become a loser. He was disposable and felt like something on the bottom of somebody's shoe. The world wouldn't miss him if he was no longer there. Michael told him that he would miss him. He told him that suicide was a permanent solution to a temporary problem. No one knew more about reinventing themselves than Michael did. If Kevin would just decide to live, to start over, then Michael would help him. He was his brother. He loved him and would stand by him no matter what. Kevin begged him to be telling the truth, and Michael said he was. Kevin handed him the gun, and Michael dropped it in his pocket.

At that point, Detective Weber showed up with a search warrant. Michael tried to point out how nonspecific the warrant was, and Weber suggested that he call the judge and wake him up again if he wanted to. He was looking for electrical evidence. Michael asked Kevin what he wanted him to do, and Kevin wearily said he could search. He had no idea what he was looking for, but it didn't matter. When Weber walked into the back of the apartment, Kevin approached Michael, who wrapped his arms around his little brother in a tight hug.

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