The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 23, 2004 on Y&R

Jack turned down Victor's settlement offer. Phyllis kissed Damon, and J.T. kissed Brittany. Grace tried to convince Nick that Sharon was hiding something. Sharon told Nikki the truth about murdering Cameron Kirsten and begged Nikki to be her alibi.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 23, 2004 on Y&R
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Monday, FEBRUARY 23, 2004

Arthur told Jill he was excited about having found out she was his daughter. They discussed Arthur's background and his history with Kay. Kay walked in and said Jill had never understood what the house had meant to her and revealed Jill had been conceived in the room they were in. Jill called the contractor and requested a full crew to restore the house to the way it had been before. Kay embraced Jill as Arthur watched.

Nikki encouraged Nick to find out why Sharon was behaving the way she was. Nick requested Nikki give Sharon a break, for his sake. Sharon tried to convince Cassie she was fine, but Cassie insisted she could feel something was wrong.

Paul informed Lauren that Weber had called, and both Kevin and Michael were fine. Lauren admitted she felt guilty for lying to Kevin and blamed herself for what Kevin had planned to do to himself. Paul warned that Kevin might be angrier, which would make him more dangerous. Michael told Kevin he had done everyone a favor by turning in Kevin's gun to Weber. Michael promised to be there for Kevin if Kevin needed him.

Silva suggested Victor make an offer to Jabot before they filed a civil suit. Victor inquired about the amount of jail time he was facing. Silva was shocked he was considering jail over paying Jabot off but said he could spend a year in prison. After Silva left, Victor called Jack and requested a meeting.

Tuesday, FEBRUARY 24, 2004

At the ranch, Nikki told Sharon that everyone had noticed that Sharon was acting strangely. She also thought something was up with Cameron's disappearance and Grace Turner's surprise connection to him. She could see that it was only a matter of time before Sharon self-destructed. Sharon needed to get her act together or else Nikki would intervene.

Sharon remembered loading the body in the trunk and being tormented by visions of Cameron. Detective Weber visited her. She had been the last person seen with Cameron that night. She evaded his question about when she had left the party.

At Jabot, Jack and Damon talked about the orchid research success until Ashley told them she felt the entire endeavor was a waste of time and money. She felt that they'd overextended themselves with it, and it could jeopardize Jabot's other projects. Damon was livid, and Jack tried to keep things calm. He needed to rush off to his meeting with Victor.

Later, Vanessa stopped by the lab and noticed Damon was upset. He told her about Ashley's issues. He thought that the expected settlement from Victor had left the executives less desperate. Vanessa was confident that Jack and Brad wouldn't let her torpedo the project.

In Jack's office, Victor arrived for their meeting. Victor explained that he had pleaded guilty and knew Jack would sue him. He offered to pay off Jabot in order to save the time of waiting. He offered $50 million. Jack scoffed at the sum. Victor pointed out that Jack would have a tough time proving that Victor was solely responsible.

Jack couldn't get over Victor's gall. He knew full well that Victor's lawyers had told him to do that to look good in front of the judge. Victor said it was just a business proposition, nothing more, and then offered $75 million. That was the final offer. Jack turned it down.

Victor was stunned. Jack said he had waited a long time for Victor to trip up on his own ego. He would be at court and would even tell the judge about Victor's attempt to pay him off. He would watch Victor rot in jail and wait for the check. When Victor did end up writing the check, it would be for "a hell of a lot more." Victor vowed that he had made a mistake.

Christine and Danny met for breakfast at the Athletic Club. Dana Devin from Extra joined them and wondered what Danny was up to next. He was in a big dry spell and feared it was the end for him. Dana encouraged him that he could be due for a comeback and shouldn't give up. Danny told Christine the good news: Daniel would be visiting Genoa City for Spring Break. Christine was thrilled for him.

Phyllis overheard Danny and Christine talking about Daniel and wanted to know what they ware talking about. Phyllis railed at them over Daniel and demanded to know what was going on.

Diane had breakfast with Kyle, and Phyllis joined him and wanted to spend time with Kyle, but the boy didn't want to see Phyllis. Diane advised the stubborn Phyllis to go back to Jack. Phyllis laughed that Diane was still after Jack. Diane would be more than happy to pick up the pieces. Diane revealed that she was keeping the orchid to keep Phyllis from giving it to Victor. Phyllis had to decide with whom her loyalties lay: Jack or Victor.

Wednesday, FEBRUARY 25, 2004

At the Athletic Club restaurant, Phyllis demanded to know why Danny and Christine had been talking about Daniel. She desperately wanted to know things about her son. She'd turned her life around. She wasn't the same woman who Christine had convinced a judge didn't need her son. Christine excused herself to give Danny and Phyllis time to talk.

Phyllis admitted that she and Kyle were having some difficulties, and Danny reminded her that she couldn't replace Diane in Kyle's life. He asked if she and Jack could have children to fulfill Phyllis' need. Phyllis then explained that she could have no more children. A medical emergency had left her sterile. Danny sympathetically told her that Daniel was returning to the States for a visit. If their son agreed, Danny would arrange for Phyllis to spend some time with Daniel.

After Phyllis left and Christine returned to Danny's table, he told Christine what he'd done. Christine wondered if Daniel had a lot of questions and perhaps even negative feelings about Phyllis, but Danny said he thought Daniel had just been waiting until Phyllis made the first move. Daniel did know the circumstances involving Phyllis' loss of custody, but Danny had done nothing to turn the boy against his mother.

Dru was horrified when Jack told her the news -- that Ashley wanted to pull the plug on the orchid venture. He pointed out that Ashley had a lot of valid points. Dru went into panic mode, saying that Ashley was just doing it for spite and it had something to do with Victor. Jack disagreed and reminded Dru that Ashley wasn't the only one with a voice at Jabot. Dru needed to calm down and let Jack handle his sister in the way he knew how. His first priority at that point was organizing what he wanted to say at Victor's sentencing.

In the lab, Ashley apologized to Damon for her decision not to support his project. She didn't understand why he was so angry. It was a long shot, at best, and not the "silver bullet" everyone was hoping for. Damon reminded her that he'd left a place where he was comfortable to work very hard for months on the project. He couldn't understand why a brilliant research chemist such as Ashley wasn't as excited about the possibilities as he was.

Ashley said it was her family's company that was in jeopardy. Even if they obtained a big settlement from Victor, it would be years before they'd have a viable hair-straightening product on the shelves, if ever. She'd rather use that money to pay off Jabot's debt and get their company in the black again. Damon wondered if she'd change her mind if they had the other orchid, but Ashley said no. She'd made her decision.

Michael went to see Victor, who inquired about how things had gone with Kevin. Michael said that thanks to Victor's good advice, he'd helped his half-brother avert a potential tragedy. Victor told Michael about the offer he'd made to Jack, and Michael couldn't believe Jack had turned him down. He promised Victor that if Jack took on a civil suit against Victor, Michael himself would manage to dismiss Jabot's projections of financial losses and the hit they'd taken from Victor's actions, and he could call expert witnesses to support Victor. Victor laughed, saying that was the Michael he knew, the one who loved a fight. Michael and Victor agreed, however, that first they had to overcome the possible damage Jack could do at Victor's sentencing hearing.

Later, Phyllis went to see Victor and reminded him that he'd told her when she had left that her job would be there when she returned. She asked if he had meant that. Victor said he'd meant it when he'd said it, but a lot of things had changed since then.

Brittany was annoyed to learn that Raul had rearranged his schedule so he could go home and make lunch for her. All she wanted was to be left alone. The more Raul tried to downplay the impact of her scarred face, the more annoyed Brittany got. He finally made her sit still long enough for a back rub. He then told her how much he loved her and how little difference her scar made to him. Brittany told him that he was sweet, but it wasn't enough.

Before Raul and Brittany could finish their conversation, Bobby burst in, trying to talk them all into ordering pizza and beer and livening up the atmosphere in the loft. Brittany furiously told both of them that she didn't need their pep talks. She wanted to be left alone. Bobby finally talked Raul into giving him and Brittany some time alone. While Raul went to pick up a prescription, vowing to be back in fifteen minutes, Brittany looked at Bobby in disbelief when he showed her some sheet music for the song she'd be singing at Marsino's that weekend.

Sharon grew increasingly agitated under Detective Weber's questioning. She tried to deflect the impact of the sketch, telling him that perhaps Cameron had been seen with another blonde -- namely his fiancée, Grace Turner. She said that would make more sense. Hank continued to question her alibi, wondering exactly who she'd talked to after the party at the Athletic Club and what time she'd gotten home. When he suggested that she be available for a police lineup, Sharon snapped, asking him to leave and warning him not to present his ridiculous accusations to Nick.

When Weber continued to press her, Sharon said that her mother-in-law, Nikki Newman, had seen her that night after the party. Hank left with the promise that he would talk to Nikki. After he was gone, Sharon wondered what she'd done. She frantically called Nikki's cell phone and begged Nikki to return the call as soon as possible.

Thursday, FEBRUARY 26, 2004

Phyllis went to Victor's office to ask for her old job back. Victor told her he couldn't commit the job to her right then because the future of his company and his family were in jeopardy. Victor asked Phyllis if she and Jack had reconciled, and Phyllis confided to him that she was not giving up on their marriage, but things were not that great at that moment. She told Victor that Diane Jenkins was back in their lives again and that Kyle, who was like a son to her, was drifting away from her. To make matters worse, her ex-husband, Danny, was back in town and wouldn't talk to her about her biological son, Daniel, whom Danny had full custody of.

Phyllis said that going to Newman Enterprises for her old job back was her last hope. Victor said all he could promise was that after he went to court, they would talk again. Victor told Phyllis that despite his offer of 75 million dollars, Jack would still be testifying against him. Phyllis was surprised that Jack hadn't taken the money, and she vowed to convince him to change his mind.

Gina sat down and talked with Danny at the Athletic Club. Danny told Gina that Daniel was heading to town and that Danny had been thinking about whether or not to let him see Phyllis. He told Gina that the only thing that he and Daniel couldn't talk about was Phyllis. Gina said that he was a good father, whatever Danny decided would be the right thing to do.

At the Abbott home, Diane and Kyle were looking at old photos with John Abbott when Jack got home. Jack told Diane that John and she were getting pretty chummy. Diane told him how happy she was that Kyle had such a wonderful father and family. She also dropped the fact that she had seen Phyllis and that Phyllis had had an attitude with her. She told him that Kyle felt strange around Phyllis.

Jack wanted to stop talking about Phyllis when Kyle arrived downstairs. Kyle had a new hat and baseball glove that he had gotten from John. Kyle sat down with Jack, and Jack told him a story about when he had been a kid and had almost caught a fly ball at a baseball game. When Phyllis went to Jack's, she saw Diane's car in the driveway. She remembered her and Diane's conversation when Phyllis had seen Kyle. As she looked in the door, she saw Diane and Jack happily playing with Kyle.

Brittany was at home, talking with Bobby. He tried to cheer her up, trying to get her to sing the song "Mary Had a Little Lamb." Then Bobby told her that he wanted her to return to Marsino's and sing. Brittany said she would never work there again. Bobby said that Brittany was hardheaded. When Raul got home, Raul and Bobby argued about what was best for Brittany. Raul thought the only reason Brittany was involved with Bobby was so she could perform and sing. Bobby told Raul it was more than that. He and Brittany had chemistry.

Sharon was surprised that Nikki had rushed over to see her so quickly. Nikki could tell Sharon was erratic and told her to sit down. As the two sat down together, Sharon tried to tell Nikki how important Nick was to her and also how important it was to be a part of the Newman family. Nikki wanted Sharon to say what was on her mind.

Sharon finally confessed that Cameron had tried to rape her the night of the party. Sharon said that Cameron had manipulated her into going to a sleazy hotel and had made sure Nick had been away working on a project for him. Sharon told Nikki that she had gone to the hotel so she could tell Cameron off, but that when she had gotten there, Cameron had tried to force himself on her. "And now he's missing," Nikki said. "He isn't missing, Nikki," Sharon said, "I killed him."

Friday, FEBRUARY 27, 2004

Sharon told Nikki most of the truth about killing Cameron, leaving out their original encounter in Denver and the fact that she'd lost his body. Nikki was appalled, but not entirely unsympathetic, until Sharon admitted why she was confiding in Nikki. Sharon needed Nikki to provide her an alibi for the night of Cameron's disappearance. Nikki was furious that Sharon was dragging her into a police investigation and said that Sharon had gotten herself into the situation with her lies.

Sharon said she hadn't caused all of it; Cameron had. She was desperate for help. Before Nikki could formulate any kind of answer, there was a knock on the door. Sharon peeked out and announced that Detective Weber had returned. The two women exchanged horrified looks.

Grace showed up at Nick's office with a copy of the newspaper, pointing out how similar the police sketch was to Sharon. Nick denied it, saying it could be anyone. Grace continued to hound him with questions about the night of Cameron's disappearance and Sharon's behavior since. She wondered if he had noticed that his wife was on edge and weird.

Nick refused to acknowledge Grace's concerns. Grace told him about seeing Sharon that night at the bar and how frantic and crazy she'd acted. Although she could see the information had taken Nick by surprise, he still wouldn't concede that any of it meant anything. He demanded that Grace leave.

Brad returned home and heard the news of Victor's offer to Jack. Jack assured him he'd turned it down, wanting to have his day in court and hoping Victor would have to do jail time. Brad agreed with him, although they both knew the other Abbotts wouldn't support their decision. Jack then told him Ashley wanted to pull the plug on the orchid research, and Damon was not happy.

Brad agreed to talk to Ashley, but seemed skeptical about how much good it would do. Jack then admitted that his personal loyalties were divided between Phyllis and Diane. He still loved Phyllis, but he believed Diane had turned over a new leaf.

Phyllis tearfully told Damon everything that was wrong in her life. Victor wouldn't rehire her at Newman. Diane and Jack were getting closer every day, and Kyle had rejected Phyllis as his stepmother. She'd lost custody of her own son, Daniel, and her ex-husband was reluctant to let her be involved in Daniel's life.

Phyllis said she felt like a ghost in her own life. Damon heard her out then told her that she wasn't being Phyllis. If she wanted something, she had to go after it. Phyllis rushed across the room and gave him a passionate kiss.

Brittany went for a walk, saying she wanted to be alone. While she was out, J.T. returned home. He told Raul that all the babying that Brittany was getting from Raul and Bobby wasn't doing her any good, nor should they treat her feelings lightly. He said that Brittany was stuck on herself, so her feeling of self-worth depended on her physical looks. Only Brittany could fix that. One thing they both agreed on was how Kevin needed to pay for all the things he'd done.

After Raul left for class, Brittany returned. She and J.T. argued about her behavior. He reminded her that she could have died. She said that she knew that, but it was easy for him to give her advice. She asked what he would do in her place. J.T. said he would cope. Brittany started having a fit about how he shouldn't judge her, and J.T. grabbed her and kissed her.

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