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Victor got three years of probation and no jail time. Jill worried that Katherine might be drinking again. Dru thought about doing something to get rid of Kevin. Nikki told Nick that Sharon had been with her on the night of Cameron's disappearance.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 1, 2004 on Y&R
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Monday, March 1, 2004

Sharon begged Nikki to be her alibi during the night Cameron Kirsten was murdered. Nikki wonders how Sharon could think she would lie to the police for her. When the doorbell rings and Sharon sees that it's Detective Weber she pleads with Nikki one final time. "Think about your son and your grandchildren," Sharon says. Detective Weber walks inside and asks Nikki if they can go somewhere in private. When Detective Weber and Nikki are alone, Weber asks her to recall her whereabouts the night of New Years Eve. Nikki tells him that was quite a long time ago. When Weber asks Nikki why she is being so vague with him, Nikki says she has been going through a lot in her own life lately and doesn't especially enjoy being interrogated by the police. Weber says she can guarantee that he will be returning and that she better have some answers for him at that time.

Sharon is pacing back and forth when Nick comes to the door. Sharon is relived to see that it's only him but Nick is upset with Sharon. Nick wants to know why Sharon hadn't mentioned that she knew Cameron had been seeing Grace when he had been wondering if Cameron had a girlfriend. When Sharon tries to cover up, Nick gets upset that Sharon can't answer a simple question. As they begin arguing Nikki returns from her talk with Detective Weber and asks why they are arguing about Grace Turner.

Phyllis breaks away from passionately kissing Damon and apologizes for being so vulnerable. Damon asks her what it is that she really wants. Phyllis says she wants it all, her job at Newman, her husband, her son and stepson, everything. Damon says she needs to think about what matters most. Phyllis admits that she doesn't want to lose to Diane. Damon can't believe Phyllis is being so foolish. But he has an idea for her if she really wants to salvage her marriage. Damon thinks that Phyllis should go and work for Jack. Phyllis says she is sure she could get a job working for Jabot, but the idea of working with Diane makes her want to puke. "How secure is Diane's job there?" Damon asks Phyllis. Phyllis smiles. "We have a plan!" she exclaims enthusiastically to Damon. As she leaves, she looks up into his eyes and their chemistry is undeniable. But instead of kissing him again, she respectfully kisses him on the cheek and leaves.

Damon is thinking about his kiss with Phyllis when Vanessa comes to see him. She can tell he's somewhere far away and tries to get him to snap out of it. Vanessa wonders if Damon has orchid business on his mind and Damon tells her that's what it is. Vanessa says she still wants them to run off and extract the orchid themselves, but Damon says they still have to stick around because they don't have the money to do it on their own. Damon tells Vanessa that it's been a long day and he will see her later. Vanessa hints that if Damon doesn't realize what he has with Vanessa soon, he may live to regret it.

Raul enters the Athletic Club and overhears Kevin mentioning his full name as he's talking on the phone about his bills. Raul immediately comes over and asks if he is Kevin Fisher. When Kevin says yes Raul picks him up and shakes Kevin and Kevin pulls out some pepper spray. Raul says Kevin is being a wuss and that he knows that Kevin was the one to hurt Brittany. Kevin looks shocked and tells Raul that he doesn't know any Brittany. Raul says that Kevin probably knows her as Marilyn but that doesn't matter, he knows that Kevin was the one who electrocuted Brittany. Kevin says that hasn't done anything and that everyone is always trying to blame him for things he hasn't done. Raul promises that once Bobby finds Kevin he will get what's coming to him.

Bobby is sitting in his office at Marsino's looking at a picture of Brittany before her accident. He puts her picture in his drawer. Sal and Al come to see Bobby and tell him that the place is doing much better now that Mr. Hodges is now out of the picture. Bobby says that Brittany will be coming back. Sal and Al are surprised, but Bobby tells them that he knows who hurt Brittany so he's sure that she won't get hurt again. Shortly after Sal and Al leave the office, Al returns with Kevin under his arms, trying to fight. Bobby tells Al to leave. Kevin tells him that he had nothing to do with hurting Brittany.

After J.T. kisses Brittany she comes out of her shell a little. J.T. tells her that she needed that kiss to get back in touch with her old self. Brittany thinks he's crazy but J.T. does make her feel a little better. J.T. tells Brittany that she is the strongest person he knows and that the old Brittany wouldn't have cared what anybody said about her or let anyone get in her way of what she wanted. Brittany says next time J.T. wants to be Dr. Phil; he can leave the kissing factor out. J.T. says if that's true, then why did she blush? "Don't worry," J.T. tells her, "It will be our little secret."

Phyllis goes to see Jack and tells him that she wishes their love could be the way it used to be. At first Jack doesn't believe her but when she asks to come in and talk, he agrees. Phyllis knows that Jack found out that Diane had stolen one of her orchids. Jack wonders if Phyllis would have given him an orchid if things had been different. Jack tells Phyllis that Diane stole the orchid with the best of intentions. Phyllis can't believe that Jack actually believes Diane. Jack says that Diane had been there earlier and that they had a great time with Kyle. He says that being with them as a family actually felt normal. Phyllis looks hurt but tells Jack that she knows that Diane had been there. She had seen the three of them playing "happy family" through the window. She had been there to ask how Jack could refuse Victor's generous offer of 75 million dollars. Jack laughs because Phyllis thinks Victor's offer was generous. He wonders how Phyllis knows about the offer. He asks Phyllis if she had gone to Victor to get her old job back and Phyllis says that's why she's here. She wants to work for Jabot so they can salvage their marriage. Jack is overjoyed. Jack says that's a promise he can guarantee, signed, sealed and delivered. But there's one more thing Phyllis wants. Jack needs to fire Diane.

Tuesday, March 2, 2004

Jack and Phyllis argue over her ultimatum. She'll return to work at Jabot if he fires Diane. He tells her he won't put up with her demands. Diane is the most normal thing in his life and Phyllis ahs only brought him drama and misery lately. He can't put up with that anymore. He also guesses that the only reason she's 'giving up' her job at Newman is because she no longer has one there. She begs him not to go after Victor but he scoffs at her suggestion. She tells him he's changed.

Damon meets Diane in the Health club and chat about the orchid. Diane won't reveal what she plans to do with the second plant. Curious about Diane and her motives Damon invites her out for dinner. :

At Marsino's, Bobby and Kevin fight over Brittany's accident. Kevin swears he's innocent. He had some minor experience as a electrician's assistant but that's it. If he had been responsible he wouldn't still be I town. Bobby still believes Kevin is responsible.

J.T. and Raul discuss Brit at Crimson Lights. J.T. doesn't mention the kiss but assures Raul that Brittany will be better soon. He also tells Raul to stay away from Kevin.

Nikki defends Sharon to Nicholas and even gives her the alibi she was looking for. Later Sharon thanks her but Nikki informs her that she did not give Detective Webber the alibi. Too many people already know Nikki had no idea where Sharon was that night. She also refuses out of spite against Sharon.

At Michael's apartment, Paul and Michael once again argue over Kevin's crimes. Michael defies Paul to prove anything.

Wednesday, March 3, 2004

John Abbott and Jack talked before Jack left to speak at Victor's sentencing hearing. Jack didn't want to talk about Phyllis. Both agreed that they hoped Ashley wouldn't go to Victor's sentencing, but John warned his son not to call Ashley. She was so strong-willed that if she was told not to go, she probably would show up. Jack agreed not to call her and hoped Brad could keep her away.

At the health club, Ashley and Brad were working out together. He said how good it was that they were getting back into their routine. Ashley said she'd be sore later, and Brad promised to get out the massage oil. When he said he had to leave, Ashley found out he was going to Victor's sentencing and asked what time it was. Brad warned her not to go. He wasn't sure how upsetting it would be for her, or how it might impact the progress she'd made. Ashley wouldn't commit herself one way or the other. She did say she wished Victor had offered to make some kind of reparations before the sentencing. Brad didn't tell her that Victor had, but that Jack had turned him down.

John Silva wasn't supportive of Victor approving Nikki's decision to speak at the hearing. He reminded Victor that as a Jabot employee, Nikki had also been hurt by Victor's actions. Victor said that he trusted his wife completely, and his future was in her hands.

Jack and Brad weren't happy to see Ashley arrive at the hearing. Nikki told Christine she wanted to speak; could she have the last slot? Christine told her that Jack had already asked to speak last. Just before Nikki was called to the stand, John Silva told the judge that Victor had offered Jack 75 million dollars, which Jack had turned down. Both Ashley and Nikki had shocked looks on their faces. As she went to take the stand, Nikki whispered to Jack that he was stupid.

Nikki then spoke on Victor's behalf. She admitted that Victor had broken the law and made some terrible mistakes out of a longtime vendetta against someone else. But he'd also confessed because he was truly sorry that people had been hurt. It would serve no purpose for him to serve time in prison. It would be appropriate for him to endure a civil lawsuit brought by Jabot, but no one would benefit if Victor was locked away. Jack was disgusted to hear Nikki speaking on Victor's behalf. Ashley's face was impassive. Victor was moved and gave his wife a grateful look as she stepped down from the stand.

At Michael's request, Neil stopped by his apartment early in the morning. He assumed that Michael wanted to discuss Victor's sentencing, but instead, Michael said he wanted to talk about Lily and Kevin Fisher. Neil went off on a tirade about all the people Kevin had hurt. He wouldn't mind seeing his name in the obituaries, but at the very least he wanted him locked up a long time. When he questioned what Michael's interest was in Kevin's situation, Michael told a stunned Neil that Kevin was his brother.

At Crimson Lights, Colleen teased J.T. about what a great singer he was, referring to his Valentine's Day performance at the athletic club party. J.T. said that was just a hobby. Colleen insisted that it could be more than that if he wanted it to be. Everyone thought he was great. When she left to go to class, J.T. was spotted from across the coffee shop by Shiloh, who asked to join him. She, too, was full of compliments for his talent. She was, in fact, willing to make him a record deal if he was interested, as a representative of Beachfront Records.

Thursday, March 4, 2004

Phyllis tells Damon that it's over for her and Jack. She says Diane's job was more secure than she thought. Damon apologizes for trying to convince her to get a job at Jabot but admits that he is kind of glad that it didn't work out. After all, Jack is not the only man on the planet. Phyllis says she would love it if Damon would kiss her, but she is too angry for that right now. She was so happy when she first got together with Jack. But she could never give Jack what he had so desperately wanted, a child. Diane had won because she already had Jack's son. Phyllis shudders as she remembers the horrible things Diane had put them through. All those nights in prison were the worst times of Phyllis' life. Suddenly, Phyllis realizes the horror of Jack trying to put Victor in prison. She apologizes to Damon for leaving so abruptly, but there is something she must do.

In the courtroom Jack stands up and tells the judge that he has something he would like to say. As he begins, Ashley looks at Brad and asks him if he had known about Victor offering Jack $75 million dollars. Ashley is upset that Jack hadn't asked everyone at Jabot what they thought of the offer. Brad tells Ashley that he hadn't known about the money until after the fact. As Jack tells the judge that no amount of money could pay for the person responsible for the death of his unborn nephew, Ashley is horrified. She stands up and screams at Jack. "Don't you dare bring my child into this!" Jack tells Ashley to sit down, but she is in a rage. The judge tries to bring order to the courtroom and Ashley storms out, not wanting to hear another minute. She almost runs into Phyllis. When Jack sees that Phyllis is there, their eyes meet. Phyllis gives Jack a cold stare. Jack apologizes to the judge for Ashley's behavior and tells him that that is her way of dealing with the loss of her son. But Jack can ascribe blame. He thinks that an eye for an eye is justified in this circumstance. Jack thinks that Victor's crime is far beyond money-it's about hate. Victor thinks that there should be one set of laws for people with power and one set of laws for the rest of us. After Jack's speech, the judge is about to call a recess when Phyllis stands up and says she would like to speak. Victor says she doesn't have to say anything; it could hurt her marriage. Phyllis says it's too late for that. Phyllis tells the judge that what Victor has done was wrong but this has been more about a long-standing duel and two men who hate each other. Phyllis mentions a time when Victor was ill and Jack left him for dead. That Jack had once tried to take over Victor's company. Jack is outraged and yells that Phyllis wasn't there when that happened. Phyllis turns to Jack. "Am I lying, Jack?" she asks. The judge demands the court be brought to order. Victor is not the only bad wolf in this story, Phyllis says. For what it's worth, please don't send Victor to jail. The judge calls a recess and Nikki goes to Victor. Victor thanks Nikki for her support. Jack tells Brad that if he had known Phyllis would show up in the courtroom he would had her duct-taped to the dining room chair. Chris tells Victor she has her fingers crossed, he asks her for what side? Chris says she would think he would know. Victor says he wonders.

Neil is shocked to hear that Michael and Kevin are brothers. He feels betrayed by Michael. After everything his daughter had been put through, there was Michael helping Kevin through it all. Michael says that's not true. He hadn't known that Kevin had been in town until Kevin showed up at his door claiming to be charged for giving someone an STD when that wasn't the case. Neil doesn't care when Michael found out Kevin was in town, the fact was, he had known for months while Kevin had raped and lied and tried to kill people. Neil tells Michael that his scum brother will pay for what he's done to his daughter Lily. Michael says he just wanted Neil that Kevin is her brother before he heard the news on the street and that Neil can see his way out.

At the coffeehouse, Olivia, Drucilla and Lily are relived with the news that Lily has cleared up all traces of having an STD. Lily says she has learned a hard lesson. Olivia gets paged and has to go back to work, leaving Dru and Lily alone. Dru can sense that something is wrong with Lily. Lily tells her that she still feels so stupid about falling for Kevin's lies. Drucilla says that Lily needs to let it go. Just then, Kevin walks into the coffeehouse. Lily gets up to go chasing after him but Drucilla stops her. When Lily admits that she once followed Kevin and has been obsessed with finding a way to put him in jail, Drucilla says she has to stop this obsession. Kevin will get what's coming to him.

Shiloh tells J.T. that she wants to give him a record contract. J.T. laughs and asks her if Colleen put her up to this. When Shiloh tells J.T. that this is a once in lifetime opportunity for him, J.T. shakes his head. "Thanks, but no thanks," he tells Shiloh. Shiloh gives J.T. her card in case he changes his mind.

Trying to get away from the scene with Dru and Lily, Kevin runs into J.T. again. J.T. starts taunting Kevin again, and tells him that he needs to turn himself in so that he won't hurt people anymore. Kevin thinks that J.T. is trying to confuse him, but he won't fall for it. He is too smart for that.

Friday, March 5, 2004

After the judge left the courtroom to determine Victor's sentence, Victor thanked Nikki and Phyllis for testifying on his behalf, while Jack raged about Phyllis outside the courtroom to Brad. When alerted that the judge was ready, everyone reconvened in the courtroom. The judge said he wished Jack and Victor had been able to settle out of court; it would have made his job easier. Jack muttered that what Victor offered had been chump change, and the judge said that to one of his more modest income, it had not been chump change. In any case, the comments offered by Mrs. Newman and Mrs. Abbott had helped him decide that the community would not be served by Victor's imprisonment. Instead, he was giving Victor three years' probation. If he violated the law again, he'd go to jail. In the meantime, he was giving Victor fourteen days to come up with some creative way to do community service. Jack walked out with one last glare at Phyllis.

Afterward, Victor again thanked Nikki for her loyalty. Although it seemed over for her, it would never be over for him. He promised never to do anything like that again, and told her that he understood if she wanted to leave him. Nikki said she wanted nothing except to be with him and put their family back together. Victor said he'd never loved her more.

Jack was drinking alone at the Abbott house when Phyllis walked in. He warned her that she didn't want to be there. Phyllis defended what she'd done in court, saying that she'd merely wanted to present a more balanced view than Jack had. The hatred between Victor and him was two-sided. Jack told her that she was being sanctimonious and congratulated her on keeping Victor out of jail after all that he'd done to the Abbott family. She obviously understood nothing about family loyalty. Phyllis questioned whether he meant the kind of loyalty that Nick had shown Victor, turning in his own father with Jack's encouragement. Jack denied being the reason that Nick had done what he had. Phyllis said that their marriage had meant more to her than anything in her life, and Jack pointed out that she'd done everything she could to destroy it. Phyllis tearfully told him that she'd hoped for a fairy tale ending. Instead, she'd have her lawyers call his. Then she left after one last look at the Abbott house.

Neil met Drucilla at Crimson Lights, where she frantically warned him that Lily might end up being Kevin's victim again. She'd found out their daughter wanted vengeance and had been following Kevin around. Neil said that he couldn't blame her. He'd hired a private investigator to do much the same thing until he found out Paul was working on the case. He was hoping that sooner or later, justice would catch up with Kevin. He then told her what he'd just found out; Michael Baldwin was Kevin Fisher's half-brother. After he left, Dru looked like she was coming up with a plan of her own.

Michael was trying to get some peaceful time to himself when he heard a knock on the door. He decided not to answer and was shocked when he realized someone was trying to get in. He pulled the door open and jerked Kevin inside, demanding to know why he was breaking into his apartment. Kevin said he was just intending to wait for Michael, and Michael told him from now on to wait outside. He then questioned why Kevin was there. When Kevin said he'd been accused of something else he hadn't done, Michael said it was strange how Kevin was always right and everyone else was wrong. Not only had Kevin destroyed his own life in Genoa City, but he was dragging Michael into it. Even Neil Winters was after him now. Kevin accused Neil of being crazy, and Michael kicked him out of his apartment, saying he wanted to be a good brother to him, but for now he just wanted some time alone to work out his own problems. Just as Michael started to relax again, Drucilla showed up at his door, acting surprised at his defensive attitude. She was just there to talk to him about something.

Arthur was delighted to watch Jill at work and wondered how someone with so little education had ended up with a powerful job and a seat on the Jabot board. Jill warned him that she'd done a lot of unconventional things to get there, things she wasn't necessarily proud of. Arthur pointed out that still, she was handling herself very well with what she'd achieved. He wanted to know everything about her life. Jill told him a little about growing up and when she'd first met Katherine. They both were hopeful that since the Chancellor house was back to normal, perhaps Katherine had stopped drinking. Jill said Katherine seemed much better, and Arthur expressed his desire for the three of them to be a family.

Katherine was delighted to receive a visit from Elizabeth. But her questions made Liz suspicious, and Katherine finally had to admit that she'd introduced Jill to her birth father. Liz was shocked that Jill hadn't told her. When Jill breezed in, in a great mood, Liz asked if she'd deliberately kept the news from her. Jill said no; she'd looked forward to telling her. Arthur was wonderful, and she was looking forward to the two of them getting to know each other better. She also told Katherine how proud she and Arthur were that Katherine wasn't drinking. After Katherine left Jill alone with Liz, Liz told Jill that she was so happy that she was finally finding what she'd been looking for. Jill told Liz that she loved her very much. They hugged, then Liz left. Jill then saw Katherine walking down the hall drinking from a cup, and her eyes narrowed with suspicion that Katherine might be drinking again.

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