The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 8, 2004 on Y&R

Colleen got J.T. backstage passes to see Smokey Robinson. Larry revealed to Sharon that he had gotten rid of Cameron's body. Danny called Daniel to tell him that Phyllis would be in town when Daniel returned home. Katherine agreed to let Arthur move in.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 8, 2004 on Y&R
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Monday, March 8, 2004

Jill is upset when she finds out that Katherine is drinking again. Katherine tells Jill to stop trying to run her life. It doesn't matter how many times Jill gets rid of all the alcohol in the house, Katherine will just go and buy more. When Katherine goes upstairs Arthur comes in. Jill is embarrassed that he heard them arguing again. Arthur tells Jill he thinks that moving into Katherine's estate could help the three of them. Jill doesn't think that is such a great idea. She is afraid that Arthur will want to leave when he experiences how horrible it is living with an alcoholic. Arthur says he's not going anywhere and tells Jill she better get to work. He will stay and look after Katherine.

Katherine is surprised to find Arthur there when she comes downstairs. Arthur mentions that a few things need to be taken care of at her estate. Some plants need watering, light bulbs replaced. Katherine says Esther used to take care of those things. When Katherine asks Arthur why he is here he tells her about his idea to move in with her and Jill.

Jill goes to visit John Abbott to ask him if he knows how to get in touch with their son, Billy. When John wonders why Jill wants to see Billy so badly she tells John that she has met her father and she wants Billy to meet him. John tells Jill that Nikki told him about Katherine drinking again and wonders if it would be such a great idea to have Billy come back now. Jill thinks Billy would be a happy surprise for her father and she wants Arthur to be happy in Genoa City. If she leaves that up to Katherine, Jill thinks, Katherine will ruin everything.

J.T. is listening to his favorite R&B artist, Smokey Robinson, when Colleen comes to visit. She's never heard of Smokey before but agrees that he sounds good. J.T. says that Smokey Robinson is performing tonight but that the show is already sold out. J.T. also tells Colleen about Shiloh's record contract proposal. Colleen can't believe J.T. would turn down such a dream come true. J.T. doesn't want to talk about it anymore.

Lily tells Sierra how her life will always be different what happened with Kevin. She says that she only feels dirty now when she thinks about being with someone else. Kevin is behind her listening and goes to her, saying how sorry he is. Lily is outraged. She can't believe Kevin could think that anything he said or did could change all the horrible things he's done to her. Lily tells Kevin that she heard that he tried to kill himself and says that it's too bad that he didn't. She tells Kevin that he is the one responsible for all her hate in the world. When Sierra tells Kevin to leave, Lily breaks down crying. Colleen comes into the coffeehouse and tries to comfort Lily. She tells Lily and Sierra about Shiloh's offer to give J.T. a record contract. The girls are in awe but Colleen says that J.T. turned down the offer. As the girls are talking about performing, Lily mentions something about her mom knowing Smokey Robinson. Colleen says that Smokey Robinson is J.T.'s idol. The three decide to come up with a plan to get J.T. to change his mind.

Drucilla enters Michael's apartment and tells him that she wants to sue Kevin Fisher. Michael tells her that without any money involved that might not be such a practical idea. Besides, he may not have his license for long. When Dru starts telling Michael that all she needs is a little evidence, Michael realizes that she knows that Kevin is his brother. Drucilla admits that yes, she knows. If it were her brother she would have sent him away so he couldn't hurt anyone else. She says since Michael is not a parent, he couldn't understand what's it's like for her. Michael says he doesn't have to be a parent to be empathetic or understand. If there were evidence, Drucilla wonders, would Michael turn in his own brother? Michael says there is no evidence, so it doesn't matter. Drucilla thanks Michael for nothing and leaves.

Paul surprises Lauren at the Boutique. It is all decorated for springtime. Paul tells Lauren that he saw Michael but that no new evidence against Kevin has sprung up yet. Lauren doesn't think Michael would tell Paul if it had, after all, why would a brother betray his own flesh and blood? Paul thinks that if Michael had known something, he would have told him. Kevin has raped, attempted to murder and set Gina's place on fire, for Paul, that's someone who should be put away for a long time. Lauren is not so sure about that. She saw something in Kevin that no one else saw. She told Paul that it's not all black and white. Paul tells Lauren to try to stop thinking about Kevin. He will see her later. After Paul leaves, Lauren is working and hears someone come into the Boutique. She yells that she will be there in just a minute. "I hope you can help me," says a familiar voice. It's Kevin Fisher.

Tuesday, March 9, 2004

Brittany accuses J.T. of being too scared to pursue a singing career and encourages him to reconsider Shiloh's offer. Meanwhile, Colleen, Lily, and Sierra brainstorm a way to get tickets to Smokey Robinson's concert. Colleen finds Shiloh's business card and gets an idea. Later, Colleen calls J.T. and tells him she got backstage passes. Smokey exits the stage, and in an attempt to stall him, the girls quickly bust into a Supremes like version of "I Second That Emotion." Their plan works, and J.T. arrives in time to meet Smokey. Smokey advises J.T. not to make any decisions he will live to regret, and reminds him that record contracts don't come along everyday.

At the boutique, Kevin reassures Lauren he isn't going to harm her. Lauren claims she wasn't pretending to like him, but he doubts her. She brings up his attempted suicide and admits she wouldn't be able to live with herself if he did anything. Kevin thanks her for showing him what true love is, and exits.

In Paul's office, Dru and Neil wonder if he's been able to find anything on Kevin yet. Paul brings up the Brittany's electrocution and how Kevin is a possible suspect.

Arthur pleads with Kay to let him move in and she finally agrees. Jill reluctantly decides to go on a business trip for Jack, and he informs her that he and Phyllis broke up. Jill is sympathetic and shocked to discover Phyllis testified on Victor's behalf. Jill brings up her father and Kay's drinking again. They offer each other support and embrace.

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Phyllis brought breakfast to Damon's apartment, where she again bemoaned all the things that were wrong with her life. Damon told her to get off her self-pity kick and do something about it. He was going to continue to stand by her as a friend, and he admired her for standing up for Victor in court. Inspired by his pep talk, Phyllis went to the athletic club and confronted Gina. She demanded that Gina help her connect with her son when he came to Genoa City. Gina said she wanted to stay out of it. She finally admitted that she believed Phyllis had changed, and she'd admired the way Phyllis was with her stepson Kyle. But she was not going to get involved in forcing something on her nephew, since neither she nor Phyllis knew very much about him. Phyllis said that she expected Gina to help make his visit and his meeting with his mother a pleasant one.

After a romantic morning with Danny, Christine noted that she needed to buy him a new robe so he wouldn't be stuck wearing Paul's old robe. Danny encouraged her to take a day off, but she said she couldn't. She asked what he was going to do with his day, and Danny said he was going to start by calling Daniel. He needed to tell him that Phyllis wanted to see him. After Danny left so Christine could work, Michael stopped by. He explained his relationship with Kevin and told her that Kevin seemed to be followed by trouble wherever he went. Christine said that where there was smoke, there was usually fire. Michael admitted the truth of that, and asked if she heard anything around the DA's office, to let him know. Michael was also worried about the possible loss of his law license after his interaction with Victor. He'd know something in a few weeks.

At Crimson Lights, Danny called his son. Daniel pretended to have just gotten in, but he was actually in bed with a girl. He assured his father that everything was fine with him, including his grades. When he asked Danny why he was calling so early, Danny said that he needed to tell him something about his mother.

Ashley went to the Abbott house to have it out with Jack about his refusal to accept Victor's 75 million dollar offer. She said that Jack had turned this into a personal vendetta against Victor, losing his wife and possibly Jabot in the process. Jack said that no amount of money could make up for all that Victor had cost them. Ashley was enraged when Jack brought up Robert and told him not to use her dead child that way. She reminded Jack that it was a family business, and the family would make decisions. He wasn't autonomous. Jack said in this case, she needed to stay out of his way. He was going to make sure Victor paid. Ashley said they'd see about that, and then she left.

Sharon gave her family their lunches and then sent them all to school or to work. Before he left, Nick called Grace on his cell phone and asked her where she was. When she said Crimson Lights, he said he wanted to talk to her. After he left, Sharon came back downstairs, and was psyched out by the sound of something tapping on the window. When she looked out, the wind was blowing hard and the trees were brushing against the house. She tried to convince herself it was all in her head, then she saw someone turning the front doorknob. The door was locked. Sharon looked out, and saw no one. She opened the door and called out, asking if it was Nikki. When no one answered, she locked the door again. Then she saw a shadow on the window as someone repeatedly tried to open the door. She grabbed Noah's baseball bat and opened the door a little way, holding the bat up to hit whoever was pushing the door open.

At Crimson Lights, Nick accused Grace of trying once again to start trouble between Sharon and him. She had no proof that Sharon was hiding anything. Grace said that Sharon had been missing the night Cameron disappeared, and the police sketch looked just like his wife. Nick said that his mother had explained that Sharon was with her. As for the police sketch, it was just the power of suggestion. Grace wanted to believe the worst of Sharon; just what was it that Grace thought Sharon had done? Grace denied that she was trying to cause trouble. She simply wanted to know what had happened to Cameron, the man she loved. She asked if Nick had asked Sharon what she was doing at the bar that night, looking so distraught. Nick thought Grace was making it up. He'd only been out of town one night in the last month. Was Grace trying to convince him that was the night in question? Grace whipped out her appointment book and showed him the date. Nick checked his electronic calendar and admitted that was the night he'd been out of town until late. But it proved nothing. He wanted Grace to leave them alone. After he walked out, he paused with a troubled expression.

Tuesday, March 11, 2004

Sharon confides in Michael that she saw Cameron's face at the window before. Nikki enters, and learns of Michael's involvement. She questions where the body is located, and Michael reveals the body disappeared. Later, Sharon answers the door to find Larry. He makes sure they are alone in the house before revealing he was there the night Sharon was at the Lakeside bar, and wants to discuss the body in her trunk.

Anita and Frederick talk Brittany into interviewing for a job at the bank. Brittany meets with Josh, who explains how his department works and what Brittany's job would entail. When Brittany and Anita exit, Josh tells Fred he thinks Brittany would do well at the bank, but not necessarily with the platinum account customers. Josh believes Brittany's scar might make the customers uncomfortable. Brittany listens on the other side of the door. Neil tries to discuss business with Nick, but notices his mind on something else.

Nick admits Sharon has been acting strange lately and nothing he does seems to comfort her. Daniel tells Danny he does not want to discuss Phyllis, and does not think about her at all. Danny mentions Phyllis lives in town and wants to see Daniel. Daniel declines the invitation to dinner and states he has no desire to meet with Phyllis. After Danny hangs up, Phyllis enters and asks if he has spoken with Daniel. Danny explains to Phyllis that Daniel has decided he does not want to see her. Phyllis is crushed.

Friday, March 12, 2004

Larry told Sharon that he'd seen her the night she stopped at the bar. He could tell she was upset and walked around her car. When he saw something sticking out of the trunk, he opened it and found the body. He then removed the body and dumped it somewhere; no one would ever find it. He told Sharon it was better if she didn't know where. After hearing Sharon's whole story about Cameron, Larry was glad to help her, because he'd always had a soft spot for her. In case she needed him again, Larry gave her a number where she could reach him. To Larry, it sounded like Cameron wasn't a very good person, so he wasn't going to lose any sleep over it, and neither should she. Sharon hugged him and thanked him for saving her life.

At Newman, Nikki asked Nick why he'd wanted to see her. He asked how she was doing, and Nikki said he should be asking how Victor was doing. Nick said he wasn't worried about his father, who'd gotten off lightly for the crimes he'd committed. Nikki said that she was sure Nick and his friend Jack would have rather seen Victor in jail. Nick said he didn't want to talk about Victor. He was worried about Sharon and thanked his mother for putting her differences with Sharon aside to support his wife. But if Sharon had confided in her, Nick wanted to know what was going on. He could feel Sharon slipping away and knew she was dealing with something. Nikki said that she wouldn't be a very good confidante if she told him things Sharon had told her. She suggested he just continue to be supportive of his wife, because she knew how much they loved each other. She also warned him not to let Grace poison his mind. Nick hugged her and thanked her for caring so much about his and Sharon's happiness.

Nick came home to find Sharon in her robe after taking a long bath. The kids were at a game and would be eating with their friends, so he wanted the rest of the night to be just theirs. They could do anything she wanted to do---dinner, a movie, dancing. He opened a bottle of champagne for them, and Sharon hugged him, saying all she wanted was to be in his arms, in their home, knowing that he loved her no matter what. Nick apologized for adding to her stress and promised to stop questioning her about everything. He also reassured her that he was having nothing to do with Grace. He knew how much trouble she'd caused them in the past, and he wasn't going to let her come between them again. Sharon said she knew people thought she was acting crazy. Sometimes she even worried that she was going crazy. She knew something was wrong with her. When Nick hugged her, Sharon looked over his shoulder through the window and saw her vision of a bloody Cameron staring in at her again.

Damon and Drucilla went to take Jack some dinner and commiserate with him about the end of his marriage. Then they admitted they were there for another reason, as well. They wanted him to fight Ashley's decision about pulling the plug on the orchid research. Jack said the company was going through financial difficulties at the moment, and Ashley's decision was based on that. However, at some point, when they got damages from Victor, they'd be able to resume the project. Dru wondered if that couldn't take years, and Damon said they were at a critical point in their research. If they stopped now, they might not be able to pick it back up. Jack finally agreed to fight Ashley, maybe even to the board, and Dru and Damon left him alone.

At Jabot, Ashley brought some reports to Brad then said she'd see him later at home. Brad stopped her from leaving, saying he wanted to talk about the hair-straightener research. Ashley said that project was dead. Brad pointed out that she'd made the decision without consulting anyone else. Ashley said she'd laugh if that wasn't so sad, since that was exactly what he and Jack had done by refusing Victor's offer. Brad backed up Jack on that, and Ashley said it was something the board would discuss at a meeting at the Abbott house the next morning. When Brad asked if Jack knew about the meeting, Ashley said he'd know when he came downstairs to breakfast.

Brittany overheard Josh telling Frederick that the bank's biggest customers would not want to interact with Brittany because they'd feel pity for her. Anything that made them feel uncomfortable might also make them take their money elsewhere. He didn't have a problem with Brittany's scar, but others might, and Frederick needed to consider if the job he wanted to put her in was the right job under those circumstances.

When Anita rejoined Brittany, ready to take her to lunch, Brittany said she was tired and wanted to go home. Anita tried as compassionately as possible to make Brittany understand that part of growing up was in dealing with disappointments. Sometimes things didn't go the way they were planned, so people had to adapt. And they could go on to have beautiful, happy lives. After Anita took her home, Brit went to lie down, and Anita and Raul argued about whether or not Brittany should work at the bank. Raul said they needed to stop pressuring her to do something she didn't want to do. Anita said she needed to get back to living, and Raul should be encouraging her to do so. After Anita left, Brittany told Raul a little of the conversation she'd overheard. He lost his temper, ready to confront Josh, but Brittany told him that Josh was right. Even though her mother's advice had been good, what she really wanted to do was cry over what she'd lost without being told that she was beautiful or that everything would be fine. Couldn't Raul just let her cry? Raul told her to do just that, and as he held a crying Brittany against his chest, tears streamed down his face.

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