The Young and the Restless Daily Recaps for the week of March 29, 2004

Dru found out about Damon and Phyllis' affair. Kevin confessed his misdeeds to Lauren. Victor took his Jabot offer off the table. Abby told Victor that she had seen her mom on tape, telling her that Victor was her father.
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Dru found out about Damon and Phyllis' affair
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Monday, March 29, 2004

As Victor looked at the atrium window, he mentioned to Nikki that he was surprised that Sharon hadn't gotten hurt worse when she'd fallen. Nikki agreed with him. Nikki told Victor that she was worried about Victor's meeting with Jabot. Victor told her not to take it personally. When Nikki told him that it was personal, and the future of her career was at stake, Victor said he'd told Nikki not to invest her money into a loser's company. Victor asked her to promise that whatever happened during the meeting, they would not take it home with them.

Brittany assumed that the woman she'd met at the park was going to tell her that everything worked out in the end. The woman told her that was not exactly true and that she had dreamed of someday having a career and a family, but she'd almost let her opportunities pass her by, feeling sorry for herself. The woman told Brittany that she was going to night school and had met a really nice guy, but she wished it hadn't taken her so long.

When Brittany told the woman that her dreams were to someday be a performer, the woman wanted to know why Brittany still didn't pursue it. Brittany said that the kind of performer she was needed to have looks to make it. The woman said that Brittany wouldn't know that for sure unless she went and tried to get her job back herself. Brittany was excited for the advice and realized that was what she needed to try to do.

When Brittany showed up at Marsino's, she remembered how things had been for her before. Angelo watched her. When she noticed that Angelo was there, she asked him where Bobby was. Angelo told her that maybe it was not a good idea for Brittany to come around anymore. She was a good girl, he said, and she had never really belonged there in the first place. Brittany asked if she could talk to Bobby. Angelo told her that Bobby had moved on, and he'd already been looking for another girl. Holding back the tears, Brittany said that information was something she'd needed to hear.

Abby walked in the room as Ashley watched the tape she'd made for Abby for her 16th birthday. Abby watched the tape and heard that Victor was her biological father. Not saying anything, Abby walked out of the room and shut the door behind her. Colleen stopped by and asked Francis if she could take Abby to the Athletic Club. Francis said it would be okay.

At the Athletic Club, J.T. told Shiloh that he had never been to L.A. before. He said the first thing he had to do was put his toe in the Pacific Ocean just to say that he'd done it. Shiloh told J.T. that he wouldn't really have the time to do that. This business trip would be very important, Shiloh said. J.T. said that would be okay because Colleen would be there with him. Shiloh asked that Colleen not go that one time.

J.T. was very unhappy about Shiloh's request. When he tried to convince Shiloh, however, she told J.T. that she didn't like his attitude. She suggested that maybe they needed to rethink their agreement. Just then, Colleen entered and sat down next to J.T. "Are you giving this nice lady a hard time?" she asked J.T.

Olivia rushed over to see Jack, wondering what the urgency was. Jack said that ever since Ashley had gotten back to being her old self, she had no respect for anyone else. He complained about her being incorrigible at Jabot, and what was worse, she had decided to tell Victor about Abby. Olivia said that as Ashley's friend and as her doctor, she thought it was the best decision Ashley could make. She added that if Jack tried to stop Ashley, he would live to regret it.

As Ashley put away Abby's tape, Brad entered their room and asked that Ashley cancel the meeting. With Jack and her unable to agree about Victor's settlement, the meeting might not go as they all hoped it would. Ashley got angry and wouldn't listen to Brad's reasoning. She said she wanted it to all be over. She asked if Brad was going with her or if she would see him at the meeting. Brad said he would go with her.

At the Jabot board meeting, everyone agreed again that they would accept Victor's offer. When Victor entered, Jack still had yet to show. Victor asked where Jack was, and Ashley told him that Jack knew about the meeting. However, she added, it was up to Jack if he didn't want to be there. John told Victor that they had accepted Victor's offer of 75 million, and all Victor had to do was sign the papers.

Victor said he thought his offer was a good one. Just then, Jack entered, saying that Victor's money was mere chump change. Everyone else got annoyed, and Ashley told Jack to shut up. Victor said his offer was generous, but since Jack didn't want it, they would have to duel it out in court. Jack would hear from Victor's attorney. Everyone was upset except Jack, who was extremely pleased.

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Victor rescinded his offer of $75 million at the Jabot board meeting, blaming Jack for turning it down. Jack proclaimed that Victor had never intended to honor the agreement, anyway. Victor made a new offer of $20 million. The Jabot board was infuriated by it, and all of them told him to take that offer and shove it. Her told them they would see him in court then.

Nikki chased after Victor in hopes of changing his mind. Jill told Jack that she wished Victor had taken the offer, but once he hadn't -- and he'd had that smug look on his face, knowing how he had cheated them -- she'd hated him for it. The board argued with Jack on how to get through the next few months. Jack thought their talk of dumping Tuvia was premature.

Phyllis and Damon shared a romantic day together at his apartment as he introduced her to tantric.

Colleen interrupted J.T. and Shiloh at the Athletic Club. She was excited about going to L.A. with them. Shiloh left J.T. to tell Colleen the news. He eventually broke it to her that she wasn't going with him but then changed his mind and wanted to take her, no matter what Shiloh said. Colleen argued that he had to do what his boss said, and she would stay behind.

At Marsino's, Bobby was missing Brittany and wondered how she was doing. Angelo slipped and said that he knew Brittany was "fine." Bobby figured out that Angelo had seen her and that he'd told her to take a hike. He ran out to find her.

Raul returned home and asked Brittney how her walk had been. She told him about being in the park and meeting a woman with cerebral palsy, and she explained how it had opened her eyes. She said she'd been a fool, and she kissed him. She wanted him. He asked if she was sure, and they went into the bedroom. Later, they were surprised when Bobby showed up.

Nikki chased Victor back to the ranch and tried to get him to change his mind. He pulled out the old arguments of "I told you not to get involved with Jabot" and "this is business." He said he would use his resources to delay the court case until Jabot was bankrupt.

Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Nikki dropped the topic of the potential Jabot lawsuit against Victor when she heard that he was planning to meet with Ashley as soon as Ashley asked to see him. Panicked that he was about to learn the truth about Abby's paternity, Nikki tried to discredit Ashley in every possible way, saying she always had an agenda and showed an imperious attitude about Victor's time and attention. She really didn't want him to meet with Ashley at all, nor could she promise that her relationship with Ashley was ever going to be civil. Victor was bewildered by Nikki's vehemence and said that he had every intention of hearing Ashley out. The meeting had been agreed on before they'd ever met about the possible settlement, and he was curious about it.

Ashley agreed with Brad when he told her that she and Jack needed to steer clear of each other. He suggested that he be the one who talked to Jack. Ashley admitted that her problems with her brother weren't uppermost in her mind. Brad correctly surmised that she still intended to tell Victor about Abby's paternity. He wondered if she'd considered all the ramifications of sharing that information.

When Ashley insisted their marriage was strong, Brad said he wasn't worried about that. His concerns were more along the lines of what role Victor would want to play in Abby's life and if Nikki was going to become Abby's stepmother. Ashley said that she couldn't give him reassurances about how things would play out because it all depended on how Victor reacted. There was no way to predict that. Brad said he had faith in her, but he completely disagreed with her decision to tell Victor. After he left, Ashley called Victor at the ranch and made plans to meet him that night. When Nikki went downstairs, Victor told her about the meeting.

Before they could have sex, Brittany and Raul were interrupted by Bobby's arrival. Although Raul repeatedly asked Bobby to leave, Brittany finally persuaded Raul to give her some time alone with her old boss. Raul left to work out, and Bobby told Brittany that he knew about her visit to Marsino's and what Angelo had told her. However, he said that Angelo hadn't been telling the truth. Bobby was not looking for a replacement for her.

Bobby said that he was not, in fact, moving on in any way, because he had very strong feelings for Brittany. Brittany told him it was okay. Angelo had been right, and Bobby should move on. It was better for her to stay with Raul. Hurt, Bobby told her she'd changed him. He would never settle for less again. After he left, Brittany stared sadly into space.

Raul ran into J.T. in the locker room and told him that things were looking up with him and Brittany. Although she'd rebuffed his advances early that morning, after going for a walk, she'd returned home -- and they'd been about to make love when Bobby had shown up. J.T. was surprised that Raul had left them alone at the loft, but Raul said he wasn't worried. He had faith in his relationship with Brittany. J.T. commiserated with Raul's physical needs, since he hadn't been active since getting involved with Colleen. Raul was surprised to hear that Colleen wouldn't be going to L.A. with J.T. and wondered if Shiloh disliked her. J.T. said Shiloh was just doing her job.

In the Athletic Club dining area, while Abby was in the kitchen with Gina, Colleen assured Lily that she didn't mind not going to California with J.T. She understood that he'd be busy and that she'd be in the way. Lily suggested she could find other things to do there. Colleen agreed but said there would still be boring times of waiting for J.T., and J.T. would probably feel guilty about neglecting her. For everyone, it was best if she didn't go. Lily promised that she and Sierra would keep Colleen so busy that she wouldn't have time to miss J.T. Colleen looked pensive as she reflected that it was probably just the first of many times she'd be left behind, but J.T. had to take the shot at stardom.

Phyllis and Damon were basking in the afterglow of their tantric love session. Phyllis said she was a woman of experience, but Damon had definitely taught her something new. When he went upstairs to start the shower, in hopes that she'd join him, Phyllis answered a knock on the door and found a very startled Drucilla. Dru was obviously not happy about the new development, and she and Phyllis exchanged a few heated words. Dru didn't really believe that Damon was willingly involved with Phyllis until he arrived downstairs, held Phyllis in his arms, and referred to them as a couple. Dru then asked to have a word alone with Damon, and Phyllis went upstairs, taunting Dru as she picked up her scattered underwear.

Neil was surprised when Vanessa arrived to see him. She had a proposition for him. He reminded her that he was a married man. Vanessa said it was business. She wanted to know if Newman was interested in hiring her to do the orchid hair-straightening research. Once Neil found out she had no contract or any kind of deal with Jabot, he was very interested. He promised to present her proposal to the powers at Newman. When he expressed his curiosity about how she'd get an orchid, Vanessa told him to leave that to her.

Thursday, April 1, 2004

Drucilla angrily blew out all of the candles in Damon's apartment as she waited for him to return downstairs from his shower. She sat down on the couch and found Phyllis' underwear lodged between two of the cushions. Dru shuddered with disgust. "Get down here, Damon!" she yelled. When Damon finally returned downstairs, he told Dru that he'd hoped she would have gotten the hint and left already.

Dru told Damon he was really playing with fire as far as Phyllis was concerned. She was the boss's wife. Damon said that he and Phyllis were consenting adults, and they should be able to see each other if they wanted to. Dru says Damon's timing stunk -- and so did his choice. She asked why he couldn't go out with someone like Vanessa, who was single, not married and a sister.

Damon got angry and said that he didn't pick people off of a laundry list. Dru informed Damon that he needed to put Phyllis back on the shelf, especially with their jobs on the line. Dru said that since Victor had taken his $75 million offer off the table, Ashley was playing cleanup, and their orchid project was headed for the guillotine. Damon said that maybe it was time they take the whole thing in a different direction.

Neil informed Nick about Vanessa's offer. He said that Vanessa had told him she was under no contract with Jabot. She was a free agent. Nick liked the idea but said that he was not sure he could authorize it. Nick told Neil that Victor had been threatening to find another CEO to take over his position. He asked for Neil's support. Neil said he would do his best to help.

After Nick left, Victor stopped by and told Neil he would like to talk to him. Victor told Neil it was a good decision for Victor to bring him back. Neil thanked Victor for giving him a second chance. Victor said that Neil was the kind of person he had been looking for. Victor informed Neil that he was on a short list to replace Nick as interim CEO of Newman Enterprises. Neil was honored that Victor would consider him. He said that if he were offered, he would happily accept. Victor said he hadn't quite decided yet, but he would decide shortly. When Victor left, Neil was so happy, he was practically dancing.

Kevin and Michael were sitting at the bar, celebrating Kevin's newfound freedom. Kevin thanked Michael for bailing him out. He said Michael was a good brother. Michael said he wasn't the one who'd come up with the bond surety. "Who then, Santa Claus?" Kevin wondered. When Michael told Kevin that it had been Lauren Fenmore, Kevin was shocked and overjoyed.

Dru was waiting for Neil at the Athletic Club. When he showed up, he could tell that she was down. She told Neil that Victor had taken his $75 million offer off the table. Neil hadn't known about the offer but said that Victor had to have done it for a reason. Dru scowled. However, when Neil told Dru he might be offered the interim CEO position, Dru became ecstatic.

Neil looked over at the bar and pointed out Kevin and Michael sitting together. The two went over and told Kevin they were surprised he was not still in jail. As Kevin's lawyer, Michael told them that they'd better leave him alone. As they left, Kevin said they were like evil vampires. Michael told Kevin to show a little remorse. After all, he had done something to their daughter. Kevin admitted that he probably should feel guilty.

Michael told Kevin that he didn't need to go thank Lauren because she already knew that Kevin was thankful. He said that Kevin should leave Lauren alone. Kevin thought to himself, "Why would I? Leave the love of my life alone? I don't think so."

Miguel invited Ashley into the Newman home. While Ashley waited for Nikki to arrive downstairs, she remembered how frightened she'd felt when Victor had been holding Abby and had refused to let her go in the delivery room. When Nikki arrived downstairs, Ashley told Nikki she was not sure why she was there. Nothing Nikki said was going to change her mind about telling Victor that he was Abby's father.

Nikki begged Ashley to let her be the one to tell Victor about Abby. Ashley was surprised, but when Nikki promised that she would tell Victor that night, Ashley agreed and went home. As Nikki waited for Victor to return home, she looked at the roses Victor had given to her and remembered how much he loved her. Nikki was frightened of what the news would mean for the two of them and their family.

Abby tells Victor that he is her father

Abby tells Victor that he is her father

Friday, April 2, 2004

At the boutique, Lauren argued with a distributor over the phone as Kevin entered. After she hung up, he apologized for interrupting and awkwardly asked how she'd been. She stammered that she'd been busy but good. Kevin observed that the place looked great, and so did she. Lauren politely inquired about how he was doing, and he indicated that he was a million times better not being locked up. He added that there were things that happened in jail that she didn't want to know about, and it had been worse than he'd ever imagined.

Kevin revealed that he was there to thank Lauren because he knew she'd covered his bail. She guessed that Michael had told him, but she didn't want it to be a big deal. Kevin gushed that it had been the most incredible thing anyone had ever done for him. Lauren figured that Michael would have posted it eventually. Kevin knew that it would have taken his brother days to get the money together, and there was no way he would have survived another day in prison. Lauren commented that it was amazing what people could do when they had to. Kevin asked why she'd done it.

Lauren admitted that she'd been worried about Kevin, since Michael had told her that Kevin had problems with small spaces. Kevin referred to his dad, but he quickly clammed up. Lauren bet the inmates had been hard on Kevin, and he shared that they'd found out about Lily. Lauren recalled that she'd felt like Kevin had been through enough already when she'd seen him at the bail hearing, and he was stunned to hear she'd been there to support him. She explained that she'd seen what being locked up had done to him, and she'd had the money to help him. Kevin called her an amazing woman, adding that he hadn't thought people like her existed in the world.

Lauren pointed out that Kevin still had to face the charges, and he swore that he wouldn't skip town. She said she trusted him, and he replied that it meant a lot to have her in his corner. She clarified that her posting bail didn't mean she considered him innocent or guilty, but she believed everyone deserved a fair shake. Kevin looked forward to going to court to prove he hadn't tried to electrocute Brittany. He admitted that he'd done horrible things that he wasn't proud of, but Brittany's accident hadn't been one of them. Lauren questioned how horrible the other things had been, and she encouraged Kevin to share with her instead of letting things eat away at him.

Lauren gave her word that she wouldn't repeat what Kevin was about to tell her to anyone. Kevin confessed that everything he'd been accused of regarding Lily and the fire at Gina's had all been true. Lauren was clearly taken aback but covered her horror. Kevin rambled about how sorry he was, and he claimed that he'd been a different person before he'd met Lauren. He swore that he'd erase it all if he could, but she sternly told him that it wasn't how it worked.

Lauren wondered if Kevin realized how many lives he'd damaged, and he pleaded with her not to be upset because he felt terrible enough. Lauren inquired about Brittany, and Kevin reiterated that he'd had nothing to do with it. Lauren claimed that she had to get back to work and tried to dismiss him. Kevin freaked out, thinking that she was going to call the cops.

Kevin blasted Lauren for leading him to believe he could trust her. He ranted that he'd rather die than go back to jail, but she assured him that she wouldn't say anything to the police. He was skeptical, but she insisted that they were friends, and friends counted on one another. Kevin wailed that he didn't know what he would do if the cops went after him, and he warned Lauren not to betray him. Paul watched from outside as Kevin raced out of the boutique.

Paul startled Lauren when he entered the store, and he informed her that he'd seen Kevin hurrying out. Paul pushed to know if Kevin had said something to her or hurt her. Lauren insisted that she was fine, but Paul didn't believe her. Lauren confirmed that she and Kevin had talked, but she wanted to leave it at that. Paul sensed that Kevin had opened up to her, and he demanded to know if Kevin had confessed to anything. Lauren yelled at Paul to drop it because she'd promised not to say anything. Paul pressed her to go to the police and tell them everything, but she flatly refused.

Paul questioned why Lauren wouldn't tell the police that Kevin had confessed. Lauren protested that Paul had made that assumption, but she'd given Kevin her word. Paul condemned her for making deals with the devil instead of protecting innocent people. Lauren relayed that Kevin was terrified of going back to jail, and she was afraid he would panic if the cops showed up. Paul griped that a psychopath was walking the streets, and he reminded her that she'd said Kevin needed to pay for his crimes if he was guilty. Lauren maintained that she wouldn't turn Kevin in.

At Marsino's, Bobby and Angelo bickered over who to hire to perform repairs at the club. Michael entered Bobby's office and introduced himself as an attorney. Angelo dryly assumed that someone had cut their lip on a chipped glass, and Michael revealed that he was representing Kevin. Angelo grumbled that it was even worse, and Bobby stepped forward to throw Michael out. Michael cautioned them against assaulting an attorney, or they'd face a very expensive lawsuit.

Michael requested the truth about what had happened on the night Brittany had been badly burned on Marsino's stage. Angelo testily asked if Michael was accusing them of something, and Michael explained that he had to know what he was up against in order to defend his client, no matter how much it hurt his case. Bobby contended that Michael was out of his mind if he expected them to help defend Kevin, but Michael pointed out that they'd have to tell the truth on the stand. Angelo ordered Michael to leave.

Michael noted that the men seemed hot to see Kevin take the fall. He envisioned impeaching them in court by telling the jury that they'd been uncooperative when he'd sought out the truth. Michael clucked that judges and juries had problems with guys who hid stuff, but Angelo insisted that they weren't hiding anything. Bobby explained that they'd found a wire running from the ceiling to the top of the pole, and Angelo remarked that the guy who'd done it had known what he was doing.

Michael questioned why his client would hurt a dancer, and Bobby stressed that it hadn't been just any dancer. Bobby confirmed that Brittany had told him some stuff about Kevin, but he'd already decided that Kevin was too weird for the place. Angelo complained about Kevin not being "solid" where females were concerned, but Michael found it too tidy that the men had simply assumed Kevin was guilty because he was uncomfortable around women. Michael accused them of using Kevin as a scapegoat. Bobby bristled at the insinuation that he'd set Brittany up, and he growled that Michael had gone too far.

Michael lectured that acting like morons would make Bobby and Angelo look guilty. Angelo argued that he didn't hurt women and that Bobby was in love with Brittany. Michael pointed out that Brittany's father had been giving them a hard time because he didn't want his daughter working there, but Bobby reasoned that it would hardly calm her father down to fry their main attraction. Michael countered that violence rarely made sense, and he departed. Bobby called Michael an idiot, but Angelo looked thoughtful.

At the Newman ranch, Nikki grappled with how to tell Victor that Abby was his daughter. Katherine stopped by with some big news, but Nikki warned that she didn't have much time because she had to deal with something she couldn't put off. Katherine promised that she wouldn't stay long, and she shared that Arthur had moved in with her and Jill. Katherine admitted that she'd been hesitant, but Arthur had convinced her that at their age, they didn't have a lot of time to waste. Katherine enthused about Arthur taking her to the Colonnade Room that night, and she thought about how long it had been since she'd been courted. Katherine noticed that Nikki hadn't heard a word she'd said.

Nikki confided that she had to tell Victor that there was a secret she'd kept from him, but she thought he should be upset with Ashley and not her. Nikki made Katherine promise not to tell another soul, and she divulged that the secret was about Abby. Katherine was surprised that it had to do with Brad and Ashley's little girl, and Nikki replied that that was what everyone thought -- including Victor. Nikki blurted out that Victor was Abby's biological father, but Katherine argued that Victor and Ashley hadn't been together at the time Abby had been conceived. Nikki groaned that it was why the situation was so bizarre, and she prepared to tell Katherine the whole story.

Katherine reeled when Nikki informed her that Ashley had kept Abby's paternity a secret for years. Nikki believed that Ashley had finally opened up because Victor had been the only one able to get through to her after she'd lost her baby. Katherine was appalled that Ashley expected Nikki to drop the bomb on Victor, but Nikki clarified that she'd begged Ashley to let her do it. Nikki worried that Ashley had always had a piece of Victor's heart and that he had never let go of her. Katherine was adamant that Victor loved Nikki, but Nikki worried that his feelings might change once he learned that he shared a child with Ashley. Nikki whimpered that she couldn't bear losing him again, and she and Katherine embraced.

Nikki bemoaned that she'd dreaded that day ever since she'd found out the truth, and she didn't know if she could go through with it. Katherine condemned Ashley for selfishly wanting Victor to handle the life-changing revelation after impregnating herself by devious means. Katherine accused Ashley of wanting to legitimize her actions by confessing, and she advised Nikki not to tell Victor a thing and to tell Ashley to keep the dirty secret to herself. Katherine contemplated how many lives would be affected or destroyed by the truth. Katherine assured Nikki that she was just a call away, and she hugged Nikki before she left.

Olivia stopped by Ashley's home, and Ashley suspected that it was more than a social visit. Olivia mentioned that she'd had a troubling conversation with Jack, and she questioned whether Ashley was certain about her decision to tell Victor that he was Abby's father. Ashley hoped Olivia wasn't there to try to talk her out of it, and Olivia recognized that it was Ashley's decision to make. Ashley surmised that Olivia was still supporting her, but Olivia wondered whether Ashley was ready to handle the fallout of Victor finding out the truth.

Ashley wondered why Olivia was raising concerns when they'd already talked about it. Olivia argued that revealing the truth would change Ashley's relationship with Victor, and Ashley already had a lot going on in her life. Ashley considered it more reason to resolve the issue, and she questioned whether Olivia was withdrawing her support. Olivia insisted that she was there as a friend, and she was concerned about what was best for Ashley medically. Ashley asserted that she was strong and stable enough to handle it. Olivia worried about what it would do to Ashley's life.

Ashley refused to carry around the secret any longer, since Victor had the right to know that he had another child. Olivia asked if Ashley had a plan. Ashley declared that Victor would find out that night, and Olivia wondered if Ashley had warned Nikki. Ashley stated that Nikki would be the one to tell him, since Nikki had begged to tell Victor the truth herself. Olivia couldn't imagine wanting to tell her husband that kind of information, and Ashley wasn't sure she could trust Nikki not to put a spin on it.

Ashley thought she should be there to protect her daughter's interests. Olivia cautioned that Ashley was playing a dangerous game, since Victor would want a relationship with his daughter. Olivia contemplated how it would affect Brad and Ashley's marriage as well as Victor and Nikki's. Ashley remained determined that Victor would find out that night, and she anticipated that it would save everyone a lot of pain to deal with it then instead of having him find out by accident.

In the Athletic Club locker room, Victor cooled off after hitting the gym. Brad asked if he'd had a good workout, and Victor replied, "No pain, no gain." Brad muttered that sometimes a lot of pain could still result in nothing, and he referred to their board meeting as watching a train wreck in slow motion. Victor lectured that Brad shouldn't have let Jack speak for him, but Brad reasoned that Jack was CEO. Victor huffed that Jack hadn't behaved like one.

Brad doubted that Jack's behavior had been a surprise to Victor after all the insults the men had exchanged over the years, and he thought Victor had picked an interesting moment to draw a line. Brad admired Victor's slick way of not having to write a check while also not seeming like the bad guy. Victor contended that he'd made an offer in good faith. Brad was sure Victor had known Jack would turn it down, but Victor would be able to tell the judge that he'd made an attempt.

Victor curtly thanked Brad for the insight and wished him a good evening. Brad asked where Victor was off to, and Victor replied that it was none of his business. Brad countered that it was his business when Victor was going off to a private meeting with Brad's wife. Victor declared that he intended to respect Ashley's confidence, and Brad asked what made Victor think she wanted to talk about something she'd hidden from her husband. Victor indicated that he had no idea what she was about to tell him, but he pressed Brad to reveal her agenda if he knew what it was.

Brad proclaimed that it was Ashley's deal all the way. Victor thought he'd proven that he had Ashley's best interests at heart. Brad griped that Victor had been too involved in Ashley's life for years, even though Victor had a family of his own. Victor claimed that as a businessman, he hated to go into a meeting blind. Brad cautioned that there was no way for Victor to prepare himself for it. Victor vowed to do his "damnedest" and insisted that he would do what was best for Ashley. He headed out.

In the Athletic Club dining room, Colleen completed her homework at a table. She flashed back to her conversation with J.T. about Shiloh not wanting her to tag along on their trip to L.A. Victor interrupted Colleen's thoughts by commenting that it was an odd place to do her homework. She stated that it had been a half day at school, and he informed her that he'd just run into her dad in the locker room. Colleen hadn't known Brad was there, and she mentioned that she'd taken Abby there for ice cream.

Colleen explained that she tried to babysit when she could because her sister was growing up fast. Abby emerged from the kitchen, where Gina had given her some apple slices. Abby chirped that Gina had told her not to eat too many sweets, and Victor remarked that it was good advice. Colleen asked if Abby remembered Mr. Newman, and Abby nodded. Colleen told Victor that Abby was a little shy around people she didn't know.

Colleen answered a call and became alarmed. Victor instructed her to take the call while he watched Abby, and Colleen stepped away. He smiled at the little girl as she happily munched on her apples. Victor understood why Abby might be a little shy, since it was difficult to know how to act around people one didn't know. He acknowledged that he was a stranger to her, but he thought she was a very special girl. Abby asked why.

Victor explained that he was a friend of Abby's mommy, and her mommy was very special to him, so any child of hers was special, as well. Victor mentioned that he'd once had a little girl, but she was all grown up and not around much anymore, and it made him sad because he'd once had her all to himself. "Mommy says you're my father," Abby announced. "No, she didn't say that," a confused Victor gently replied. "I saw her on TV. She says you're my daddy," Abby insisted.

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