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Kevin surprised his mother, Gloria, with a visit. Phyllis did not recognize Daniel. Grace told Nick that she would not leave town until Sharon confessed to killing Cameron. Larry agreed to take Sharon to where he'd stashed Cameron's body.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of April 5, 2004 on Y&R
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Monday, April 5, 2004

Victor doesn't understand what Abby means when she tells him she saw a video of her mom telling her that Victor is her father. Abby tells Victor that she would like to go find Colleen. Victor says goodbye and goes to the Athletic Club to find Brad. Victor tells Brad that Abby told him something that he came to find out about. Abby told him she saw a videotape of her mommy saying that Victor is Abby's real father. Victor wonders if this information has upset Brad in some way. Brad says that it upsets him for only one reason. It's the truth. Victor still doesn't understand how Abby could be his daughter. He and Ashley had not had an affair and with his vasectomy it would be virtually impossible for Abby to be Victor's. Brad tries not to get into details but he tells Victor that Ashley's pregnancy involved a sperm bank and artificial insemination. Victor wonders why Ashley would have done this to him. He remembers the day he held Abby in his arms and how the nurse had thought he was the father. He remembers Ashley's strange reaction. Brad asks Victor that he let Ashley tell him at the ranch. Victor says he doesn't want to talk to Ashley right now. All this time he has had a daughter and Ashley has kept this from him. He wants to think about what he will do. Brad says that this doesn't change anything, but Victor disagrees. It changes everything.

Katherine is getting ready to go to the Colonnade room with Arthur. Arthur comes downstairs with a box and tells Katherine that she looks beautiful. When Katherine asks Arthur what's in the box, Arthur says some toys. Katherine says there haven't been children in the house in many years. Arthur says they are not those kinds of toys. They are adult toys. Katherine is surprised. They do not belong to Katherine; she has never seen them in her life. As Arthur wonders whom they could possibly belong to, Jill walks in. She tells Arthur that she's had a rough day at Jabot and would like to take him out to dinner so they can talk. Arthur tells Jill that he and Katherine have already made plans to go to the Colonnade room. Jill asks that they go out some other time. Katherine gets upset and Arthur asks that they all go to dinner together. Katherine and Jill begin arguing. Neither wants to go with each other. Arthur says fine, they will all stay at home and he will cook a nice dinner for them. As Arthur goes to the kitchen to start cooking, Katherine tells Jill that she is being selfish and wants Arthur all to herself. "What if I do?" Jill yells. Arthur intervenes again and warns Katherine and Jill that they better not mess with a judge. He could have them confined to their rooms.

As Lauren is locking the door to the Boutique, Michael opens it and scares Lauren. Michael can tell that Kevin must have been there. Lauren says that if she tells Michael something will he be forced to go to the authorities. When Michael asks her to tell him, Lauren tells Michael about Kevin's confession. Michael is saddened that his own brother didn't tell him. Lauren asks Michael what she should do. Michael says it would be wise if she went to the authorities. That's what Paul told her too. Michael is shocked at this information. Now it will all be over for Kevin. Michael thinks Paul is probably down at the station right now. He asks Lauren to try to get Paul to back off. He leaves to go see Kevin.

Paul shows up at Michael's house and pushes the door open when Kevin answers. Paul tells Kevin that Lauren told him about his confession. Kevin is shocked but says that he didn't tell Lauren anything. Paul says it would be in Kevin's best judgment to turn himself in. Kevin tells Paul he still has no real evidence against him and he should just give the whole thing up. As Paul leaves, he says that if Kevin really cares about Lauren, he would do this for her. Kevin packs a bag and writes Michael a letter. He thinks about having a brother and some hope and that it was great while it lasted. He leaves.

Brad comes home and is surprised to find Ashley there. When she says that she agreed to let Nikki be the one to tell Victor about Abby, Brad doesn't seem too happy and Ashley wonders why. Brad tells her that things are quickly spinning out of control.

Nikki is waiting for Victor to return home when Ashley calls. Nikki says Victor still hasn't shown up and please leave her alone. She hangs up and thinks about her and Ashley's conversation about Victor's love for her. Victor comes in and asks Nikki where Ashley is. Nikki tells him she must talk to him. Victor says he doesn't want to talk about anything right now. Nikki says she must tell him something. This thing Ashley was going to tell him has been put in her hands now.

Tuesday, April 6, 2004

Brad is angry at Ashley for letting Nikki tell Victor about Abby. She doesn't understand his rage and worries about Victor's reaction. He asks her to speculate on her reaction if someone stole one of her eggs to have a child. She expects he'll be stunned but will come around. He storms upstairs without telling her that Vic knows.

Victor flashes back to Abby telling him that he's her father. Nikki is frightened by his mood. He wants to know what her connection is to Ashley's meeting. He wants to know what she knows but she is evasive. He storms off not wanting to talk and sick of being lied to by everyone.

Michael gets Kevin's letter saying he's running away. Michael calls Chris to talk about it in confidence. He reveals to her that it was Lauren who bailed him out. He can't believe all the trouble Kevin's caused him but Chris points out how good it is for him to help take care of his brother. She asks where Michael is from (he's never told her). He's from Detroit. His parents are complete messes. His mother makes endless mistakes and his father probably doesn't even know where he himself is. Michael has no idea where K is headed and thanks Chris for listening.

Arthur suggests to Kay and Jill that they have dinner together and suggests a good ol' fashioned BBQ with hot dogs. Jill agrees and laughs at Kay's idea to use the good crystal. Art wants to spend time as a group. Kay drinks again at the lunch but the others try to help her though it. Jill really gets into the BBQ and offers to help cook. Art talks to Kay about the odds of the three of them finding their way to each other after all these years and he encourages her to be the one to make the first move to reconciliation with Jill. Kay approaches Jill at the BBQ and they snap at each other immediately. Kay laments how they always argue no matter what. Kay's top is caught on fire and Kay inadvertently makes it worse by tossing her drink on it. She then sprays it with water but can't stop the hose. Jill, fed up, turns the other hose on Kay. Arthur walks in and can't believe what they're doing. Kay tells Jill Art wants them to do things together. Jill understands: they both turn their hoses on him. There is much laughter all around. Later, the three are curled up on the couch, wrapped in towels enjoying their hot dogs. Jill apologizes for spoiling their romantic dinner but they brush it off. Kay takes the blame for insisting on taking Arthur out. They argue about who's to blame until Arthur points out they turn everything into an argument. Jill wants to leave them alone but Kay asks her to stay. Jill doesn't want to ruin the already pleasant night by pushing their luck. She kisses her dad good night. Kay promises not to say anything. Jill kisses her on her forehead.

Kevin calls Lauren at the Boutique to rub it in that he blames her for telling Paul. She tries to explain that she didn't and that Paul just deduced it but he doesn't listen and angrily hangs up. He sits waiting for his bus.

Kevin calls his mother in Detroit and tells the shocked woman that he's on his way home.

Wednesday, April 7, 2004

Brad went by the ranch to see Victor and find out how the talk with Nikki had gone. Since Nikki hadn't told Victor anything, Victor correctly surmised that Nikki knew about Abby's paternity. He wanted to know if the whole town knew. Brad said the number of people who knew was very limited. Victor was furious to find out that Jack knew and accused Brad and Nikki of keeping Ashley from telling him. Brad said that simply wasn't true. It had been Ashley's choice, but now she wanted him to know. He said that Victor just couldn't handle it when anyone else tried to have control or manipulated events the way he did. Victor warned Brad not to tell Ashley or Nikki that Victor already knew. Brad wouldn't make any promises and told Victor not to threaten him.

When Nikki went by the Carlton house, Ashley was angry to hear that Nikki hadn't told Victor about Abby. Nikki defended herself, saying that Victor had been in a very strange mood. Whether or not Ashley liked it, Victor was HER husband. She'd have to trust that Nikki had known the timing was bad. Ashley wasn't surprised that Victor was in a bad mood considering all that he'd been through, but Nikki said it was more than that. When the two women realized that both Victor and Brad had been at the gym at the athletic club, they suspected Brad might have some answers. Ashley called him on his cell phone and asked him to come home immediately. When Brad did, Nikki and Ashley both began demanding answers about a possible run-in with Victor at the gym.

Danny and Daniel arrived at Christine's apartment and Daniel was introduced to her. She seemed more at ease with him than Danny was, and encouraged him to feel comfortable and at home there. They'd make up "the rules" as they went along. When Danny suggested taking his son out and getting him acquainted with the town, Daniel said he'd rather do it on his own. Christine told him where the university and Crimson Lights were. After he left, she agreed to try to help Danny get through to his son about seeing Phyllis, if only Phyllis would be a little patient. They also decided not to tell him that they were involved again, since he was already dealing with a lot.

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis was staring at a photo of a younger Daniel when Damon brought their coffee over. He urged her to tell him what was on her mind. Phyllis knew that Daniel was coming into town that day. She wanted to see him. But even if Danny had agreed to help make that happen, Christine, who'd been instrumental in Phyllis's loss of custody, would be in a position of having a lot of influence on her son. She hated Christine. Damon encouraged her to be patient and let Danny try to make it happen. After Damon left for work, Phyllis called Danny and insisted that he let her see Daniel. Danny said he was not going to push his son on his first day there. Didn't Phyllis remember that Daniel had threatened not to come to Genoa City at all if he was going to be forced to see his mother? Phyllis felt defeated and agreed to wait. When she went inside the coffee house to get a refill on her coffee, she didn't see Daniel walk in the door.

After a romantic morning, Nick wanted to play hooky from work with Sharon. Cassie was happy to see them getting along so well. But Sharon had called Larry and asked him to come over, so she urged Nick to go to work. When Larry arrived, wanting to know what was so important, Sharon said it was about Cameron. She not only wanted to know what Larry had done with his body, but she needed to see it herself before she went insane.

Thursday, April 8, 2004

Nick is thinking about Sharon when Grace walks in the door. She tells him that she thinks Sharon killed Cameron. Nick tells Grace that she's crazy and jumping to conclusions. He says that maybe Cameron took off because he doesn't want to see Grace anymore. Nick tells Grace that he loves Sharon and Grace better leave or he will have security escort her out.

Sharon wants Larry to take her to see Cameron Kirsten's body. Larry says that when he dumped Cameron's body he was dead as a doornail. Sharon says she has to go and see the body herself. She admits to Larry that she has been seeing visions of Cameron stalking her. That's why she fell through the atrium window. Sharon finally convinces Larry to take her to go to see the body.

Phyllis goes to the coffeehouse and Daniel stands right behind her. They don't even recognize each other. Jack walks by her and they exchange dirty looks. When Phyllis sits down, Jack decides to come and talk to her. He wants to give her an offer and talk about their divorce. Phyllis tells Jack she always loved him and will always love him, but maybe things just were not meant to be. Jack wants to know how Phyllis is doing. He says she looks really good. Phyllis asks Jack if she can still see Kyle. He says he would be happy to let her see Kyle. He sympathizes with her and when she mentions that Daniel is in town, Jack says she is a good mother and he would call Danny and tell her that if she wants. It means a lot to Phyllis. When Jack invites her to dinner though, she says maybe some other time. Jack seems surprised.

Colleen, Lily and Sierra are discussing boys when Colleen tells her friends that they need to take the initiate and start talking to cute guys that hang out at the coffeehouse. As Colleen goes to get a coffee, she just happens to come across Daniel telling the bartender he'd like to meet some girls in Genoa City. They introduce themselves and although Colleen says she has a boyfriend, she asks if he'd like to sit down and talk with her and her friends. As he sits down, he asks them what fun there is to do in Genoa City. Colleen says movies, parties, and the usual stuff. Lily mentions that Colleen's boyfriend J.T. has a contract with beachfront records. Daniel says that's a small company, his father Danny Romalotti is in a band. Colleen says her mother used to be married to his father. Daniel is not related to her though in any way. Daniel asks what the parties are like, but before they can answer, he has to leave. When he goes, Sierra says she has a funny feeling about Daniel.

Victor tells Diane he wants to talk to her about the artificial insemination. Diane is surprised he wants to talk about it after all this time but she admits that the sperm she had stolen from him had gotten stolen from her as well. Victor realizes who deceived him but now he still doesn't know why.

Nikki and Ashley demand to know what Brad is talking about. He tells Nikki to go and talk to her husband. Ashley asks Brad if he told Victor about Abby. Brad says no, but Victor knows. Abby told him.

Friday, April 9, 2004

Michael went to Crimson Lights hoping to find Kevin. When Lauren came in, she told him that Kevin had called and told her he was leaving town. Michael blamed Paul for the pressure he was putting on him. He promised to pay Lauren back the bail money, and predicted that the police would drag Lauren in front of a grand jury, force her to tell the truth, then Kevin would end up being locked up instead of getting the help he needed.

In Detroit, his mother wasn't there when Kevin let himself into her apartment. He recognized a lighter sitting on the table and remembered getting in trouble for playing with it as a child. His father had locked him in a closet, screamed at him, and threatened to beat him if he didn't behave. When Kevin's mother tried to intercede, his father was ready to abuse her, too. She backed down, and the two went out, leaving Kevin crying in the closet. Remembering it made Kevin begin to cry again. At that point, his mother came home and spoke his name with a hopeful expression when she saw him.

Raul, Brittany, and Colleen said their good-byes to J.T. while Shiloh waited for him. Brittany was frustrated with J.T.'s lack of confidence. She commanded him to go to California and do his best, or he'd never hear the end of it from her. The others gave Colleen and J.T. some privacy. He was having a hard time saying good-bye, and Colleen told him to go with the memory that his biggest fan was home waiting for him. As Shiloh and J.T. drove away in the limo later, J.T. was preoccupied. Shiloh wondered if he didn't ever feel that Colleen's youth held him back. J.T. said no. He and Colleen had too deep a connection.

After Brad explained that Abby had told Victor she saw her mommy talking on TV, Ashley figured out that her daughter had walked in while she was watching the videotape. She explained it to Brad and Nikki. Nikki couldn't believe how careless Ashley had been, and Brad was dumbfounded to know what Ashley had put on that tape to their daughter. Ashley said she'd been trying to get her house in order when she thought she was dying of cancer. When Brad said that Victor was furious with the situation, Ashley grabbed her purse and said she was going to talk to him. Nikki tried to leave with her, determined that Ashley wouldn't talk to Victor alone, but Brad grabbed her, telling her to give them this time together.

Phyllis went by Victor's house to complain about Nick and ask for her old job back. She told Victor that she and Jack were getting a divorce, so there could no longer be any question about her loyalty. Victor insisted that she was there at a bad time and asked her to leave. When his mood began to register on Phyllis, she asked if someone had died. Victor said he'd just found out that he had a little girl, something that had been kept from him. Phyllis shared her pain about the loss of Daniel and urged Victor to forget whatever the adults had done to make him angry. She knew how important family was to him; he needed to focus only on his daughter. Victor thanked her for her concern and said they'd talk about her job another time. After Phyllis left him alone, Victor brooded until the doorbell rang. He didn't look happy to see Ashley on his doorstep.

Sharon was on her way out when Grace showed up. Although Sharon tried to get her to leave, Grace walked into the house and Sharon had to follow. Grace said that she was sure Sharon had killed Cameron. In fact, she'd told Nick the same thing. There was no other explanation for the way Sharon was freaking out. Sharon insisted that she'd barely known the man. In fact, there was no proof that Grace had even been dating him. Grace accused Sharon of trying to make her look like she was the one, not Sharon, who was crazy. Grace said she wasn't falling for it. Sharon ordered Grace to leave her and Nick alone for good. But even as she took a tough tone, Sharon thought she saw Cameron's corpse outside looking in at her. She asked Grace to turn around and tell her what she saw. Although Cameron's face was still visible to Sharon, Grace said she saw nothing. Sharon began to fall apart, and Grace watched in amazement until Sharon finally forced her to leave.

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