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Brittany decided to sing again. Neil and Nick argued over who should be CEO. Dru decided to test the new product on herself. Colleen and J.T. declared their love for each other. Questions arose about Kevin's possible innocence.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of April 19, 2004 on Y&R
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Monday, April 19, 2004

Colleen thinks about J.T.'s comments to the press about not having a girlfriend. She wishes she had never gone to L.A. As she walks inside her home, Brad is surprised to see her. He thought she was going to be at Sierra's until the next evening. Brad can tell something is wrong. Colleen says she doesn't want to get into it. Brad says as her father he is genetically wired to worry about her. Colleen tells Brad she's worried that she and J.T. are not on the same path anymore. She's frightened that J.T. will forget her once he gets to be a big star. Brad tells Colleen it's natural to be worried, but J.T. loves her. Colleen's eyes fill with tears as Ashley comes downstairs. "Am I interrupting?" she asks. Colleen says no, her dad and her are all talked out for now.

Brad talks to Ashley about Colleen and J.T. Then he asks her where she was all night. Ashley tells him she went to see Victor and then drove around all night. She says that saying "the truth will set you free" is a lie. Brad feels insecure about their relationship. Ashley takes his hand and pulls him upstairs. She holds him and tells him how much she loves him. But Brad can tell all is not well. He tries to get Ashley to open up about what her and Victor talked about. All she can say is that she is afraid that everything is going to change.

Raul calls Danny and wants to know when he's going to talk with Brittany. Danny says he can come by the loft and do it now if Raul wants him to. They agree just as Brittany and J.T. come upstairs. J.T. just returned home from his trip in L.A. and is excited about everything. Brittany looks far off and J.T. apologizes for rubbing it in. Brittany says she's okay; she has come to terms with never being a singer but is happy for J.T. The mood is quieted and Brittany says she is going to go lay down for a while. When Brittany goes to bed, J.T. talks to Raul about Brittany. Raul says he has talked to a singer named Danny Romalotti and he's going to come and try to pep talk Brittany. Raul and J.T. decide to go to breakfast so that Danny and Brittany will have some time alone to talk.

Brittany is on the phone talking to her teachers about finishing school. When she hears a knock on the door she asks who it is. Danny Romalotti, Raul's friend. Brittany says that Raul is not there and she would rather not answer the door. Danny convinces her otherwise and when she does open the door she realizes who Danny is. She tells him that he used to be a famous singer. Danny says he'd like to talk to her about singing. He tells her that great music and art doesn't come from perfect people. In fact, it's usually the one's with scars that have more passion. Danny tells her that he used singing and performing to fill the void he had for the loss of his mother and for not having met his father until he was much older. He says when she has a song to sing nobody is going to be able to stop her. She may feel insecure at first about what people might think about her scar, but when they hear her belt out a beautiful song, all people are going to care about is where they can go to get her CD. When Danny says he has an appointment to go to, he apologizes to Brittany if he has wasted her time. She says he hasn't and was it Raul that convinces him to do this? Danny only smiles.

Nikki is making phone calls trying to reach Victor when Sharon comes in to talk. Sharon says she's been having horrible nightmares about rats and blood but at least she knows now for sure that Cameron is dead. Nikki says she never should have let Sharon convince her to do that, but now her mind is far from that subject. Nikki is afraid for her marriage. She doesn't know what the future holds. As Sharon tries to comfort Nikki, Victor finally returns home. Sharon says she was just leaving and tells Nikki to call her is she needs to talk. Victor stares at Nikki when Sharon leaves. When Nikki asks him how is doing he says he is a total basket case. Nikki asks Victor to be honest with her about his feelings. "Like you were honest with me?" Victor says sarcastically to Nikki. Nikki tells him not to lecture her about honesty. Victor tells her he wishes that he had never found out. Nikki is surprised that he feels this way. When Victor asks Nikki's involvement in the whole thing she tells him that she kept the secret from him because she wanted to protect their families. But she did a miserable job of it. Victor can understand now why Nikki felt the way she did about Ashley. Nikki says maybe they can just forget this all happened. Victor can't forget. He knows now he has a beautiful daughter. He remembers how it felt to hold her for the first time, he knew in his heart then a wonderful feeling that he couldn't describe. And with everything else going on in his life, his boy betraying him, people close to him keeping secrets from him, he's ready to go to his lawyer. He tells Nikki that he wants Abby to live with him.

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Kay and Jill bicker. Jill promised herself to be nice but can't seem to keep it. Arthur breaks up the sniping and takes Jill into town. Later Kay, feeling down about Jill pours herself a drink. As she drinks she hears the front door slam. Without looking she asks why she's back. To her surprise it's not Jill but her grand-daughter Mackenzie. She's there for as long as Katherine will have her. Katherine is blown away. She has missed her so desperately. The timing couldn't be better. Mac is happy to see Kay up and about. The last time they saw each other was right after the strike and when Mac learned Billy was her cousin. She felt bad leaving her but she had to get out of town. Kay asks her about what she's been up to since leaving. Mac's been trying to find herself. She hasn't spoken to Billy since then. She updates her on all the changes (Esther leaving, Arthur moving in). Mac is stunned to learn about Jill's father. Kay and Jill still bicker though. Mac blames Jill. After all, it's because of her that Kay's started drinking again isn't it?

Colleen and the girls meet at the coffee shop. They want to hear all about her visit to L.A. to surprise J.T. It was a bust. He never even knew she was there. When asked why she explains she was the press conference where he denied her existence not once but twice (when asked about a date to the V-Day dance where he was discovered and when asked about having a girlfriend). Colleen is crushed. Lily speculates that the label is behind it to enhance his image. Colleen wonders how she can bring it up since she can't admit to him that she was out there. J.T. surprises her by showing up. He tells her what a blast he had in L.A. and how he wishes she could have been there. He says all the right things and wins her over and blows her away with the news of the single he recorded. She is thrown when he talks about other trips to L.A. and disappoints him when she tells him she can't go hang out with him. He planned something special but she pushes him away.

Jill brings Arthur to the coffee shop to chat. She wishes they could have gone to the Athletic club but the manager (Gina) doesn't like her. Arthur points out that she has issues with a lot of people. Jill says she gets along with most people except Katherine. She's dumbfounded on how to fix it. Arthur appreciates her effort. Kay promises to try to be good but can't make any promises if one more disruptive influence enters the picture.

Nick and Neil go over the possible teaming up with Vanessa over the hair straightening project. Nick is apprehensive. He's considering dumping the entire division. Neil wonders if Vic would support it. Nick knows he wouldn't since it would make the bribery scheme that much worse. Nick wonders if Vic has approached Neil about replacing Nick. Neil admits to it and that Vic is considering having Neil replace Nick. Nick is stunned but thinks Neil's been maneuvering for this for a while. Neil points out that his years of experience over Nick and his higher education more than make shim qualified. Nick vows to fight it every step of the way.

Brittany has Bobby come over. She tells him her big decision: she wants to sing again at Marsino's. She tells him how she spoke with Danny Romalotti and he convinced her to use her tragedy to make herself a better singer. She insists on no stripping and he agrees to it. She worries that her face may put off the crowd. She thanks him for always being on her side and kisses him.

Victor and John Silva meet with his new probation officer who's interested in his community service. He's offering low interest and no interest loans to Jabot employees looking for new work as well as money for a youth centre. The officer is intrigued but is looking for more. She wants to see some personal sacrifice on his part. He points out that these projects will prevent him from re-taking control over NE for at least a year. That's not enough for her. Vic says he will make sure all the administrative angles are covered so that the Probation office won't be taxed keeping track of it. She agrees to give it a try. The judge points out that his spending the $75 million in other ways in no way alleviates the debt he owes them nor hinders their ability to seek restitution.

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Nick and Victor had their thousandth argument about what was best for Newman Enterprises; a father and son perfectly matched in stubbornness and attitude. Nick couldn't believe that his father was thinking of putting Neil in the CEO position. Newman should be run by a Newman. Victor said that Newman should be run by someone he could trust. That wasn't Nick. Nick said his father was only replacing him to punish him, not for the good of the company. Victor said he was indeed trying to teach Nick a lesson, just as Nick had been trying to teach him a lesson by betraying him. Victor refused to acknowledge that his business practices were wrong just because they were illegal. Nor did he accept any of the blame for his criminal actions causing the public's lack of confidence in the company. He said that was all the fault of Nick for turning him in. Nick told him that he could take his CEO job and shove it. Victor said that if Nick decided to walk out of the company, he'd never be allowed to come back. So he'd better think long and hard before he decided what to do with the rest of his pitiful career.

Raul came home to the loft to find Brittany in a much better mood. Hopeful that it was because of Danny's visit, he began fishing for information. Brittany finally satisfied his curiosity, telling him how much Danny's advice had meant to her. He was right. She could take all the bad things that had happened to her and use them in her singing. Raul excitedly started listing possible venues where she could perform, and Brittany told him that wasn't necessary. She already had a place to sing and an audience who liked her. Raul was furious to hear she was going back to Marsino's, even if she didn't intend to strip. He accused Bobby of manipulating her when she was vulnerable; sooner or later, she'd be taking her clothes off again. Brittany said that Bobby hadn't come to her. She'd asked him. If Raul wanted her to sing again, he was going to have to accept it on her terms.

Angelo wasn't any happier to hear the news from Bobby that "Marilyn" was returning. He said Bobby might as well go ahead and invite Freddie the Banker to come, too, because it was only a matter of time until he tried to shut them down again. Bobby pointed out that it was his club and his decision to make. Furthermore, if Brittany wasn't stripping, Fred Hodges had nothing to complain about. Angelo said just the same, their other business associates were not going to welcome the return of Brittany to the club. They didn't mean for the place to be for society chicks. Bobby said he was going to be all over the club making sure nothing went wrong.

Mac told Katherine she could smell liquor on her breath. But what she didn't understand was why her grandmother had begun drinking again. She assumed it was something Jill had pushed her to. Katherine explained what had been going on since her stroke, but she didn't blame Jill for falling off the wagon. After all, she'd been fighting Jill for the entire twenty years she'd been sober. It was her own weakness. Nonetheless, Mac said she knew Jill made her life harder. Now that Mac was home, she was going to make sure Jill stopped tormenting Katherine. She was also going to help her grandmother stop drinking again. The two of them hugged, then Mac went upstairs to unpack.

Arthur was entertaining Jill at Crimson Lights with stories about when he was a judge. Then they talked about her relationship with Katherine. Arthur wondered if all her anger had been directed at Katherine before she knew she was her mother, but Jill said unfortunately, since finding out, there were still times she wanted to strangle Katherine. Arthur thought maybe they enjoyed their contentious relationship. Nonetheless, he urged Jill to take a day off work and go spend quality time with her mother. Jill finally took his advice, arriving home with her hands full of shopping bags and the promise to Katherine that she was there to spend the day with her. Katherine muttered that she'd just bought the dark side of the moon for a dollar and half, too.

Shiloh found J.T. at Crimson Lights and presented him with a CD of the single he'd recorded in L.A. She could have overnighted it to him, but she wanted the excitement of putting it in his hand. After they talked, J.T. wanted to find Colleen, explaining that something was bothering her. Shiloh told J.T. there were going to be a lot of changes in their lives. Were he and Colleen prepared for that? J.T. said nothing was more important to him than Colleen. If he had to give up his shot at stardom for his relationship, he'd do it. Shiloh suggested that maybe it was time for J.T. and Colleen to sit down and have a serious talk about the future.

Lily and Sierra chastised Colleen for not telling J.T. what she'd overheard at the press conference. Based on the things J.T. had said to her at Crimson Lights, he was obviously still very much in love with her. He deserved the chance to explain himself to her. Colleen said the problem was that this was J.T.'s big chance. She didn't want to hold him back, nor did she want him to hold himself back for her sake. She really just wanted to be happy for him and see him go for it. The girls told her to tell him that, and Colleen finally agreed. But when she arrived at Crimson Lights, she saw Shiloh placing her hand over J.T.'s.

Thursday, April 22, 2004

Dru is pounding on Damon's door when Phyllis nonchalantly opens it. Phyllis wonders why Dru is knocking on her and Damon's door. Phyllis tells her that she's the queen bee now, so if Dru has anything to say she might as well say it to her. Dru asks her if she's being presumptuous. Dru says that Phyllis doesn't deserve Jack or Damon. Phyllis says she's jealous and is she really here to talk about Jack? Dru says she has come to discuss Jack. It's all Phyllis' fault now that Jack found out Phyllis is seeing Damon. Now Dru and Damon's jobs are on the line. Phyllis says it's got nothing to do with her and she thinks that Dru should be leaving now. The two exchange dirty words, and Dru storms out the door.

Damon walks into Brad office and sees Ashley looking at a picture of Abby. He says he is a little jealous that he himself has never been able to experience the love of having a good marriage and a child. Ashley wonders if Damon is here to see Brad, but Damon says he would like to speak with her. Damon tells her that Jack is now with her in their plan to drop the orchid research project. He explains that he has now synthesized the root and is close to discovering its qualities. Just as Damon almost convinces Ashley to change her mind, Jack enters angrily. He wonders if Damon is going over his head when he already told him the project has been dropped. He wants to speak to Ashley alone. Once Damon leaves Jack demands to know if Ashley had told Victor yet about Abby. Ashley tells him that Abby told Victor herself. She explains to Jack that Abby had seen the video she made. Jack feels for Abby, but then starts going off about the complications this will bring now that Victor knows Abby is his daughter. Ashley desperately pleads with him to leave her be.

Jill tries to spend some time with Katherine and buys the two of them riding outfits to go horseback riding. When Katherine and Jill get dressed, they look at each other and have a sentimental moment. Jill tries to fix Katherine's coat and realizes she's been drinking. As she goes off on Katherine, Mac hears her. When Jill angrily leaves, Mac tries to comfort Katherine. Katherine says Jill is right, but Mac says she will take care of her from now on.

J.T. agrees with Shiloh that the two need to talk. Colleen steps in and Shiloh leaves. Colleen says that if J.T. becomes famous he should forget about her. J.T. doesn't understand why Colleen feels that way.

Neil goes to Marcino's and talks to Bobby about Brittany's electrocution. Angelo tells him again that Kevin was there that night. Once Neil has the story straight, he calls Eddie and has him come over. He questions the minutes on Kevin's investigation. Eddie says there is no way that the minutes are incorrect. Angelo must be a liar, Eddie says.

Lauren, Paul and Michael are discussing Kevin when Detective Weber comes to the door. Weber says he has an arrest warrant for Kevin. Michael has to admit that Kevin skipped bail. Weber tells Michael that if he hears anything, he needs to give him a call right away. Lauren tells Michael she hopes to god Kevin comes back. She has to go back to work, so Paul offers to drive her.

When Lauren gets to the boutique, Sierra tells her she's been hearing things. Lauren wants to know if everything is okay and says she's all right. As Sierra leaves, Lauren hears a tapping at the door. When she opens it, it's Kevin Fisher. "Hi Lauren," he says. "What's happening?

Friday, April 23, 2004

Phyllis was still stirred up by her visit from Dru when Damon came in and found her muttering about it. She repeated Dru's implication that she was responsible for ruining his career and wondered why Dru was so obsessed with him. Had they ever been more than friends? Damon said that he had a career before he went to Jabot; he'd have one after. And no, he'd never been involved with MRS. Winters. He didn't go after married women. Phyllis reminded him that she was still married, and he amended it to happily married women. Damon was still stressed about having reached a more cooperative moment with Ashley until Jack came in and ruined it. Phyllis gave him a massage to relax him, then they went upstairs to make love.

Olivia listened to her sister rage about Phyllis, and pointed out that she was as guilty of causing trouble as Phyllis was. Dru was annoyed at Olivia and told her the status of the orchid project. She then had a brilliant idea. She was going to get her hands on Damon's formula and use it to straighten her own hair, then show Ashley and Jack the results, thereby reviving the project and protecting her job as spokesperson.

Jack and Ashley continued to bicker in Brad's office. Jack couldn't believe all the trouble she'd helped bring down on them with her disloyalty to him and her determination to tell Victor the truth about Abby. When Ashley questioned him about Damon and Phyllis, the argument escalated. Ashley said that he was now making business decisions based on his anger about Phyllis. It was just like old times. She didn't understand what Jack was doing there. Jack said he was beginning to wonder the same thing and walked out.

J.T. took Colleen on a trip down memory lane, showing her mementos he'd saved from all their special moments together. She was the most important person in the world to him. Colleen confessed that was what bothered her. His life was about to go in a whole new direction, and she never wanted to hold himself back because of her. J.T. tried to allay her fears, and Colleen gave him an example. If Shiloh offered him a chance to go to Europe for a year, would he take it to help push his career? Or would he not want to leave her? J.T. said that wasn't going to happen. Colleen told him how much she loved him and kissed him, but she still seemed worried about his devotion to her at his own expense.

Neil went to see Michael, who wasn't happy about being hounded at home about Kevin. He didn't know where he was. There was nothing he could do to help Neil. What Neil and Dru needed to do was focus on Lily and stop worrying about Kevin. Neil asked Michael about Kevin's whereabouts on the day of Brittany's electrocution. Michael said if he could provide his brother any kind of alibi, he would. He honestly didn't think Kevin was responsible for what had happened to Brittany. When he asked why Neil was dwelling on it, Neil said he had to go and hurriedly left Michael's.

Lauren was startled to find Kevin in the dressing room at the boutique, but he assured her that he wasn't there to hurt her. Lauren said she didn't think he was. But he'd caused himself a lot more trouble by jumping bail. She urged him to turn himself in and fight to clear his name. Kevin said that he would rather die than go back to jail. He told Lauren he'd been to see his mother, who'd been no help. All it did was remind Kevin of his unhappy childhood memories, when his father Tom had beaten him and locked him in a closet. Finally he said he had no choice. He had to go. He thanked Lauren for all she'd done and hugged her, and as she was trying to talk him into staying, Hank Weber came in with the police and accused Lauren of helping hide Kevin.

Raul went to see Bobby to discourage him from letting Brittany sing at the club. Bobby said he knew something terrible had happened to Brittany there, but some wonderful things had happened for her there, too. Raul said she could sing other places, and Bobby pointed out that at Marsino's, she was guaranteed an audience. He was not going to refuse her request to come back to the stage there.

Rose came to see how Brittany was doing. Brittany told her that she was going to sing again. She thanked Rose for helping her stop feeling sorry for herself. Rose was a little surprised to hear that Brittany was going back to Marsino's. Was she sure she was ready for that? Brittany said she was. Rose said she'd like to be there, too, to offer support. Embarrassed, Brittany said it might not be the kind of place Rose wanted to go to. Rose laughed and said she knew it was a strip club. She'd been to places like that a time or two. She then asked Brittany if Bobby might let her perform there; it would help her make some money because she was a little short on the rent. Brittany struggled to find a tactful way to tell Rose she didn't think Bobby would let her perform, and Rose burst out laughing. Brittany laughed, too, when she realized Rose had been teasing her.

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