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Katherine got drunk at the Mother's Day brunch. Michael stood by Kevin. Cameron turned up alive in Genoa City. Colleen told Brad about her future plans. Brittany decided to continue singing for Bobby.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 10, 2004 on Y&R
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Monday, May 10, 2004

It's Mother's Day and the Athletic Club is booming with Genoa City guests. Gina is excited to see that Jill has brought both of her mothers. As Katherine, Liz and Jill sit down, Jill tells Katherine she hopes she won't make a fool of them with her drinking. Liz asks Katherine if she has been drinking. Katherine says no, but now that she mentions it, that sounds like a great idea. Katherine stops the waiter and takes a glass of champagne off his tray. Three or four glasses later, Katherine is slurring her speech and becoming louder. As Jill becomes angrier and angrier with Katherine, Katherine drinks more. Katherine shouts loudly that she could clear the room if she wants to. Nikki stops by and can tell Katherine is obviously drunk. Nikki asks Jill to take her home. Just then, Father Todd, who is sitting at another table with their mother and Eddie and his family, comes to Katherine and tries to help her. He asks if she'd like to have a walk outside for some fresh air. Katherine agrees, saying just don't let Jill tell her what to do anymore.

Brad, Ashley, Abby, Colleen, Diane and Kyle are sitting together at a table at the Athletic Club, and Diane notices the entire Newman clan. Victor, Nikki, Sharon, Nick, Cassie and Noah are also dining at the Athletic Club for Mothers Day. Victor takes Noah over to meet Abby and Kyle. Ashley tells Abby to say hi to Victor, but Abby doesn't say anything. Victor says hello to Abby in an enthusiastically and friendly voice. The three kids run to go play in the playhouse.

Nikki feels uncomfortable when she sees Victor talking to Ashley and Abby. Sharon can tell Nikki isn't happy, but she is also worried about herself. She tells Nikki that she is afraid to go see a psychiatrist, she's afraid that they will try to take her children away from her. Sharon is also afraid though, of seeing another hallucination of Cameron again. Suddenly, Sharon gasps. She tells Nikki she sees Cameron again. Nikki turns and is shocked. She sees him too.

Phyllis goes to the Athletic Club looking for Daniel. Diane comes behind her and tries to start up a conversation, but Phyllis tries to blow her off. She runs off to go looking for Daniel. She finds him downstairs working. She asks for a cup of coffee. As Daniel smiles at her, she is amazed. As he leaves, she thanks him. Phyllis is thrilled to have finally gotten a look at her son after all this time.

Michael talks to Kevin's doctor and thanks him for everything he has done. The doctor says Kevin is young and strong, he will get better. Michael says once Kevin gets better, he's going to have to go back to the place where he was beat so badly. When Michael asks if he can see Kevin, the doctor says by orders no one is allowed to go in and see Kevin. Michael asks the guard at Kevin's door if Detective Weber put him up to this. The guard doesn't say anything, but he won't let Michael by. Michael says he's going in, whether he gets arrested or not. The guard gives Michael five minutes. Michael tells him he will stay there as long as he pleases, so the guard better call the authorities.

Michael gets a chair and sits down next to Kevin. He tells him that he's been a bad brother to him, and he has a lot of regrets. Michael remembers a time they had a dog that Kevin's father had killed in a drunken rage. Michael remembers Kevin calling from a pay phone, whimpering and barking like their dog-pretending that it was their dog in doggy heaven. Michael breaks down in tears, thinking about how he was never there when Kevin really needed him. Michael asks Kevin to open his eyes. Suddenly, Kevin's eyes flutter open. He calls Michael Mikey, and Michael holds his hand tightly. "I'm going to be here for you brother," Michael tells him.

As Michael is outside making a phone call, he hears his mother behind him, asking a nurse if she knows where she can find Michael Baldwin. As Michael turns towards his mother, she is shocked to see that he looks the same after all this time. Michael wants to know what she's doing here. Gloria says she saw Kevin and wanted to get back in touch with him. Michael tells her that Kevin was in jail and was beat up really bad. Gloria demands to see him. She tells Michael that she's Kevin's mother, he can't stop her from seeing her son.

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Jack bumps into Ashley and Brad and mentions that he's firing Damon. Ashley is taken aback since she was never told nor asked about it. She needs an experienced chemist at her side. Jack wants him gone.

Phyllis is exercising when Drucilla stops by and the two exchange barbs. When Phyllis torments her about losing her hair and steals her hat, yelling for everyone else to about Dru's lack of hair a shaken Dru tells her she wishes Damon could see the vindictive, cruel and soulless person Phyllis truly is. When Phyllis tries to leave Dru tries to stall her but is unsuccessful.

Sharon and Nikki are stunned to see a very much alive Cameron standing there in the Athletic club dinning room. Nick comes up and wonders why the women look as they've seen a ghost. He too is stunned to see Cameron approach the table. A furious Nick wants to know where Cameron's been. He took off on an impromptu fling with a lady friend and decided to stay incommunicado. Nick is incredulous at his behavior. Cameron apologizes for all the confusion and promises to clear it all up. He will meet up with Nick later. Nikki and Sharon make excuses and leave.

J.T. and Colleen discuss their future. He wants to know if she thinks they'll have a future together if his singing career takes off. She isn't sure.

Diane stops by Damon's as per her and Dru's plan. She lets Damon know full well that she's more than interested in him.

Michael and his mother argue over letting her anywhere near Kevin. She is the cause of this problem. She sat back and let the abuse take place and Michael can't ever forgive it. He also blames himself for leaving his little brother at the hands of his abusive father.

Nikki and Sharon arrive at the ranch and discuss the shocking twist. Nikki thinks Sharon has been making the whole thing for lord only knows what reason. Sharon swears she didn't. Cameron tried to rape her and she killed him. Nikki even saw the body in the sewer. Nikki thinks she must have killed someone else.

In Nick's office Cameron arrives to meet with Nick but finds Sharon instead. She wants to clear up a few things.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Sharon was waiting for Cameron when he showed up at Nick's office, although she didn't get the answers she was hoping for. Cameron denied any knowledge of what he called her delusions. He'd never met with her on New Year's Eve. He ran into an old flame and left town with her, letting his libido get away with him. Now he was back and hoping to finish his deal with Nick. Sharon furiously accused him of lying. Cameron did admit to what happened in Denver, and said he'd been haunted by it every day since. But as for being dead, she could touch him and see that he was clearly alive. Sharon left when he reminded her that Nick would soon be there.

Sharon went to see Nikki and tell her about Cameron's strange behavior and his denial of all the things she knew were true. She was convinced that she was going insane. Nikki reminded her that she only had Cameron's word for where he'd been. But it didn't matter. Sharon should be thrilled to find out that she wasn't a murderer, nor was she in any danger of going to jail for killing a man who was clearly alive. She had no idea whose body they'd seen in the sewer, but it wasn't Cameron's. Nikki still felt like Sharon should see a psychiatrist; Nikki simply wasn't qualified to help her. Sharon began to panic again when she considered the possibility of what Cameron might say to Nick in their meeting. If he repeated any of the things she'd said, it could mean the end of her marriage. She threw herself into Nikki's arms for support.

Lily and Sierra went to the airport to give Colleen one last pep talk before she flew to Los Angeles with J.T. and Brad. They reminded her of the many things she and J.T. had already overcome. His new career wouldn't hurt them; they were too strong. Reassured by their words, Colleen agreed. Brad and J.T. had been having a repeat of their usual talk: J.T. promised he would always have time for Colleen and would never hurt her. Brad wanted her to be able to concentrate on her final years of high school without a broken heart. When a cheery Colleen joined them and they got ready to board, J.T. thanked Sierra and Lily for whatever they'd said to Colleen. But as the three left, Sierra asked Lily if they'd really be okay. Lily said yes, but she looked doubtful. When Brad, Colleen, and J.T. disembarked at LAX, they ran right into a crowd of screaming fans that had been set up by Shiloh. While Colleen watched with Brad from a distance, J.T. gave autographs and posed for photos. He was then swept away by the crowd with Shiloh's encouragement. Brad looked sympathetically at Colleen, who covered up her hurt and said she needed to get J.T.'s luggage.

Phyllis ran into Jack at the Athletic Club. She tried to leave, but he asked her to stay. She noted how bad he looked and wondered why he was there. Jack said he'd been hoping to spend a little time with Kyle. Phyllis said that she hadn't seen him; Diane had taken him to the kids' room, no doubt to keep him away from his evil stepmother. Jack wasn't sure Diane would have done that, but he did apologize for any hurt Phyllis was feeling about Kyle. He knew she cared about his son. Phyllis admitted that whatever feelings she had for Damon, he wasn't Jack. She was sorry for how things had ended up, but it had been a glorious ride. Jack agreed. Phyllis then became emotional when she told him about seeing Daniel, who hadn't known she was his mother. Jack's eyes were full of compassion; he knew how much she was hurting about that. Finally, Phyllis asked if Jack ever thought of the baby they'd lost. Jack said he tried not to. And when she wondered if things would have been different if they'd had a child, he said it was useless to speculate. Phyllis said she thought they'd have been very different. By then, they were both in tears, and Phyllis left him sitting at the bar.

Diane continued to try to seduce Damon, but he was having none of it. He wanted to know why she'd suddenly decided that she was irresistibly attracted to him. He had a feeling she was using him as a means to some end. Diane insisted that she wasn't. When he wondered why she wasn't pursuing Jack, Diane said that Jack was in a dark place. He wasn't over Phyllis. Maybe he never would be. For that matter, she didn't think Phyllis would ever be over Jack. Damon shouldn't place too much faith in his relationship with Phyllis. Damon told her that she needed to focus on Jack. Kyle was a very strong incentive for Jack to get better, and then perhaps he and Diane could have a strong family with their son. Diane said that he was a very good man and moved in for one last kiss.

Thursday, May 13, 2004

Sharon throws her arms around Nick when he returns home. When he tells her that he has to return to the office to see Cameron shortly, she begs him not to. Sharon admits to Nick that Nikki has advised her to see a psychiatrist and she agrees with her. Sharon asks Nick to reschedule his meeting with Cameron as a favor to her. She says that Miguel is off for the day and there is no one else to watch the kids when they return home. Nick calls Cameron and tells him he must reschedule. He tells Cameron not to pressure him. When Nick hangs up, Sharon tells Nick how much she hates Cameron. She says he has started so much trouble in their lives, especially bringing Grace back into the picture. Sharon wishes Nick had nothing to do with Cameron anymore. Nick says now that Neil is the CEO, he probably won't.

Chris, Danny and Daniel are enjoying the dinner that Chris prepared. Danny jokes that he is devastated that Chris didn't make homemade canoles. Daniel sees them laughing and says he glad to see them happy. He tells them it seems like they have been together forever. As they finish dinner, Danny offers Daniel some money to go to the coffeehouse. Daniel says Gina will hook him up. When Daniel leaves, Chris apologizes to Danny for spilling the beans about them being together. Danny says its okay and that he trusts her judgment. The two mention that it's been quiet lately, too quiet knowing that Phyllis is lurking. Chris tells Danny they should take advantage of the quietness for now, as they go upstairs.

Phyllis comes home to Damon in a bad mood. She says that she's dirty, and she needs to go take a shower and drown herself in the bathtub. "Did you know you can drown yourself in only an inch of water?" she tells Damon sarcastically. When she comes downstairs from her shower, however, she seems a bit more relaxed. Damon asks Phyllis what problems she is having. "Take your pick," she says. Damon asks her if it's about her job. Phyllis says yes, that's one of her problems, but one of the major things she's dealing with right now is she had just seen Jack. They were actually civil with each other. Phyllis says it hurts, but in a way it is also comforting. Damon seems to understand. Phyllis tells Damon that she also saw Daniel at the Athletic Club. He was working there and he was the most beautiful, well manned, perfect boy she had ever seen. Damon asks her if she talked to him. Phyllis says no, Daniel wants nothing to do with her. Damon almost becomes angry at Phyllis' insecurity towards her own son. He can't believe she was afraid to talk to her perfect and kind son just because he doesn't know her. Damon tells Phyllis she has to stand up for herself and go and introduce herself to Daniel. Or, she can just let that other woman replace. The words about Chris hit Phyllis hard. She realizes what she must do. Tonight, she's going to go and meet Daniel.

Brittany has dinner with her parents and tells them that she sang again at Marcino's. Frederick and Anita are unhappy about it. As Brittany tries to tell them that the club is not going to be like that anymore, they don't believe her.

Mac goes to see Raul. Raul tells Mac she looks great and that he's really happy to see her. She tells Raul how things have been with her teaching in the Southwest. She says that she has really been enjoying it, and she has probably learned more from the kids than they have from her. Raul says he can picture Mac teaching, he says it seems like it would be so natural for her. He wonders why she has come back. Mac says that she thought her grandma might need her, and that she was right. She tells Raul that her grandma and Jill get along even worse now that they know they are mother and daughter, and what's worse, her grandmother has started drinking again after 20 years of sobriety. She gets a little sad, and asks Raul that they talk about something else. She wonders if her old room is available. Raul says a lot of things have changed, but there will always be a place here for Mac if she needs it. When she asks if Raul and Brittany are still together, he says sort of. He tells Mac that Brittany was singing at a strip club but things are better now. He got her a potential gig at the coffeehouse singing. Mac wonders why Brittany would change her mind for Raul. As Raul is about to tell her, Brittany comes home. She is shocked to see Mac.

In the video studio, Shiloh tells J.T. there's going to be a great party on the roof. J.T. is really excited. Shiloh tells J.T. to get ready for an interview with E! Television. As Colleen and Brad watch, J.T. answers questions about his music and his lifestyle. One of the questions is which place does J.T. prefer-Wisconsin or L.A. J.T. says his home is in Wisconsin, but he loves L.A. As they start J.T.'s video, Colleen sees J.T. dancing with other girls and then romantically kissing a girl. Colleen is in shock. When the fans leave and the interview is over, J.T. suggests to Colleen that they hit the town. Shiloh says that is not possible, J.T. has papers to sign. He's going on tour, so he needs to move out to L.A. right away. J.T. is excited about going on tour. As he goes off to fill out the paperwork, Colleen tells Brad she wants to go home right away.

Daniel goes to the Athletic Club looking for Gina. Phyllis enters the club and stares at him smiling.

Friday, May 14, 2004

At the athletic club, Daniel was joined by Lily, Sierra, and Cassie. As an incoming freshman, Cassie was being mentored by the older girls. As the three sat talking, Lily confronted Daniel again about his skepticism regarding Colleen's relationship with J.T. Daniel just pointed out that the music business was a tough one. He asked Cassie if she had a boyfriend, and Cassie said no. Asked the same question, Lily got uncomfortable and said she had been seeing someone named Kevin, but she didn't want to get into that. When they noticed that Daniel was staring across the room at Phyllis, they wondered if he was interested in older women. Daniel said she'd just been a woman he spoke to earlier during the brunch. Did they know who she was? Lily didn't give him a name, merely telling him that she was Colleen's aunt. The girls left to meet up with some other freshman mentors.

Any time Michael tried to talk about his problems or his brother, Phyllis cut him off. She only wanted to discuss Daniel, and she pointed him out to Michael, saying that she was going to introduce herself to her son. Michael didn't think it was a good idea. Phyllis wasn't in the best emotional state right now, and it might backfire on her if she approached Daniel too early. Michael suggested that she allow Daniel to get to know her and love her first, before telling him that she was his mother. Phyllis disagreed with him. She blamed Christine for all her problems in the past regarding Daniel and said that if she didn't act now, Christine would completely move into Daniel's life and ruin Phyllis's chances of having a relationship with him. Michael gave her a kiss, warned her not to act hastily, and left. Phyllis turned around to go to Daniel and was startled to find him right behind her.

Nikki spoke on the phone to Sharon and found out that Nick had gone back to work. She urged Sharon to stay calm and remember she was there if she needed her. She didn't realize that Victor was standing behind her until she hung up the phone, and he asked if that was Sharon. He was curious about what was going on with his daughter-in-law. Nikki brushed it off, mentioning that Cameron was back in town. Victor had heard, and he understood Nikki's assertion that the entire ordeal had been upsetting for someone with Sharon's sensitivities. He was glad Nikki had been supporting her through all this. Nikki changed the subject to Abby, noting that Victor seemed fascinated with her. When Victor said she was an amazing child, Nikki gave the credit to Brad and Ashley. Victor chided her for her "subtlety." He had no intention of interfering in Abby's happy home life. He just wanted to get to know her. They then talked about Nick. Nikki said that Nick had to feel rejected by Victor's decision to make Neil acting CEO, and she wasn't surprised that their son had turned down Victor's offer of working with him on the community service project. He was hurt; couldn't Victor reconsider his decision about Neil? Victor said no, that it would take a long time for him to rebuild his trust in Nick after Nick's betrayal.

Brittany wasn't happy to come home to the loft and find Mackenzie there, especially when Mac reacted to her scarred face. Mac said she hadn't known, and Raul said he'd been about to tell her when Brit arrived. They then told Mac about Brittany's near-electrocution. Brittany found out that Mac had been volunteering her time teaching native American children on a reservation and sarcastically said how noble it was. When she found out that Mac knew she'd been stripping, she noted how interesting it was what Raul had chosen to tell her. She had something to talk to Raul about, too. Uncomfortable, Mackenzie said her good-byes, mentioning that she'd talk to Raul later about the living arrangements. After Mac left, Brittany turned on Raul. She didn't want to live with Mackenzie, and she didn't need to be reminded anymore how great Mackenzie looked. Raul told her not to feel threatened. Brittany was the only woman for him. But if Brit didn't want Mac living at the loft, he'd tell her. What had Brit wanted to discuss with him? Brittany urged him not to go ballistic and explained that she intended to keep singing at Bobby's club.

At Marsino's, Angelo and Bobby were still disagreeing about Bobby's plan to turn the gentleman's club into a cabaret. Frederick Hodges came in to warn Bobby not to hurt his daughter again. He dismissed Bobby's intentions of turning the club into a more reputable establishment. He knew that Bobby had other investors who might not go along with the idea. When Angelo voiced his agreement with Frederick, Bobby ordered Brittany's father out of the club. He then questioned Angelo's loyalty. He couldn't believe he'd been openly critical of Bobby in front of an outsider. When Angelo said that "Mr. Lewis" was a sleeping tiger who would be awakened by Bobby's plans, Bobby wondered how he'd even know. Angelo said Mr. Lewis had eyes and ears everywhere. Bobby asked Angelo whose eyes and ears he was, then walked out. Angelo reached for the phone, muttering that he had to take care of himself.

Shiloh was full of plans and commitments for J.T., who was excited about it all until he realized that Colleen and Brad were gone. When he went to find them, he received a message telling him that they'd flown back to Genoa City. He showed the note to Shiloh, who said that J.T. could work it all out when he flew back to Wisconsin in a few days. But J.T. wasn't willing to wait. He was flying home that night to find out what was wrong with Colleen. Shiloh was furious, reminding him of everything that was at stake. If J.T. walked out the door, there would be consequences. J.T. shook his head in disgust and left.

Brad and Colleen arrived home from the airport. Colleen just wanted to be alone, but Brad made her sit down on the couch with him. She admitted that her heart felt like it was breaking into a thousand pieces, but she'd made her decision. She needed to break up with J.T. so he could go after his dream of making it in the music business. Brad held her while she cried, then said that she'd have to tell J.T. all of this. Colleen agreed, but she wasn't ready yet. In fact, she didn't want to be in Genoa City when J.T. came home. She needed her mother and wanted to go to New York. Brad said that Traci would love to have her daughter home, and he'd try to arrange a flight for her immediately, but she'd still eventually have to face J.T. Colleen went upstairs to pack. When she came down with her suitcase, the doorbell rang. She opened it to find J.T. and asked him why he wasn't in L.A. J.T. said he could ask her the same question as he angrily came inside the house.

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