The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 17, 2004 on Y&R

Colleen and J.T. parted ways. Bobby turned the gentlemen's club into a cabaret. Lily, Dru, and Neil argued over what Neil should do with the evidence he had found about Kevin. Nick told Sharon that Cameron's agenda might involve her. Jill and Jack made love.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 17, 2004 on Y&R
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Monday, May 17, 2004

At the GCAC, Phyllis reveals to Daniel that she is his mother. She asks for his forgiveness and tells him how much she loves him. He wonders why she let him go so many years ago. She claims he was taken from her and embraces him. Phyllis is relieved their first meeting is going so well. Suddenly, Phyllis is jolted from this fantasy and continues to stare at Daniel from afar. She starts to get nervous when she sees him approaching her. She is surprised when he politely asks why she's staring at him. Phyllis blurts out that he is her son.

Dru is upset about her continuing hair loss and Olivia tries to remain positive. Dru blames herself for her situation and Neil is sympathetic.

At Marsino's, Bobby notices the club is empty and demands an explanation from Angelo. Suddenly, Mr. Lewis appears. Bobby pitches his cabaret idea and apologizes for not running it by Lewis first. Lewis agrees to the idea and Bobby assures him he won't regret it. Raul worries Bobby's backers won't agree with the new changes and fears it may be unsafe for Brittany. Brittany disagrees and Raul accuses her of liking Bobby more than performing.

J.T. suggests getting out of his recording contract, but Colleen refuses to let him throw away this opportunity and tells him she's going back to N.Y. J.T. gets upset and storms out.

Later at the airport, Brad, Abby, Ashley, Lily, Sierra and John say their goodbyes to Colleen. As Colleen heads off to security, J.T. arrives and apologizes to Colleen for being a jerk earlier. He gives her back her locket and tells her he loves her. They kiss and Colleen boards her plane.

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

At the Athletic Club, Phyllis introduces herself to Daniel but he wants nothing to do with her. She begs him to talk a little about himself and asks him questions about life at school in Switzerland. He becomes bitter that he never had the normal family life he always wanted. She wants to explain that she always cared but he doesn't want to hear it. She tells him that he was taken from her against her will. Horrible people who hated her including Christine. She would never have abandoned him. He storms off.

Victor stops by Sharon's to discuss Nick. She is extremely upset at Victor's firing Nick. How can he possibly think this would be a good thing for Nick and his relationship? He tries to explain that he couldn't stomach Nick's betrayal. He thinks he and Nick need to work together on something other than Newman Enterprises. It can repair the trust issues. He asks her to talk to Nick about it and convince him. She will try to talk with him.

Kevin wakes up at the hospital and he and Michael talk. Kevin figures Mike is nice ot him because he almost died. Michael vows to be the right kind of brother to him now. Lauren visits him and feels horrible for her part. He promises that he had nothing to do with Brittany's accident. He begs Lauren to help him get out of the hospital before he goes back to jail.

Paul stops by Christine's and talks to her and Danny about his theory that Kevin is innocent. They hash out idea sand theories but without proof, she can't do a thing. Paul racks his head and hates the idea of what he must do now: go after Marcino's crime associates on his own. Chris tells him to hold off on that. She'll see what she can do.

Dru and Neil are home discussing Neil's concerns over Kevin's case. They have proof that he did not attack Brittany but Dru wants to keep mum. Better that he go down for this than get off scot-free. Neil disagrees, pointing out that the real culprit is free.

Raul arrives at the airport to see J.T. who called him. They talk about Colleen leaving town and his problems because of it with the record company. Raul encourages him to go back to LA and move on. It's what Colleen wanted for him. J.T. agrees to fly back to LA.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Lauren can't believe that Kevin wants her to help him escape from the hospital. He tells her that he would rather die than have to go back to jail. Kevin says that besides his brother, she is his only friend. Lauren worries that if Kevin tried to escape he could be killed. She asks him to give her a little time to think about helping him. In the meantime, Lauren asks that Kevin not do anything stupid.

Lily walks in on Neil and Dru arguing and wants to know what it's about. Dru tells her that Neil had hired a detective to watch Kevin and that now he has proof that Kevin never did anything to Brittany. Lily doesn't understand. Kevin was arrested for electrocuting Brittany. She wonders if anyone else knows that Kevin is innocent of the crime. Neil says no, but it would be wrong not to go to the police with the evidence. Neil cannot believe that Dru is setting such a bad example in front of Lily by wanting to obstruct justice. Lily tells Neil that if he does go to the authorities and set Kevin free, she will never forgive him.

Paul goes to see Michael to tell him that Michael has put doubt into his head concerning Kevin. Michael is surprised to hear that Paul wants to help him. Paul says that he has found out that Bobby Marcino has been dealing with a guy named Bertoli Lewis, a man who has had his fingers in a lot of illegal activity. Michael says he believes what Bobby Marcino says about not knowing what happened to Brittany, but he's not sure about Angelo. He says that if Bertoli Lewis had anything to do with it that he will find out. Paul asks that he be the one to find the connection while Michael tries to keep Kevin out of jail. As Paul leaves, Michael thanks him.

Lauren comes to see Michael after her visit with Kevin. She asks him if he has any new evidence, or when he thinks he can get Kevin out of jail. Lauren knows Kevin won't last three weeks in a jail cell. She tells Michael that Kevin has a plan, but not a very good one. Michael wants to hear it.

Brad comes downstairs when he hears a knock at the door. It's Victor. Victor tells Brad he wants to see Abby. Brad is angry at Victor's gall. Victor tells him that he's not trying to steal Abby away from Brad; he just wants to be a part of her life. Brad says that it's too soon. He tells Victor that Abby is not there. Victor asks to come inside and tells Brad that before he goes to his community service he wants to spend some time with Abby. Brad says he will tell Ashley about Victor's request. Victor tells him that it's not a request.

Ashley and Abby are sitting out by the pool laughing when John comes to say hi. When Abby goes inside to get dry, John says it's great to see her so happy. Ashley hopes it will always be like that. John says he remembers when Ashley was a little girl. Things change, he says, things get more complicated. John asks Ashley to try to reconcile things between her and Jack. John says he's worried about them and the effect this is having on the family and their company. Ashley doesn't think she should have to be the one to reconcile with Jack. When John asks her if she thinks Victor would settle for 25 million, Ashley is reluctant to ask him with everything that is going on between them. Besides, Ashley doesn't think Jack would ever agree to anything Victor offered them to keep their company afloat.

As Sharon looks at herself in the mirror, she wonders if she's going to be okay. Nick returns home and asks her how her meeting with the psychiatrist went. She thinks it was a good idea to go. Sharon mentions that Victor stopped by and Nick becomes angry. He thinks Victor is trying to use Sharon to get to Nick. Sharon tries to convince him that maybe Victor is offering to do community service with Nick to bring the two of them together. Nick doesn't seem convinced, and tries to change the subject. He asks Sharon what she thinks about Cameron being back in town. He thinks Cameron has an agenda, and it could involve Sharon.

Angelo comes into Bobby's office. Bobby is angry and demands an apology. Angelo pretends that he doesn't know what Bobby is talking about. Bobby says that he knows that Angelo went to the big boss crying about Bobby's new idea for the club. He tells Angelo that his little plan didn't work, that Bobby was able to convince the boss that his idea will be a good one. Bobby says that Angelo is lucky that he doesn't fire him. When Bobby asks Angelo what he knows about Brittany's accident, Angelo still pretends not to know anything. Bobby looks at him with distrust in his eyes.

Jill sits down next to Jack at the bar. Jack has been drinking and Jill tries to comfort him. He laughs at her when she orders a spritzer drink, but Jill doesn't care. She orders some food and encourages him to eat some. He says she has taken care of two parts of his body, now what's next? She tells him that negotiable. Jack stares at her. She asks him if the pool is warm at his home. He asks if she brought her swimsuit. "Do I need it?" Jill asks. When Jack says no, she asks for the check.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Sharon gets upset when Nick asks her if Cameron ever tried to make a pass at her. She denies any attraction between the two of them. She tells Nick that he was the one who made her wear a sexy dress to impress Cameron. Nick appears amused at the idea that Cameron would be attracted to Sharon. He teases Sharon about the dress and hints that maybe she's the reason Cameron is back in town. Sharon tells Nick that she doesn't think his comments are funny. She has been trying very hard to keep her life together and just the mention of Cameron's name gives her the chills. When Nick asks Sharon why she hates Cameron so much, she says that she's not the only one who thinks Cameron is dangerous. Nikki also thinks Cameron should not be trusted and is insincere. All Nick knows is that Cameron has come back for a reason. He would like to know what the reason is.

John and Ashley are sitting at the pool talking about Jack. John is worried about Jack's recent behavior. He hasn't been sleeping or taking care of himself and has been drinking all the time. Even though Jack has been going through a lot lately, Ashley cannot fathom trying to work things out with a man so dead set against accepting anything from Victor Newman. Jack suddenly shows up by the pool with Jill and sees John and Ashley. "Well aren't you two just the picture of merriment," Jack tells them sarcastically. John goes inside and Ashley asks Jack and Jill what they are doing together. They tell her that they plan to go for a swim. When Ashley asks Jill where her suit is, Jill tells her it won't be necessary. Jill goes off to get undressed. Ashley looks disgusted and sits down with her arms crossed. She tells Jack that she needs to talk to him about something important, but not right now.

When Ashley returns from the pool Brad is up waiting for her. He tells her that Victor came by insisting to see Abby. Brad says when Victor wants something, he will stop at nothing to get it. Brad thinks that Victor is thinking only of himself and not about what's good for Abby. Ashley doesn't think that Victor is trying to hurt Abby, but she does feel that his insistence is too soon. She calls and leaves a message asking him to meet her to discuss Abby. She hopes they will be able to discuss the situation in a civil manner.

Jill comes out to the pool wearing only a robe. As her and Jack stand next to each other, Jill becomes a little nervous. She knows she is much older than Jack. Jack reassures her. He thinks she's beautiful and sexy. Together they drop each other's robes and dive in.

As Jill and Jack come out of the pool feeling refreshed Jack opens a bottle of wine. Jill tells him that she hasn't really been drinking much anymore. He offers her another spritzer but she agrees to just have one glass. Jack is reminded of Katherine's drinking and Jill begs him not to talk about their problems. Jack agrees and offers to give Jill a massage. They are enjoying flirting with each other and start kissing passionately.

Lily tells Neil that she will never forgive him if he is responsible for getting Kevin out of jail. As Lily runs to her room crying, Neil tells Drucilla that they should have discussed this matter before sharing it with Lily. Neil feels that as parents they would be setting a bad example by breaking the law and letting someone go to jail for a crime they didn't commit. Dru doesn't care if Kevin is innocent of the charges against Brittany, because he hurt her daughter. She will protect Lily at any cost. Neil tries to explain to her that if Kevin is not the person who hurt Brittany, the person is still out there. Another young girl could be hurt again or even killed. Dru feels that Kevin needs to pay for what he's done to Lily, so whatever it takes to keep him in jail is the right thing to do. Neil is sorry she doesn't understand what he is going through. He has decided to go to the police with the information. Neil says he feels guilty just knowing that he has kept this a secret for any length of time. Drucilla gives Neil a cold stare. "If you do this to Lily, she won't be the only one who will never forgive you," she says threateningly.

Lily looks at a picture she has of Kevin. She remembers when Kevin pressured her to have sex by telling her to prove her love. She wonders how she could have ever let him touch her. Tears pour down her face and she rips up Kevin's picture, saying how much she hates him for what he's done to her. She tells him that he deserves to be in prison. Yet Neil's words about obstructing justice keep repeating in her head. "It's morally wrong...It's morally wrong."

Lauren tells Michael about Kevin's brave plan to escape from the hospital so he won't have to go back to jail. Michael wonders if Lauren gave Kevin any inclination that she would help him with the crazy idea. Lauren says no. She had tried to convince Kevin that escaping would be too dangerous. There are cops and security all over the place and Kevin could get killed trying to run. Kevin told her he would rather die than go back to jail. Michael shakes his head, thinking about how Kevin doesn't consider the consequences of his actions until it's too late. Michael thinks about how Kevin has previuosly reacted in desperate situations. He threatened to kill himself and pointed a box cutter at Detective Weber. Michael realizes that Kevin's insane behavior might keep him out of jail just long enough for Michael to prove his innocence. If Michael can get Kevin to take a psychiatric evaluation he may be able to stay in a hospital instead of jail. Lauren says that she will discuss the idea with Kevin tomorrow. She says that she doubts the guards will let her return the same day to see Kevin, so maybe the next day she can try to work her charm. As Michael gives Lauren a grateful look, they share a moment of closeness. Their bond caring for Kevin's welfare is bringing them closer.

Friday, May 21, 2004

Nick comes downstairs to answer the door. It's Cameron Kirsten. Nick wants to know what Cameron is doing there. Cameron says he would like to talk to Sharon. Nick tells him that Sharon isn't there and that he is upset with Cameron because he bailed on his project with Newman for some girl in the tropics. He tells Cameron that Sharon has been going through a lot of stress ever since Cameron disappeared and there was even a picture of a suspect that pointed to her look-alike. Cameron appears surprised but says that he's here to tell Nick that he thinks his father has made a mistake and wants him to work for him.

Jack comes into the Abbott home and mentions that everyone is together for breakfast. Ashley teases Jack about his night with Jill and Jack becomes angry. When Brad asks he tries to blow it off. John respects Brad's request for privacy. Ashley has to leave to go see Victor. When John asks if she's meeting Victor concerning what they talked about and she says no.

Ashley thanks Victor for meeting with her. Brad told her that he had insisted on seeing Abby. She tells him that she knows how important it is for him to be a part of his daughter's life. But Ashley would like some time. Victor knows that she does not think of him in the same way her family does.

Lily comes in and tells her dad she has thought about the situation and agrees with him. She says that he has to go and tell the truth. She ends up convincing Dru that she has to be better than Kevin. Dru thins that Kevin is going to be more dangerous when he gets out of jail. But Lily pours her heart out with the truth and tells Dru that she thought Kevin loved her, and if she can understand why Neil has to go to the police, so be it.

Lauren goes to visit Kevin. He tells her that he is surprised to see her again. She says that he's not going to get rid of her so easily. She tells Kevin about her and Michael's plan to convince the judge that Kevin is crazy. Kevin thinks it's a wonderful idea, he's surprised he hadn't thought of it. When Lauren leaves, a couple of guys come in to change Kevin's bedding. Kevin pretends to fall, and steals the cigarettes and lighter from the man who helps him. Later, Kevin lights the lighter and smiles.

Jill tells Arthur about her Mother's Day scenario with Katherine. She says it was the most embarrassing time of her life. Arthur is upset that Katherine didn't act differently.

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