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Grace found out that Cameron was alive. Jill learned that Mac was back in town. Cameron offered Nick a job at his computer software company. Neil turned over evidence of Kevin's innocence to Detective Weber. Kevin set himself on fire.
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Monday, May 24, 2004

Nick wonders if there's a reason behind Cameron Kirsten's job offer. Cameron says that his offer is not a joke; he thinks that Nick is successful. Cameron says he would like Nick to take the reins of his business. He would like to offer him the position of Chief Operating Officer, with the potential to one day be the CEO of the company. Nick thinks Cameron is offering Nick this position because the SEC may be after the company. Cameron says he has nothing to hide and even if he did, he would be the one to go down for it. Nick shows him out the door and tells him it's something he needs time to think about it. Cameron tells Nick to take his time, but he'd better decide soon.

Nikki sees Grace at the coffeehouse and teases her about being by herself. Wouldn't she be with Cameron now, seeing how he is back in town? Grace wonders what kind of trick or joke Nikki is trying to pull. Nikki explains to her about Cameron's reappearance on Mother's Day to everyone surprise. Grace also seems shocked by this bit of information, but tells Nikki she is beside herself with joy if it is true. Nikki jokes that maybe Grace's idea of a true love is only just a fling for Cameron. Grace can't take it anymore and gets up to leave.

Sharon tells Larry the shocking news about Cameron She says that Cameron told her she was crazy. As they contemplate how it could all be possible, Sharon wonders if it's possible that Larry switched the body out of her trunk for another. Larry says no, but the only thing that he thinks that could be possible is that when she hit Cameron he didn't die, and when he woke up, he was angry.

Jill is upset that Mac has been staying at the Chancellor estate without her knowledge. She argues in front of Arthur with Mac, and Arthur says that Mac has a right to stay. When Jill is alone with Mac, she tells her that she has come at a really bad time. This is a time when she's trying to get their family together. Mac says that Jill hasn't changed at all, and she doesn't like the way Jill talks to her mother. As she's about to accuse Jill of getting Katherine to drink again, Katherine comes downstairs. She tells Mac not to talk to her aunt in that manner. Katherine explains to Mac that even though they have their problems, Jill is really only doing that because she cares. Mac seems to understand. She says that she's going to be staying somewhere else for a while, but she will be in touch.

Neil says he has to talk to Detective Weber about something. Weber says he has too much on his plate, but Neil pleads with him that it's important. When Neil shows Weber his evidence that Kevin is innocent of the charges against Brittany, Weber says that it might not be enough to set him free, but sadly, he will check it out. He thanks Neil for his honesty. A guard enters and tells Weber that Kevin's trial is about to start. Weber tells Neil about Kevin's visit in the hospital.

Michael tells Kevin that his idea to act insane was insane. Kevin says it's the only way to get him out of jail. But Michael says he'd been up all night thinking about it, and he knows he can get Kevin off the charges against him, so pleading insanity wouldn't be wise. Michael says their mother had been to visit them and was upset that Kevin was hurt. Michael says that their mother was too weak too stop their stepfather, but if Kevin wanted he could be strong and not let things happen like their mother did. A guard enters and tells Michael he has to go now. He can talk to him later at the courthouse. Kevin freaks out and Michael tries to calm him down. When Michael leaves, Kevin pours rubbing alcohol all over his body. As the guard enters, Kevin says he's taking his mother and father with him, and lights himself on fire.

Grace goes into her hotel room, outraged. Cameron Kirsten asks her what's wrong. She tells him that he has ruined everything.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Grace and Cameron meet up. She's furious at him. How could he do this to her? He was supposed to remain 'dead' in order to drive Sharon crazy. He tells her he changed the plan. He decided it wasn't working so he changed it up a bit. Grace resents not being kept in the loop with the new development. This was her idea. She also resents being told that Cameron was back by a gloating Nikki Newman of all people. She wants revenge against Sharon. Cameron assures her they will both get their revenge.

Sharon does her best to get Nick to not accept Cameron's job offer. Doing it will only further alienate his father. Nick isn't too concerned with that since Victor fired him. Sharon pleads with Nick to reconsider and reject Cameron's offer and accept Victor's.

Jill and Katherine are at the house and argue over Mackenzie being back in town and Mac's blaming Jill for drinking again. She thanks Kay for defending Jill to Mac. Later Esther stops by and reveals some news: she's on her way to becoming an alcohol and drug councilor. Jill thinks it's just a ploy to get back into the house. Kay will let Esther stay as long as she promises no lectures. Kay will drink until she wants to stop.

Michael and Lauren worry about Kevin's deteriorating mental health. They both worry about the lengths he'll go to in order to stay out of jail. Neil arrives and stuns the pair by revealing that he has proof Kevin did not electrocute Brittany. Mike is angry that Neil sat on the evidence so long leaving Kevin open to the beating that almost killed him but Neil was more concerned with his daughter's well-being. Webber calls Michael.

A guard stares stunned as Kevin sets himself on fire pretending to talk to his absent parents. They douse the flames before he is hurt too badly. Webber questions whether Kevin is faking it all to get out of prison.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

J.T. came home to the loft to find Brittany there alone. She told him she understood what Colleen had done and thought it was the right decision. J.T. needed to move on with his life. When J.T. told her that Beach Front Records no longer loved him, and Shiloh had sent him home without telling him what, if anything, would happen for him next, Brittany ordered him to fly back to L.A. She said he needed to mend fences with Beach Front and get his recording career back on track. He hadn't let her mope around the loft; she wasn't going to let him do that. If he didn't try to work this out, she'd never let him forget it.

After moaning and complaining about her miserable life, Phyllis finally let Damon talk her into a better mood. Until she found out about Diane's visit and her attempted seduction of Damon. She was ready to go tearing out the door to confront Diane, but Damon wouldn't let her leave. They had better things to do than worry about Diane. Phyllis agreed and urged him to tell her more about his life. She knew very little about him.

After Christine cooked a feast for Danny and Daniel, Daniel wondered if he could ask her some questions. Both Christine and Danny got very uncomfortable when those questions began to be too personal. For example, why had Christine never stayed in a relationship and had children? Christine said she'd never made the time, because of her career, and it was one of her greatest regrets. In fact, having Daniel there was so enjoyable to her because he was like the son she never had. Then Daniel began directing his questions toward her feelings about Phyllis. Christine told him that she wasn't comfortable discussing Phyllis with him. Daniel wondered if there wasn't something they were hiding from him. Maybe his birth had been one of the mistakes that had cost Danny his relationship with Christine. Danny denied this, saying he'd always loved his son. Danny was shocked and disappointed when Daniel said he'd decided it was time to return to school.

Diane wasn't happy about Dru's reaction to her failure to seduce Damon. She said she'd humiliated herself by throwing herself at him, and the least Dru could do was say thank you. Dru said she had too much to worry about, including losing her job if Damon got fired. When Diane insisted that wouldn't happen, Dru said her other problem didn't help matters. Diane correctly surmised that Dru was talking about her hair loss and asked to see the damage. As the two struggled over Dru's hat, Brad walked in and wanted to know what was going on. Both women clammed up, then Diane asked about the fate of Tuvia. Brad said it wasn't a lost cause yet, but it was on the chopping block. He urged Dru not to overreact. After he left, Dru finally let Diane see her hair and was exasperated when Diane looked appalled at how much of her hair was gone.

Sharon couldn't believe that Nick was even considering Cameron's offer to make him COO of his software company. It was Nick's dream to someday run Newman Enterprises. If he didn't mend fences with his father, that was never going to happen. Nick insisted that Cameron's offer was a good one that he should consider. Furthermore, he didn't intend to be punished by having to work with his father on the community service projects. Sharon said that Nick was looking at it the wrong way. He wasn't being punished. He was being given an opportunity to work side by side with his father and rebuild their relationship. Family was the most important thing in the world to him; this was his chance to heal theirs. Furthermore, Cameron was untrustworthy and had some agenda. Nick finally left, saying he needed to think. Sharon asked Nikki to come over, then explained the whole situation to her. Nikki was as distressed as Sharon over Nick's inclination to accept Cameron's offer. She said that Cameron was playing some kind of game that had begun that night in the motel room. In fact, considering that there was a body wearing his clothes in the sewer, Cameron might even be dangerous. The only thing Sharon could do now was tell Nick the whole truth. There was no other way to keep Cameron from hurting the entire Newman family. Sharon worried that doing so would destroy the relationship that she and Nick had rebuilt.

Grace was livid that Cameron had changed their plans. He was supposed to continue to pretend to be dead. Instead, he'd made a dramatic return without even warning her. She was glad of all the distress they'd caused Sharon, and was hopeful the Newman marriage was on the rocks, but she was ready to leave town with Cameron and begin enjoying their life together. Cameron warned her not to tell him what to do. He'd changed the game. No one was going to do the things to him that Sharon had and get away with it. He was going to destroy her. Even though the "hauntings" had stopped, he was still making her feel like she was going out of her mind. And now he'd figured out another way to torment her. He'd offered Nick a job. If Nick accepted, not only would that continue to destroy his relationship with his father, but Sharon's fear and anxiety about having Cameron remain in their lives would drive her even crazier. When he'd completely destroyed Sharon's life, then he and Grace could get on with theirs.

Thursday, May 27, 2004

Nikki tells Sharon that she has to tell Nick the truth about Cameron. If she doesn't, Nick will probably take the job and Cameron will be in their lives forever. Sharon says that even if Nick could forgive her for attempting to murder Cameron, he would never forgive her for their night in Denver. Nikki says she almost forgot about that incident. Sharon says she would never live that one down, especially after how long it has taken the two of them to have trust in their relationship again. But if Sharon wants to help her family, she realizes Nikki is right. She must tell Nick the whole truth, even if it means losing the love of her life.

Grace sees Nick at the coffeehouse and flags him down. He tells her that he wouldn't have even noticed her if she hadn't called out his name. Nick is surprised Grace hasn't left town with her tail between her legs. After all her accusations accusing Sharon of killing Cameron, and now having him turn up alive, only to have a long affair behind her back. Grace says that her and Cameron are in love and that when two people are in love you forgive and forget. Nick is surprised that someone like Grace would be such a doormat. He warns her not to trust Cameron. Grace wonders if he means that he's not taking Cameron up on his offer. Nick says he is still deliberating under the circumstances, but he does admit that it is a favorable offer.

J.T. plays a song and thinks about the last time he saw Colleen. He remembers giving her her heart back and the way she looked at him before she turned and was gone forever. His thoughts are interrupted by a knock on the door. It's Mac. J.T. invites her in and says it's good to see her. When she mentions that J.T. is a big star now, he blows it off. Mac is surprised that J.T. is so nonchalant. Does Colleen feel the same? J.T. tells Mac about Colleen. Mac says she's sorry things had to happen that way between them. She mentions to J.T. that she needs a place to stay. J.T. wonders if Brittany would mind not being the Queen Bee anymore. Mac says that Raul had said everything would be okay. J.T. goes to help Mac get her stuff.

Brittany is sitting at the coffeehouse with her friend Rose. They talk about how exciting it's going to be for Brittany being the star of the new Marilyn's. Rose jokes maybe Bobby can hook her up with a job. Brittany laughs. Rose says Brittany's changed since they first met. Brittany says she feels a lot better. Rose mentions that Bobby has something to do with it. Brittany says she thinks Bobby's intentions may have something to do with guilt. Rose thinks they have to do with love. Brittany is afraid and insecure when thinking about loving Bobby. Too many people would be hurt, her parents, Raul, and she wouldn't want to be hurt in the end if Bobby's intentions were bad. Rose says to her that love isn't perfect, but you can't hide your true feelings.

Raul gives Bobby some of the paperwork he has completed. The two argue about what's best for Brittany. Raul wonders what will happen to Brittany if Bobby's new idea doesn't work out. Bobby tells Raul that all he thinks about is what he thinks is best for Brittany. Finally Raul gets angry and Bobby ends up firing him.

Phyllis would like to learn more about Damon, but he tries to blow it off. She had seen a photo album in his home, and when she goes to grab it, he gets really mad. He apologizes for being angry, but says it's personal. Phyllis questions their relationship. If he really cared about her, wouldn't he want to tell her about himself? Damon says it's not like that; he's just not ready. He will someday. It's not just about sex. Damon says he's really hungry; can they go out to dinner? Phyllis agrees and promises not to bug him about it for now.

Danny wonders why Daniel wants to go home, he thought he was having a good time. Daniel says all he wanted to do was ask a couple of questions and Danny and Chris began acting like CEO's or something. Chris says she wants to talk to Daniel alone. Daniel talks to Chris about leaving. He says he'd like to pack his bags right away. Chris asks Daniel what has changed. He admits to her that he saw Phyllis at the Athletic Club. He says that Phyllis told him that she hadn't left him; he'd been ripped away from her. By Chris. Chris tries to explain the situation. She says that she was Danny's lawyer, and that Danny having sole custody of Daniel was the best thing for him. Daniel wonders why his mom lost the case. Chris says that Phyllis made a lot of bad decisions. Daniel says his mom says she is lying, and she says Phyllis is lying. What's he supposed to do? Flip a coin? Chris says the worst decision Daniel could make, right now, would be to leave right away. Daniel says he would like to go for a walk. Chris says she will be waiting for him.

Friday, May 28, 2004

J.T. ran into Raul studying for finals at Crimson Lights. Raul questioned J.T. about his career, and J.T. admitted that Shiloh seemed to have put him on hold. In that case, Raul thought that J.T. should get in touch with Colleen. J.T. disagreed, saying they were in two different places and that's the way it was going to stay. As they talked, Mac called J.T. on his cell phone to find out where something was in the loft. Raul realized that he'd forgotten to call Mac and tell her that she couldn't move in. He told J.T. about Brittany's decision and said he had to stop Mac before Brit came home. In fact, J.T. was going with him to help move Mac's stuff out. J.T. refused, saying he'd just moved it all in. Raul said good, then he was warmed up. A grumbling J.T. followed him out of the coffee shop, insisting that he wasn't picking up anything heavy.

Brittany was startled to come home and find Mackenzie unpacking her possessions. When she told Mac that Raul was supposed to have told her she couldn't move in, Mac immediately said that she understood. They'd never been best friends, so she would find another place to stay. Brittany knew she didn't want to go to her grandmother's as long as Jill was there, but Mac said she could find somewhere else. Brittany said she didn't have to leave immediately. Why didn't she tell Brit about the work she'd been doing? Mac talked about teaching on the reservation and the alternative healthcare providers she'd met there. If Brittany ever had a headache, she should call Mac. Mac could help her get rid of it, and it was all legal. Brittany smiled and glanced at her scar in the mirror. She wondered what Mac would do if she saw her on the street and didn't know her. Mac said first she'd be glad she wasn't her, then she might feel sorry for her. But once she saw Brittany smile, it would remind her that if Brittany could get through that, then she herself could get through anything. Brittany was touched, saying Mac made it sound like she could inspire people. Mac said that was true. Brittany then said she thought they could work out the living situation; she wanted Mac to stay. When Raul and J.T. burst in to warn Mac to leave, they were surprised to find the girls getting along just fine. They were even more surprised to find out the solution; J.T. and Raul would have to share a room so Mac could stay. After a few moments of objections, the guys agreed to it, although J.T. warned Raul that he'd better not snore. They then welcomed a smiling Mac to her new home.

At Crimson Lights, Nick admitted to Cassie that Sharon was getting professional help for her problems. Sometimes adults just got stressed out with all their responsibilities. Cassie said that she and Noah had already noticed that Sharon was doing better. Then she wondered if things were okay with Nick. Was he at Crimson Lights in order to avoid going to work at Newman? Nick told her that he was no longer working there. Cassie said that Sharon had told her that Neil was working as CEO and that Victor had asked him to help build a community center. She thought it was a great idea and an important project, and Nick should help him with it. Nick questioned whether Sharon had told her to say that. Cassie said that everyone knew there were problems between Nick and Victor. She just remembered when she went to a center like that when she was living with Millie in Madison. There had been so many things to do there. Nick could work with Victor to make something like that and help his relationship with his father, too. After giving her father something to think about, Cassie left for school.

Sharon was startled to come home and find Cameron inside drinking champagne. When she asked him to leave, Cameron said he was there to see Nick. He wanted to know if Nick was going to accept his offer. When Sharon insisted that Nick didn't need Cameron's job, Cameron said she must not have much faith in her husband. Since Victor had cut him loose, it was a smart business decision for Cameron to snap him up. Sharon told him that she knew his offer wasn't about Nick. It was about her and making her life miserable after all that had happened. Cameron said that Sharon had one foot in fantasy and one in reality. Obviously she wanted every man she met to be obsessed with her. He admitted that something had happened between them in Denver, but she needed help for the rest of her delusions. Sharon angrily picked up the champagne bottle and asked him to leave. Cameron asked if she was living out her fantasies and warned her to be careful; someone might get hurt. Sharon put the bottle down and vowed not to let him get to her. Cameron apologized for stepping over a line and suggested that the two of them find a way to get along, especially if Nick decided to work for him. Sharon told him to take his job offer and his champagne and get out of there. After a smirking Cameron left, Sharon locked the door and ran to the phone to call Crimson Lights. When Trevor said Nick was already gone, she hung up the phone and begged Nick to hurry home. She had to tell him the truth before she lost her nerve.

Jack was trying to figure out ways to cut costs when Brad showed up. Jack waved Damon's contract and said that was one expense they could get rid of. He then questioned what was going on with Victor about Abby. He scoffed at their plan to get counseling for Abby before they decided what to do. He warned Brad that he and Ashley needed to do everything possible to keep Victor out of their daughter's life. If they were determined to seek professional help, they should find someone who would tell Victor how harmful his desire to be a part of Abby's life would be to her. Brad furiously told Jack to stay out of it. He was not going to be so irresponsible and reckless as to put his little girl in the middle of a game of chicken with Victor Newman. He sarcastically thanked Jack for his advice and walked out.

Nikki showed up at Ashley's just as Ashley was about to take her daughter skating. Nikki said she was there to find out when Victor was going to be allowed to see Abby. Ashley insisted that the situation was more complicated than that. As she and Nikki argued about Victor's desire to spend time with Abby, Abby came downstairs. Ashley tried to figure out how much her daughter had heard, and Nikki greeted Abby, wondering if she knew who Nikki was. Abby said yes. She was Nikki, who was married to her other daddy, Victor. Ashley looked stunned and told Abby to go get her skates. When Abby left after giving Nikki a cheery goodbye, Ashley told Nikki that was the first time Abby had mentioned Victor's name since the day she'd heard the tape. She would take care of things immediately.

Victor went to an abandoned building with his probation officer, Ms. Davis. She was appalled by the state of disrepair and wondered about his plans. Was he just going to write checks to get everything cleaned up? Victor said no. He'd be doing it himself. He'd wanted his son to help him, but Nick wasn't interested. However, he did plan to get the neighborhood involved in the project so they'd feel pride in creating something for themselves there. Ms. Davis hoped his plans would work for the neighborhood and the people who lived there. But to do her job, she had to keep a close eye on him. Victor talked a little about the way he grew up, coming from a neighborhood much like that one. It was his dream to give kids a place where they could have activities and opportunities. When Ms. Davis had to leave, Victor told her to be careful. She said that she always was. After she left, Victor sat down and looked around, then was surprised when Nick showed up and commented on what a dump it was. Victor asked what Nick was doing there, and Nick admitted that he didn't know.

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