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Kevin escaped from the mental hospital. Grace confronted Cameron about the dead body Nikki had mentioned. Kevin turned up at Gloria's home in Detroit. Phyllis and Christine had a heated argument about Daniel. Nick accepted Cameron's job offer.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 7, 2004 on Y&R
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Monday, June 7, 2004

Diane tries to tell Brad that Jack is overwhelmed with everything going on at Jabot. Abby and Kyle show up with Aunt Mamie and Brad picks Abby up into his arms. Abby wonders why Brad is looking at her so seriously. Brad tells her it's because of how much he loves her. She tells her dad he's silly. Kyle tells Diane that he's hungry and Diane asks Aunt Mamie if she can fix some sandwiches. Kyle asks his dad if he wants to come and Jack says he will be along shortly. When Jack and Diane are alone, she tells him things have got to change. Jack, Kyle and her should go on a trip to Tahiti. Jack is uneasy about her suggestion. Diane assures him that the trip wouldn't be any hanky-panky on her part. She says she only wants him to spend some time with his son.

J.T. wonders why Daniel isn't surprised that he and Colleen wouldn't last. Daniel says J.T. should concentrate on being a performer and forget about Colleen. He says that once J.T. got into the business, he wouldn't have had time for Colleen anyway. J.T. is angry that Daniel thinks he knows so much about his relationship. Daniel says that Colleen, Lily and Sierra had discussed everything with him before. Daniel says that he even told Colleen the same thing. J.T. gets up angrily. That's all he needs. Another person telling Colleen it wouldn't work out between them.

Brittany worries that Bobby is going too far taking the law into his own hands to protect her. He tells her not to worry, and she takes his words to mean that he doesn't want her to care about him. Bobby explains that he wants Brittany to leave for a while because he does care about her and that he wants to hurt the guys who hurt her. He tells her that ever since he first met her he has felt and been a different person. He gets emotional watching films; he cares about people more, especially her. Brittany wonders if Bobby is saying goodbye, in case something bad happens to him. Bobby thinks that he has things under control, but says that if he says goodbye to her, it's only going to be better when they say hello again. They hold hands and look into each other's eyes. Bobby begins kissing Brittany passionately. Raul opens the door and sees them.

Sharon tells Nick that she's worried about Nick going after Cameron. Nick says that's what he has to do; he has to protect his wife and his family. He tells Sharon that they will get through this. Sharon warns him again to be careful and wonders if they will ever have that horrible man out of their lives.

Grace storms into the hotel room and tells Cameron that Michael and Nikki know everything. Their jig is up, Sharon told Nikki everything. Grace says that Sharon may have even told Nick everything. Grace asks Cameron what Nikki meant about there being a dead body.

Lauren tells Michael that Kevin has really screwed up this time. He decided to tell Weber that he faked being psychotic so he didn't have to go back to jail. Michael puts on his jacket and shakes his head, wondering if his brother realizes just how boneheaded his mistake was. He tells Lauren to stay there. Hopefully he will be back.

As a doctor carries Kevin into an isolation room, Kevin grabs a needle out of his back pocket. When the two are inside, Kevin stabs him with it. The doctor wonders what's going on and sees Kevin holding the needle in his hand. He screams for help, but it's too late. The doctor passes out on the floor. Kevin grabs the doctor's keycard and escapes to the nearest elevator.

Tuesday, June 8, 2004

Grace and Cameron try to figure out what exactly Sharon and Nikki and possibly Nick know. Cameron swears he did nothing wrong.

Nikki is angry to see Sharon relaxing by the pool at a time like this. Sharon was trying to relax for once. She reminds Nikki that Nick wants to handle this himself. They speculate on how much Grace knows. Did she know about the body? Nikki doesn't think so.

At the rec center Nick tells Victor that he can't stick around today. Victor cops an attitude which Nick reminds him that they are partners and cannot speak to him like that. He has personal business and will be back when he's done.

Mackenzie stops by to volunteer. One of the kids tells her about one of the other volunteers who's just a big slacker. Cassie, Lily and Sierra show up to volunteer. Lily and Sierra are unsure if they want to stick around. Mac convinces them to volunteer. They can't believe it when Daniel stops by to see what they are doing with their summer vacation. Nick doesn't like the idea of Cassie working there but agrees as long as she follows rules: no goofing around, never come and go alone and only if her mom agrees. Mackenzie and Daniel meet. She asks him about volunteering but he won't be in town for long. Lily runs into the slacker kid Devon and questions him about school. He says he's from another school and doing volunteer work like them. He later talks with Victor who encourages him to continue working there.

Neil remembers telling Lily that Kevin is innocent of attacking Brittany. He worries that the whole mess has caused him to let Dru down. She changed her mind about Kevin when Lily did. They are both impressed by their daughter.

Michael arrives at the mental hospital to learn Kevin escaped. He learns the details of the escape and then chastises Webber for telling Kevin about the evidence.

At the Abbott pool Diane asks Jack to go away together for a while with Kyle. She remembers the wild man Jack used to be and hopes he can be again. She promises this is not a come on -- just a chance to spend time with family. Jack is tempted until Mamie suggests his place is in GC. Diane and Mamie argue but Jack decides he must stay. He can't run from his problems. Diane is miffed he's putting Kyle second again.

At Eve's Paul bumps into Neil's PI and asks him about the Kevin Fisher evidence. He is hush about it but Paul figures he was threatened. He does speculate that the goons were part of the Bobby Marsino's investor.

Wednesday, June 9, 2004

When Nick accepted Cameron's offer to become COO of his company, Cameron needled him with questions about Sharon's possible reactions. Would she be okay with the hours Nick would have to devote to his new career and his eventual relocation to Denver? Nick asked why Cameron was so concerned about Sharon, and insisted that he would have Sharon's complete support no matter what decision he made. The two men finally shook hands on the deal, as Nick pretended that he knew nothing about what Cameron and Grace had been up to in their conspiracy against Sharon.

At Yves, Christine and Phyllis bickered about what was best for Daniel. Phyllis contended that Christine and Danny had been so happy playing house together that they hadn't been thinking about what was best for Daniel. Building a relationship with his mother was in his best interest. Christine insisted that they were giving Daniel space to make his own decisions, and as usual, Phyllis was being her own worst enemy by trying to force herself on her son. Phyllis reminded Christine that she was, in fact, Daniel's only family. If Christine and Danny didn't act like adults and back up her desire to form a bond with Daniel, then she would tell her son that Danny wasn't his real father. She strode out of the restaurant while Christine watched in exasperation.

Having escaped from the hospital psych ward, Kevin showed up at his mother's house in Detroit. After explaining that he was on the run, Kevin and Gloria sparred about the past. Finally, in an effort to reconnect with her son, Gloria urged him to just let her, for a moment, be mommy while he was her little boy. When she began singing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star," Kevin remembered that she'd sung that to him when he was little. He ended up in her arms, sobbing, as she comforted him.

Bobby had a meeting with Sal at Marsino's, confronting him about Brittany's accident. Sal insisted that no one in the organization had anything to do with that, but Bobby told him to take Mr. Lewis a message. He wanted to know who was responsible. Sal and Angelo washed their hands of the consequences of Bobby's accusations, and Sal said he'd talk to Mr. Lewis.

Hank let Michael leave the hospital after it was determined that Kevin wasn't on the premises. He had a policeman follow Michael to keep an eye on him, sure that Michael would lead them to Kevin. As Hank prepared to leave the hospital, he received a call from Paul telling him that he and another man needed to meet Hank at the station immediately. Paul hung up before Hank could stop him. His phone rang again, and when he answered it, Hank said, "What do you want, Marsino?"

Mac and Daniel continued to share stories about their messed up lives with each other. Later, Mac talked to J.T. Daniel saw them talking, and after Mac walked away, he approached J.T. and implied that J.T. was already forgetting Colleen. J.T. said he and Mac were friends. He said that Daniel reminded him of himself when he was a young punk. Daniel asked if that meant he'd end up a has-been, like J.T. His big record deal was going nowhere, and he'd lost Colleen. When he saw how J.T.'s life was going, he was glad he'd advised Colleen to get out while she could.

Everyone noticed that Lily seemed to be showing an interest in Devon, who was working sporadically at the rec center while Victor looked on. Ms. Davis explained a little of Devon's troubled background to Victor and told him that she was putting Devon's well-being in his hands. She'd be back to check on him.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Kevin and Gloria finally let each other go. Kevin tells her that even though it was nice to have a moment of closeness with her, he can't be her little boy forever. When he tells her that he has to leave the country, she tries to forbid him. She tells Kevin that he can't keep running away from his problems. Kevin tells her this is something he must do. It will give him a chance to start over. Gloria asks that Kevin remember the good times they had together. She goes to give him some food to take with him. As Kevin opens the door to leave, Michael is standing there. "Going somewhere Kevin?" Michael asks.

Paul wonders why Detective Weber isn't there when he shows up with Eddie. A stand in guy tells him that Weber had to go, it couldn't be helped. Eddie wants to talk to Weber face to face, so Paul says they will wait.

Lily thanks Deshaun for helping her with the ladder. He says no problem. She asks him if he is being forced to do the volunteer work for Miss Parker's academy. He wonders why Lily is doing the volunteer work. She says it's through her school, Walnut Grove. When she asks him about his family, he tells her that he has five brothers and sisters. He says that his mom is a designer and his father a lawyer. Lily seems impressed. Later, when she asks someone else about him though, they tell her that Deshaun's story is a lie.

Bobby calls Angelo's name, and Angelo sarcastically says that he couldn't hear him because he is talking to a dead man. Angelo tells Bobby he has decided to hang around and help Bobby out. Bobby appreciates that, but wants to do it alone. When Angelo leaves, Sal and Bertoli Lewis show up with a bunch of goons. They mean business and Mr. Lewis isn't too happy. He tells Bobby that he gave him a chance and now this is how Bobby is repaying him? Bobby wants to know who was involved with hurting Brittany. Mr. Lewis tells Bobby that it was not a hit, because if it was, she'd be dead. Bobby can't believe Mr. Lewis would be involved with hurting a young girl. Mr. Lewis doesn't care what Bobby believes or not, he's the one who is going to be hurt now.

Brittany is deep in thought, looking troubled. Raul tells her not to worry about someone like Bobby; he is used to hanging out with this type of crowd. Brittany says she can't help but worry about him. Raul says he thinks it's over between them. Brittany wonders why Raul is breaking up with her. He admits it is because he knows that she is in love with Bobby. He says he will always love her, but he knows that her heart is with Bobby now. Raul says he is here now with Brittany because she needs someone to protect her, but he knows their relationship is over. She was his first, but he knows that he has to let go. Brittany tells Raul she loves him, and he says he loves her too.

Nick goes to see Cameron and tells him that he will accept his offer as COO. At first Cameron seems surprised. He says because Nick took so long to let him know he had thought that Nick might not take him up on the offer. Nick says he thinks it's a good offer, and he is ready to accept the challenges ahead. Cameron wonders how Sharon will feel about Nick's decision. Nick says that Sharon is behind him 100 percent. Cameron seems pleased.

Nick goes to visit Victor and wonders why it is so quiet. Victor says everyone put in a hard day's work and he let them all go home already. Victor wonders where Nick had been all day. At first Nick doesn't want to tell him, but then he finally admits that he accepted Cameron Kirsten's offer as COO. Victor is very disappointed, and wonders what Sharon will think. Nick says that Sharon and his family will go along with his decision. Victor tells Nick he had hoped the two of them could do the community project together and become somewhat of a family again. He wonders if Nick is going to hurt him all over again.

J.T. is upset after his conversation with Daniel and Mac tries to comfort him. She says she understands how much J.T. loved Colleen, and no one like Daniel knows how he really felt and how Colleen changed him.

Friday, June 11, 2004

Due to CBS News coverage of the funeral of Former President Ronald Reagan, The Young and the Restless did not air. Today's show will air in Y&R's regular timeslot on Monday, June 14th and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of this preemption.

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