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A mysterious ruby earring was found along with a roll of film in a recreation center file cabinet. Cameron paid a surprise visit to Sharon and Nikki. Nick and Sharon asked Grace for her help to take down Cameron.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 21, 2004 on Y&R
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Monday, June 21, 2004

Michael brings Kevin in to Detective Weber's office and thanks him for being so lenient with the both of them. Weber says that although Kevin's charges on behalf of Brittany's electrocution, he still cannot forget what Kevin did in the hospital. Michael tries his best detective schmoozing on Weber. Weber admits to Michael that Bertoli Lewis had some guys in the police force looking out for him. The guy is now behind bars himself. Michael is pleased that he has an inside on this information. As he nonchalantly tries to get Weber to drop the case, Weber begins to think that Michael is purposely trying to get under his skin. Weber tells Kevin that he still has two cases that point in Kevin's direction. Kevin tells Detective Weber that he has nothing on him and leaves.

Sharon is upset that Nick wants to get Grace involved in their plan. Sharon says that they will never be able to trust Grace. Nick says that one thing the both of them know is that Grace isn't capable of murder. It would be wrong for the both of them to put Grace at risk during their plan. Grace needs to know what Cameron is really about.

Michael goes to Nick and Sharon's with a petition for dissolution of marriage. Nick reads it aloud and is slightly offended. That is not why Nick invited him there. Michael sheepishly asks Nick why he is there. Nick says that Sharon has told him everything about Cameron and he wants to make things right. Nick is worried that Grace may get hurt being involved with Cameron and wants her to know that Cameron is a murderer. Nick and Sharon know that if they told Grace, she would never believe them. That's where Michael comes in. Michael doesn't think that Grace would listen to him either. Besides, he has a lot of things on his plate right now. Nick says that if Michael cares at all about Grace, he will at least have just one conversation with her. Michael agrees that it is a reasonable request. Sharon thanks him and warns him to be careful.

When Cameron calls the Newman ranch Cassie answers the phone. Cameron pretends he is an old friend of Victor and that he hasn't seen Cassie since she was a little girl. He says he'd like to see her again, and wonders if Nikki will be home soon. Cassie says Nikki will be home shortly, and if he stops by the Rec Center he can see her. She asks his name, and Cameron hangs up, as Grace happily trots in the hotel room, excited to see Cameron. Cameron stops her in her tracks and tells her that he has to leave on business. Grace is upset and thinks that Cameron has turned on her. She doesn't believe that he is into her anymore and maybe she should just go back to New York. Cameron grabs her and won't let her go. Grace becomes scared, and wonders if she really knows Cameron the way she thinks she does. Cameron tries to reassure her, and apologizes for grabbing her, saying that he just couldn't let her go. He tells Grace that he is in charge of the situation and he really does have business he needs to take care of.

As Raul is thinking about his breakup with Brittany, she comes out of her room. She can tell that he is still hurt that she left him to go see Bobby. Raul tells her that they time will come when they won't have to see each other ever again, but right now he wants to help Brittany get rid of her scar. He shows her the bag of creams that he purchased. He has really been studying up and has all kinds of remedies he wants Brittany to try in addition to talking to her surgeon again. At first Brittany is skeptical, but when Raul asks her what she's got to lose she decides to give it a try. She seems pleased that Raul would care enough to help her.

Mac, Lily, Sierra, Cassie and Daniel are at the Rec center trying to drag heavy file folders downstairs. Daniel gets a wrench and tries to pry open the file drawer. When he opens it, Mac teases him and calls him her hero. Daniel smiles widely at her. When Mac is out of earshot, Lily and Sierra tease Daniel about liking Mac. When they mention that Mac is in college and he's only a junior, he tells them not to say anything yet. As they are looking in the drawers Sierra pulls out an old home movie. Then they find one ruby earring. They wonder what the mystery could be.

Ashley takes Victor into another room and tells him that she hasn't spoken to Brad yet about Victor seeing Abby. Victor wants Ashley to just agree to disagree on the matter. Jack walks in and says that the agreement should be non-existent. Jack and Victor begin to argue. Jack says he was the only real father Nick ever had. Victor tells Jack that the only reason Kyle is doing okay is because Jack has little involvement in his life. Victor threatens Jack saying that his arrogance will cost him dearly. Ashley begs for them to break it up and Victor leaves angrily. Ashley thanks Jack for his uncanny way to only make things worse when Victor is concerned.

As Ashley and Brad go to see Nikki to discuss the situation with Abby, they are surprised to see that Victor is in Nikki's office talking to her. Ashley asks Victor if she can talk to him privately. When Brad and Nikki are alone, Nikki asks Brad why he looks so serious. Brad tells Nikki that it's time to play her cards and use her investment money as the subject for getting Victor to settle with Jabot for 25 million dollars. Nikki tells Brad that Victor thinks that Jabot will fail if he holds out long enough and then they won't have the money to continue pursuing a court battle. Brad says that Victor could be right if Nikki doesn't try to convince him otherwise. Nikki wonders now that Victor has seen Abby if that will change things. Brad is stunned by her words. Nikki realizes Ashley hadn't spoken to Brad about Victor seeing Abby. Brad runs to find Ashley in a rage.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Ashley tells Brad how Victor's meeting with Abby went; it was accidental and she was the inquisitive one seemingly unfazed or upset by it. Brad is still miffed that he went behind their backs. She wants a few supervised visits but Brad won't hear it. Not after he was the cause of the death of Robert. He just wants to fill the void from Victoria's absence. Ash just wants to stress and worry hanging over them. Brad can't understand why she doesn't see how it bothers him. The man almost destroyed their lives. It'd be different if they could have other children but because of Victor they can't and now he has to share Abby with a man he despises. None of this would be happening if she had been careful with the tape. This was all her doing.

Jack reveals to Jill exactly why he hates Victor so much these days. She's stunned to learn Victor is Abby's father. She worries that Jack's hatred of Victor is consuming him. He confesses that it very much does. It is all he can think of 24/7 and even mentions hiring a hit man. Jill cautions him to seek help. He also hates him for causing the breach with Phyllis. How much better was his life before. It makes him sick to think about it. She tries to calm him down when he starts shouting and the two end up kissing.

At first, Victor dismisses Nikki's attempts to negotiate for the Abbotts. He wants only to deal with Brad and Ashley but she manages to talk to him and eventually get him to consider settling. He will make an offer with conditions. He won't tell her what they are now.

J.T. is surprised to learn Raul and Brittany are working together to rid her of the scar. She gets a call from Bobby who tells her he's laying low for a few days to keep safe just in case. They miss each other. Raul leaves shortly after. Britt asks J.T. how Raul is handling it. J.T. is annoyed that she dumped Raul, who loves her completely for Bobby. She realizes she could be kicking herself for doing it. J.T. is annoyed she for dumped Raul for Mr. Excitement but it's her life. He talks about how Colleen softened him up but now he's going to be much more careful losing his heart. He also mentions that he barely notices the scar anymore. He reminds her about the time she fell off her bike and got a fat lip and scab. She was upset she didn't get stitches. She was a tomboy back then. A brief faze, she smiles. She does love Bobby. It feels real. With Raul it felt like it was just two kids playing house. J.T. cautions her to be careful. It may be exciting but so is jumping out of a plane.

Cameron surprises Sharon by showing up at the ranch. She asks him to leave but he won't until they speak. She asks if he plans on telling Nick about Denver or NYE but he won't. She tells him she knows what he did and he mentions that the sewer. She wonders why he said that. She mentioned he says. When she asks when he evades. She figures it was only during one of his 'hauntings'.

Michael tries to convince Grace that she doesn't know Cameron at all and tells her the tale of what happened on NYE with Sharon. She is stunned to learn that when Sharon went back weeks after, there was a dead body behind the dumpster. She wants to know who it was. Michael tries to press that it must have been Cameron who killed that man. He begs her to leave Cameron but she will hear him out. Michael again pleads with her to leave him and get out of town now, before Cameron snaps and turns on her.

Nick visits with Larry wanting to learn more about the body. They figure that it was a set-up to get back at Sharon. They try to figure out who the real corpse was. Larry never saw the body, it was wrapped in a sheet. When he took it into the sewer, the face was badly decomposed. That's all Larry can offer.

Nikki arrives home at the ranch, stunned to see Cameron waiting for her. She goes to call security but he stops her. He can't let her do that.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Brad apologized to Ashley for implying that she didn't put Abby's welfare first. Ashley said she just wanted him not to fight Victor. If they didn't agree to supervised visits, Victor could end up taking them to court, which no one wanted. Their conversation was interrupted by Dru's arrival. When Ashley chastised her for using an untested product on her hair and said she'd wanted to fire her, Dru insisted that the company should be thanking her. However, she was there to give them her resignation. When Ashley reminded her that she had a contract, Dru removed her hair extensions so that Brad and Ashley could see her bald spots. Did they really want her to be Tuvia's spokesmodel? They agreed to release her from her contract, then looked at each other with a mixture of relief and repulsion when she walked out.

Phyllis went to see Neil and ask for her job back. Although Neil was reluctant at first, Phyllis assured him that she would be loyal to him, not take advantage of their personal relationship, and give her all to her job. Neil finally conceded that he needed someone he could trust in her position, especially if he merged Safra with Brash and Sassy. They finally shook on the deal. After Phyllis left, Dru showed up in Neil's office. He thought she was there to flirt with him, but she had another idea. She told him she was ready to head the new cosmetics division he was putting together.

Jill had a heart-to-heart talk with Jack at the Abbott pool, and he finally listened to her. She said that Victor was controlling his life. Victor acted, and Jack reacted. He needed to focus on himself, his company, and the future, and stop letting Victor call the shots. As for the situation with Abby, that wasn't Jack's problem. It was Ashley and Brad's problem. The old Jack had been at the top of his game. It was time for Jack to be himself again. Jack was surprised that Jill made such good sense, and he agreed with her, not only about Victor, but that he and Jill made a good team. Jill was even willing to acknowledge that they might have to cut the men's line while they were struggling to keep the company going.

Later, Jack went to Jabot to talk to Ashley. He explained his new attitude, thanks to Jill, and agreed that Tuvia was probably going to have to go. Ashley said then he'd be glad to know that Drucilla had resigned. Jack took that as a sign. Victor's settlement money would help, but it didn't matter. He had other means of keeping Jabot afloat financially, but even if Jabot went down, it was going down swinging. Ashley told him she was happy to have her brother back.

Nikki wasn't happy to find Cameron in her house, and although he tried to make it appear that he had the upper hand, she held her own with him. She said that Nick's decision about working for him was his business, and he was either a very brave or stupid man to have defied Victor's request that he rescind the offer to Nick. In any case, she wanted him to leave her house before Victor got home. Cameron said he was leaving, but first he wanted to get something clear. Sharon's wild accusations were the product of her deranged mind; nothing more. He knew that Nikki might feel that she had to stand behind her daughter-in-law because they were family, but Sharon really needed help. Nikki said that she didn't think Sharon was crazy. She had hit him over the head and left him for dead behind a dumpster. Not only did Nikki believe Sharon's story, but she'd seen the body herself.

Sharon was telling Nick about Cameron showing up at the ranch when Grace interrupted them, furious because of the visit she'd had from Michael about her boyfriend. She was horrified to hear the whole story about Cameron from Nick and Sharon. She said that she and Cameron had only planned to break up their marriage. Cameron was mad about something that had happened in Denver, and Grace had never gotten over Nick. If she couldn't have him, she didn't want Sharon to have him either. However, they hadn't counted on Sharon hitting Cameron over the head and leaving him for dead. Grace hadn't known about Cameron's assault on Sharon in Denver, and she was further upset to hear that Cameron had tried to rape Sharon on New Year's Eve. She wanted to leave and think everything over, but Nick told her that she wasn't going anywhere.

At the rec center, Daniel continued to flirt with Mac while Lily, Cassie, and Sierra speculated about the film they'd found. J.T. saw that Daniel was moving in on Mac and got her alone to talk about Daniel. Mac defended him, reminding J.T. that Daniel was new in town. He'd had no way of knowing he might be saying the wrong things in his conversations with Colleen. She was sure he hadn't intentionally tried to damage J.T.'s relationship with Colleen. J.T. disagreed with her. Their argument was cut short when the girls found an old projector and got Daniel to help them set it up. When the film began to roll, they saw a little girl's birthday party with several other children present, including a little boy who kissed the birthday girl on the cheek. The little girl then opened a present, a box with a pair of ruby earrings. Cassie reached for the earring she'd found in the same filing cabinet as the film, sure that it was one of the earrings the little girl was given. It was obvious the teens felt they'd stumbled onto a mystery and wanted to find out what the story was. It was equally obvious what a crush Daniel had on Mac when he covertly reached down and took her hand in his, causing Mac to smile.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Neil is surprised that Dru so readily accepted his offer to work at Newman. Dru is ecstatic, saying now she doesn't have to worry about Jabot politics and best of all, Ashley. Neil says he hopes that her attitude doesn't affect who Dru gets along with at Newman. Because Neil just hired Phyllis. Dru can't believe Neil would hire Phyllis. Neil says that Phyllis is an extraordinary worker and knows Newman Enterprises like no one else. And Dru is a great spokesperson. Dru wonders if Neil feels sorry for Phyllis. With her recent divorce and a son that won't even talk to her, Phyllis is a mess. Neil says that Phyllis' personal life has nothing to do with why he hired her. He says that he didn't hire Dru just because she's his wife either. Neil tells Dru to give her boss a kiss.

Phyllis is looking at her agreement with Newman when she finally hears Damon quietly open the door. She wants to know where he went and demands an apology. At first, Damon won't apologize. He says that he needed to take care of something and he couldn't have done it any other way. He says that if he had called Phyllis and listened to her voice, he wouldn't have been able to stay away from her long enough to take care of what he needed to do. He tells her that he had been in Georgia, selling a few acres of land. Phyllis finds out that his trip may not have been all about business. Although Phyllis starts easing up on Damon, she's still mad that he won't apologize for just taking off and leaving. Damon tries to change the subject and asks if he missed anything while he was away. Phyllis says he's missed a lot; she got her job back at Newman, and even saw her son again. She says seeing her son was another disaster, but she's determined to keep trying. As he looks into her eyes, he finally says he's sorry.

At the rec center, J.T. asks Mac if she would like a ride home. He tells her that she needs protection from all the lowlifes around, and he looks at Daniel. Mac says she has some things she needs to do first. When J.T. leaves, Daniel comes by and asks Mac if he can have a ride home. Mac teases Daniel and says that he will have to work for it. Daniel asks if she would like to go to the coffeehouse to talk. Mac says yes.

When J.T. gets home he makes fun of Brittany for looking at her scar in the mirror all day long. Brittany says she can't help it, she keeps imagining that it's going away. She starts yelling at him about being clean and he laughs harder. The old Brittany is back again. J.T. mentions that he was at the rec center and that he noticed that Mac and Daniel might have something going on. J.T. thinks Daniel is a jerk. Brittany says maybe J.T. is jealous of Daniel. He's always saying Mac is so great, so pretty. J.T. says maybe its Brittany who's jealous of him liking Mac. Brittany tells J.T. to get over himself. J.T. picks up his guitar and starts singing a silly song. She smiles at him admiringly.

Ashley tells Brad that she talked to Jack and he's finally getting his act together and being committed towards reconstructing Jabot. Jack's even been talking about cutting back some stores and the Tuvia line, and possibly has a line of credit to keep the business going. Brad wonders who they should attribute this miracle. Ashley says unfortunately its Jill, but she actually thinks she's getting through to him. Jack even seems to be losing some of his hatred towards Victor. Brad says Jack's hatred of Victor is like breathing to live. He will always be that way. Ashley wishes Brad could lose some of his hatred towards Victor as well. Brad says that's not possible especially after all the hurt and anger Victor's caused in their marriage. Ashley wonders why Brad is still feeling this way. She tries to talk to him about it, but he won't discuss it. Ashley says that she heard from Nikki and Victor has decided to settle with them, but there will be stipulations. Brad says he knows what that's about, and leaves to find Victor.

When Brad finds Victor he tells him that he knows that Victor has decided to settle with Jabot, but there are stipulations involved. Brad says he knows what stipulations those are and they won't fly. Brad thinks that Victor is going to offer them the money they want if Victor can have Abby. Brad tells Victor that if that's what he wants, he better think again.

Nikki tells Cameron that she knows he's lying about Sharon because she saw the body herself. The jig is up, she's on to him. Cameron still tries to play it cool, and asks Nikki if there is a body somewhere, where is it? Why haven't the police discovered it? Nikki tries to throw Cameron's game back on him and says that if his story is true, there is no body anyway. Cameron starts becoming more threatening towards Nikki. She asks that he leave. Cameron tells her nobody tells him what to do. He won't be responsible for what happens. Nikki says there are tons of people around the ranch, and he better not lay on finger on her or he will find out. Cameron finally leaves without a fight. Nikki says if he comes around again, she will call the police immediately.

Nick and Sharon tell Grace that she has to help them where Cameron is concerned. She owes them after trying to destroy their marriage. Grace says if what they say is true about Cameron, she would be in danger. Nick says Grace doesn't have a choice, she has to do this to bring Cameron down or she will go down with him. Nick says ever Cameron could be setting Grace up for the fall. Finally Grace agrees. Sharon thanks Grace. They tell her to go back to the hotel and pretend nothing happened. Grace realizes when she goes to sleep at night she'll be sleeping next to a murderer.

As Grace fumbles with her key, Cameron opens the hotel room door. "Where have you been, Grace?" he asks her accusingly.

Friday, June 25, 2004

At the athletic club, Brad was outraged by the idea that Victor might be making his relationship with Abby a stipulation of the Jabot settlement. Although Victor never admitted to this, and even slightly denied it, Brad took the opportunity to lash out at Victor for his selfishness. As far as he was concerned, Victor had done nothing more than contribute some DNA to Abby. Brad was her father, and Victor was being manipulative as usual. As their argument escalated, Jack came in and remained calm while he stepped between them. He told Brad that no court worth its weight would ever allow Victor to make Abby a part of his business deals. Furthermore, Jack was now calm, rational, and in control. With the help of Brad, Ashley, his father, Jill, and Nikki, Jack would see to it that Jabot survived, even without Victor's insulting pennies on the dollar that wouldn't even begin to atone for all he'd cost them. Jack warned the two of them to play nice and sauntered out while Victor seemed to be trying to figure out Jack's angle.

Jill came downstairs to find that Arthur and Esther were feeling more grim than ever about Katherine's drinking. Not only was she hiding alcohol all over the house, but she was barely eating and her health was in jeopardy. Jill agreed that things were as bad as they could be and admitted that even Nikki had said it might be time for an intervention. Jill didn't know if she was ready to threaten to abandon Katherine, however. Arthur and Esther said it couldn't just be a threat. They had to be willing to follow through and actually let Katherine hit rock bottom.

In the athletic club restaurant, Gina was dismayed to see Katherine drunk. Katherine tried to apologize for her behavior on Mother's Day, but she insisted things were fine at home. She and Jill were closer than ever, and Arthur was very good to her. Gina finally said that she couldn't stop Katherine from drinking, but she could stop serving her in her establishment. She went to get Robert to take Katherine home. When Katherine arrived, she tried to smooth things over with her waiting family. While Esther helped her upstairs, Jill turned to Arthur and agreed. They would do an intervention.

As Devon tried to brush Lily off at the rec center while Mac and Daniel looked on, a policeman arrived. He questioned Devon about a pick-pocketing incident that had just taken place at a convenience store down the street. The suspect's description matched Devon's. Devon accused him of treating him as a suspect because he was black. As the two argued, Lily intervened, saying she'd loaned Devon the fifty dollars that was in his pocket. The policeman didn't believe her since the amount was so similar to what had been stolen--sixty dollars--and he didn't know why a kid from a group home would have that much money in his pocket. Drucilla arrived in time to stand up to the policeman and get Lily out of there.

Daniel told Mac he'd never seen anything like what had just happened with Devon. Mac defended him, saying when people felt desperate; they often made the wrong choices. She felt for Devon's predicament. Daniel complimented her on being a compassionate person, then the two left to get coffee at Crimson Lights.

When Dru got her daughter home, she jumped all over her for putting Dru in a position where she had to speak that way to a hardworking policeman. Lily defended Devon, talking about the circumstances of his life. Yes, she'd lied for him, but she'd done it because she thought of her mother. Dru knew what it was like to be poor and homeless, but someone had given her a chance and turned her life around. That was all Lily was doing for Devon. Dru told Lily that being impoverished was no excuse for lying and stealing. When Devon surprised them both by showing up at the Winters' apartment, Dru jumped all over him, saying that she loved her daughter and intended to protect her from anyone who would misuse or mistreat her, including Devon. Devon said he was sorry, shoved the fifty dollars in Lily's hand, thanked her for loaning it to him, and left while Lily gave her mother a bewildered look.

When Grace arrived at her hotel room, she was startled to find Cameron there. While she tried to cover how scared and suspicious she was, Cameron became very nice, telling her that he'd just found out Sharon and Nikki were spreading all kinds of outrageous lies about him. He figured it was because they didn't want Nick to work for him. Although all he wanted to do was whisk Grace away, now he was willing to stay and fight, even going to the police if necessary to stop Nikki and Sharon in their tracks. As Grace listened to him react with disbelief to the idea that anyone would accuse him of being involved in foul play, she dissolved into tears, seeming to believe that it was Cameron who was telling the truth.

Nick and Sharon were appalled to hear about Cameron's behavior toward Nikki at the ranch. Once Nick got the full story from his mother, he was surprised to hear that it had been Cameron who brought up the police. That meant one of two things. Either he hadn't been involved in however that body had turned up behind the dumpster, which Nick didn't believe, or he was setting Sharon up to look guilty of murder. Sharon panicked, terrified that Cameron would implicate her in something she'd had nothing to do with. Nick worried that Grace was the last person who should be alone with Cameron.

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