The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of July 26, 2004 on Y&R

Katherine returned from rehab. Dru tried to instill better values in Devon. Cameron envisioned that Diane was Sharon. Arthur proposed to Katherine. Christine asked Paul to join the law office. Victor had Brad escorted off Newman property when he showed up to visit Abby.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of July 26, 2004 on Y&R
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Monday, July 26, 2004

At Michael's apartment, Kevin warns Gloria not to reveal the names of her sons while on her date with John.

Shortly thereafter, Daniel arrives and impresses Gloria with his polite demeanor. After Gloria leaves, Daniel raids the liquor cabinet and makes martinis. Kevin and Daniel get drunk and vent about their personal problems. Meanwhile, Gloria meets John at the GCAC and flirts and flatters him. She mentions living with her two sons, but is careful not to mention their names. John admits his life has taken a positive turn since meeting her.

Brittany admits to J.T. that she hasn't told her parents about her engagement to Bobby. She asks J.T. to stand up for her at the wedding and gets upset when he declines. Meanwhile, Raul drops by Marsino's to congratulate Bobby on the engagement. Bobby asks Raul to attend the wedding and is surprised to discover he is leaving town. As Raul exits he notices a box of flyers announcing strippers at the club and takes one.

Nikki plays Brad the answering machine message Ashley left for Victor. Shortly, Victor arrives and things get tense between he and Brad. Victor exits upstairs and Brad urges Nikki to erase the phone message.

Phyllis tells Dru how Daniel doesn't want to live with Damon. Dru advises Phyllis to take control of the situation and be tough with Daniel.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Jack greets his dad in the Abbott dining room for breakfast and asks his dad about his date with Gloria. John had a nice time but company woes continue to trouble him. Jack is irritated that John keeps bringing this up now that they ousted Jack. Later, Jill shows up seeking advice from Jack. Katherine asked her to look over things at Chancellor Industries and she wants things to be in order when Kay comes out of rehab later today. She has a bad vibe about the current President of the company. He's too slick and condescending. He doesn't ant Jill around.

J.T. sees Cassie still sporting the earring found at the rec center. He asks her about it and she mentions that her grandma Nikki gets weird whenever she sees the earring. J.T. tells Paul everything (stealing the earring from the body at the rec center, Nikki's reaction etc.) Paul decides to look into it.

Danny and Chris show up at Damon's wanting to see Daniel. Phyllis flips out. There's no way Chris is going to see her son and she refuses to tell them where he is. Damon chides her for lying that she even knew where Daniel is right now. He's missing and doesn't want to live at Damon's.

Gloria finds the hungover Kevin and Daniel and the mess they made drinking. She warns K that he better clean up before Michael comes back. She chats with Daniel and laughs when he tries to say he's 21. She later tells Kevin about her great date with John and her hopes for more with him.

Raul spots the new poster for "Marilyn's" advertising a strip night. He tells Brittany who is devastated that Bobby would lie to her about this.

Nikki remembers erasing the message from Ashley telling Victor he is allowed to see Abby once Ashley returns from her trip. Victor later yells at her for allowing Brad in the house. She fights back that he is not the only affected by the Abby situation and points out that he has seen Ashley quite a few times despite her and Nikki's tempestuous relationship. Later Paul show sup and she is grateful for a friend to talk with again.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

During his visit with Nikki, Paul was concerned about the amount of stress she seemed to be under. He surmised that something more was going on than just Sharon's situation. Nikki agreed that she was having difficulties with Victor, but she didn't confide in Paul about the situation with Abby. He finally led the subject to the rec center, remembering that it had been where her father worked when she was a girl. Relieved to be able to talk about it, Nikki said she'd been having strange flashes of memories, but she didn't understand them. She didn't think it was anything about her father that she'd repressed, because she could remember his drunken abusiveness when she was a child. This seemed to be something else, and it had begun when she saw the earring on Cassie's necklace. When she wasn't able to tell him any more, Paul gave her a hug with supportive words and left. After he was gone, Nikki again heard the confusing voices, followed by what sounded like a gunshot.

When Bobby showed up at the loft with flyers, Brittany gave him a chance to come clean about turning Marilyn's back into a strip club, and Bobby told her the truth. They were so strapped for cash financially that he had no other choice. Although Brittany was upset about having her stage name connected to the strip club, she forgave him and said that she understood. She still loved him and wanted to marry him.

At Crimson Lights, Raul told J.T. how upset Brittany was when she found out about Bobby's plans for Marilyn's. J.T. urged him to take advantage of the opportunity to show Brit what a mistake she was making. Even if it didn't break Brittany and Bobby up, Raul should go out with a girl they knew from school, seeming to be moving on, to see what feelings it provoked in Brittany. At the very least, Raul would get a fun date with someone who was interested in him before he moved away.

Victor went by Nick's house to talk to Sharon. He was disappointed that she hadn't turned to him when she was in trouble. In fact, she'd inadvertently caused more problems for him with his family. Sharon apologized, saying that was never her intention, but she felt that this was something she and Nick needed to handle on their own. Victor said he supposed he had no choice but to back away. While he was there, Cameron called and asked to see Sharon, who agreed to meet him. When Nick returned from his run, he was worried about the meeting. He decided to go with Sharon, staying close by so she could scream for him if she needed him. Sharon said if she screamed, it might be too late.

Cameron had appetizers laid out when Sharon arrived, but she said she wasn't hungry. Nor would she take the tea he offered. Cameron wanted to know why she came, and she said she was trying to keep herself out of prison. She admitted that Nick knew she was there. Both of them were desperate to keep their family together. Cameron finally said that what happened in Denver was because of a deep connection between them. He hadn't wanted to hurt her. But when she said Nick's name during sex, he knew he could never have what he wanted. He struck out at her, but had only hurt himself. He then said he wasn't interested in having sex with her. What he really wanted, he could never have. Sharon left his hotel suite, looking back as if finally realizing the depth of Cameron's obsession.

Jill talked to Katherine about the situation at Chancellor Industries. She wasn't so sure things were being done properly there, and she wanted to be Katherine's eyes and ears in the business. After a few minutes of debating it, Katherine asked Jill to give her time to think about it. She did understand the value of Jill being part of the business, but she wasn't sure if she wanted to take that step.

Brad went by the Abbott house, catching Jack in between his tennis date and his golf date. When he chided Jack, saying that he knew Jack missed Jabot, Jack said he missed parts of it. But not the tension. He definitely didn't miss dealing with Victor. Brad took that opportunity to bring Jack up to speed on the Abby situation. Although he'd agreed to let Victor have unsupervised visits with Abby, he'd changed his mind, as he would tell Ashley when she came back. Jack thought Brad was making the right choice, and before Brad left, he offered his support in the Abby situation in any way he could give it. But he also asked Brad to lighten up on Jill. She was loyal to Jabot, but if Brad kept making her feel undervalued, she might leave the company. Brad said that his concerns about the men's line weren't directed at Jill, but he wasn't too worried about her leaving.

Thursday, July 29, 2004

Victor informs Nikki he will be seeing Abby. Nikki reveals Brad agreed to unsupervised visits but only after Ashley returns from her business trip. Victor wonders how she knows this and Nikki confesses that she erased Ashley's message. They argue and Nikki exits in a huff.

Paul instructs J.T. to check out archives at the library and try to find out any information about a missing child. Shortly, Chris arrives and J.T. leaves to gather more information. Paul is surprised when Christine asks if he'd be interested in teaming up with her and Michael as a P.I. for the firm. He advises her to talk to Michael first and she agrees.

Arthur visits Kay and is pleasantly surprised to discover she is sober. Kay apologizes for putting him through such misery and he forgives her. Kay is shocked when Arthur proposes marriage.

J.T. returns to the loft and argues with Brittany about Bobby. Raul enters with Donna and ushers her into the bedroom, which hits a nerve in Brittany.

At the GCAC, Cameron strikes up a conversation with Diane. As they talk, Cameron hallucinates seeing Sharon sitting in Diane's place and makes a hasty exit.

Friday, July 30, 2004

Arthur Hendricks returned to Katherine's house, saying that he knew he'd vowed at the intervention to walk away from her, but he hadn't been able to get her out of his mind since. In fact, he wanted to stay there with her and help her work through her problems with the bottle. Katherine explained that she'd been away in rehab and right now was clean and sober. But she was thrilled to see Arthur again. She wanted to know how she could ever atone for the mess she'd made and all the ways she'd hurt him. Arthur suggested there was a way; would she marry him?

Jill had a meeting with the CEO of Chancellor Industries, Elliot Hampton. Whenever she tried to get any details from him about the business, Elliot brushed her off. Jill said he had nothing to fear from her. She was only trying to keep pressure off of her mother by overseeing her interests in the company. When Elliot couldn't seem to deflect her interest by his qualifications, he tried a different approach. Ever since meeting her, he said, he'd been interested in her as a beautiful, interesting woman. He'd hoped perhaps they could go out. Jill seemed a little skeptical of his compliments. After she left, Elliot made a phone call, ordering someone to inundate Jill with the kind of paperwork that would keep her from getting any real information. Clearly, he had something to hide.

Jack was tickled to come home and find his father giving Gloria a tour of the house. Gloria was obviously dazzled by the Abbott estate, and John seemed to be really enjoying her company, although she was evasive when he asked where her sons lived. Jack urged them to take a dip in the pool and a look at the gardens. After they left, Jill arrived to talk to him. She described her distrust of Elliot and wanted Jack's help. Jack said it sounded too much like work to him. He'd rather spend play time with Jill. But if she was going to check out all the paperwork Elliot had promised to give her, she needed to do a thorough job. The devil was in the details. Jill was exasperated that Jack wouldn't promise to help her, not even for Katherine's sake, and left while Jack looked thoughtful.

Brad was furious to get Victor's call and find out that Victor had picked up Abby from camp. He demanded that Victor bring her home at once. Victor refused, saying he was taking Abby horseback riding. Brad went ballistic, saying that she knew nothing about horses. Victor cut him off and hung up on him. Miguel brought Abby from the kitchen, where she'd been drinking lemonade, and he asked if she was having a good time. When she said yes, and she'd come back again as long as it was okay with her real daddy, Victor asked Miguel to take her swimming. Brad showed up at the ranch to get her, and two security guards stopped him from going into the house. Victor came out and told him to stop yelling and get off his property. Brad demanded that Abby be handed over to him, but Victor refused, saying he'd bring her home after dinner. He told Brad that if Nikki hadn't erased Ashley's call, he might have been willing to wait until she returned to see Abby. But for now, Abby was fine where she was. Brad left because he had no choice, but he warned Victor that this wasn't over.

At Marilyn's, Nikki gave Bobby a few lessons in business. Instead of trying to raise capital and then use it all trying to make a go of a cabaret, he needed to use the club a few nights for stripping and build interest in his cabaret. Bobby wondered what Victor would do if he knew Nikki was there giving him business advice. Still miffed at Victor for the way he'd been treating her, Nikki dismissed Bobby's questions. When Bobby said that Victor wasn't above buying the building just so he could drive Marilyn's out of business, Nikki said he wouldn't dare to that to her. In any case, she wasn't performing there. She'd be an executive, and if Bobby wanted to succeed, he'd start thinking of himself that way, too. They shook hands as new business partners.

J.T. told Paul and Lynne what he'd discovered in the archives at the Genoa City library. A little boy named Joshua Casen had gone missing in April of 1965, just days after he was at a birthday party at the home of Nick Reed. Paul admitted that Nick was Nikki's father, but he said they needed more information before he would approach Nikki or the police. He sent J.T. to do some more research. Christine came in with a proposition for Paul. Since he had to vacate his offices, and she was seriously considering going back into partnership with Michael, why didn't Paul move to the extra office in their suite? Paul said it would never work; he and Michael would be at each other's throats. Christine promised to buffer them, but she felt like it made sense for everyone. Paul told her to run the idea by Michael and see what he thought of it. Meanwhile, Paul would consider it, but he wasn't making any promises.

Kevin approached Lauren at Crimson Lights, asking again about a job. When Lauren was still hesitant, Kevin said he'd been taking steps to prove to her that he had changed. He was making new friends. He was getting along well with Gloria and Michael. He'd even tried to do volunteer work at the rec center, but they hadn't needed him. He really wanted a paying job, particularly something in bookkeeping. When he found out that Lauren and Michael had been talking, and that Lauren knew Michael wanted him to seek therapy, he agreed to do it. Lauren said to let some time pass and to get some help, then she'd make a decision about a job for him. Kevin didn't seem happy to hear that Lauren and Michael had been keeping in touch.

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